hidayatcorehai im newbie in linux i want to learn about it,please help an thank you im from brebes, central java ,indonesia11:52
tomreynhidayatcore: hi there. i'd say just install it, see how far you can get, and when you have concrete questions, you're welcome to ask them here - or for general ubuntu related questions (so everything that's not specific to ubuntustudio) you can also ask in #ubuntu (where there are more people around, which can result in faster answers)12:05
tomreynhidayatcore: oh, and of course you can also ask in case there are any issues while installing.12:07
hidayatcoresorry iam very few in english languange so that i will use translate google12:10
hidayatcoreI have difficulty installing video capture12:17
hidayatcoresebelumnya saya kesulitan menggunakan audacity di linux karena mic dan sound tidak bisa mendeteksi usb behringer12:18
hidayatcorepreviously I had difficulty using Audacity on Linux because the mic and sound could not detect the USB behringer12:19
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DirtyEarHi. I have a situation in my ubuntuStudio. I have a secundary disk to save all my projects, but I cannot save any change in my files because I cannot change permissions in my disk. I need to work with the files in that disk, how can I do it?19:51
studiobot<Go_Diego_Go> I would recommend you to ask in the Ubuntu channel. Also you could try searching for the solution online, it is not an issue exclusive to Ubuntu Studio.20:06
studiobot<Go_Diego_Go> That's most likely the answer you'll get on this channel.20:06

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