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k_szeJust me or there are two Lubuntu websites?13:09
k_szelubuntu.me and lubuntu.net13:09
tomreynlubuntu.me is the only one which matters13:22
k_szelubuntu.net is the old one?13:29
lubot<HMollerCl> yes13:32
lubot<HMollerCl> but now it's not official.13:32
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lubot<bensisva> [Eoan] The desktop names in the panels desktop switcher are always return to default names at restart. Not saving when I give names to it.16:44
wxl@bensisva interesting discovery. let me explore further16:57
lubot<bensisva> @wxl [<wxl> @bensisva interesting discovery. let me explore further], thank you17:03
lubot<bensisva> thank you17:04
wxl@bensisva it looks like it's been long known https://github.com/lxqt/lxqt/issues/668#issuecomment-10829479917:08
lubot<bensisva> OK.17:09
wxl@bensisva if you would be so kind please file a bug (`ubuntu-bug lxqt-panel`) and let me know and i'll connect it to that issue and otherwise triage it17:10
lubot<bensisva> I think it's done. I am willing but I don't know how so I googled it. It's said to run it in the terminal. And it's asking a launchpad account that I forget that I had one. This is my first experience reporting bug, btw. It feels rewarding.17:38
wxlyes, it's a good thing to do :) more extensive information here https://phab.lubuntu.me/w/bugs/17:39
wxldo you have the bug number? or a link to the bug report?17:39
wxlbtw advantage to you writing the bug report: you'll get notified when it's fixed :)17:39
wxlnevermind i found it17:41
lubot<bensisva> Thank you for the help17:56
wxlno problem.. thanks for drawing attention to this17:56
lubot<roheve> Fresh install of 19.10 takes a long time before the lubuntu splash screen shows (shortly followed by the login screen). Same laptop with 19.04 was much quicker (i.e 10 to 15 seconds v.s. almost a minute.18:41
diogenes_roheve, systemd-analyze blame18:42
lubot<roheve> can it be fixed?18:43
wxl@roheve depends on the problem, which is what diogenes_ is asking you to figure out18:46
kc2bez@roheve execute `systemd-analyze blame` in the terminal18:46
lubot<roheve> Ah... ok the top service (25 seconds) is apt-daily.service...  but isn't that started after the splash-screen shows?  an earlier install used disk-encryption and in the splash screen  it asked for the passphrase (this install is not encrypted) and the real boot was after that. Also  nothing strange in dmesg that shows a delay.18:53
lubot<roheve> systemd-analize time tels me that in Startup (firmware) took 52 seconds.  That might be the efi-boot?18:59
diogenes_roheve, is secure boot enabled?19:02
lubot<roheve> no19:05
wefwefyo, does anyone know how to turn off anti-aliasing in lubuntu 19.10?19:28
wefwefeverything is just blurry but I have the right video driver19:29
wefwefnot that blurry though19:29
wefwefoh "Go to "Customize Look and Feel", turn off Subpixel Geometry on the Fonts tab. "19:31
wefwefnot finding that option in 19.1019:32
wxl@roheve could you pastebin the full output?20:04
lubot<roheve> the time command is only 2 lines … ~$ systemd-analyze time … Startup finished in 53.528s (firmware) + 8.392s (loader) + 7.130s (kernel) + 10.404s (userspace) = 1min 19.455s  … graphical.target reached after 10.371s in userspace20:11
lubot<roheve> it might have to that accorting to efibootmgr the laptop booted from the 3rd entry of the bootorder list (but the ubuntu entry is listed first, but might have failed. I'll investigate more.20:14
lubot<roheve> $ efibootmgr … BootCurrent: 001A … Timeout: 2 seconds … BootOrder: 0000,001C,001A,0014,0015,0016,0017,0018,0013,0019,001B … Boot0000* ubuntu … Boot000F  Setup … ... … Boot001A* eMMC Card0: SanDisk iNAND 32GB … Boot001B  PCI LAN: … Boot001C* USB HDD:20:16
lubot<roheve> the blame output does not show the apt service anymore, the slowest is now NetworkManager-wait-online with 5 seconds, so I do noththink that output is relevant anymore, the delay is in firmware i.e. efi-boot of 53 sec is.20:49
chietais it possible that notify-bin will show notification while screensaver running?20:57
chietawhich notification that will send sound also21:08
lubot<roheve> @wefwef Found the subpixel antialiasing setting, while looking for something else :). It is in the LXQt settings menu, Apperance, Fonts21:08
chietaping lubot21:09
wxli think they left @roheve21:09
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eamonnJust wanted to thank (I think it was wxl?) in any case, someone for pointing me to the startup settings docs22:22
wxlnp eamonn :)22:23

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