studiobot<designbybeck> Good thing I had Ubuntu Studio on a USB! Have to use it today as my main OS today14:13
studiobot<designbybeck> However, I'm trying to setup my NordVPN and it is grey out14:13
studiobot<designbybeck> as far as the Add VPN in the network settings goes, any ideas?14:13
studiobot<SomeIrrelevantPerson0000> @designbybeck [However, I'm trying to setup my NordVPN and it is grey out], I wouldn't advise using NordVPN anymore, as they got hacked recently if I remember correctly14:14
studiobot<SomeIrrelevantPerson0000> In the Network settings there should be a way to add VPN settings14:14
studiobot<designbybeck> (Photo, 516x420) https://i.imgur.com/OYatXoV.jpg14:19
studiobot<SomeIrrelevantPerson0000> Yeah, Have you tried it?14:19
studiobot<designbybeck> greyed out14:19
studiobot<SomeIrrelevantPerson0000> Ah.14:19
studiobot<SomeIrrelevantPerson0000> I'm not sure, I really don't use VPN's. Sorry mate. MAybe somebody else can help14:20
studiobot<designbybeck> Thanks @SomeIrrelevantPerson000014:20
studiobot<SomeIrrelevantPerson0000> No problem mate14:20
tomreyninstall network-manager-openvpn-gnome then logout and login and use nm-connections-editor to setup your vpn (although it'll also work the way you tried then)14:43
tomreyndesignbybeck ^14:43
studiobot<designbybeck> thanks @tom14:45
studiobot<designbybeck> I just did their commandline way and got connected that way for now14:46
tomreynalright :)14:56
_SKiTZOI have an old MOTU Traveller that I want to get working on ubuntu. it is a firewire interface. I have PCIe firewire interface in my modern-ish computer22:12
_SKiTZOWhen I plug it in, there is no "plug and play" going on. no new hardware seems to be detected etc22:12
_SKiTZOI am on stock Ubuntu 18.0422:13
_SKiTZOwhat would be my next step to get this working?22:13
oerheksfirewire.. i guess you need to insert that interface, and then cold boot.22:15
_SKiTZOok so it needs to be present at boot?22:15
_SKiTZOis there any software I should install?22:16
_SKiTZO:D Cool! tx will give it a go22:16
_SKiTZObrb rebooting22:16
OvenWerks_SKiTZO: what do you get for ls /dev/fw*22:16
wonkoHe'll be back. Maybe. 😁22:18
_SKiTZO /dev/fw022:25
OvenWerksSo the system sees your FW hub but not anything connected to it.22:25
OvenWerksI seem to have the same problem22:25
OvenWerksBecause I have three new to me bits (box, cable and interface) I am not sure which one might be the problem22:26
_SKiTZOyes exactly. lshw reports the hub but nothing else22:26
_SKiTZOwell I verified all 3 on windows machine22:27
* OvenWerks has forgotten what a windows machine looks like...22:27
_SKiTZOOvenWerks, I wish I had *sigh*22:28
_SKiTZOmotu has 2 firewire inputs. I should try the other one22:28
OvenWerksThey should be pass through.22:28
_SKiTZOholy shit !22:29
_SKiTZOworked! xD Now suddenly traveller was detected22:29
_SKiTZOomg I want to cry22:29
OvenWerksNo such luck here.22:29
_SKiTZOLet's hope it is not a one time thing. I will have to never reboot :P22:30
_SKiTZOAnd also will have to verify that it actually plays back sound22:31
oerheksoh nice22:31
OvenWerksShows up as an alsa device?22:32
OvenWerksmy understanding is that it shows up as an alsa device by default these days22:33
_SKiTZOyes. there is new /dev/fw1 but output of lshw has no mention22:34
_SKiTZOit shows up as alsa device22:34
_SKiTZOI am kind of impressed really22:34
_SKiTZOok so alasmixer says "this card has no controls"22:44
_SKiTZOwhat does that mean?22:44
_SKiTZOhow can I change settings for it?22:45
OvenWerksThat was why I was trying to get a fw set up going so I could find out... does FFADO mixer work?22:46
_SKiTZOi dont even know what that is22:46
OvenWerksAudio production -> Mixers->FFADOmixer22:46
OvenWerksI don't know what it is supposed to do either22:47
_SKiTZOok so I started ffado-mixer it opens gui with info "you are running this version of FFADO for the first time bla bla"22:47
OvenWerksI just get errors because it can't see my device22:48
* OvenWerks should take his apart and see if something got shaken loose in shipping.22:49
_SKiTZOthe ffado-mixer interface faithfully represents the features of my traveller O-O i am completely flabergasted22:49
_SKiTZObut still no sound output. At this stage that is probably because I don't understand the controls very well22:51
_SKiTZOthe traveller is beautiful on the inside22:55
_SKiTZOwell constructed and all gold plated everywhere22:55

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