oSoMoNgood morning desktoppers05:57
oSoMoNhappy Friday!05:57
WimpressMorning oSoMoN06:03
oSoMoNhey Wimpress06:03
dufluMorning oSoMoN and Wimpress06:12
oSoMoNhey duflu06:12
didrocksgood morning06:21
jibelBonjour didrocks06:22
jibelhi all06:22
dufluHi didrocks and jibel06:26
oSoMoNsalut didrocks, jibel06:31
didrockssalut jibel, oSoMoN, hey duflu06:35
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mwhudsonoSoMoN: so sorry to have been so slack about rust and cargo07:22
mwhudsonoSoMoN: i have rustc done i think, just waiting for test builds and then will upload to the ppa07:22
mwhudsoncargo i have building for focal/amd64, testing in my ppa before backporting07:23
seb128gooood morning desktopers, happy friday!07:41
didrocksgood Friday seb12807:45
seb128lut didrocks, ça va aujourd'hui ?07:46
didrocksça va, et toi ?07:47
seb128ça va, c'est vendredi :)07:51
dufluMorning seb12807:52
oSoMoNmwhudson, thanks! please ping me when it's all done (or mark the bug fixed)07:54
oSoMoNsalut seb12807:54
seb128hey oSoMoN, duflu, how are you today?07:59
oSoMoNI'm good. you?07:59
dufluseb128, going well. BTW just published https://discourse.ubuntu.com/t/boosting-the-real-time-performance-of-gnome-shell-3-34-in-ubuntu-19-10/1309508:00
dufluI don't know if Markdown is used on other sites like insights but Martin mentioned he would help with cross posting08:01
dufluHi Laney08:02
oSoMoNhey Laney08:04
didrockshey Laney08:04
seb128oSoMoN, I'm good thanks08:05
seb128hey Laney!08:05
seb128duflu, nice08:05
WimpressMorning desktoppers o/08:08
Wimpressduflu: Nice one!08:09
WimpressI'll get that shared on the socials :-)08:09
Laneygreetings duflu oSoMoN didrocks seb12808:09
Laneyet Wimpress08:09
WimpressLaney o/08:09
seb128hey Wimpress, how are you? how was the webminar yesterday?08:11
WimpressVery well thanks. Had coffee and hot chocolate with my daughter before school today. So that was a great start to the day :-)08:12
WimpressWebinar went well. All the questions were desktop related :-D08:13
seb128& nice as well, desktop \o/08:13
WimpressThanks to didrocks and jibel for the prep yesterday.08:13
didrocksWimpress: how did the webinar go?08:14
Wimpressdidrocks: All good. No trickey quaestions.08:15
WimpressOne about "what is an upgrade from 19.04 fails, can I roll back"08:15
WimpressUsed that as an opportunity to explain how ZFS/zsys is a great solution for avoiding wedged upgrades in the future :-)08:15
didrocksyeah, perfect illustration08:16
jibelGreat to hear it went well08:17
duflu(COW = copy on write)08:17
oSoMoNcopy on write has its own emoji, what a wonderful world we live in08:21
Laneykenvandine: no error message this morning, looks good ^_^08:25
pieqduflu, oh, looks like a great article you just posted! The perfect treat to end a Friday :)08:33
willcookemorning all.  Genuinely overslept this morning.09:07
seb128hey willcooke, getting in the spirit for the next few weeks? ;)09:14
dufluMorning willcooke09:15
willcookeI hope so seb128 :)09:19
willcookeAfternoon duflu, great discourse post.09:19
mwhudsonoSoMoN: ok https://launchpad.net/~ubuntu-mozilla-security/+archive/ubuntu/rust-updates/+packages has everything building09:23
seb128kenvandine, marcustomlinson, hellsworth, gnome-clocks snap started failing to build because it has a new build-depends on libhandy (which isn't part of bionic so should probably be built as a part)09:23
mwhudsoni think i should work on preparing the 1.38 / 0.39 updates soon before i forget how all this work09:23
Laneytseliot: re-ping from yesterday ?09:27
popeyoSoMoN: morning - what's our rationale for not fully supporting touch in Firefox? (see https://twitter.com/killyourfm/status/1187662288783839232)09:32
seb128popey, oSoMoN, it's bug #1697122 , fedora does it in their distro wrapper https://src.fedoraproject.org/rpms/firefox/blob/master/f/firefox.sh.in#_14309:51
ubot5bug 1697122 in Mozilla Firefox "Package Firefox with MOZ_USE_XINPUT2=1 in environment to enable pixel scrolling with touchpad and touch gestures" [Medium,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/169712209:51
popeyhuh, interesting09:52
seb128popey, comment #7/#10 on launchpad shows it has side effect/creates problem which is why upstream doesn't default to it either09:56
seb128popey, the main issue seems to be https://bugzilla.mozilla.org/show_bug.cgi?id=1182700 and looks like it's a problem on X11 only, so probably less for fedora which defaults to wayland09:58
