doug16k`systemctl --dry-run reboot` rebooted00:00
doug16kas you may have noticed00:00
sarnoldSven_vB: "If the optional argument arg is given, it will be passed as the optional argument to the reboot(2) system call. The value is architecture and firmware specific." --- apparently it can't tell when you've given the reboot subcommand with invalid arguments, because it doesn't know what is valid00:01
sarnolddoug16k: yikes. can you file a bug report on that? :)00:01
Sven_vBsarnold, thanks!00:01
doug16kalready reported: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/systemd/+bug/181340000:12
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1813400 in systemd (Ubuntu) "systemctl doesn't respect --dry-run" [Undecided,Confirmed]00:12
doug16klaunchpad did a nice job finding it. I got there through `ubuntu-bug systemd` and it figured it out perfectly from my bug title00:13
doug16kI "me too"'d it00:14
doug16kI'd freak if I were a sysadmin and it did that in production00:14
oerheksbut systemd is at https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/systemd/237-3ubuntu10.29   <> 237-3ubuntu10.1100:17
doug16kah, mine is probably newer eh?00:18
doug16kwill that existing bug be ignored because of version?00:18
oerheksRemoved from disk on 2019-02-19.00:18
sarnoldno, but if it's been ignored for nine months, that's not ideal00:18
oerheksif that bug exists in ~10.29 then the bugreport is valid and should be updated00:19
sarnoldhitting 'me too' did update it, it caused the state to tranition from new to confirmed00:19
sarnoldthoughI'm not sure if that'll bug xnox or not00:20
doug16koh wow, my systemd --version says "237" too00:20
oerheksactually, in my bionic i have 237-3ubuntu10.3100:22
doug16kadded a comment that it still happens on 237-3ubuntu10.3100:22
doug16kya I checked `apt show systemd` later00:23
doug16k--version just says: systemd 23700:23
doug16kfollowed by what appears to be configure script parameters00:23
aroonihey team; i can pair a pair of bluetooth headphones to ubuntu but i cant get the audio to come out of them; ideas?  lenovo t420 and ubuntu 18.0400:25
oerheksarooni, check the bluetooth part in audio settings, is it A2DP ?00:26
oerhekssometimes that switch is not automatic00:26
aroonioerheks: heres what pauv thinks: https://imgur.com/a/GU0ccNr00:27
aroonia2dp would be what id like00:28
arooniwhats weird is i can hear the volume up/down output from my keyboard but cant hear any apps audio output00:28
oerheksoh, and i added blueman ppa, much more stable00:29
aroonioerheks: ah interesting let me find that and use that ppa too00:29
arooniwhich of these?00:29
aroonithis is one ive sene00:30
aroonisudo add-apt-repository ppa:bluetooth/bluez00:30
aroonii've seen00:30
* arooni is on it!00:30
aroonido i need to restart after upgrading my packages00:31
aroonior can i restart the service00:31
sarnoldarooni: what's on the playback tab?00:31
oerhekssudo add-apt-repository ppa:bluetooth/bluez00:31
oerhekssudo apt-get update00:31
oerheks        00:31
oerheksshould work immediatly, i think00:32
aroonioerheks:https://gist.github.com/c4d593301d9978d59dc5c33d17e58337 is 5.50 the latest version?00:33
aroonisarnold: bingo!  https://imgur.com/a/lTUmIbg  ;; anyway to get it to auto select bluetooth devices when available?  seems i have tto manually select each one00:34
aroonifor each app00:34
aroonialso ; seems like i need to run this on every startup to get it to find the bluetooth sink: I]  ~  pactl load-module module-bluetooth-discover00:35
aroonianyway to get that to auto run on every startup/00:35
sarnoldarooni: hah, please do let me know if you find it, I'm getting a bit tired of always changing my firefox audio output from dock to speakers on this hting..00:36
arooniahhhh the joys of linux ..... ;) :P00:36
aroonisarnold: i think i'll settle for a script called 'fixbluetooth'00:36
aroonii guess i need to run that on every startup? ;  pactl load-module module-bluetooth-discover ; and  pactl load-module module-bluetooth-policy00:37
aroonii present my latest masterpiece: https://gist.github.com/arooni/e3b04d3cb2193ad09ce70d6ed8badf5000:41
sarnoldit's in there twice?00:42
aroonioops mising       pactl load-module module-bluetooth-policy00:44
sarnoldaha :)00:44
arooniapparently its not a masterpiece00:44
