LuckyManJust to let you know the shutdown button on 19.10 when you are on login screen after booting doesn't work00:33
XubuntuNubHello guys I am installing Xubuntu and i came accross a error00:39
XubuntuNubThe grub-efi-amd64-signed failed to install into /target/00:40
XubuntuNubI did some research and my gparted in live session said I have a EFI partition already00:41
tomreynhow do you mean you already have an efi partitioon, do you have two now?00:43
XubuntuNubOnly one00:43
XubuntuNubwith boot and esp flag00:43
tomreynso the installer will have created it before it tried to run grub.install00:44
XubuntuNubYes I think so00:44
tomreynso this does not yet explain why installing grub failed.00:44
tomreynare you still on the live system?00:44
tomreynwhat does this, when run in a temrinal, output?   journalctl -b | grep 'DMI:'00:45
tomreynctrl-alt-t to start a terminal00:45
tomreynoh, xubuntu, this may be different, not sure00:46
tomreynbut you can surely find it on the menu00:46
XubuntuNubXubuntu kernel  DMI: Hp Hp Pavilion x360 Convertible 11-ad0xx/830D, BIOS f.08 06/13/201700:47
tomreynXubuntuNub: so, what i recommend: disable "(UEFI) Secure Boot" in BIOS (if possible), upgrade bios version to the latest non beta version, install again.00:49
XubuntuNubHow do you update the BIOS?00:49
XubuntuNubSorry My name is self-explanatory on my skill on OS00:49
tomreynbios upgrades are providsed by mainboard vendors. in your case by hp00:50
tomreyni'm trying to get you more info, hold on00:51
tomreynXubuntuNub: https://support.hp.com/us-en/drivers/selfservice/swdetails/hp-pavilion-11-ad000-x360-convertible-pc/15551379/swItemId/ob-234561-100:52
tomreynF.45 Rev.A is current. yours is F.0800:53
tomreynXubuntuNub: got to leave it there for now, good luck!00:57
XubuntuNubAlirght thank you00:57
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bumblefuzzif I type ` nmcli radio wifi off`02:01
bumblefuzzthe next line appears, as though the command has executed02:02
bumblefuzzhowever, when I then type `nmcli device wifi`02:02
bumblefuzzit lists all the local wifi SSID's02:02
bumblefuzzhow can I turn the radio off?02:02
sarnoldunloading the module may do it02:03
k_szeAfter writing a Ubuntu image to a USB stick (to create a live USB stick), typically there's lots of free space left, if the USB stick is big enough (e.g. 32 GB). Has anybody succeeded in using the remaining unpartitioned free space?02:03
bumblefuzzisn't that a bit extreme?02:03
geniik_sze: Just use gparted to expand the partition to encompass the rest of the space02:04
k_szeI tried to create ext4 in LUKS in the free space, but gnome-disks ends up being really confused and loses track of the original Ubuntu partition (it now thinks the original ubuntu partition is just free space)02:04
bumblefuzzis there no other straightforward way to disable the wifi radio?02:04
geniibumblefuzz: Did you try rfkill on it yet?02:05
bumblefuzzhow do I do that exactly?02:06
geniibumblefuzz: rfkill   ... then see the number on the left beside the one you want to disable. Then:rfkill block <that number>02:08
k_szeI think I'm running into this: https://askubuntu.com/questions/441016/deleted-windows-e-drive-now-how-do-i-give-that-partition-to-ubuntu#44125402:15
k_szewhich is utterly stupid.02:15
k_szewhy doesn't gnome-disks automatically align (or even ask me to?)02:15
k_szeSeems like an unfixed bug from at least 5 years ago.02:18
XubuntuNubI dont know what to do anymore. I have "The grub-efi-amd64-signed failed to install into /target/" and My Partition is all good  (one EFI System with the flags boot and esp  and one ext4)02:29
sarnoldis the filesystem full? are there more errors in the logs? how about dmesg?02:29
sarnolddmesg prints the kernel messages02:31
sarnoldif you're not familiar with it, it might be better to pastebin the whole thing and ask for advice -- 99% of what's in there is unlikely to matter much one way or another02:31
XubuntuNubFHold one02:32
XubuntuNubI am doing the pastebin02:32
sarnold[  579.735250] [Firmware Bug]: Page fault caused by firmware at PA: 0x679de77002:39
XubuntuNubNot good?02:39
sarnold[  579.735470] efi: Froze efi_rts_wq and disabled EFI Runtime Services02:39
XubuntuNubHow many month to live02:39
sarnoldI wonder if that line is a consequence of the first problem or just some random unrelated thing :/02:39
sarnoldXubuntuNub: I suggest looking for bios updates from hp02:39
XubuntuNubWelp... It doesn't have any OS installed anymore...02:40
XubuntuNubSo... Yeahhh....02:41
sarnoldoh that isn't going to be fun :(02:41
XubuntuNubWant me to tell you my BIOS option?02:41
sarnoldsometimes they'll have bootable media, sometimes you can do bios updates from within the bios itself02:42
sarnoldI don't know HP gear, it wouldn't do me much good, sorry02:42
sarnold(not that I know anything real well, I don't really deal with anything other than booted running systems..)02:42
Kon-If I'm on Bionic can I add the Eoan Source repository to make my own backports for certain userland applications?03:17
Kon-Well, not just userland. But apps that loads of other things don't rely on03:19
Bashing-omKon-: Sure, but while you "can", will likely be a good way to learn how to UN-break your system :) When the libs break will be a painful experience.03:22
Kon-Heh, fair enough03:26
adamantiumHey I use WSL2 in windows 10, how do i enable a service? I have been doing it like this in my bashrc and it seems slightly ghetto https://termbin.com/uv4d03:39
Bashing-om!wsl | adamantium03:45
ubottuadamantium: Windows 10 has a feature called Windows Subsystem for Linux, which allows it to run Ubuntu (and other Linux distro) userspace programs without porting/recompliation. For discussion and support, see #ubuntu-on-windows or ##windows. For installation instructions, see https://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/commandline/wsl/install_guide03:45
Bashing-omadamantium: :)03:45
einichiIs there a way to easily determine if a HWE kernel is currently set as the default kernel or otherwise the currently loaded kernel?03:48
Bashing-omeinichi: ' ls -al / '. The  vmlinuz and initrd.img will tell that tale :)03:51
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HsiaoTingcat /proc/cmdline  #check the current boot-up kernel03:52
einichiFrom what I can tell, when HWE is installed, it doesn't affect the kernel image names03:52
einichiUnless I'm mistaken?03:52
Bashing-om!hwe | einichi03:53
ubottueinichi: The Ubuntu LTS enablement stacks provide newer kernel and X support for existing LTS releases, see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Kernel/LTSEnablementStack03:53
Kon-When you install the HWE kernel you will continue to recieve updates for both the HWE kernel and the "original" kernel version03:53
hypercorewhats the best layout for storing images from a webapp on my server?03:53
ryuo... this isn't a channel for development.03:54
hypercore*my ubuntu server03:54
ryuostill applies. that's not a support question.03:54
ryuohypercore: might be more appropriate for #php03:56
ryuodepending on what you're using.03:56
circuitbonehypercore: ##webdev as well perhaps03:56
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hypercoreill try there, thanks03:56
einichiI still don't have a clear way to determine if the currently loaded kernel is a kernel provided via HWE03:57
ryuoeinichi: check your installed packages. HWE kernels have hwe in their package name.03:57
ryuoeinichi: then compare to your running kernel version.03:57
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ryuoor at least it'll tell you what kernel version series is considered HWE03:59
ryuoi forgot, the actual kernel packages don't include it, only the meta package does.03:59
einichiRight now on a freshly installed 18.04 the kernel version does not change at all when I remove the HWE metapackage and install the linux-generic package, and it again stays the same when I remove linux-generic and reinstall the HWE metapackage.04:01
Bashing-om!info linux-image-generic bionic04:02
ubottulinux-image-generic (source: linux-meta): Generic Linux kernel image. In component main, is optional. Version (bionic), package size 2 kB, installed size 15 kB04:02
Bashing-om!info linux-generic-hwe-18.04 bionic04:02
ubottulinux-generic-hwe-18.04 (source: linux-meta-hwe): Complete Generic Linux kernel and headers. In component main, is optional. Version (bionic), package size 1 kB, installed size 12 kB (Only available for i386; amd64; armhf; arm64; ppc64el; s390x)04:02
einichi... weird04:03
einichiHmm, so uninstalling the metapackage doesn't get rid of the 5. kernel, nor does it set the prior kernel to the default kernel...04:06
einichiI guess that makes sense since it's just a metapackage04:06
Bashing-omeinichi: linux-generic: It is only a "meta-package" depending on linux-image-generic and linux-headers-generic. Those two are themselves meta-packages depending on the respective latest image/headers packages.04:10
Bashing-omeinichi: You can see this for yourself by issuing apt-cache show linux-generic, apt-cache show linux-image-generic and apt-cache show linux-headers-generic.04:11
johnjaydoes the boot-repair tool not exist in ubuntu anymore?04:42
johnjayi searched for it with apt but it doesn't appear. i'm having some EFI issues04:42
lotuspsychjeEriC^^: one for you ^04:43
johnjayah wait my bad, I didn't read closely enough. it's actually in a ppa04:43
johnjaymy problem is i had grub booting with mbr and i'm trying to get it to be efi now04:45
einichiBashing-om: Thanks04:52
einichiWhat is the correct way to set the GA kernel as the default kernel? My first thought is to edit /etc/default/grub, but is there a better way using apt?04:53
Bashing-omeinichi: 'sudo update-grub' should set to latest installed kernel - if other is desired, then yes editing etc/default/grub one can set the booting kernel.04:57
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JackOLanternI just love outdated tech articles on the internet, especially ones from after the trend started of trying to hide when a post/article was written so that people would continue to bother reading it.05:10
JackOLanternOn that topic, anyone have recommendations on MTAs for Ubuntu server? (I'm still on 16LTS.) Minimal setup effort would be good. I just need it for sending messages from PHP scripts--already set up for actual email hosting on this domain with a third-party.05:12
einichiJackOLantern:  Is sendmail not available?05:21
johnjayok luckly i think i somehow managed to fix my EFI boot partition05:31
johnjaynow i'm booting into ubuntu without problems05:31
johnjayi think the key is the --boot-directory=<ESP mountpoint>/EFI/ubuntu line? not sure05:32
nikolamIs 19.10 not doing something right with BTRFS snapshots or not coexisting right with apt-btrfs-snapshot? I am getting these messages on every package operation, since 19.10 update: "Invalid snapshot ''IO Error (open failed path:/mnt/@ errno:2 (No such file or directory))."   https://pastebin.com/HdgcyVPd05:39
nikolamI would love to jump to ZFS (were using it for years on illumos) but I wonder would Ubuntu be happy to live inside ZFS Boot Environment.05:42
nikolam(beadm tool)05:43
johnjayis btrfs only in 19 and up?05:44
johnjayi'm reading on wiki it has a lot of features but is speed one of them?05:45
nikolambtrfs is available for years05:45
nikolamit's usually faster then ext405:45
nikolambeside other things05:45
johnjayok. i don't remember if i saw it during my ubuntu 18 install05:45
johnjaywait so other distros have it too?05:45
nikolamone cpuld for a long time do manual install and just create partition that mounts to "/" with whatever FS one wants/included05:46
nikolamI bet they do05:46
nikolamsnapshot integration is.. light. it just makes snapshots when doing apt operations, that might be enough05:47
johnjaywell i don't want to reinstall ubuntu yet again05:47
johnjaymaybe i'll try btrfs some other time05:47
nikolamthere's "update" of FS from ext4 to btrfs , it just do it in-place05:48
johnjaysounds scary lol05:48
nikolamI've done that 7 years ago or something , and also moving configuration from single disk to 2-way mirror and back, all in-place05:49
nikolamit's not actually scary, because it works and it's fast. ext4 is sad history for a long time.. since 2006 and ZFS in production.05:49
johnjaycan i just look on askubuntu for a guide to do it?05:50
johnjayyeah zfs and btrfs have similar ideas right05:50
spinningcatdoes ubuntu have a problem with nvidia?05:50
nikolamBTRFS only edge over ZFS that I know is that it can set RAID level per-dataset, across multiple devices. ZFS do that for naow only per-pool.05:50
nikolamspinningcat, nvidia makes good but proprietary drivers, someone might say that is at the same time blessing and curse.05:51
johnjayyeah i have to use the nvidia driver if i want to clone my VGA and my HDMI monitors sensibly05:52
nikolamjohnjay, well, Btrfs tried to imitate and partially inovate.05:52
spinningcathmm dont know either my gpu is broken or ubuntuhave a problemö with nvidia05:52
johnjaynikolam: i feel like i'm behind the times now if i don't switch to btrfs. but at the same time if i can't measure the improvement in speed it feels like chasing a fad05:53
nikolamspinningcat, or if using right driver for your, maybe, older card. Use driver shipped with Ubuntu.05:53
nikolamjohnjay, All Linux is behind times for a long time, but it did catch up.05:53
JackOLanterneinichi: yes, sendmail is an option. Will it be difficult to "harden" and just use for sending from PHP?05:53
JackOLanternWill it cause conflicts w/ existing setup (w/ full mail send/rcv set up on this domain as being hosted by a 3rd party)?05:54
nikolamjohnjay, speed is not the matter, snapshots, software RAID, I have recovered form misconfiguration or when not being able to boot, multiple tims, by bringing back old state of all the system. See Phoronix for speed measurements.05:55
spinningcatnikolam,  there are two drivers available05:56
johnjaysnapshot meaning your system didn't boot for some reason, and you reverted to an earlier state?05:56
nikolamjohnjay, well yes. I were doing god knows what and then calmly booted to older state of things. On illumso distros and ZFS that's a standard for 13 years or something with 'beadm' and Boot environments. Linux is all new to that.05:58
nikolamUbuntu have some specifics, system is inside "@" named dataset. so one boot in recovery environment and 'mv' operation to @ (or better btrfs snapshot form previous snapshot, then mv to @) moves you to previous state of system (providing apt-btrfs-snapshot created it)06:01
