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Spasshi all, guess what I'm going to talk about now…15:04
Spassnope, not CSDs :P15:04
SpassI'm wondering about deleting some mirrors that seem to be dead15:05
Spassfor example this one doesn't have Xubuntu no more, it seems - http://mirrors.fe.up.pt/pub/15:06
Spassthis one isn't updated any more (it stopped on 18.04.1, no .3 there even) - http://ftp.dei.uc.pt/pub/linux/xubuntu/releases/15:07
Spassthis looks very old too - http://ftp.oleane.net/ubuntu-cd/xubuntu/15:08
Spassthis looks dead - http://ftp.wa.co.za/pub/ubuntu/ubuntu-cdimage/15:09
Spassand this isn't updated since 18.04.1 also - http://ubuntu.mirror.ac.za/ubuntu-cdimage/xubuntu/releases/15:10
Spassso I think that we could get rid of these 5 for now? maybe? possibly?15:11
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bluesabreSpass[m]: go for it :)21:25
Spass[m]I've marked them as inactive for now, will try to revisit them after 20.04 release22:05

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