ubot5Mozilla bug 1182700 in Widget: Gtk "Wheel scrolling periodically stops working with XInput2" [Normal,Reopened]09:58
dufluThat mozilla variable also doesn't perform anywhere as well as the Chromium implementation so there's another bug that hasn't beed logged yet(?)10:02
seb128yeah, dunno if that one got reported10:03
popeyduflu: https://www.forbes.com/sites/jasonevangelho/2019/10/25/wondering-why-ubuntu-1910-feel-so-much-faster-heres-your-answer/#27d9154b3f5210:14
popey"excruciating detail" - well done! :D10:15
duflupopey, thanks but it's Friday night so I will work toward logging off instead of reading the comment s:)10:15
popeyWise :)10:15
tjaaltontkamppeter: you uploaded an older n-m to bionic? (1.10.14-0u2 -> 1.10.6-2u1.2)10:27
tjaaltonor someone did10:28
tkamppetertjaalton, not me, I do not have upload rights on nm, but we settled on an agreement not doing the full upstream update, due to regressions.10:29
tjaaltonI'll just reject it from the queue10:29
seb128tjaalton, can you review rygel/eoan please, I would like to see that in today if possible10:30
tjaaltontkamppeter: so there was an sru for 1.10.14 at some point and it got rejected? lp shows the diff against that one but the versions page shows 1.10.610:31
seb128tjaalton, yeah, that failed verification and we couldn't figure out a way to address the regressions so tkamppeter decided it was better to go with fix backports rather than the update10:33
seb128 10:33
tkamppetertjaalton, yes, the first SRU got rejected.10:33
seb128if anyone wonder about 19.10 reports lacking proper backtrace on e.u.c, that's being looked at10:33
seb128it's due to launchpad / empty Contents-amd64.gz for eoan10:33
seb128which the retracers use to know what dbg they need to install10:33
tjaaltonseb128: btw, not a serious issue, but it sometimes confuses me that desktop sru's don't use the "traditional" versioning, like adding .N to the packaging version ;)10:34
seb128tjaalton, yeah, we are still inconsistant if versioning :/10:35
seb128we should probably just follow https://wiki.ubuntu.com/SecurityTeam/UpdatePreparation#Update_the_packaging10:35
tjaaltonrygel is fine :)10:36
tjaaltonand is accepted10:38
seb128jibel, did you hit bug #1849773 yourself? if so can you share the pdf it's happening with? I tried to dnd/select text in a few pdf without issue here10:40
ubot5bug 1849773 in evince (Ubuntu) "/usr/bin/evince:11:strstr:TextSelectionPainter::hasGlyphLessFont:TextSelectionPainter::endPage:TextPage::drawSelection:poppler_page_render_selection" [High,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/184977310:40
jibelseb128, I did10:42
jibelunfortunately I cannot share the pdf, it contains sensitive information10:43
seb128k, well if you can maybe extract one page that you can share with me only or something10:44
seb128or if you find another one10:44
jibelI cannot :) I'll try to find another one10:44
seb128or at least describe in the bug what you do to trigger the crash. It seems to have to be with text selection, but is that just selecting? or then doing dnd or some aciton?10:44
jibelI actually don't know what I did. I'll try to find a reproducer10:44
seb128would be useful, thx10:45
seb128brb, dropping of line while moving back to my office10:45
tseliotLaney, looking11:10
seb128jibel, I'm back, sorry I had to drop from IRC for a bit11:13
jibelseb128, it's actually very easy to reproduce with the doc I have. Just try to select some text in the doc11:14
jibelat least I can verify a fix11:15
seb128k, I will try on a bunch of files see if I can find one triggering the issue11:17
jibelI tried with dozens of pdf and it's the only one crashing11:20
Laneythanks eds for notifying me about an appointment yesterday11:51
seb128eds is always a bit lame with those reminders, the dialog which opens sucks as well, same with the shell handling of notifications. I had a 'one event' notification sticking on my lock screen today for a meeting from yesterday, it's just that I didn't clear the notification in the panel popdown thing12:15
Laneyfeel like those eds popups shouldn't be showing, at least in shell sessions they should be integrated with the desktop itself in a nice way12:16
Laneybe a nice task to work on at some point :-)12:16
Laneynope, you can't do 'cd' to change branches in git12:18
seb128yeah, I'm unsure of the purpose of those dialogs, we already have notifications12:20