nikolam19.10 prints some weird new messages doing apt operations, that's why I came to ask anyone else seeing this. https://pastebin.com/HdgcyVPd06:02
zambai want to sort a set of files in a folder based on a increment number inside the filename.. how can i do that?06:33
zambai have the regexp to identify the number inside the filename06:34
EriC^^zamba: can you give an example06:35
zambanevermind, got it working :)06:36
zambabesides, it was the wrong channel.. i meant to ask in #python :)06:36
EriC^^zamba: ah cool :)07:03
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marcoagpintothe login password issue is still not fixed in 19.1007:22
marcoagpintoI select the keyboard as Portuguese but the special characters are stored as US07:23
JackOLanternAnybody having copy/paste issues in 19.10? Many times, today, I've tried to paste but instead of getting the most recent text that I copied, I get the previous text.07:42
JackOLanternMaybe I just need to reboot and stop keeping so many windows open at once. ;)07:43
doug16kJackOLantern, I have never seen copy paste problem07:46
doug16koh wait, sorry I'm not on 19.1007:47
davisonIs it possible to change the default connection mode within Blueman bluetooth manager? Have Sony bluetooth headphones that always auto-connect as headset, even when I choose handsfree or audio sink during setup.07:47
JackOLanterndoug16k, ok no problem.07:48
doug16kmy machine can't save core dumps. my /var/log/apport.log has lines like this: FileNotFoundError: [Errno 2] No such file or directory: '/var/crash/_usr_bin_gdb.1000.crash'07:50
doug16kI want to look at that core dump07:50
doug16k /var/crash exists07:52
doug16kto be sure I checked `sudo systemctl status apport`, looked fine07:59
EriC^^doug16k: maybe the dir /var/crash isn't writable for some reason? ls -ld /var/crash08:05
eipip1e0if i put 'xset xxx' in .bash_profile, the X would hang there probably due to lack of terminal at that time. but if i put it in .bashrc, it slows down bash startup noticeably, with about 3-5 secs among other things. how to deal with it?08:20
Regori am unable to add ppa to install unetbootin ... https://paste.ubuntu.com/p/Fz6dbyYCT9/08:33
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doug16k  ls -ld /var/crash  -> drwxrwsrwt 2 root whoopsie 4096 Oct 25 03:56 /var/crash08:42
doug16kEriC^^, ^08:43
doug16kand /var is drwxr-xr-x 14 root root08:45
doug16kseems it is trying to chmod a .crash file that never got created08:46
enychrrm weird ubuntu 19.10 issue...09:18
enycThinkpad X201 worknig beautifully, but booting ubuntu soemitimes swiches the machine off at boot!09:18
enycintermittently, someimes does sometimes doesn't09:19
enycearly in boot sequence in any case09:19
enycubunt logo and red dots...09:19
enycand off ewe go09:19
enycno signs of cpu overheating or any runtime issues once booted09:19
enycany $clue here ?!?!?!09:20
enycbooting with noapic acpi=off then works ...09:22
vincenzomlHi,I have a 18.04 server that *started rebooting every night at about 2am*09:25
vincenzomlThat happened since when I reverted the kernel to the stock 4.something series; I had been running vanilla 5.x before, and no reboots happened.09:26
vincenzomlEvery night in the logs I see this: Oct 24 02:17:01 stingray CRON[24637]: (root) CMD (   cd / && run-parts --report /etc/cron.hourly)09:27
vincenzomlThe previous message is several minutes earlier, and I see nothing in the logs anyway. The directory /etc/cron.hourly *only* contains the .placeholder file.09:28
Habbie^@ is NUL bytes09:28
Habbiewhich tend to appear around the end of logfiles on hard crashes09:28
vincenzomlHabbie, yes, seems like a sudden reboot and the log is truncated, but it's curious, that the last line is always the cron thing09:29
Habbiefor any random time of day, wouldn't the last log line often be a cron thing?09:29
vincenzomlHabbie, not at all on this machine :)09:29
vincenzomlbut you're right, it's cron.hourly anyway09:29
vincenzomlYou're right twice, since thinking about that, there are other cron.hourly entries just fine along the day.09:30
vincenzomlWhat could cause a nightly reboot?09:31
Habbieif you weren't so sure it was related to switching kernels, i would blame something outside of your computer09:32
JackOLanternvincenzoml: have you tried apt-get remove windowsupdate? (Just a joke.)09:33
vincenzomlHabbie, I'm not sure at all (will retry the 5.x series). But it happened coincidentally. One thing could be that thermal control for that chipset only reached maturity in kernel 5.x, so maybe there's some nightly process that makes the CPU very warm and then the system is halted.09:33
vincenzomlBut what could be such a process in ubuntu, that is not advertised in the log?09:33
Habbievincenzoml, maybe it's only advertised in the log if it runs to completion - run 5.x for a night :)09:34
vincenzomlHmm, yes, good suggestion. Also now the 5.x series is in bionic-updates so I don't need vanilla it seems.09:34
vincenzomlis there a way to tell my system to install the 5.x series and keep it updated, without specifying explicitly the kernel version (e.g. 5.0.0-15)?09:36
Habbiei'd hope there is a metapackage for that, but i don't know09:36
vincenzomlwell, thanks for your help!09:36
akemhpHey, i got an IO error while trying to mount an SD on 1 computer but it works just fine on 2 other computer and even on a Raspberry, all running Ubuntu 18.04, also i have the voltage signal warning only on the computer with IO error: https://pastebin.com/dwzYft6g09:38
akemhpI think it must be the SD card reader driver on the computer with the problem, what you think? At first i tought the SD card was broken or something :/09:39
akemhpWhat strange is that i can mount the first partition on that SD which is FAT, but not the 2nd and 3rd which are ext4.09:40
onomatopie2 seconds away from getting rid of ubuntu and putting windows back on09:41
onomatopieHow do I even diagnose my constant crashes?09:41
onomatopieIt's crashed like 4 times in the past 2 hours. It's an issue over multiple versions of ubuntu over multiple re-installs09:42
enyclogs suggest kernel getting wrong idea cpu temp 100 degC and so shutting itself down! [!]09:49
enycwell syslog, anyhow,  something in there09:50
enycsome suggesitosn oniline this can be wrong information problem09:51
enycthough problem intermittent so not alwasy able to debug!09:51
enyctrying a 5.0.0-32 kernel manually instalred fom debs, bootable,  but then problem not recur os kerel 5.3.x  so  not yet clear  what excatly triggers the failure!09:51
enychelp ;p09:52
R13oseWhen I try to connect to wifi, it gets stuck at configuring interface.  How do I fix this?10:20
enycR13ose: hrrm, have you had same machine working okay with same wifi network,  on ubuntu before?10:21
enycR13ose: change in ubuntu version ? kernel update?10:21
enycI'm not expert on that particular area but giving a bit more info on circumstances that do and don't trigger the fault... others may recognize issue ...10:22
R13oseYes but was doing the same before version update.  Kernel update, I don't remember before not working.10:23
enycR13ose: so you've never had it working? intermittent? works eventually? etc10:23
enycmore to the point, does it work fine on other wifi networks withouth this failure?10:23
R13oseWorks on and off now for some reason.10:23
enycyou need a comprehensive fault report ...10:24
R13oseI haven't tested other networks.10:24
enycR13ose: given you some hints on 'narrowing down' issue10:26
enycR13ose: do try other networks,  be patient,  do ask about another time etc...10:26
R13oseWhen I am out, I will test other networks10:27
yuradochello. after update to kubuntu 19.10 can't find php7.210:29
yuradocphp7.2-fpm isn't found10:30
yuradoccan't install for some reason10:30
Habbieyuradoc, php-fpm10:30
Habbieyuradoc, this will give you 7.310:30
yuradocbut my development is on 7.210:31
yuradoci can't upgrade quickly10:31
sonOfRahttps://www.php.net/manual/de/migration73.incompatible.php is pretty small.10:32
yuradoci see https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/eoan/+package/php7.2-fpm is avalable10:32
yuradocbut can't install it10:32
yuradoc"apt install php7.2-fpm" not found package10:34
sonOfRahttps://packages.ubuntu.com/search?suite=eoan&searchon=names&keywords=php7.2 I recommend using the official package search rather than launchpad (that can mean it may have existed at the start of eoan development, but was later dropped in favor of the current stable version 7.3)10:35
yuradocso there are only way to build from source?10:36
sonOfRaThere's a relatively popular php-ppa, but I can't recall its name right now. It will probably still have 7.2. But I'd strongly recommend migrating, the 7.2->7.3 migration is not a big deal, I think it took us about half a week for our largest application10:38
yuradoci use drupal 710:38
yuradocit hasn't migrated yet10:38
yuradocok, thanks. but possibly there is incompatibility with mysql 8 also10:39
yuradocneed to check10:39
sonOfRaAh yes, derpal and worstpress, the bane of ever upgrading PHP to anything stable. Condolences10:41
BluesKajHowdy all10:43
TuorHi, does someone use a HP Thunderbolt Dock 230 G2 with Ubuntu?11:05
Tuor HP Thunderbolt Dock 230W G211:06
k_szeIn ubuntu (>= 18.04), is it generally possible to install all of the different (semi-)officially supported desktop environments and switch between them at any time?12:53
k_szeI mean when I install one desktop environment, it doesn't force me to uninstall packages required by another desktop environment.12:54
EriC^^k_sze: i think it's anybody's guess, mine is that it could work, but you might need to tweak a few stuff, iirc installing lubuntu with unity on 16.04 messed up the notifications in unity becoming lubuntu style and some stuff like that12:56
EriC^^in general it's doable i guess, i'd say if you dont want to risk your install, try it in a vm first12:56
k_szeEriC^^, right, I remember trying KDE Plasma and it switched my splash screen and mouse cursor even when I went back to GNOME.12:58
k_szeIt was quite annoying.12:58
EriC^^yeah, they're really dont have any foresight for dual desktop's installed and stuff12:58
EriC^^maybe somebody should make some tool that let's you choose stuff easily, or switches between them based on what you load12:59
EriC^^that'd be pretty cool and ubuntu-specific, might get more people to use ubuntu too12:59
k_szeMaybe put each desktop environment into its own partition, lol.13:00
k_szeThe thing is, I really want to try the different desktop environments to decide which one I like best. But it's sounds like soooo much trouble.13:02
EriC^^k_sze: that's really where a vm can be very useful13:03
EriC^^make 1 ubuntu, clone it, install different desktop, clone the original, install another, try and see then barebone install what you want13:03
k_szeThere are things that can't be properly tested with a VM though.13:07
k_szesuch as GPU driver stability.13:07
sentimenthello everyone :)13:07
sentimentI have upgraded to the latest version and it's looking pretty good so far13:07
sentimentthe ui changes and the improved performance and everything else13:08
sentimentexcept that Chromium has begun acting weird since it has been packaged as a Snap app13:08
EriC^^k_sze: i guess13:09
sentimentI can no longer open a pinned Chrome app in its own window13:09
sentimentit opens the generic Chromium window instead13:09
sentimentis that because of how snap manages things or is it an issue with Chromium itself?13:10
mgedminsentiment: report a bug with the 'snap' tag and mention it in this thread: https://discourse.ubuntu.com/t/call-for-testing-chromium-browser-deb-to-snap-transition/11179/17413:10
sentimentah ok :)13:10
sentimentI just noticed something else btw13:11
sentimentclicking that link just opened the Chromium window and didn't start the navigation13:11
mgedmincould be you're suffering from the "snapd upgraded your chromium in the background and now everything's wacky until you'll close all the windows and restart it" situation13:13
mgedminnote: this also might mean your browsing session might get lost13:13
mgedminas in, the new chromium will restore the state from when snapd decided to do the silent background upgrade, not from when you close the window13:13
mgedmin(this includes tabs, bookmarks and history)13:13
sentimentmgedmin: hmm upgraded when? like now? I don't think so. it did upgrade the apt package though13:14
mgedminyou can check with 'snap changes' in a terminal13:14
sentimentI didn't know it does silent auto upgrade13:14
mgedmin"Auto-refresh snap" is the silent auto upgrade in the background13:14
sentimentnice command :-)13:15
sentimentthough it says Chromium was updated yesterday13:15
mgedminthe relevant part is whether you've restarted Chromium after it was updated or not13:17
sentimentmgedmin: can you pin a website to the launcher and see if it show its own icon or the generic one when you launch it?13:17
mgedminyou can detect this by looking at the blue dot in the dock13:17
sentimentmgedmin: I have13:17
mgedminhow does one pin a website to the launcher?13:17
sentimentclick the three dots menu and -> more tools > create shortcut13:18
mgedmindo I check the "open as window" (tr?) checkbox?13:18
mgedmin(create shortcut was translated as "create hot key" in lt_LT, which made no sense -- chrome's translations are pretty poor quality overall!)13:19
R13oseMy wifi is still down.  What do I do?13:19
mgedminsentiment: I get no launcher?  just a new window with an orange border13:19
mgedminI close the window, still no icon in the launcher13:20
sentimentmgedmin: it creates a shortcut in the launcher app list13:21
Aeresgreetings, how can i obtain the kernel headers for old kernel, like 4.1.2013:21
sentimentyou have to open it from there and then add it to favorites13:21
sentiment(to pin it to the dock)13:21
sentimentR13ose: what does iwconfig show?13:22
mgedminsentiment: I don't see one13:22
mgedminthere's one "Chromium We..." with a totally blank icon13:23
sentimentweird. type chrome://apps in Chromium13:23
mgedminit just opens a new window13:23
sentimentit should list your shortcuts (apps)13:23
mgedminchrome://apps shows the thing13:23
mgedminwhen it's open launcher shows two orange dots next to the chromium icon13:23
sentimentmgedmin: yeah, that's the problem13:24
sentimentit used to open with its own icon in 19.0413:24
mgedminso your bug is confirmed13:24
R13osesentiment: I have wlp3s0 which shows IEEE 802.11 and lo which says no wireless extensions.13:24
sentimentI'm gonna post it to the site you mentioned13:24
sentimentR13ose: can you paste the output?13:25
R13osesentiment: https://pastebin.com/UuC2CHVA13:31
