IrcsomeBot<RikMills> Canonical owns our name and logo, yes?. If so we would need their permision to enter into such an agreement?07:04
IrcsomeBot<Sick_Rimmit> Michael S. Mikowski … https://michaelmikowski.com/07:18
IrcsomeBot<Sick_Rimmit> It doesn't matter about ownership of the logo and name as MindShare would not be impersonating, they simply shipping hardware as an OEM.07:21
IrcsomeBot<Sick_Rimmit> Michael is serious about this, he is a smart guy and a entrepreneur. I have the skills, and experience to work with him and his team to bring this to fruition, and it's a really great opportunity for Kubuntu, that would grow our community.07:23
IrcsomeBot<tsimonq2> If they modify the Kubuntu ISO at all, I believe that it's grey area. We need to loop Canonical Legal in here regardless07:24
IrcsomeBot<tsimonq2> Also, unless we have an explicit agreement, the KC can't authorize use of the trademark without stepping on toes07:25
IrcsomeBot<Sick_Rimmit> There are no contracts to sign, we're just being a supportive community to aid a items who want to use our software commercially, the only thing they need to do is provide links back to us and our source code repos.07:25
IrcsomeBot<tsimonq2> I went through this with the LC recently07:25
IrcsomeBot<RikMills> Hardware with a Ubuntu owned trademark. If it was just branding the OS installed I think you might argue that, but this is aimed at being semi-endoresed and/or a share of proceeds, then I ageree with @tsimonq2 ^07:25
IrcsomeBot<tsimonq2> The KC needs a catch all contract with Canonical Legal to make sure we can use the name for anything07:25
IrcsomeBot<tsimonq2> Make sure we have one in place already07:26
IrcsomeBot<tsimonq2> And we might have to get one redrawn07:26
IrcsomeBot<Sick_Rimmit> Is there anything like that already ?07:26
IrcsomeBot<tsimonq2> It probably predates us all07:26
IrcsomeBot<RikMills> Jonathan is the person who might know07:26
IrcsomeBot<tsimonq2> If anyone would know, Canonical Legal would07:26
IrcsomeBot<tsimonq2> @RikMills, Or him07:27
IrcsomeBot<RikMills> @tsimonq2, and that ^07:27
IrcsomeBot<Sick_Rimmit> OK, are you guys happy for me to work with Canonical legal ?07:27
IrcsomeBot<Sick_Rimmit> What I mean is this.07:27
IrcsomeBot<tsimonq2> To be explicit: I am -1 on any action we take in this without clearing it with Canonical Legal. They're the ones who have to defend us in court if this goes south07:28
IrcsomeBot<tsimonq2> @Sick_Rimmit, Please do loop the KC in07:28
IrcsomeBot<RikMills> Also, if we do get some proceeds, they need to be ok with where it goes. Community funds, or our own account (Jonathan again).07:29
IrcsomeBot<tsimonq2> Right07:29
IrcsomeBot<tsimonq2> IANAL but they should be fine with it going in our own account, given my prior experience with Legal07:30
IrcsomeBot<tsimonq2> I do think we seriously need to step back and take a hard look at this prior to jumping on it first07:30
IrcsomeBot<tsimonq2> It seems like a great opportunity, and if it's all doable, I'm for it, but I won't +1 anything in a KC capacity that isn't well thought out first in this regard07:31
IrcsomeBot<RikMills> Have ubuntu-mate done anything like this? Seem to remember some OEM shipped things with Mate on?07:32
IrcsomeBot<Sick_Rimmit> Engrossed Shi with Mate07:32
IrcsomeBot<Sick_Rimmit> Entroware ship with MATE07:32
IrcsomeBot<tsimonq2> @Sick_Rimmit, It doesn't mean they don't have explicit authorization from Legal to do so. I don't mean to be harsh, but just because they are doing it doesn't mean we can07:33
IrcsomeBot<RikMills> I also want to check with Martin what the status is with the portugese comapy that is looking to hire a dev to help us.07:37
IrcsomeBot<Sick_Rimmit> So, we have a business who want to put a Kubuntu sticker on a laptop, and ship it with Kubuntu and some extra software installed using our software packaging, all GPL software They want to do all the work, and are asking us to put news, and sponsor links on our site, in return for contributing to our community, I don't see the problem. But maybe I am just too old for this new world, bound and gagged by regulation and07:42
IrcsomeBot<RikMills> I understand, but I would rather check that there is no problem, rather than find out after the event.07:44
IrcsomeBot<tsimonq2> +107:45
IrcsomeBot<Sick_Rimmit> OK, I understand. Thanks for responding quickly, I know it's odd hours 😀07:46
IrcsomeBot<tsimonq2> I can't sleep right now but that's nobody's fault but mine :)07:46
IrcsomeBot<tsimonq2> Almost 3 AM here07:46
IrcsomeBot<Sick_Rimmit> Oh boy! Sorry for giving you more stuff to think about07:47
IrcsomeBot<tsimonq2> It's all good07:48
valorieheading to bed in a minute but I think yes, we need to check with Canonical07:49
valorieand we have a viable bank account where the money can go07:49
IrcsomeBot<RikMills> good morning (and night) valorie :)07:50
valorieand we can spend it to send devels to Akademy or so07:50
valoriegood morning to ya, RikMills07:50
valorieoh lord, it's nearly 107:51
valorieniters all07:52
IrcsomeBot<Sick_Rimmit> Nite07:59
IrcsomeBot<Sick_Rimmit> OK, I've written back to Mike. He and I will draft this proposal, we will run it by Canonical Legal and get a letter of confirmation. I will bring both back to the council, seeking a vote of support. Sound good ?08:00
IrcsomeBot<tsimonq2> Sounds good to me, thanks.08:00
IrcsomeBot<tsimonq2> You might want to run something by the KC prior to Legal, but your discretion08:01
IrcsomeBot<Sick_Rimmit> Sure thing08:02

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