sarnoldmaybe ti's the mistake that humanizes you, and lets us all say "even the great masters had their off days"00:45
doug16karooni, +1 for quoting00:50
doug16kis this the right place to ask about synchronizing launchpad gpg keys? launchpad is telling me to add hkp://keyserver.ubuntu.com (at launchpad.net/~doug16k/+editgpgkeys), but it doesn't say the port. the existing one in the server list at port 11371 says Couldn't communicate with server when I try to sync my gpg key01:16
doug16koops, +editpgpkeys01:18
sarnolddoug16k: did you get it sorted?01:24
doug16kpgp thing? no01:24
sarnolddoug16k: maybe try the web interface? https://keyserver.ubuntu.com/#01:25
doug16kI don't see a way to show/copy the public key in Passwords and Keys01:26
doug16kthere's an "Export Secret Key" button, but I'm guessing that is the private key?01:27
doug16kpublic isn't secret, that's for sure01:28
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sarnoldgpg --armor --export <fingerprint> ought to give you something you can copy and paste into the box01:30
doug16kgpg --armor --export '<my finger print here, 10 groups of 4 hex digits>' says: gpg: WARNING: nothing exported01:31
doug16kgpg --list may have done it though...01:33
doug16kah, not "armoured" though? page says "Bad Request" if I post 40-digit hex thing --list showed01:34
sarnolddoug16k: yeah, it should look more like this http://paste.ubuntu.com/p/5CDS4vTSjT/01:35
sarnold(though the actual length depends upon how many uids you have and how many signatures you have)01:35
doug16kya I figured it should be like that01:35
doug16kPKS or whatever01:35
doug16klike that I mean01:37
doug16k`pgp -a --list-public-keys` doesn't work either01:38
sarnoldwhere'd you find a pgp? :)01:39
doug16kgpg... man I keep doing that01:39
sarnoldyeah, you're not looking for a "list" operation, you're looking for an "export"01:42
doug16kgot it: gpg -a --export <email>01:42
sarnoldnow the question is, will that be enough to make launchpad happy or not?01:43
doug16kresponse is {"inserted":null,"updated":null,"ignored":["rsa4096/<elided>"]}01:43
doug16k<elided> is a bunch of hex01:43
doug16k4096 too strong?01:43
doug16k2048 json response seems to imply it was inserted01:47
sarnoldother people do have 4096 keys https://launchpad.net/~vorlon but that key is quite old, certainly predates the SKS keyserver DOS mess01:47
doug16kwild guess: sql insert threw exception because of fixed size field01:47
whytetechGreetings, I am new and looking for some direction to finding where i screwed up with my networking, this is also my first time using IRC so any instruction or advice is most welcome.01:50
lotuspsychjewhytetech: ubuntu desktop or server please?01:51
whytetechserver 18.0401:51
lotuspsychjecome join at #ubuntu-server please whytetech01:51
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nt0how's optimus working out in 19.10?  anybody online have any insight?02:16
lotuspsychjent0: its nvidia-prime these days02:28
lotuspsychjent0: whats your ubuntu version, card chipset and driver version you are trying?02:29
doug16kis this file truncated for you? it ends in the middle of a heading: https://launchpad.net/codeofconduct/2.0/+download02:31
nt0lotuspsychje: asking re: 19.10 in general.  i have a laptop that i'd like to move to *nix, but it has the nvidia/intel combo.  i'll be using the latest drivers offered and the chipset is HM175 i think.  considering ubuntu because i was surprised how much i liked the newer iterations after installing it for a friend and don't feel like configuring gentoo on a laptop that uses nvidia's prime switching02:32
nt0oh, card chipset?  is that what 'pascal' is?02:34
lotuspsychjent0: optimus cards work nicely these days, by installing the reccomended (or later) nvidia drivers02:34
doug16knt0, I can say prime worked fine on my intel+nvidia laptop in 18.04 LTS, using nvidia-driver-430 in "Software & Updates" "Additional Drivers" tab. I'd expect it to be as good in 19.10 but can't say I've tried it02:35
nt0doug16k: thanks.  surprisingly hard to find testimonials with a websearch.  ofc when things work people rarely leave a review (where would they?  the problem often points out the place to complain!)02:36
doug16k860m, but ubuntu's nvidia driver is very plug and play. I had a 1060 on my desktop, and threw in a 2060 super (at the same time!) and it just worked, didn't lift a finger configuring anything02:36