R13oseAny further thoughts?13:44
sentimentR13ose: try "iwlist wlp3s0 scanning"13:44
sentimentyou should see your acess point in the output13:45
mra90How can I download a package and install on some other machine which doesn't have internet access?13:46
pragmaticenigmamra90: You can try looking for the deb files in the repositories, however, there are usually dependencies that apt automatically fetches on update/install.13:48
mra90I need hd progream13:48
sentimentmra90: try "apt-get download"13:49
mra90I try to download sources by apt-get source hd13:49
mra90E: Unable to locate package hd13:49
sentimentwhat's hd? are you sure of the name?13:49
sentimentR13ose: do you?13:49
mra90yes hexdump,13:50
pragmaticenigmasentiment: you can't use apt on one machine to download packages for another13:50
mra90hd is hexdum13:50
pragmaticenigmasentiment: You won't get all the dependencies the other machine will need13:50
sentimentpragmaticenigma is right13:50
mra90pragmaticenigma: so what I can do?13:50
R13osesentiment: yes I see that.  When I try to connect to that in the GUI, it get stuck on configuring interface13:51
sentimentcan he/she use snap instead?13:51
pragmaticenigmamra90: You connect the machine you need the package on, to the network and use the tools available. Your request is a use case that isn't supportable with the tools available in Ubuntu13:51
mra90pragmaticenigma: I cannot connect it the network card is broken ;/13:51
mra90HW failure13:51
pragmaticenigmamra90: You can purchase an USB network adapater for really cheap these days... sounds a lot easier to do that to me13:52
mra90first of all I need to find out in what package the HD app is located?13:52
mra90I think it would be easier to fetch that package on other machine and install offline13:53
pragmaticenigmamra90: There is no package called hd...13:53
sentimentR13ose: try "iwconfig wlp3s0 ap <your ap's address here>"13:53
mra90pragmaticenigma: Yes so how to locate package in which HD is?13:53
pragmaticenigmamra90: As I said, the software and tools Ubuntu ships with are not intended or capable of accommodating your use case13:53
pragmaticenigma!info hd | mra9013:54
ubottumra90: Package hd does not exist in eoan13:54
pragmaticenigma!info hd bionic | mra9013:54
ubottumra90: Package hd does not exist in bionic13:54
mra90so where is it? :(13:55
ubottuIf you need to download Ubuntu packages using another machine or OS, check the desired packages in Synaptic and select File > Generate package download script. See also !APTonCD13:55
mgedmin/usr/bin/hd comes from bsdmainutils on eoan13:55
woenxHi. Does anyone know a way to stabilize videos in ubuntu? I mean a simple way, like opening a video, press stabilize, and save the result.13:56
woenxI currently upload my video to google photos, use the stabilizer on the app, and download the video again.13:56
woenxbut it's not very... efficient.13:56
mra90okay I found it on my machine it just has different name13:57
mra90however my question how to locate this utility and mainly its package is still vaklid13:58
mra90there must be a way13:58
oerheksmra90, see !offline13:58
mra90oerheks: offline?13:58
oerhekseasy to download and transfer to a non-network machine13:58
mra90what is it?13:59
oerheksread back please?13:59
oerhekswhy repeating, such a waste of bits13:59
pragmaticenigma!offline | mra9013:59
ubottumra90: If you need to download Ubuntu packages using another machine or OS, check the desired packages in Synaptic and select File > Generate package download script. See also !APTonCD13:59
mra90ok thanks14:00
ubottuAPTonCD is a tool with a graphical interface which allows you to create one or more CDs or DVDs with all of the packages you've downloaded via apt-get or aptitude, creating a removable repository that you can use on other computers - See also !offline14:00
realies./ffprobe: error while loading shared libraries: libavdevice.so.58: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory14:01
realieswhere do you find libavdevice.so.58?14:01
mgedminrealies: try https://packages.ubuntu.com/, there's a filename-based search box a bit down that page14:02
oerheksrealies, more details please, what are you doing, what ubuntu version etc14:03
mgedminbut, uh, it would be better to find a properly packaged version of this thing, whatever it is14:03
R13osesentiment: I did that14:04
realiesoerheks, compiling ffmpeg from source, 18.0414:04
realiesmgedmin, is not available in bionic unfortunately :(14:04
realieslibavdevice57 is available but not 5814:05
mgedminif you're compiling from source, then it should pick the version that is available (the one for which you have the -dev package installed)14:05
oerhekswhere did you get the source?14:06
realiesoerheks, was following https://seanthegeek.net/455/how-to-compile-and-install-ffmpeg-4-0-on-debian-ubuntu/amp/14:06
realiesso that would be wget https://ffmpeg.org/releases/ffmpeg-4.2.1.tar.bz214:07
realieswhich is the latest version14:07
mgedminlibavdevice* packages are built from the ffmpeg source package14:08
oerheksread the comments, lolz14:08
mgedminso you shouldn't need to install new ones if you're building from source?14:08
oerheksgood luck realies14:08
mgedminif you've built and are now trying to run things without installing, you may need to set the LD_LIBRARY_PATH environment variable so that your locally built binaries can find your locally built libraries14:09
isomariis there a repo for the newly released python 3.8?14:09
mgedminif you're trying to install, well, careful you don't break the OS14:09
mgedminisomari: ppa:deadsnakes has it14:09
isomarimgedmin: that repo does not work?14:10
oerheksdisco and up gives 3.8 https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/python3.814:10
mgedminisomari: besides, eoan has python 3.8.0 in the main archive (as an "available" version, but not a "supported" version)14:10
R13osesentiment: what further should I do?14:10
isomarimgedmin: how do I install it?14:10
oerheksisomari, install on what version?14:11
mgedminsudo apt install python3.814:11
isomariErr:7 http://ppa.launchpad.net/deadsnakes/ppa/ubuntu eoan Release14:11
isomari  404  Not Found [IP: 80]14:11
oerheksthen you already have 3.814:11
mgedminah, deadsnakes only supports LTS releases14:11
isomariI C. ok14:11
isomaripython3.8 is not found on u eaon installation.14:12
mgedmindo you have universe enabled?14:13
tomreynisomari: can you run this and post the output? sudo /bin/true && cat &>/tmp/aptlog < <(sudo apt-get -y update 2>&1; apt-cache policy 2>&1; sudo apt-get -syV full-upgrade 2>&1; apt-cache policy python3.8 2>&1;); nc termbin.com 9999 </tmp/aptlog && rm /tmp/aptlog14:16
tomreynit wont change your system14:16
isomariI just ran install python3.8 and it's installing.14:17
R13oseWhat do I do about my wifi?14:17
oerheksR13ose, ask a question with full details about it?14:18
R13oseWhen I try to connect to my wifi, this gets stuck with configuring interface and doesn't fully connect.  How do I fix this?14:19
tomreynthat's a good start but not a lot of details, yet, R13ose. do you know which ubuntu version and flavor your have there, or is it a headless server, which kernel version you run, do you know which wireless chipset you have and which driver is loaded?14:23
R13ose19.10, kubuntu14:23
R13oseI don't know any of the other answers14:24
tomreynok, that's fine, those can be worked out.14:24
lordcirthR13ose, for kernel, paste the output of "uname -r"14:24
tomreynabout the wireless NIC: lspci -knn | grep -EA3 '(Network|Ethernet) controller' | nc termbin.com 999914:26
R13oseThere is also an error when I try to connect to the wifi saying "secrets were required but not provided"14:27
R13oseThe wireless NIC: https://termbin.com/zpbo14:29
ioriaR13ose, it lacks   authentication  probably; delete and create again the connection in NetworkManager14:30
R13oseStill the same issue14:33
tomreynR13ose: if this doesn't fix it, yet: did this wireless work previously on any linux version, on any ubuntu version, on any other OS? what changed before it stopped working?14:33
ioriaR13ose, restart the router14:34
R13oseI don't know what changed but worked before.  The previous version this worked but was going in and out last night even before I upgraded to 19.10.14:34
R13oseLet me restart router.14:34
tomreynhere are some module options to try: https://askubuntu.com/questions/675352/wireless-disconnects-intermittently-with-intel-corporation-centrino-advanced-n-614:36
tomreynthis is a fairly old chipset, BT coexistence and power saving may not work that well. and maybe 802.11n, too, as this post suggests.14:38
sentimentI want to report a bug against Chromium using ubuntu-bug, but it doesn't let me write details of the bug.14:43
sentimentany clues?14:43
oerhekschromium is a snap now, right?14:44
sentimentit just proceeds with a generated report14:44
tomreynthe apt package name is chromium-browser, the snap is called chromium14:44
sentimentoerheks: yes, it's a problem with the new snap version14:44
sentimentis that how I am supposed to report a bug?14:45
tomreynubuntu-bug is a symlink to apport, i think, it probbaly has no understanding of snaps14:45
oerhekssnap info chromium14:45
sentimentwhat about this then: https://forum.snapcraft.io/t/call-for-testing-chromium-browser-deb-to-snap-transition/11772/2914:45
tomreynthat's point to launchpad for bug reporting, right14:46
=== JanC_ is now known as JanC
oerhekspublisher: Canonical✓contact:   https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/chromium-browser/+bugs?field.tag=snap14:46
oerheksdo you have your launchpad account logged in?14:46
sentimentnope, I'm gonna try iy14:46
sentimentweird how that link refers to ubuntu-bug14:47
tomreyni see "the apport hook has been updated to include relevant information about the snap package and its dependencies"14:48
sentimenttomreyn: so is it possible at last or not?14:49
tomreynso according to this post you shoulöd indeed be able to use    ubuntu-bug chromium-browser14:49
sentimentyeah, but it just sent a generated report14:49
tomreyni have no first hand experience14:49
tomreynlooks like you now need to report two bugs instead of one14:49
sentimentand didn't let me write details of the bug or symptoms14:49
sentimentokay thx14:49
sentimenthaha yeah14:49
R13osetomreyn: that worked out, thanks14:50
tomreynR13ose: what is "that"?14:50
tomreynrestarting the router (this was ior1as idea, not mine), or adding some module parameters (which?)?14:51
R13osetomreyn: the answer in the link you provided.14:53
tomreynR13ose: there are multiple suggestions there, which is why i'm wondering which one you used14:53
tomreynsentiment: see these bugs which have already been filed against the snap: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/chromium-browser/+bugs?field.tag=snap14:54
sentimentapport-cli worked14:54
sentimentI'm about to browse that same page14:54
sentimentit doesn't open automatically after clicking a link in the terminal14:55
sentimentit really needs updates and fixes14:55
mgedminouch, wonder why that is14:56
mgedminctrl-clicking links in gnome-terminal works for me14:56
mgedmin(but I have done some bananas things with default browser associations and mime types for reasons)14:57
mgedmin(my default browser is a shell script that dispatches the url either to firefox or to chromium-browser, depending on the link's domain)14:57
R13osetomreyn: the commands under this text "To restart the services without rebooting to test alternative configurations:"14:57
rud0lfsentiment: try middle mouse button on link14:57
tomreynR13ose: ok, thanks!14:58
R13oseNo problem14:58
tomreynalways good to know which fix worked.14:58
mgedminrud0lf: middle button would paste, no?14:58
R13oseHow do I make sure libffmpeg.so is updated all the time when I use the opera browser?15:02
rud0lfi'm not sure now, i may use another terminal app15:03
tomreynR13ose: which libffmpeg.so do you mean? the one which comes with opera? is it not self-explanatory then? or one which comes with another packages?15:05
sentimentfound it15:06
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1732482 in chromium-browser (Ubuntu) "[snap] doesn't properly save desktop files for "create shortcuts" action" [Medium,Triaged]15:06
tomreyndpkg -S libffmpeg.so   will help you determine which of these files you have are from debian packages (installed via apt), and which package they belong to15:06
tomreynR13ose: ^15:06
sentimentbelongs to 2017!15:07
lotuspsychje!who | sentiment15:07
ubottusentiment: As you can see, this is a large channel. If you're speaking to someone in particular, please put their nickname in what you say (use !tab), or else messages get lost and it becomes confusing :)15:07
R13osetomreyn: the one here: https://github.com/iteufel/nwjs-ffmpeg-prebuilt/releases/15:07
tomreynR13ose: well, looks like you identified one of the major disadvantages of not using ubuntu packages.15:09
tomreyni should say *supported* ubuntu packages15:09
tomreynno support, no upgrade path, no timely patches for critical security vulnerabilities15:10
tomreyn(nor bug fixes)15:11
R13oseDoes Opera Browser support Ubuntu packages?15:16
tomreynit's proprietary, so you'd need to look for third party packages. but they seem to provide apt repositories15:17
R13oseSo there is a way to update libffmpeg.so when I update other packages?15:22
tomreynnot for the one you ninstalled from some (randomly chosen?) github repository, no.15:24
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R13oseOkay thanks15:26
aienaI get this error in my dmesg https://paste.ubuntu.com/p/fSGt3vWXNH/ any idea what it is and if its harmless15:29
aienait's a skylake cpu15:29
tomreynaiena: which ubuntu version, which kernel version?15:31
tomreynit's not harmless15:31
tomreynit's most likely also not going to break your hardware, but something you should try to fix. there are data transport problems on your PCIe bus.15:32
tomreynthis can be due to bad / insufficient power supply, broken PCIe card, broken mainboard / PCIe slot, broken riser card15:34
aienatomreyn https://paste.ubuntu.com/p/YC3jJYWY7K/ should give you the basics15:34
aienatomreyn its a laptop15:34
tomreynnc termbin.com 9999 < <(lsb_release -ds;cat /proc/{version,cmdline};)15:35
tomreynaiena: ^ please show the kernel version as well15:35
aienaah sorry15:35
tomreynaiena: or you can actually just post a full kernel log:  journalctl -b | nc termbin.com 999915:36
tomreynaiena: did this happen only recently? do you actually have notable effects?15:38
aienano notable effects15:38
aienaI havent been monitoring this laptop full time as i had installed linux foro my cousin15:38
