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lubot was removed by: RikMills07:19
lubot<RikMills> Qtwebengine requires a manual upload?07:20
lubot<mitya57> I'll do it now.07:41
lubot<RikMills> Thanks. I poked a few depwaits07:41
lubot<RikMills> In file included from /<<PKGBUILDDIR>>/obj-s390x-linux-gnu/Telegram_pch/stdafx.h:121: … /<<PKGBUILDDIR>>/obj-s390x-linux-gnu/Release/../../Telegram/SourceFiles/config.h:180:2: error: #error "Only little endian is supported!" …   180 | #error "Only little endian is supported!" …       |  ^~~~~10:39
lubot<mitya57> It is going to be RMed in Debian10:40
lubot<RikMills> Right. Ok. git blame says that line is 3 years old, but guess some other reason for it to fail now then10:41
lubot<mitya57> Fwd from mitya57: After more investigation: the check is old, our maintainer used to patch it to change #error to #warning but he no longer does that now.10:44
lubot<mitya57> Fwd from mitya57: https://salsa.debian.org/debian/telegram-desktop/commit/86d77755e0d40220e3d592b312d28315e134664f - here that hunk of the patch was removed10:44
lubot<mitya57> According to the maintainer it never really worked on big endian.10:45
lubot<RikMills> ok 👍10:46

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