lotuspsychjedoug16k: the bigger RTX and GTX cards would need latest drivers for best play, from the ubuntu graphics ppa02:37
doug16knvidia-driver-430 works perfectly on my RTX 2060 super02:38
nt0lotus did write "best" :{02:38
doug16kincluding in games02:38
lotuspsychjedoug16k: that depends what you mean with perfectly, think if you start gaming high end..02:38
doug16kincluding gpu computing02:38
doug16klotuspsychje, more high end than rise of the tomb raider?02:39
doug16kwhat do you mean?02:39
lotuspsychjedoug16k: thats pretty high end indeed02:39
doug16kcan crank everything complete max (including AA) and it's smooth02:39
doug16k496GB/s mem bandwidth will do that :D02:39
lotuspsychjedoug16k: come to #ubuntu-discuss plz?02:40
bodicceaI have an issue with japanese input (ibus/mozc, I tried also ibus/anthy): I just cannot input any japanese, input keeps western. Any clue ? xubuntu 19.10, fresh install02:40
nt0a few of my games work as well/better in gnu/linux and a few work poorly.  i'm not a huge gamer, so mostly what i play is indistinguishable (haven't tried tomb raider on my main machine after ditching windows, tho)02:40
nt0aye this is OT.  sorry02:40
alazyCan I capture a mpd http audio stream using something basic like curl or wget and pipe it to my speakers via pulseaudio? Is this a reasonable thing to do?02:53
Citizen-Se7en Quick question... I have the Brave browser installed (and it's the default).  However, whenever I click on a link (in email, a terminal window, etc), it doesn't fire up the browser.  Instead, I have to right-click on the link, select copy, then start a browser session, right-click and select paste/go in the address bar.  Any ideas on what I have to do to make Brave fire up automatically?  My current system setup can be found at http://paste.03:03
Citizen-Se7endamn, brb, afk.03:05
gjt343Hi.  New to Linux environment and wondering if anyone has a nice shortcut to copying a "directory path" from file explorer which uses the "\" to a Linux Command Prompt which uses the "/".  Would be nice to find a way to convert the forward/backslashes automatically03:09
bodicceagjt343, how do get \ on a linux system ? Can you explain your case ?03:11
Triffid_Huntergjt343: you could use tr to swap them.. echo '\a\b\c' | tr '\\' / -> /a/b/c03:11
Triffid_Huntergjt343: also, windows understands forward slashes just fine, no need to use daft backslashes03:12
bodicceaTriffid_Hunter, not sure your answer is correct. gjt343 said he is running Linux. Not sure where are \ here. I would prefer a better question.03:14
gjt343bodiccea: Let me re-phrase03:15
Citizen-Se7en back03:15
gjt343bodiccea: I'm running WSL on windows environment which allows me to operate on Linux.  So basically I'm copying file directories that look like this ---> C:\Users\bob\desktop\file  I'm wondering if anyone else uses Windows / WSL that has a shortcut to paste them into the format with "/" instead of "\"03:17
kadiroecho "\\something\\something else" | sed 's/\\/\//g'03:18
gjt343Triffid_Hunter: New to all of this, So I'll give it a shot.  I guess that would work the other way around also?03:19
bodicceadont you think it is a windows problem ? We all can change a character to another one, you had some. But all in "unix" way. From Bill Gates view, this place is normally not best03:21
bodicceanormally, any system allows to copy one filesystem to another. I still do not understand03:22
gjt343basically looking for an easy way to "cd" into a folder03:23
gjt343doesn't work for me to type in the "\" gives me error messages03:24
gjt343"no such file or directory"03:24
kadirogjt343> you are in windows or linux machine?03:25
bodicceaof course \ is not a directory separator on any unix system03:25
gjt343kadiro: windows.  and running Ubuntu off of WSL (Windows sublinux)03:26
bodicceathis is a valid character for filename03:26
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kadirogjt343> windows use C: D: ..etc when linux use the mounted path like ex. /media/$USER/... or /mnt/...03:27
kadiroIt can't be done if it is not mounted03:28
gjt343kadiro: hmm, ok.  I'll read into this.  Not even sure what a "mounted path" so I guess that's my starting point03:28
gjt343kadiro: thx for response, I'll check it out03:28