aienahe's just concerned about the error but ubuntu bots fine,  the wifi works and audio works too15:39
tomreynaiena: can you run    journalctl | grep 'Multiple Corrected error received' | head | nc termbin.com 999915:39
aienaIt seems to be in the journal for pretty log15:39
aienapretty long15:41
tomreyni also see thi son your log - did we discuss this the other day?  mce: [Hardware Error]: Machine check events logged15:42
aienatomreyn no I see this in the log too and was curious about it15:43
aienait seems like a CPU error but since all apps and ubuntu work well i dont know it's meaning15:43
tomreynhave you looked for a firmware upgrade?15:44
aienai havent discussed this before these errors are things I've seen for the first time myself15:44
aienabyfirmware  upgrade you mean BIOS upgrade15:44
tomreyn(okay, there was someone else here with a dell system and mce log records here recently, so i was wondering whether it was you.)15:45
tomreynyes, "bios upgrade"15:45
tomreynaiena: https://www.dell.com/support/home/uk/en/ukbsdt1/drivers/driversdetails?driverid=fr32j&oscode=biosa&productcode=inspiron-15-3567-laptop15:48
aienatomreyn yes there seems to be a bios upgrade15:48
tomreynit's currently at BIOS 01.02.00 11/30/201615:48
tomreynwhich is probably the 1.2.0 one listed on the "Version" history you can expand on the bottom of this page15:49
aienatomreyn problem is the bios upgrade tool is a .exe file lol15:50
tomreyn"can be used to install from any Windows or MS DOS environment."15:50
tomreynyou can create a bootable freedos usb stick and place it there15:50
tomreynaiena: your other option would be contacting dell support, since this computer is (or was?) supported on ubuntu 16.04.15:57
tomreynso they should make some efforts to provide bios updates for linux, too, they actually provided some via lvfs https://fwupd.org/lvfs/search?value=Inspiron which you can install from "ubuntu software", but this is a rather old one.15:58
tomreynit's still newer than the one you have now, though15:58
tomreynso this one specifically https://fwupd.org/lvfs/device/com.dell.uefi1d4362ca.firmware15:59
tomreynif you'll contact support, maybe remind them that their ubuntu customers would generally appreciate them upgrading their firmwares via LVFS again16:00
aienatomreyn apparently the bios upgrade ends in exe but the bios recognises it16:02
aienaso i dont really need freedos but I'll sort this out lalter16:03
aienathanks for the tip lets see if it dissapears16:03
tomreynah you can just put it on a fat32 formatted usb stick? nice.16:03
CarlFKaww gone.  anyone what device [8086:9d14] is?16:04
tomreynCarlFK: vendor id 8086 is .. inside joke... intel16:05
tomreynyou can also search /usr/share/misc/pci.ids for it16:06
pragmaticenigmatomreyn: It's not listed in that file16:08
tomreynit is in mine, after running update-pciids  -> Sunrise Point-LP PCI Express Root Port #516:08
tomreynalso on aienas, see line 45: https://paste.ubuntu.com/p/YC3jJYWY7K/16:09
pragmaticenigmanot seeing it in mine tomreyn ... odd16:09
CarlFK8086 9d60  100 Series PCH/Sunrise Point PCH I2C0 [Skylake/Kaby Lake LPSS I2C]16:09
tomreynCarlFK: 9d14 != 9d6016:10
CarlFKclose enough ;)16:10
tomreynpragmaticenigma: so if you run    update-pciids    and then run    grep 'Sunrise Point-LP PCI Express Root Port #5' /usr/share/misc/pci.ids    you don't see it listed?16:12
pragmaticenigmanm... figured it out... greping '8086.9d14' doesn't match the data form16:12
tomreynright, the format of the file differs from lspci (-nn) output16:13
transhumanhi latest samba build requirements package is looking for python-gpgme this is no longer the package name but a package hasnt been updated to reflect this one out of about 30 packages can anyone tell me how to get around this problem16:14
transhumansteps to reproduce problem: https://paste.debian.net/1110639/16:15
transhumanthis is on bionic16:16
tomreynuse punctuation, it does serve a purpose.16:17
CarlFKtranshuman: where did you find that list of packages?16:17
transhumans/reflect this/ reflect this. This is16:17
transhumanon sambas site16:17
transhumanhttps://wiki.samba.org/index.php/Package_Dependencies_Required_to_Build_Samba 16:18
tomreynand your ubuntu version is?16:18
transhumanits necessary to build samba from scratch in order to get samba to work with windows 10 shares16:19
transhumanubuntu bionic16:19
tomreynso    lsb_release -ds     returns what?16:19
transhumanum never heard of that command how do i use16:20
tomreynyou type or copy and paste it to your terminal16:20
transhumanah ok 19.0416:20
CarlFKtranshuman: the ubuntu 18.4 script just has  python3-gpg16:20
uioDoes Ubuntu create proprietary software?16:21
CarlFKtranshuman: I bet that just works16:21
transhumanwhich scirpt CarlFK16:21
CarlFKtranshuman: the one on the page you sent me16:21
CarlFKUbuntu 18.04  bootstrap/generated-dists/ubuntu1804/bootstrap.sh16:21
compdocuio, Canonical?16:22
uio+ community or however it works...16:22
CarlFKuio: I use my ubuntu box to write software that is  pretty proprietary16:22
uioCarlFK, Right, that's what I was asking. lol16:23
uioCarlFK, I didn't ask 'can Ubuntu be used to create proprietary software'... Does Ubuntu [as an entity, organisation, Canonical + community] create proprietary software?16:25
pragmaticenigmatranshuman: it is not necassary to compile from source Samba. You have to learn how to configure it, and verify which protocol version your computers are trying to use.16:25
tomreynuio: this is not a support question. you can discuss ubuntu in #ubuntu-discuss, other topics in #ubuntu-offtopic16:25
uiotomreyn, Depends on how narrow one's definition of support is... but sure, I'll head there.16:26
transhumanthanks pragmaticenigma that works16:26
CarlFKuio: I suspect the answer is still yes. but your question probbly ins't well defined enough.  what are you getting iat?16:27
transhumanexcept has to be updated to perl-modules / perl-modules-5.2616:27
uioCarlFK, [I've moved over to offtopic :)]16:27
transhumanpragmaticenigma: i have this already on my ubuntu 18.04 system it allows me to connect to windows shares without back dating windows to  smb-1.0 which is dangerous but is the way everyone thinks is the way to fix it16:29
transhumangoing to write up an article about it or do a youtube video on it if i get time16:29
pragmaticenigmatranshuman: If you are using the command line to mount, you cannot use type "cifs" as that is version 1.x16:30
transhumanwindows requires smb 3.1 for security reasons, using smb 1.0 is dangerous16:30
transhumanabout 10 million people just go ahead and install smb 1.0 to fix the problem ... a big no no16:32
pragmaticenigmatranshuman: please keep this to support topics only. your commentary is not helpful or beneficial16:32
=== decadent is now known as depraved
Orvalvisjei have some bad experience with trying to install an earlier version of ubuntu on a simple, low budget ACER laptop where the problem lay with the BIOS ... Now i am considering a dual boot on a Medion laptop ... anyone can tell me if it will work?16:33
transhumanubuntu inter-operation  with windows isn't important OK16:33
pragmaticenigmatranshuman: Stop, I'm trying to help you, but your continued disregard for this being a support channel is making me less interested16:34
transhumanok have to go anyway16:35
transhumanthanks for the help its appreciated16:35
pragmaticenigmatranshuman: here's the solution: https://askubuntu.com/a/100948516:35
transhumanand I am telling you from the other side that that is dangerous16:35
transhumanno worries have to go anway16:36
pragmaticenigmatranshuman: that tells you how to set it so it uses version 316:36
pragmaticenigmayou didn't read it16:36
transhumanyes i did W10 uses 3.116:37
transhumananyway thank you you solved my problem16:37
mgeeHi. I've got a Ubuntu server connected to an AD domain, where users log on with their AD username. Works great. On this server, I want users to be able to mount a SAMBA share, without entering their password again. How do I do that?16:45
mgeeI use PBIS for the AD integration (formerly known as likewise-open)16:45
oerheksreask in #ubuntu-server ?16:46
mgeeoerheks: oh, thanks, will try there16:47
lupulomgee: search about automountfs16:48
mgeelupulo: thanks, will do16:48
lupulomgee man automount16:48
mgeelupulo: I know automount a bit, but got a bit lost on how to re-use the already active credentials. Will search further16:50
claviger-pcI'm having lots of trouble with an upgrade from 16.04 to 18.04, anyone around to help?16:59
compdocI recently did two systems, and then upgraded the kernel to 5.x16:59
compdocbut it went great17:00
claviger-pcfor there is some weird dependency thing I cannot figure out17:00
compdocsome package you need wants it?17:01
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claviger-pcno, do-release-upgrade fails no matter what17:02
claviger-pcI have run distro-upgrade first, unfrozen some packages, etc, nothing works17:02
CarlFKclaviger-pc: Pastes to https://paste.ubuntu.com/  what fails looks like17:03
compdoccan you paste the output when you try, to pastebin.com?17:03
claviger-pcok, main.log ?17:03
compdocyou using a term window? the text from that17:04
claviger-pcthat is the main.log17:07
claviger-pcthe screen log is a hundred MB and is useless17:07
pi0how do check battery life via cli?17:08
claviger-pcCarlFK: https://paste.ubuntu.com/p/S8Q3hNTjZq/17:08
tomreynclaviger-pc: such packages and the dependencies they introduce in apt, can make upgrades fail: Foreign: weewx, Obsolete: libicu64 libssl1.1 libwebp617:10
claviger-pctomreyn, okay, but I tried to unistall the libraries, they seem essential17:11
claviger-pcweewx I suppose I could unistall and reinstall17:11
tomreynthere's no libssl1.1 on xenial17:12
tomreynso it can't be essential17:12
tomreynthe same goes for th eother two libs17:13
claviger-pcok, I've got issues then, even worse: https://paste.ubuntu.com/p/znyKC6fXwc/17:13
claviger-pcif i try to uninstall them, it basically wants to remove a huge plethora of packages17:14
tomreyntry them one by one17:14
tomreynwait, are you on 16.04 or already on 18.04?17:14
tomreynit's not clear how far your upgrade got17:15
claviger-pcon 16.0417:15
claviger-pcupgrade fails17:15
tomreynthe log you posted suggests you did not start the upgrade, yet17:16
claviger-pcthis is true17:16
claviger-pcif fails out each time17:16
pi0ubuntu 19.10 battery icon no longer available17:16
pi0surface pro 6 :( waaaaaah17:16
oerhekson asus laptop the icon is visable17:18
tomreynclaviger-pc: so clean your xenial up first of all, then try the upgrade again. apt-forktracer can help you identify (maybe more) packages which should not be installed. here's a wrapper script around apt-show-versions i wrote for the purpose of identifying packages which should be downgraded or removed: https://github.com/tomreyn/scripts/#foreign_packages17:19
tomreynclaviger-pc: you can also    apt install packagetokeepinstalled packagetoremove-    (note the trailing dash) to help apt find a more deirable solution17:20
claviger-pctomreyn ok, I am trying this second one first17:24
LoneBadgerHello Guys, I am trying to install Xubuntu and I have a error message : grub-efi-amd64-signed package failed to install into /target/17:28
LoneBadgerHere are the dump file : Yesterday https://pastebin.com/GxqNG8TD17:29
claviger-pcsorry, is there an easy way to downgrade?17:30
tomreynclaviger-pc: apt install package=targetversion17:30
LoneBadgerAnybody can help me?17:33
tomreynLoneBadger: which ubuntu version are you trying to install there?17:33
LoneBadgerXubuntu 19.1017:33
LoneBadgerSince Ubunut 18 LTS is too demanding for my PC17:34
tomreynhmm this kernel is from july17:34
tomreyni dont think that's how 19.10 installers released17:34
tomreynis this a pre-release installer?17:35
LoneBadgerHow can I tell that?17:35
tomreynwhat's the file you downloaded called?17:35
LoneBadgerI don't know and I just want to provide you with anything that can help me17:36
tomreynyou don't know which ISO file you downloaded?17:36
tomreynhmm this looks like a release17:37
Sven_vBLoneBadger, is lots of disk space free on /target?17:37
LoneBadger /dev/sda2 Ext4 Mount point is /target and unsused space is 449.42 GiB17:40
Sven_vBunrelated but I suggest staying with ext3 for a while, so you have more variety in supporting recovery programs. :)17:40
Sven_vBI'm confused about what the current problem is. a dump file means sth. crashed? or is it a problem with installing a package? or does apt/dpkg crash?17:41
tomreynLoneBadger: do you still have the iso file? can you run      sha256sum Xubuntu-19.10-desktop-amd64.iso17:41
Sven_vBif you have a weak machine but lots of eagerness, you could try starting with a minimal install (Ubuntu mini iso, or if you're deep into it, debootstrap) and build step by step from there.17:43
Sven_vBI like the debootstrap approach because it assures me I'll have the least amount of unwanted stuff.17:44
LoneBadgerNo Such file or directory17:45
Sven_vBoh I see now, the crash dump seems to be about broken wifi drivers. try using ethernet and disable wifi if possible.17:45
tomreynLoneBadger: you need to run ithis in the very directory the iso file is in17:45
Sven_vBat least until you get the other stuff stable17:45
tomreynLoneBadger: if you know the path to the iso file, post it here and i can tell you the command to run from an directory.17:47
Sven_vBsha256sum -b /full/path/to/whatever.iso17:48
LoneBadgerIt is in /dev/sdb117:48
Sven_vB"in" meaning inside a filesystem, or raw-copied onto sdb1?17:49
LoneBadgerSbd1 is my usb key where the ISO is17:49
Sven_vBwhat program did you use to write it onto that USB key?17:50
tomreynLoneBadger: do you still have the .iso file oyu downloaded, though?17:50
LoneBadgerYes In this PC (not the one I am installing Linux on17:52
tomreynLoneBadger: and which operating system does this PC where you still have the iso run?17:52
LoneBadgerWin 1017:52
LoneBadgerFilepath is "C:\Users\Nicolas\Downloads\xubuntu-19.10-desktop-amd64.iso"17:52
Sven_vBcan you find the exact file size in bytes? then we can verify the bytes on the USB key17:53
tomreynLoneBadger: please open powershell and run:   Get-FileHash C:\Users\Nicolas\Downloads\xubuntu-19.10-desktop-amd64.iso | Format-List17:54
tomreynLoneBadger: then post the output to https://paste.ubuntu.com and tell us the resulting url17:55
Sven_vBLoneBadger, meanwhile, on the Ubuntu, run "sudo head --bytes=1609344 /dev/sdb | sha256sum -b"17:56
tomreynthis hash matches http://cdimage.ubuntu.com/xubuntu/releases/19.10/release/SHA256SUMS17:57
tomreyni'm checking the xubuntu 19.10 installer kernel locally in a VM now17:58