ograprobably just adjust the text ? "you missed the following meeting yesterday:"12:21
seb128is that something that is useful to tell users though?12:24
seb128especially that in practice you probably didn't miss those12:25
Laneyseb128's troll detector needs readjusting12:25
seb128it's friday, don't try to get complicated processing from me :p12:25
Wimpressduflu 👆12:26
Laneygood everyone is aligned on this as being desirable12:28
seb128I'm trying to understand what they think the UI provides that the shell doesn't12:28
* seb128 reads https://bugzilla.gnome.org/show_bug.cgi?id=780076 as well now12:29
ubot5Gnome bug 780076 in general "Evolution's alarms / reminder notification dialog is terrible" [Enhancement,Resolved: fixed]12:29
RikMillsis the plan still for X by default in 20.04?12:32
RikMillsthanks :)12:34
kenvandineseb128: thanks, i'll fix gnome-clocks12:57
seb128kenvandine, thx, I started having a look but I could find a libhandy example, the few things that use it in debian don't have it enabled in the snap or the snap is outdated12:58
kenvandinei have some snaps that use it12:59
kenvandinei think fractal and drawing both do12:59
seb128ah ok, good to know13:00
Wimpressseb128 kenvandine I'll be 2 mins...13:01
tseliotLaney, I'll see if I can reproduce/debug it here13:02
seb128kenvandine, Wimpress, shrug, laptop crashed, rebooting...13:03
Laneygreat, thanks tseliot13:03
hellsworthkenvandine: do you want help with clocks?14:21
hellsworthalso morning everyone :)14:21
didrocksmorning hellsworth14:22
hellsworthhappy friday didrocks :)14:22
kenvandinehellsworth: nah, you have enough on your plate and it's not urgent14:23
hellsworthok kenvandine, then i'll keep looking into evince14:23
oSoMoNgood morning hellsworth14:26
hellsworthhey oSoMoN !14:27
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willcookeI've been putting this off all day, but I think it's probably time.  Bye bye desktoppers, love you!14:51
kenvandinehe ditched us!14:51
oSoMoNhow rude14:51
kenvandinehellsworth: don't waste your time on evince right now15:26
kenvandinei haven't figured out why you ran into the weird slot/plug issue15:26
kenvandinebut i found another problem... i might have a patch to your extension branch soon15:26
kenvandinehellsworth: if you can, go ahead and take a swing at adding libhandy as a part in gnome-clocks15:27
kenvandinewhile i figure this out15:27
hellsworththat is becuase snapd remembers taht i've installed evince with the gnome-3-28 extension (using 3.28 content snap) on this system before. if i install the new evince snap on a fresh vm, then snap connections only shows the 3-34 content snap15:27
hellsworthso the real error is Cannot open pixbuf loader module file '/home/heather/snap/evince/common/.cache/gdk-pixbuf-loaders.cache': No such file or directory15:28
kenvandinehellsworth: yeah, but the snap-discard-ns should have fixed that15:28
kenvandinehellsworth: well, we have bigger issues with the evince build :)15:28
hellsworthbut i can use vms to test and get around that15:28
kenvandineso hang back on evince for now15:29
kenvandinewe need to inject a buildenv in the build15:29
kenvandinevia the extension15:29
kenvandineyou can probably snag the libhandy part in the build snap and add it to gnome-clocks to get that building again15:29
hellsworthok sure, so i'll go try to fix clocks with libhand then15:30
hellsworthkenvandine: it looks like gnome-calculator stopped working too (different reason though)15:51
hellsworthgnome-calculator_gnome-calculator.desktop[3450]: gnome-calculator: error while loading shared libraries: libgtk-3.so.0: cannot open shared object file15:51
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kenvandinehellsworth: what revision?16:09
hellsworthkenvandine: gnome-clocks needs a newer version of gtk than the gnomre-3-28-1804 snap provides so i'm trying it with the 3-34 extension for the heck of it. might just need to add gtk into clocks too, which would make the size huge16:09
hellsworthoh.. gnome-calculator  0+git.35c32b85-dirty16:10
hellsworthlet me try the stable version16:10
kenvandineah, local build :)16:10
hellsworthyeah gnome-calculator from stable works just fine16:11
Laneygnome-shell & mutter uploaded17:19
hellsworthhave a good weekend!17:21
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oSoMoNhave a good week-end everyone!20:15

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