Bashing-omguiverc: A reminder: In a few hours I will be out of pocket for the weekend - I do regret leaving you again holding the bag getting all the summaries done :( ..Perhaps EoflaOE will step up and help the more :)02:28
guivercThanks for reminder Bashing-om; summaries shouldn't be a problem (hopefully few nvidia/graphics related as they're worse than greek to me) but I haven't looked02:29
Bashing-omguiverc: All you can do is the best you can do -I have left Gdoc with a couple of placement/move concerns that maybe Wild_Man can address.02:32
guivercYou have fun, or worry about family - we'll manage UWN, and given it's on servers we can't touch; it shouldn't be burnt to the ground when you get back... :)02:33
Bashing-omguiverc: LOL Wild_Man has undertaken the repsonseability of pushing UWN out.02:54
guivercunrelated: but out-of-pocket implies to me you've no cash; not away/awol/etc - is that a US idiom unrelated to having-no-cash (how us aussies see out-of-pocket)02:55
Bashing-omguiverc: cash is but one relation to the term - here it is respect to not being in the normal place.02:57
guivercthanks, I'm only used to it being used in relationship with coins/cash02:59
Bashing-omThere is that ! Like I paid $300 out of pocket in order to attend this get to-gether :P03:01
guivercokay - you are out-of-pocket as I'd understand term too...03:01
Bashing-omUh huh :D03:02
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