tomreynLoneBadger: you must have accidentially written something else onto your installer18:00
LoneBadgerWhat is it?18:00
LoneBadgerHow do I get rid of it?18:00
tomreynLoneBadger: the file you posted here insitally, https://pastebin.com/raw/GxqNG8TD , shows that you were running an installer with this linux kernel version: Linux version 5.0.0-23-generic (buildd@lgw01-amd64-030) (gcc version 7.4.0 (Ubuntu 7.4.0-1ubuntu1~18.04.1)) #24~18.04.1-Ubuntu SMP Mon Jul 29 16:12:28 UTC 2019 (Ubuntu 5.0.0-23.24~18.04.1-generic 5.0.15)18:02
tomreynLoneBadger: however, the xubuntu 19.10 installer actually comes with kernel version 5.3.0-18 #19, as seen on my screenshot at https://i.imgur.com/ka6Aw4A.png and also confirmed by http://cdimage.ubuntu.com/xubuntu/releases/19.10/release/xubuntu-19.10-desktop-amd64.manifest18:03
LoneBadgerI tested Ubuntu Yesterday on a live session but it was too demanding18:03
tomreynLoneBadger: what you need to do is to again write the .iso file you have on your windows computer to the installation media.18:03
tomreynLoneBadger: you mean ubuntu gnome?18:04
LoneBadgerUbuntu 18.0418:04
tomreynokay, but how is this related to the issue at hand?18:04
tomreynyou want to install xubuntu 19.10, right?18:05
LoneBadgerI doN,t know my bad18:06
tomreynoh, maybe you mean to say that the log you posted at https://pastebin.com/raw/GxqNG8TD is an ubuntu 18.04 LTS installer log?18:06
LoneBadgerDL the Xubuntu ISO18:06
tomreynso you don't actually have a log of the xubuntu 19.10 installer?18:07
tomreynwhat is this second output you posted? https://pastebin.com/raw/QtXiyWqk18:07
tomreynthis is some linux kernel 5.3.0 kernel log. maybe this is from the xubuntu 19.04 installer?18:07
LoneBadgerThis one is today18:08
tomreyntoday doesn't help me much18:08
LoneBadgerDo you think the two kernel are conflicting each other618:09
tomreynhmm, we're having communication problems. ok, forget everything i said so far, i will just work based on assumptions. you're saying that you ran into the error message   "error message : grub-efi-amd64-signed package failed to install into /target/" while installing xubuntu 19.1018:11
tomreyncan you disable "secure boot" on your bios and try installing again?18:11
tomreynLoneBadger: also if the installation fails again afterwards, boot the installer again, then open a terminal (press ctrl-alt-t) and share your systemd journal with the volunteers helping here:   journalctl -b | nc termbin.com 999918:14
Sven_vBis there any way to limit gparted's disk scanning to the disk(s) that I want to work with? I have some other (very slow) disks and it takes forever to pointlessly read their partition tables each time gparted refreshes.18:15
tomreynif uploading it to termbin.com (what this command does) does not seem to work (i.e. the command wont return a http address) then get help here with transferring the log to the other computer.18:15
LoneBadgerFormating the USB atm and placing the ISO18:15
LoneBadgerI will do that tom18:15
tomreynLoneBadger: okay, good luck. i hope you will have the "(UEFI) secure boot" option on your bios.18:16
LoneBadgerIt is disabled18:16
Sven_vBLoneBadger, you can skip formatting. the ISO contains all the partition and filesystem info required.18:17
tomreynSven_vB: i think gparted always reads all partition tables when it starts18:17
Sven_vBtomreyn, even worse, it reads all of them whenever it refreshes, e.g. because I created a file system18:17
Sven_vBit makes work feel like batch computing in the olden days, submit your request and come back in a few hours… well, minutes, but still.18:18
tomreynSven_vB: you could physically disconnect the other storages, or use a different software.18:19
Sven_vBtomreyn, nope, one of the slowest is the live USB where gparted and the casper-rw resides.18:19
Sven_vByeah the 2nd would probably be the better approach. what other nice GUI-y partition managers do we have for xenial and/or bionic?18:20
tomreynSven_vB: there is also gnome-disks, but i'm not convinced it is nicer. i prefer the working on a terminal.18:21
Sven_vBor maybe a CLI PM that displays similar details in its partition list, esp. GPT partition label, FS type, FS label, human-readable size? and ideally print the labels in full even if they're longer than 20 characters18:21
Sven_vBwith an option to include free space in the same list as the partitions18:21
tomreyni guess parted and fdisk or sgdisk do this18:22
tomreynmaybe not all of it, i'm not sure about these specific features18:22
Sven_vBreally? nice18:22
Sven_vBoh ok18:22
tomreynbut they all limit themselves to working on the given storage18:23
Sven_vBfor a moment I hoped they'd suddenly have them and I just didn't notice18:23
Sven_vByeah but managing partitions w/o proper overview is kinda yolo.18:23
Sven_vB"risky" is the better word.18:24
tomreynyes, that's why i prefer to worked on specirfic devices, well targetted, not missing potential warnings, using proven-to-work utilities on a terminal18:26
LoneBadgerOption of Installation : Reinstall Ubuntu 19.10 / Erase Ubuntu 19.10 and reinstall / Erase disk and install Xubuntu / Experimental :erase disk and use ZFS / Something else18:28
LoneBadgerWhat do I chose tomreyn18:30
k1tsun3Anyone ever have the issue where the GRUB only loads every other boot?18:31
tomreynLoneBadger: can you actually post the log first of all, it may be worth reviewing this18:31
LoneBadgerIf I don't have Any USB? YEs18:31
tomreynLoneBadger: is the installer connected to the internet?18:32
tomreyn!smart | k1tsun3: check your disks' health18:33
ubottuk1tsun3: check your disks' health: smart is Self-Monitoring, Analysis and Reporting Technology, a monitoring system for hard drives. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Smartmontools18:33
tomreynLoneBadger: rgeat. so... it says "secureboot: Secure boot enabled", did you try disabling it on the bios?18:34
LoneBadgerWill disable again18:34
Sven_vBk1tsun3, do you mean its menu won't show, or what observation makes you think it didn't load?18:35
tomreynLoneBadger: again (so you did it before?)? please post another log afterwards18:35
Sven_vBk1tsun3, also, if GRUB didn't load, what else loaded instead of GRUB?18:36
LoneBadgertomreyn Disabled again18:37
k1tsun3The health is fine, its a new-ish ssd and none of the values are over threshold. Essentially whats happening is that every other boot it will go through diagnostic startup and then boot to a completely black blank screen. When i restart it boots to GRUB, but if i restart again its back to black screen18:37
Sven_vBk1tsun3, might the black screen be GRUB doing stuff in secret? configure it to always show its menu, with a reasonable delay in case your graphics systems need to wake up first. you can also do the next step in the same re-config, configuring it to make your default OS boot verbosely.18:40
tomreynLoneBadger: good, now it's off! "secureboot: Secure boot could not be determined (mode 0)"18:40
LoneBadgerWant me to installl?18:41
tomreynLoneBadger: i'll read on on the log for a while. you can install again in the meantime.18:41
tomreynLoneBadger: if you don't need to preserve any data then just do a fresh install18:41
LoneBadgerFresh install18:41
tomreyn"Erase disk and install Xubuntu"18:41
tomreynLoneBadger: ^18:42
LoneBadgerThank tomreyn You have been very helpful :D18:42
tomreynLoneBadger: you're welcome. i just hope it succeeds this time. make sure you update all packages after installation + reboot, since there's a problem with the iwlwifi (intel wireless) driver loading its firmware.18:44
LoneBadgerInstalling Libre Office18:48
LoneBadgerInstalling system now18:48
tomreynthere's no need to post your progress ;)18:48
Sven_vBoh indeed, failure due to network problems was another issue why I switched to debootstrap. or rather, Ubiquity's choice of installing the boot loader very late in the process, so a minor failure e.g. in installing a game would stop it from installing GRUB. priorities.18:48
tomreynk1tsun3: maybe that's a firmware issue? maybe you want a "bios upgrade"?18:50
tomreynk1tsun3: journalctl -b | grep 'DMI:'     should report computer model and current mainboard firmware version18:51
LoneBadgertomreyn grub-efi-amd64-signed failed to install on /target/18:52
tomreynLoneBadger: :-/ can you post the log from /var/log/installer ?18:52
Sven_vBgood thing it used LoneBadger's time to install LibreOffice then. :>18:53
ioriaLoneBadger, have you selected 'Download updates while intalling' ?18:53
kur1jOn Ubuntu where does an electron app try to read its certificates from?18:53
Sven_vBLoneBadger, I'd really try a minimum install to get some Ubuntu working somehow, best with ethernet, and deal with stuff like wifi drivers and LibreOffice later once the base system works.18:54
Sven_vBkur1j, probably the system-global openssl certs. if you want to know for sure, you can spy on its file system access using strace -fyxo.18:55
ioriaLoneBadger, third party software too ?18:57
tomreynLoneBadger: you recently did a firmware upgrade on this system, right? if so, did you load vendor defaults afterwards?18:58
tomreynLoneBadger: and did you make any customizations to the settings there other than the "secure boot" thing you just changed?18:58
LoneBadgerUpgarded the BIOS since someone suggested it yesterday18:59
LoneBadgerChanged the boot order so the USB would boot first18:59
tomreynLoneBadger: probably i suggested the bios upgrade. ;) can you look for a "IPC" option on the bios?19:00
ioriaLoneBadger, and you tried also 'without connection' ?19:01
kur1jSven_vB: unfortunately it isn't because I have it in my global cert store and it isn't working19:01
LoneBadgerHow do I see the /var/log/installer logs19:01
LoneBadgerI am in the directory19:01
tomreynLoneBadger: i'm asking because your log shows some   "Invalid pltconfig, ensure IPC1 device is enabled in BIOS"   errors19:01
tomreynLoneBadger: yto view directory contents, type "ls"19:01
LoneBadgerI want to send them to you and I will look for IPC option19:01
Sven_vBkur1j, I'd strace it then.19:02
kur1jSven_vB: will do. thanks for the tips19:02
tomreynLoneBadger: i *think* you can also use trhe graphical file browser to access this location19:02
Sven_vBLoneBadger, you can send the logs with (ls -l; head --bytes=4G * ) | nc termbin.com 999919:03
oswCan someone help me with my problem on ubuntu 19 my DNS just stops working randomly i can't even ping my router it says: "ping: sendmsg: No Buffer space availabe"19:03
oswwhen i turn wlan off and on it works for like 5 minutes and then the same thing happens19:04
Sven_vBosw, does that happen on a virtual machine or real hardware? what's your memory use? ("free -m" tells you)19:04
oswon real hardware, to be specific a dell xps 1319:04
oswtotal ~8000 used ~1000 free 350019:05
oswcache ~3k19:05
oswso there seems to be some availabe19:05
Sven_vBtry monitoring network interface stats like RX/TX queue length whithin the few minutes while it works19:06
oswwhat tool do you suggeste to do so?19:06
oswsry im unix noob19:06
Sven_vBdunno. last time I did so I used ifconfig but nowadays we have ss19:06
LoneBadgertomreyn You helped me yesterday? :O  Thank you for that too19:07
Sven_vBwow. Ubiquity scoring again. maybe when that project grows a bit more mature they'll find someone who knows how to import Gtk properly.19:08
oswso just so i understand wht is RX/TX? i'm not sure where to find it on iotop19:09
Sven_vBosw, I think it's radio amateur's abbreviations for receive and transmit (send)19:10
kur1jSven_vB: ok I found it...its the same as chrome in the /home/<user>/.pki folder...which sucks because of this missing feature in Ubuntu...and I don't know how to get around it...none of the work arounds work https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/ca-certificates/+bug/164728519:11
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1647285 in nss (Ubuntu) "SSL trust not system-wide" [Wishlist,Confirmed]19:11
tomreynLoneBadger: i don't rmemeber whether it was me, i'm just notirious at recomending firmware upgrades. and i have recently seen a bios version string of y computer like yours, so it's possible we talked ysterday19:12
Sven_vBI remember when I patched a Ubiquity error similar to LoneBadger's "Could not translate page (prepare): 'NoneType' object has no attribute 'replace'" a few years ago. lots of users affected but nobody found the time to comment on the patch. I suggest using an installer that is actually maintained.19:12
Sven_vBkur1j, what feature is missing?19:12
tomreynLoneBadger: hmm this doesn't seem like the right log. how did you post this?19:12
oswi'm not sure what i am looking for right now19:12
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Sven_vBah I see the link now19:13
LoneBadgerls -l;head --bytes=4G * |nc termbin.com 999919:13
LoneBadgeron /var/log/installer19:13
kur1jSven_vB: I linked it. Basically Ubuntu isn't allowing system wide certs not work19:13
kur1jbad phrasing19:14
Sven_vBosw, any recognizable pattern might help. especially if one of the queue lengths rises constantly, and errors start occurring at a certain Q length reproducibly.19:14
kur1jbut chrome/firefox and such won't load the system wide certs19:14
Sven_vBLoneBadger, if you omit the () you can also omit the ls :) only the last command is termbinned19:14
tomreynLoneBadger: what did this output other than the url?19:14
Sven_vBkur1j, would it help to put a symlink to the global certs?19:15
LoneBadger-rw-r--r-- 1 root root 5897 oct 25 14:53 debug19:15
kur1jSven_vB: well the issue is its loading it in a certs DB and every single user would have to do it19:15
LoneBadger-rw-r--r l root root 18 oct 25 14:37 version19:15
kur1jSven_vB: im trying to have it where I can do it globally for each machine instead of per each user19:15
Sven_vBkur1j, maybe a startup wrapper for the electron app can prepare the symlinks.19:16
Sven_vB(… and then start the original app)19:16
tomreynLoneBadger: so just those two files? hmm, i had expected to see more. are you still on the live installer where the installation failed now?19:16
kur1jSven_vB: well its annoying in general as firefox/chrome also have the same issues19:16
Sven_vBtomreyn, the other Ubiquity debug output goes to syslog19:17
LoneBadgerIt closed but I can re-open. I am on a live sessiona tm19:17
tomreynSven_vB: oh thanks.19:17
kur1jSven_vB: If I could the pk11 tool to load it like it saysit works in the bug report that would be a good workaround but it doesn't work for some reason19:17
Sven_vBtomreyn, really, I'd try an installer that's maintained with enough peoplepower. how about curtin?19:18
q9Why is apt-add-repository creating all those .save-files when adding a repo.19:18
Sven_vBq9, backups in case it messes up19:18
oswSven_vB: on 'ss' i get only zeros on send/recieve besides on "icmp6", but i'm only pingig google19:19
tomreynSven_vB: feel free to lead if you are happy to explain properly for a user who is used to GUIs?19:19
q9Sven_vB: Why does it touch the existing files at all?19:19
oswSven_vB: Also it fixes itself after reconnecting automaticly after some time in case this information helps you19:19
Sven_vBq9, I've no idea. probably the authors' expression of their confidence in how safe their code is. :>19:20
LoneBadgertomreyn Do you need anything else?19:21
tomreynLoneBadger: in the meantime, can you  post journalctl -b | grep -v iwlwifi | tail -n500 | nc termbin.com 999919:21
ioriaLoneBadger, you know you can install without grub and install it later clicking on 'Continue testing' ?19:22
Sven_vBtomreyn, you're right, we'd need an installer with good support not just for the code base but also novice users. I wonder if there is any.19:22
LoneBadgerWait what ioria19:23
ioriaLoneBadger, [Firmware Bug]: Page fault caused by firmware at PA: 0x679cf7f019:23
ioriaLoneBadger, you can use 'sudo ubiquity -b ' and then install grub19:24
Sven_vBioria, did Ubiquity create a user account and login already at that stage?19:24
ioriaSven_vB, what ?19:25
tomreynLoneBadger: did you try to install using the experimental ZFS option by chance?19:25
ioriaSven_vB, 'Continue testing'19:25
tomreyn!who | LoneBadger19:25
ubottuLoneBadger: As you can see, this is a large channel. If you're speaking to someone in particular, please put their nickname in what you say (use !tab), or else messages get lost and it becomes confusing :)19:25
Sven_vBioria, your suggestion of -b might supersede my question, I'll look it up19:25
LoneBadgertomreyn Should I19:26
ioriaSven_vB, you run sudo ubiquity -b from the live installer (try ubuntu without install)19:26
oswSven_vB: also after it fixed itself it won't "crash" again, maybe it's something about when connecting to the wlan something gets set wrong?19:26
Sven_vBmeh, on bionic, there's no -b in man ubiquity19:27
Sven_vBah, in --help it has "  -b, --no-bootloader  Do not install a bootloader.19:27
tomreynLoneBadger: you're asking whetzher you should install using the experimental zfs option? no, no, i just noticed somethign on the log you last posted which looks as if you had, but it will be a red herring.19:27
Sven_vByeah let's try whether --no-bootloader skips the crashing page19:28
Sven_vBI doubt it though19:28
LoneBadgertomreyn Ok19:28
tomreynLoneBadger: so linux and your firmware still somewhat agree to disagree, they don'T get along too well. maybe you can try installing xubuntu 18.04.3 and upgrade to 20.04  LTS when it's released?19:29
oswno one? :-(19:29
LoneBadgerI will ! :D  DL Xubuntu 18.04 LTS19:29
Sven_vBfor a moment I was tempted to actually write a patch for LoneBadger's Ubiquity bug, as it seems really easy to fix.19:31
LoneBadger:3 Please19:31
ioriaLoneBadger, please, try again without a connection active; if it fails again you start the live session  and from terminal run  'sudo ubiquity -b' after you follow this :  https://askubuntu.com/questions/1028703/the-grub-efi-amd64-signed-package-failed-to-install-target19:31
LoneBadgerI just want to be part of the Kool Kids klub and honesly is so tired of WIN10 bullshit19:32
oerheksmaybe you need to set a password on your UEFI bios, seen that before19:32
Sven_vBnah sorry. by the time I patch this, other Ubiquity devs have invented 20 new bugs19:32
Sven_vBif you want to get in the kool kids klub, better invest your time in learning how to use "curtin" (the curt installer) :)19:33
LoneBadgerWhat is that?19:33
Sven_vBor try the Ubuntu mini ISO19:33
iorianot sure mini-iso can install in efi mode19:33
oerheksioria +119:33
tomreynSven_vB: afaik mini.iso doesn't even support efi19:33
oerheksyeah, good trolling on friday19:34
Sven_vBcurtin is an alternative linux installer that aims to get your linux up and running as soon as possible, without asking too many questions.19:34
Sven_vBmaybe supergrubdisk can chainload the mini iso. haven't tried though.19:34
oerhekshe should check for a bios password, else it should not be trusted on some uefi machines19:34
tomreynSven_vB: what's the root cause of the failed installation you identified on LoneBadger's logs?19:35
Sven_vBtomreyn, glad you asked. looking again made me realize I was chasing the wrong bug. we'd need to see the syslog to determine the actual problem.19:37
ioriatomreyn, Oct 25 14:51:13 xubuntu kernel: [Firmware Bug]: Page fault caused by firmware at PA: 0x679cf7f0   and below ...19:37
Sven_vBshouldn't that be just a networking problem? so when we disable networking it should not occurr19:38
LoneBadgerInstalling Xubuntu 18 LTS19:39
tomreynioria: this certainly appears to be a critical one, yes. there is also 'Volume group "sda" not found' before this, any idea if this is a problem?19:39
ioriatomreyn, ailed to register the EFI boot entry: Interrupted system call19:39
* Sven_vB not asking for the syslog because he's not motivated to debug it.19:39
ioriaeven a Call Trace19:39
Sven_vBoh nice19:39
tomreynioria: we don't need to discuss errors below the "Page fault caused by firmware at PA: 0x679cf7f0" one. i'm just wondering whether there are any on top of it19:40
Sven_vBwhat log is that in? I seem to have missed the link19:40
ioriatomreyn, nope, i don't think so ...19:41
Sven_vBah nice19:41
tomreyn"E: Can not write log (Is /dev/pts mounted?) - posix_openpt (19: No such device)" also seems wrong19:41
Sven_vBI guess this is the core problem: finish-install[32289]:   Temporary failure resolving 'ca.archive.ubuntu.com'19:41
LoneBadgerCritical part is Installing Grub219:42
tomreynnonsense, that's to the very bottom19:42
ioriaLoneBadger, consider also to install in bios mode ... it's not so bad after all19:43
tomreynIMO failing to update EFIvars as a result of the firmware inhibited page fault is the root cause.19:44
Sven_vBUbiquity with pid 31490 survives even after failure to install grub-efi-amd64-signed so I guess it's not vital19:44
tomreynso what ioria pointed out first19:44
Sven_vBas in, could be fixed later19:45
tomreynwell how do you boot a system without a boot loader?19:45
Sven_vBit would require chrooting.19:45
Sven_vBand installing another kernel probably19:45
tomreynlet's see how 18.04 LTS goes19:46
tomreyn19.04 in BIOS mode is indeed another option, if the firmware actualyl supports bios booting19:46
tomreynalso downgrading the firmware or  TJ's acpi_osi workaround may help19:47
Sven_vBewwww that kind of scripting bug really shouldn't be in GRUB. xubuntu ubiquity[31490]: /usr/share/grub/grub-check-signatures: 22: [: Illegal number:19:47
Sven_vBLoneBadger, would it be acceptable to install Ubuntu in a way that it cannot boot itself, but then use a USB key with a boot helper to kickstart Ubuntu? once it starts you could withdraw the USB key.19:50
LoneBadgerYes Why not19:51
Sven_vBLoneBadger, do you have a spare USB key that you don't need?19:51
LoneBadgerBTW the installer is still stalling at Grub2 package19:51
LoneBadgerNo error message19:51
tomreynLoneBadger: you mean the 18.04.3 LTS installer now?19:53
EriC^^just dont install grub, do it after the install from a chroot, use standard efi paths if you have to if efibootmgr isnt working to add it19:54
tomreynah crap i had forgotten that you had actualyl tried the 18.04.3 installer befire19:54
claviger-pctomreyn: https://paste.ubuntu.com/p/mJmPKqwYMG/  a new try, the only thing left is weewx, you think it could really be the cause?19:54
LoneBadgerOne of the main message I see is /usr/lib/ubiquity/ubiquity/gtk)components/nmwidgets.py:133 Warning ; Source ID 7971 was not found when attempting to remove it Glib.source_remove(self.rows_changed_id)19:56
tomreynthat's not a relevant messge about why your installation fails, LoneBadger19:56
Sven_vBLoneBadger, when you found a spare USB key to use as the kickstarter, download this SuperGrub and let's try if it works for you: https://sourceforge.net/projects/supergrub2/files/2.04s2-beta2/super_grub2_disk_2.04s2-beta2/supergrub2-2.04s2-beta2-multiarch-USB.img.zip/download19:56
tomreynLoneBadger's old 18.04.3 kernel log on this system https://pastebin.com/raw/GxqNG8TD19:57
tomreynclaviger-pc: looking19:57
tomreynclaviger-pc: can you remind me which ubuntu release you're trying to upgrade to which?19:59
claviger-pctomreyn 16.04 -->18.0419:59
tomreynclaviger-pc: is there an error message?19:59
tomreynclaviger-pc: do you use this as a headless server or as a graphical desktop?20:00
claviger-pcits a headless server20:00
Sven_vBLoneBadger, you could also use the xenial USB key but doing so will remove the xenial from it.20:00
tomreynclaviger-pc: is "ubuntu-server" installed?20:00
TabMasherAnyone know how to check and change the system time zone from terminal?20:01
tomreynTabMasher: timedatectrl20:01
tomreynTabMasher: timedatectl20:01
claviger-pctomreyn yes, ubuntu-server is installed (ubuntu-server is already the newest version (1.361.4))20:01
tomreyn<tomreyn> claviger-pc: is there an error message?20:02
claviger-pctomreyn: there is no error message, just the two log files in /var/log/dist-upgradee20:02
=== kostkon_ is now known as kostkon
claviger-pctomreyn main.log and apt.log20:03
TabMashertomreyn: That's just what I needed.  Thank you.20:03
claviger-pctomreyn: https://paste.ubuntu.com/p/KK2CHPFKWd/20:03
Sven_vBLoneBadger, sorry, you can cancel the download. I found a better version20:04
tomreynclaviger-pc: so, i don't see any error messages at https://paste.ubuntu.com/p/mJmPKqwYMG/ - it just looks like you had chosen not to carry out the upgrade. but i may be missing something.20:04
Sven_vBLoneBadger, yeah I just remembered how big that file is but you only need the first 14 MB of it20:05
claviger-pctomreyn: no, there is no error messages, no prompts, nothing, just fails20:05
tomreynclaviger-pc: and foreign_packages lists nothing but weex in both sections?20:06
jason0597I have another laptop running linux and I'm trying to test first to see if I can establish a TCP connection between that laptop and my desktop by using netcat. On my desktop I run "netcat -lp 4444" and on my laptop I run "netcat 4444". When I do that, I try to send a message from my laptop to my desktop, but nothing happens. This only occurs with TCP connections, not with UDP (if I do it with -ulp),20:06
jason0597does anyone have some pointers on how I can go about fixing this?20:06
ubottuLaunchpad bug 4444 in vlc (Ubuntu Breezy) "vlc streaming output segmentation fault" [Medium,Fix released] https://launchpad.net/bugs/444420:06
jason0597firewalls are disabled on both machines20:06
claviger-pctomreyn does not evn list weewx20:07
tomreynoh right, because you have a repository setup for it20:07
tomreynclaviger-pc: i can't think of anything else really. maybe try picking a different mirror server just to introduce some variance20:08
claviger-pck, interesting, sufficent to just change /etc/apt/sources.list  ?20:09
StootHI guys. Does anyone know a cli tool that can monitor a process and start another based on performance of the system you can specify ?20:09
claviger-pctomreyn: or is there a way to purge the distupgrade files?20:09
tomreynclaviger-pc: nice idea, i don't actually know. you could maybe purge ubuntu-release-upgrader-core and reinstall it20:11
LoneBadgerI think we got through  the ad64 signed bug20:11
Sven_vBLoneBadger, actually you could use the Xenial live session to download just the start: supergrub2-2.04s2-beta2-multiarch-USB.img.zip wget -O https://sourceforge.net/projects/supergrub2/files/2.04s2-beta2/super_grub2_disk_2.04s2-beta2/supergrub2-2.04s2-beta2-multiarch-USB.img.zip/download20:11
Sven_vBLoneBadger, and when it shows it has downloaded 14 MB or more, press Ctrl+C20:11
LoneBadgerIt is installing the x86_64-efii platform20:12
Sven_vBoh ok20:12
Sven_vBI pasted the command wrong anyway. =)20:12
Sven_vBwow, grats!20:12
LoneBadgerGiving me a lot of warning message but it is still going20:13
tomreynclaviger-pc: it seems to have a lot of reverse dependencies (read: many other packages depend on it). so you may want to just dpkg --purge it, bypassing some of the dependency checks.20:13
claviger-pc@tomreyn interestingly, apt let me do it, but also uninstalled ubuntu-server, which I then reinstalled20:15
LoneBadgerSven_vB tomreyn My PC now https://i.pinimg.com/originals/50/35/3e/50353e5b86de77d720baf7416c3ab3f7.jpg20:15
tomreynclaviger-pc: nice20:15
tomreynLoneBadger: hehehe. not really, but at least you got it installed, nice!20:15
LoneBadgerIt is not installed completely20:16
LoneBadgerbut it got further20:16
tomreynoh ok20:16
tomreynbut what's missing if the boot loader is done?20:17
tomreyni think after this it's just cleaning up and unmounting20:17
LoneBadgerStarted cleanup of temp directory20:18
Sven_vBsounds good20:18
LoneBadger:3 is it happenning??20:18
Sven_vBseems like it20:19
tomreynclaviger-pc: did it improve what ubuntu-release-upgrade does, though?20:21
claviger-pctomreyn: no, seems exactly the same20:21
tomreyn:-/ can you show the full terminal output?20:21
claviger-pctomreyn: here's the end of it: https://paste.ubuntu.com/p/2C54xgrpHk/20:22
tomreynclaviger-pc: hmm, is this an i386 system?20:23
claviger-pcLinux claviger 4.4.0-167-generic #196-Ubuntu SMP Mon Oct 21 19:50:52 UTC 2019 x86_64 x86_64 x86_64 GNU/Linux20:24
tomreynseems fine20:24
tomreynand there's no log file showing what you on the temrinal output in /var/log/ or /tmp/ ?20:25
tomreynor /var/tmp ?20:25
LoneBadgerStill Installing20:27
claviger-pctomreyn: there's a whole folder, not sure what's useful: https://paste.ubuntu.com/p/WyCh68gNTG/20:27
claviger-pcthats in /tmp20:27
claviger-pcthats in /tmp/ubuntu-release-upgrader-zez1jt0y20:27
Sven_vBI wonder what takes LoneBadger's Ubiquity that long20:28
claviger-pcbut there is also /var/log/dist-upgrade,  where there is both main.log and apt.log and the terminal output20:28
tomreynclaviger-pc: yes that's just the unpacked release upgrader code, not any of the logs20:28
tomreynclaviger-pc: can you compress /var/log/dist-upgrade and make them available somehow?20:29
claviger-pctomreyn: yeah, let me see20:29
claviger-pcproblem is its 150mb20:29
claviger-pcthe screenlog.020:30
tomreynclaviger-pc: 150 mb?! that's unusually much. you mean uncompressed, though, right?20:30
tomreynit should compress well20:31
LoneBadgertomreyn Is it normal that it take so much time?20:31
tomreynclaviger-pc: maybe you can actually skip the screenlog for now if it's an issue20:31
tomreyn...for uploading20:31
Sven_vBhow can I check whether my partitions align? do I need to divide their start sectors manually or can a tool do it for me? could there be other reasons why gparted shows 1 MB gaps between partitions?20:31
claviger-pcyeah, but I could compress it, problem is, I don't think there is much there20:32
tomreynLoneBadger: no, but you have an unstable system there. the wireless module will be failing constantly, you can watch this if you open a terminal window with ctrl-alt-t and type: dmesg -w20:32
Sven_vBLoneBadger, when it shows "Reticulating splines…", half an hour was still within regular in older Ubuntus20:32
tomreynclaviger-pc: i couldn't tell :)20:33
LoneBadgerGonna take a shower while this grandma PC do its thing20:33
tomreynLoneBadger: you could try unloading the modules failing there, or disable the wireless connection at least.20:34
LoneBadgerWireless connection is off20:34
LoneBadgerHow to unload some module?20:34
LoneBadgerStarting Message of the Day!20:35
tomreyndid it reboot spntaneously?20:35
LoneBadgerthen.. back to Source ID not found when attempting to remove it20:35
LoneBadgerit started at id 10 and now it is in the 1000020:36
tomreynLoneBadger: i'm not sure what you're looking at20:36
Sven_vBare those BIOS messages or is it inside graphical Ubuntu?20:37
LoneBadgerIt is the installer prompt of Xubuntu20:37
LoneBadger  /usr/lib/ubiquity/ubiquity/gtk)components/nmwidgets.py:133 Warning ; Source ID 7971 was not found when attempting to remove it Glib.source_remove(self.rows_changed_id)20:37
Sven_vBcan you send a screenshot?20:37
Sven_vBoh ok20:37
Sven_vBthose Warnings with "Glib." in them are not important usually20:38
Sven_vBit just means the programmers did a sloppy job20:38
Sven_vBand I'm not even sure whether it's the Ubiquity or Glib programmers.20:39
erryso i tried to install ubuntu from a live cd, but because i dock my laptop, it goes into sleep mode if it boots >_>20:42
erryi know you can disable that from the settings but is it possible to disable before booting?20:42
oerheksmaybe just don't dock until installation is finished?20:43
claviger-pctomreyn: I figured out that the screenlog does not get purged, so I removed it, ran again, here it is the first part: https://paste.ubuntu.com/p/fX5jGvrX8B/20:44
claviger-pctomreyn: then it lists every package in the repos, i think, with "no candidate ver: ", then here is the end : https://paste.ubuntu.com/p/msWtC8W4bW/20:46
Sven_vBoerheks, you can use systemd-inhibitor20:46
Sven_vBerry, ^20:46
errycan i boot with that?20:46
Sven_vBerry, no I assumed you already booted it20:46
erryi have to dig out the power cable to not dock cause inm lazy20:46
Sven_vBerry, what's the current system state? powered down?20:46
Sven_vBerry, so what will happen when you put it in the dock?20:46
erryif i boot while docked it'll sleep20:47
errywhen it gets to x1120:47
Sven_vBerry, why would it do that? is that a known bug?20:47
errybecause the lid is closed,..20:48
erryit's a feature.20:48
errynot one i like20:48
tomreynclaviger-pc: hmm, most peculiar. can you file a bug about this?20:48
claviger-pctomreyn: then there is also this lspci.txt: https://paste.ubuntu.com/p/6ns7Yy86Rt/20:48
Sven_vBerry, oh ok. you could probably boot with lid actions disabled.20:48
claviger-pctomreyn: yes, I suppose20:48
erryhow do20:48
tomreynDISPLAY= ubuntu-bug ubuntu-release-upgrader20:48
tomreynclaviger-pc: ^20:49
Sven_vBerry, #systemd should know20:49
erryok ty20:49
Sven_vBerry, you can also boot into recovery mode and reconfigure systemd20:49
tomreynclaviger-pc: this should gather the logs, then print a url you can visit from a desktop to complete the bug report20:49
claviger-pctomreyn: on it20:49
errySven_vB: live cd :D i'm still trying to get a not-totally-borked install of some os >_>20:50
erryi can undock if i dig the power cable ouit of where it is,20:50
erryotherwise the power lasts like 5 minutes \o/20:50
Sven_vBerry, you're trying to boot a live CD (which?) while the lid is closed?20:50
errySven_vB: ubuntu, latest lts, and yes20:51
Sven_vBerry, do you have casper-rw persistence already? it's really useful.20:51
erryohh hmm not really20:51
tomreynerry: had you considered opening the lid?20:52
Sven_vBerry, oh ok so you need a solution that will work within 5 min? then it's probably easiest to just open the lid, and prepare stuff better next time. ;)20:52
erryfiine i'll untanglle the power cable20:52
Sven_vBif you're yolo, try kernel boot option systemd.HandleLidSwitch=ignore20:53
Sven_vBbut I've probably guessed the name wrong20:53
errythat sounds like it could work,20:53
errylet me try20:53
tomreynor HandleLidSwitchDocked20:55
Sven_vBif you're another kind of yolo, you could try reading the docking station manual on which of the pins are power, and mask the other ones with tape. :D20:57
Sven_vBelectrical advice given on IRC is usually totally safe ;)20:58
claviger-pctomreyn: there is no ubuntu-release-upgrader package, so I am doing update-manager-core21:04
claviger-pctomreyn: is this weird? https://paste.ubuntu.com/p/gNPZ8qbwr7/21:05
Polybius-yo, im trying to download tails to a usb. i used wget to download the os. im following a tutorial on a website that says to run the following command and i am getting the following error. Can somebody help me?21:07
tomreynclaviger-pc: ubuntu-release-upgrader should be the source package, but we can still reassign later21:07
Polybius-isohybrid /home/doz/Desktop/tails/tails-amd64-4.0.img --entry 4 --type 0x1c21:07
Polybius-isohybrid: /home/doz/Desktop/tails/tails-amd64-4.0.img: could not find boot record21:07
claviger-pctomreyn: the bug: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/ubuntu-release-upgrader/+bug/184990221:07
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1849902 in ubuntu-release-upgrader (Ubuntu) "upgrader from xenial to bionic fails without any clear error message" [Undecided,New]21:07
claviger-pctomreyn: there is no package: ubuntu-release-upgrader21:08
tomreynclaviger-pc: the apt priorities are weird, have you played withpinning?21:08
claviger-pctomreyn: sudo apt-get install ubuntu-release-upgrader21:08
claviger-pcnot knowingly or recently21:08
claviger-pcseems like the i386 should not be htere21:08
oerheksPolybius-, to an Ubuntu live iso? do you have some sort of storage/persistant part setup?21:08
Sven_vBin case you upgrade that remotely, make sure you have a backdoor that upgrader doesn't know how to stop. don't rely on any SSH not even the backup SSH.21:08
Polybius-oerheks, what do you mean?21:09
Sven_vBalso make sure that backdoor won't be defeated by accidentially restored firewall rules21:09
tomreynclaviger-pc: you cannot install source packages, those are the packages which binary packages are builkt from. and you can install binary packages.21:10
Polybius-oerheks, the install was from their website so it should be the complete iso21:10
Sven_vBPolybius-, with the "persistence" kernel boot option you can use casper-rw overlay to have changes to files persist accross live sessions.21:10
claviger-pcok, well, I have put the bug in21:10
Sven_vBoh tails21:10
Sven_vBis tails based on ubuntu?21:11
tomreynclaviger-pc: is there anything in /etc/apt/preferences*21:11
claviger-pcSven_vB: i think it is debian21:11
ubottuUbuntu and Debian are closely related. Ubuntu builds on the foundations of Debian architecture and infrastructure, with a different community and release process. See https://www.ubuntu.com/about/about-ubuntu/ubuntu-and-debian - !Repositories meant for Debian should NOT be used on Ubuntu!21:11
tomreynclaviger-pc: can you post    sudo /bin/true && cat &>/tmp/aptlog < <(sudo apt-get -y update 2>&1; apt-cache policy 2>&1; sudo apt-get -syV full-upgrade 2>&1;); nc termbin.com 9999 </tmp/aptlog && rm /tmp/aptlog21:12
tomreynclaviger-pc: so you do have apt pinning in place21:12
claviger-pctomreyn: https://termbin.com/k0l9o21:12
Sven_vBPolybius-, are you sure it's an official tutorial? with tails there should be no need for hybrid21:12
Polybius-Sven_vB, okay hold on, before i figure out how to check, i just remembered. this usb was preformatted for luks and w/e filesystem format we chose at the time but it is empty. could that be the problem? or is the problem in the iso file iteself21:13
claviger-pchere's /etc/apt/preferences: https://paste.ubuntu.com/p/hnFXg6zV9d/21:13
claviger-pcseems like it could be the problem21:13
oerheksall i see are iso images https://tails.boum.org/install/21:13
Polybius-Sven_vB, its not an official tutorial its from cyberciti21:13
oerheksoh, not an ubuntu issue then21:13
tomreynclaviger-pc: well, yes, nice home made problem you have there21:14
claviger-pcso, I should just delete it, no?21:14
Sven_vBPolybius-, you can check the checksum of the ISO to tell whether it's valid or corrupted. if you use tails with intent to protect your privacy, trust no-one except tails devs,21:14
tomreynclaviger-pc: maybe move it out of the way then identify the intelligent person who wasted our past hour.21:15
Sven_vBPolybius-, that hybrid tutorial may be well-intended but could still contain subtle mistakes that have sneaky effects21:15
Sven_vBPolybius-, also you should put Tails on a medium that will be read-only later, to avoid malicious drivers or firmware from modifying it.21:15
claviger-pctomreyn: I confess and apologize, this was me, learning ubuntu and linux, perhaps 5 or 6 years ago21:15
Polybius- Sven_vB the install came from the offical website. and do you mean verifying the download? everything im downloading is innocuous21:16
tomreynclaviger-pc: hehe, looks like you learnt yet more today... please update the bug report with our findings ("apt-pinning was in use in /etc/apt/preferences*" or similar) so that others can find it should they run into the same situation.21:17
tomreynand then we can probably close it21:17
Sven_vBPolybius-, then you can just copy the ISO to the USB thumb drive (readonly would be better see above). Ubuntu has tools like "cp" or "pv" that can do that copying. of course your old data on the USB drive will be hidden or even erased.21:18
claviger-pck, done, sorry... ;(21:18
tomreynclaviger-pc: that's ok, happens, and apt pinning is easily overlooked ;)21:19
Polybius-Sven_vB, thats fine. once the file is on the drive, can i boot from that as is?21:19
Sven_vBPolybius-, yes that should work. make sure to copy it onto the drive itself, not onto a partition. if it isn't able to boot, you could use SuperGrubDisk to chainload it.21:20
claviger-pctomreyn there are things that are not smart, that you do because they are suggested, then later you find they come back to bite you21:20
Polybius-Sven_vB, the whole drive is one partition. ill try now, thanks man21:20
Sven_vB(that is, if tails support GRUB loopback)21:20
Sven_vBPolybius-, copying it onto that partition is useless.21:21
Polybius-Sven_vB, no the usb is only one partition21:21
Polybius-Sven_vB, and empty atm21:21
Sven_vBPolybius-, having a partition there means your drive is a partition table followed by a partition. so the partition is not the entrire drive.21:22
Sven_vBPolybius-, thus the boot loader address will be wrong by the size of your partition table21:22
Sven_vBPolybius-, check in /dev/disk/by-id/ you will probably have a symlink named "usb-VendorName_ProductName" (your disk) and ("usb-VendorName_ProductName-part1" (1st partition).21:24
Sven_vBso make sure to copy the ISO to the disk21:24
Sven_vBusing the named symlinks instead of a single letter as disk identifier reduces the risk of catastrophic one-letter typo. :)21:25
Polybius-Sven_vB, i've never changed anything about the file system after formatting the drive so no partitions have been created on it. when i installed another linux os (the same way) it had its own file structer with install by default. so i never had to dynamically set up any storage. i figured this would be similer21:25
Sven_vBPolybius-, actually it just came to my mind that maybe that ISO isn't even meant to be booted from USB thumbdrives. in that case maybe you'll need sth. like UNetBootin or (my favorite) SuperGrub21:27
Sven_vBPolybius-, what tool did you use to format the drive?21:28
Polybius-Sven_vB, just the "disks" program on ubuntu. the iso is ment for USB. i didnt origanally format the drive for this though. i was just erasing it. so it just so happened that i had a empty thumbdrive and decided to install tails on it21:29
claviger-pctomreyn: thanks anyway and for understanding, ironically, i never even used bacula...21:30
Sven_vBoh and no it's not similar. the ISO contains a structure similar to a partition table, which cannot by default co-exist with partition( table)s21:30
Sven_vBPolybius-, ok then have a look in /dev/disk/by-id/ and see if you can find links that sound like your USB drive21:31
Sven_vBPolybius-, that way you will know whether you have partitions on it21:31
Polybius-Sven_vB, dm-name-luks-cb3205bc-54f1-4f5d-912b-2ee06084d47e21:32
Polybius-all could be relevant21:32
Polybius-it shouldnt have any21:32
Polybius-does luks create two partitions for anything?21:33
Sven_vBthere's only one partition, -part121:33
Polybius-but that wouldnt hurt anything... i dont hink21:33
Polybius-Sven_vB, okay then i should be good21:34
Polybius-Sven_vB, im about to just try to boot from it and see what happens21:34
Sven_vBPolybius-, good luck!21:34
Polybius-ill be bock21:34
Sven_vBI'm confident about that :)21:35
kur1jIs there anyway to "test" this p11-kit-trust.so module?21:49
Sven_vBwhat kind of test?21:50
kur1jhttps://superuser.com/a/1312419/411058 I'm following those instructions21:51
kur1jbut its not loading21:51
Sven_vBdo you get an error message?21:51
kur1jim simply linking it like he says which should be a "drop in replacement"21:51
kur1jbut the browsers don't load it21:51
kur1jthere is nothing in the cert store at all any more not even the default certs21:52
tomreynso more of a "drop replacement" then?21:53
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kur1jtomreyn: yeah it should be21:54
kur1jI'm simlinking it like it says21:54
kur1jthis entire "cert store" thing is so damn cryptic (excuse the pun) but its miserable21:55
tomreynso what are you actually trying to do?21:56
tomreynadd a company root CA to firefox?21:56
tomreynand just adding it via the system certificate store it doesn't end up there?21:57
Sven_vBI think mozilla enterprise config might help21:57
tomreyni was thinking there used to be a mechanism that did so21:57
Sven_vB"As of Firefox 64, an enterprise policy can be used to add CA certificates to Firefox. This is now the method recommended for organizations to install private trust anchors." – https://wiki.mozilla.org/CA/AddRootToFirefox21:59
tomreynlooks like i am wrong and there never was a mechanism to import those system certificates into firefox' nss db22:03
tomreynor at least no more22:04
Sven_vBlast time I checked there were only ugly hacks. I'm still looking for a nice browser that also has git-friendly configs.22:05
tomreynhow about https://thomas-leister.de/en/how-to-import-ca-root-certificate/22:06
kur1jtomreyn no it doesn't22:07
kur1jtomreyn: they have this issue https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/ca-certificates/+bug/164728522:07
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1647285 in nss (Ubuntu) "SSL trust not system-wide" [Wishlist,Confirmed]22:07
kur1jtomreyn: yeah thats the issue its in the ca-certificates file, but its not being loaded because libnssckbi.so is a static r/o file from my understanding22:08
kur1jusing the p11-kit-trust.so _should_ make firefox/chrome read from the certificates-ca.crt file22:09
kur1jbut its not22:09
tomreyni think the firefox apparmor profile is disabled by default, otherwise this could be related22:11
Sven_vBthe advantage of the enterprise policy method is that you get official support from mozilla.22:12
kur1jSven_vB: that doesn't work on linux, only on mac and windows22:12
Sven_vBoh :(22:12
tomreynmaybe ask on irc.mozilla.org, too22:13
tomreynhttps://support.mozilla.org/en-US/kb/setting-certificate-authorities-firefox suggests it also works on Linux22:15
adrian_1908Anyone else having problems logging into GMail with the new Firefox 70? It always asks me for my credentials. Doesn't happen on other sites, even YouTube works.22:16
kur1jIt does, I agree but I couldn't get it to work either22:17
Sven_vBhave you added the virtual security device?22:17
kur1jSven_vB: the pk11?22:18
kur1jthe pk11-kit-trust.so? if so yeah thats what I was trying to do and it won't work22:18
kur1jhttps://superuser.com/a/1312419/411058 that was what I was originally linking22:19
Sven_vBtomreyn's link sounds to me like you need the .so to make the pk11 virtual sec-dev available, and then need to add it and authorize it.22:19
kur1jSven_vB: yeah "Certificates can be programmatically imported by using p11-kit-trust.so from p11-kit (add the module using the “Security Devices” manager in Preferences or using the modutil utility). "22:20
kur1jdid that, won't load them22:21
kur1ji can view them its "loaded" but p11-kit-trust.so won't load the certs22:21
Sven_vBthen I'd try file system redirect approaches22:21
kur1jits empty22:21
kur1jSven_vB: did that as well, empty22:21
kur1jits like the p11-kit-trust.so is broken22:22
Sven_vBthat could be22:22
kur1jbut I don't know how to tell22:22
kur1jor why22:22
Sven_vBI meant fs redirect as in not using the p11.so22:22
kur1jnot sure what a fs redirect is then? I assumed a sym link22:23
Sven_vByes. was the launcher wrapper idea not feasible?22:23
kur1jsorry, remind me what that was? for zulip you mean?22:24
Sven_vBnah, making a script that prepares config in the homedir and then launches the real browser22:24
kur1jI wanted to avoid having the user do anything22:25
Sven_vByes, thus a script that does it22:25
kur1jI can add the cert manually to firefox with "certutil -d sql:$HOME/.pki/nssdb -A -t "C,," -n <certificate nickname> \-i <certificate filename>"22:25
tomreynadrian_1908: could be a side (or intentional) effect of the improved tracking protection  https://www.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/70.0/releasenotes/22:26
Sven_vBkur1j, how would your users launch the browser?22:26
kur1jSven_vB: double clicking on the Firefox icon22:26
Sven_vBkur1j, if that's the only method, you can just replace that icon's target with your script. you'll probably want to register it for some URL schemas "a link has been clicked", too.22:29
adrian_1908tomreyn: yes, that's what I'm thinking but it seems I'm the only one who ran into this. Can't quite seem to fix it. I would exempt e.g. mail.google.com from the stricter rules if possible.22:29
kur1jwell sure, that might fix firefox, but other apps chrome/zulip and such won't be resolved22:30
kur1ji want to try and solve this at the system level22:30
kur1jits one of my biggest gripes with Ubuntu is in an enterprise setting its not very robust22:31
kur1jCentOS/Fedora have had this for like 5 years22:31
tomreynadrian_1908: if you'Re the only one then it rather suggests firefox addons or local firewall / blocking rulesets etc. are getting in the way. or antivirus, if you run such.22:31
Sven_vBproblem is if misbehaving apps don't adhere to the system-wide config.22:31
Sven_vBkur1j, you could check how fedora does it and replicate that.22:32
kur1jp11- lol22:32
kur1jbut I can't get it to work haha22:33
Sven_vBmaybe you can use their p11.so?22:33
tomreyneasy fix: pay canonical to fix it22:33
Sven_vByeah that would be another possibility. :)22:33
tomreynif it works in other linux distros it dshouldn't be so tough22:33
kur1jits got an open ticket for 4 years22:34
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1647285 in nss (Ubuntu) "SSL trust not system-wide" [Wishlist,Confirmed]22:34
tomreynand if your hostname gives away what it seems to, then i, as a non canonical involved boting ubuntu user recommend your employer puts some peanuts into this box22:34
tomreyn* boRing22:34
Sven_vBnow I feel bad having volonteered my time on this.22:36
tomreyncould also find someone to do the patches needed to make it work properly and submit them upstream.22:36
kur1jSven_vB: ?22:36
Sven_vBOTOH, I'll have the same problem in a few months in a private project, so I guess it was worth a try.22:37
kur1jtomreyn: well was just trying to figure out how to resolve it...22:37
kur1ji mean if its as just some simple configuration why not22:38
Sven_vBoh actually maybe he's just on their network as a customer, not employee.22:38
Sven_vBsorry for assuming gender22:38
kur1jlol its fine22:39
Sven_vBwell nowadays you can't be as sure as back in the days. :)22:39
Sven_vBshall I use 1 GB or 2 GB for my new /boot?22:40
Sven_vBEFI is separate22:40
Sven_vBthe ESP I mean22:40
adrian_1908tomreyn: Any idea how I could track this issue down? It's only GMail, not YouTube, not Reddit etc. I tried disabling addons and changing the default protection profile, but whenever I close and reopen the browser, GMail asks me for my credentials again.22:40
adrian_1908Only since FF70.22:40
Sven_vBadrian_1908, watch the developer console for errors and network traffic22:40
kur1jSven_vB: tomreyn: regardless appreciate the assistance22:41
tomreynadrian_1908: web developer toolkit22:41
adrian_1908Ok, will try that! Alas I immediately get redirected to a different page22:41
tomreynkur1j: good luck there.22:41
Sven_vBadrian_1908, there should be a (maybe secret) option to avoid auto-redirect22:41
kur1jits late, I'm over this haha. Yall have a good weekend22:42
Sven_vBthanks, you too!22:42
Sven_vBic, I'll probably need about 70 MB per x86_64 kernel version22:44
adrian_1908Well, if this doesn't get turn out to be a shared problem that gets fixed, then maybe I can use this as an opportunity to ween myself off GMail. I only use it for financial/work related stuff anyway.22:45
adrian_1908*non-financial/work related22:45
hashrackgood morning all22:49
tomreynhello manjaro user!22:50
doug16kapt continues to update older kernels I still have installed?22:51
sarnolddoug16k: what are you seeing?22:53
Sven_vBdoug16k, do you mean they're included into the menu when you update your grub config?22:54
doug16kwell, what I did was take all the packages that dist-upgrade was going to install and constructed a huge `apt changelog <all the packages here>` command line22:54
Sven_vB*when apt updates your grub config22:54
doug16kI was wading through a huge list of kernel changes without realizing it was for the 4.15 kernel. I'm running 5.0.0 HWE though22:55
Sven_vBare the old kernels still installed in the current system?22:55
doug16kis it updating the 4.15 I'm keeping around too?22:55
doug16kyes still installed22:56
Sven_vBthen it's intended to try and preserve them, i.e. preserve all that's possible to preserve.22:56
Sven_vBif you later find your upgraded system works without them, you can still uninstall them.22:56
Sven_vBor of course you can uninstall them before :)22:57
doug16khow do I ensure it never autoremoves 4.15?22:57
doug16kthere are people with severe USB problems on 5.0.0, I get the dmesg logs they get. my system doesn't screw up though. I am afraid it might start screwing up someday though22:58
Sven_vBoh sorry I think I misunderstood your question.22:58
doug16kI get this bug with no issues. other people there get severe problems -> https://bugzilla.kernel.org/show_bug.cgi?id=20254122:59
ubottubugzilla.kernel.org bug 202541 in USB "xhci_hcd 0000:15:00.0: WARN Set TR Deq Ptr cmd failed due to incorrect slot or ep state" [High,New]22:59
Sven_vBso you want to make double-sure your system has that kernel after the update. in that case I'd upgrade in a chroot from a live session, then after that chroot in again and make sure that exact kernel is installed.22:59
doug16kI want to ensure I can go back if I start getting the severe problems22:59
doug16ksorry if I am being confusing. I don't mean 18.04 -> 19.10 upgrade. I mean just regular dist-upgrade23:01
Sven_vB"go back" together with "ensure" sounds like you need a backup.;)23:01
Sven_vBor how about you simulate your plan in a virtual machine?23:02
Sven_vBok nah that probably won't properly emulate all xhci madness23:02
doug16kisn't there a way to pin a package or something23:03
doug16kI heard that autoremove after installing hwe rips out everything before 5.x23:03
doug16kbefore hwe* (kernel 4.15.x)23:04
Sven_vBshouldn't autoremove only remove auto-installed packages? in that case the fix would be as easy as installing that kernel manually, explicitly. that should make apt change the "user wants it" flag and then find that's all it had to do.23:04
Sven_vBin an ideal world, at leas23:05
doug16kI see "linux-headers-4.15.0-67-generic/bionic-proposed,now 4.15.0-67.76 amd64 [installed,automatic]"... that "automatic" means eligible for autoremove then?23:09
Sven_vBI think yes23:09
sarnoldiirc that 'automatic' means it comes from the linux-headers-generic dependency23:10
doug16kso if I explicitly apt install that and the -modules and -headers etc, it should not get autoremove'd?23:10
Sven_vBdoug16k, you could simulate the autoremove to find out23:11
sarnoldthe autoremove logic is pretty complicated; it's along the lines of "keep the most recent two kernels and the kernel that we're currently booted into" or something. somehow it'll keep upwards of four kernels.23:12
doug16kI don't see a --dry-run option or anything. simulate how?23:16
doug16kapt doesn't always ask Y/n, I don't trust it23:17
doug16kneat! it is not saying it will remove 4.15.0-67 (the latest 4.15 one), but it will remove a bunch of older 4.15's23:21
doug16kautoremove did what I wanted perfectly. thanks again23:25
doug16ker, thanks first time :P23:27
Sven_vBglad we could help :)23:32
doug16kanother question: `reboot` sometimes says something like: Operation inhibited by "doug" (PID 4078 "gnome-session-b", user doug), reason is "user session inhibited"23:32
doug16khow do I list the inhibitors23:32
doug16kI tried searching and I get 1000 results saying how to force it23:33
doug16kI think I figured out the inhibitor - had a virt-manager vm running. but what if I didn't know. when there are "inhibitors" it will do that dreaded 1m 30s delay thing?23:35
doug16knope it wasn't the vm. still says that if I `systemctl reboot --dry-run`23:36
doug16kgnome-session-b? what the?23:36
doug16ksomeday I want to figure out that dreaded "waiting for session to stop" 1m 30s crap23:38
doug16kit doesn't always occur23:38
doug16kone time it was blocked on a virt-manager machine to shutdown. it counted up to 1m 30s then suddenly the timeout was 3m. counted up to that and it increased it again. pressed reset23:39
doug16ksystemd was trolling me23:39
doug16ksomething like that23:42
doug16konly rick was missing23:42
doug16kif it played that song I *might* have let it go a bit longer :P23:42
doug16kif ffmpeg rendered the video too in ascii, I *definitely* would have let it go longer23:45
tomreynpgrep normally cuts process names after 11 characters. but you can use   ps 4078   to see the details23:45
tomreyn.. in response to    Operation inhibited by "doug" (PID 4078 "gnome-session-b", user doug), reason is "user session inhibited"23:46
sarnold$ echo -n gnome-session-b | wc -c23:46
doug16ktty2 Sl+ 0:00 /usr/lib/gnome-session/gnome-session-binary --session=ubuntu23:46
sarnoldthe 15 comes from the kernel "comm" field for processes23:47
tomreynoh thanks sarnold23:48
Sven_vBdoug16k, libaa should be supported23:49
Sven_vBif not, try avconv23:50
doug16kwelp. `systemctl reboot --dry-run` doesn't do a dry run at all.23:52
doug16kI was closing one program at a time and retrying that command23:52
doug16konce I closed chromium (which was playing music on youtube), poof, rebooted instead of dry running23:52
Sven_vBI guess that youtube had an inhibitor23:53
doug16kbut it blamed the gnome session instead of chromium23:53
Sven_vBoh I see your question now23:53
sarnolddid you have a pending reboot from before you started issuing the systemctl reboot --dry-run commands?23:54
Sven_vBthen probably it used another, session-based mechanism, and gnome translated it to an inhibitor23:54
doug16kI didn't. it started the actual reboot when I ran systemctl reboot --dry-run23:54
Sven_vBwhile I agree that the reboot action should support --dry-run, meanwhile the work-around would be to close apps until the list of inhibitors goes empty.23:55
doug16kman page specifically says reboot supports it23:55
Sven_vBhaving a queued reboot take action immediately after my CD burn finishes would be rather surprising btw.23:56
Sven_vBmaybe I want to see the report first23:56
doug16k"Just print what would be done. Currently supported by verbs halt, poweroff, reboot, kexec, suspend, hibernate, hybrid-sleep, default, rescue, emergency, and exit."23:56
Sven_vBso I doubt there's really a queue for that23:56
sarnolddoug16k: I wonder... the manpage says it's systemctl [options] [command] ---  how about systemctl --dry-run reboot  ?23:56
Sven_vByeah maybe that option would need to go first23:57
doug16kand no validation :(   oh well, at least I know why now. thanks23:57
Sven_vBactually it looks like it has to23:57
Sven_vBreboot should really fail when run with unsupported args.23:58

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