kadirogjt343> in windows you see drives like C: ...etc when in linux you have to mount it first to be accessible03:29
kadiroNo problem03:29
kadiroIn general linux start always with / as the root file system03:30
bodicceaargh. Still not understand question :) If you boot Windows, paths will have \, on Linux, they will be /. Do you have a script or so, which cares that?03:30
bodicceaif yes, not well written03:32
gjt343bodiccea: probably just a misunderstanding from the fundamental differences between Windows/Linux.  I guess I'll be stuck for now typing out the filepaths while I read up on this.03:33
kadirogjt343> you can install wine and see how directories work, you will understand the difference when you drag and drop a directory to the terminal (linux ) and (wineconsole) (command like in windows)03:34
gjt343kadiro:  ok, thx.  I'll check out wine also.  There's a package in the Python Programming language called "pathlib" or some people use a syntax like "os.path" which automatically converts the paths for you between operating systems.  Maybe I'll have to write one when I get a better understanding of this.03:37
kadirogjt343> yes that will be better for sure if you know python03:37
amCap1712hi all03:59
amCap1712i am trying to compile vlc from source for windows but am facing this error https://paste.ubuntu.com/p/6GQW3sGzwd/04:01
amCap1712i have found that there is some error with libstdc++04:02
amCap1712due to which make fails in the above case04:02
amCap1712here is the output when i try to install libstdc++04:04
amCap1712i have tried various answers on fixing broken packages but nothing has worked so far04:04
amCap1712can somebody help to fix this?04:04
amCap1712i am on ubuntu 18.0404:12
lotuspsychjeamCap1712: we dont support own compiling, instead use the packages from the official ubuntu repos or snaps04:17
amCap1712lotuspsychje: i am working to develop vlc so i need to compile it04:19
lotuspsychjeamCap1712: i understand, but in this channel we dont really support it, hope you understand?04:19
amCap1712I understand that04:20
lotuspsychjeamCap1712: do you want to contribute as developer for ubuntu?04:20
amCap1712I need help with fixing broken libstdc++ packages04:20
amCap1712Yes i am interested in that04:21
lotuspsychjeamCap1712: #ubuntu-devel04:22
kadiroamCap1712> I think there is an irc channel called may be #vlc or something may be they can help04:22
lotuspsychje!contribute | amCap1712 see also04:22
ubottuamCap1712 see also: To contribute and help out with Ubuntu, see http://community.ubuntu.com and https://wiki.ubuntu.com/ContributeToUbuntu04:22
doug16klotuspsychje, that's not "own compiling", apt install interpreted libstdc++ as a regex04:24
amCap1712Yeah kadiro i know that there is a vlc channel. But i my issue is not with compiling vlc. It's that  some of my packages are broken and i need to fix those.04:25
lotuspsychjedoug16k: the user said, he wants to compile vlc from source, wich is not supported04:25
kadirooh sorry for misreading04:25
doug16ktherefore don't help with apt install. got it04:25
doug16kamCap1712, you almost certainly already have libstdc++04:26
amCap1712doug16k: i too think so, I was able to install libstdc++ with apt04:29
amCap1712But later when it didn't work i tried to remove it and saw this error04:29
doug16kamCap1712, you can't remove that, tons of existing installed things are already depending on it04:30
bodicceawell, i will compile vlc. normally, no issue. but amCap1712 is on Windows, right ? so what is the point ?04:30
amCap1712I am on Ubuntu04:30
amCap1712I am cross compiling vlc for windows, bodiccea04:31
bodicceait was not clear... and cross-compiling is surely not here.04:32
amCap1712doug16k: ok, so the output of apt is normal04:32
doug16kthere is no such thing as libstdc++. there are specific versions of libstdc++ for specific architectures, though04:34
bodicceatry to compile your kernel for arm, which is easy (from a 64bits), then compile vlc for it, then you can try for Windows or Apple...04:37
doug16kamCap1712, if you want the cross-compiler to win64 version, you want to install g++-mingw-w64-x86-6404:37
lotuspsychjeand this is really not the point of this channel04:37
lotuspsychjemove to another channel please04:38
bodicceayes :)04:38
bodicceameantime, i still cannot input japanese...04:39
amCap1712doug16k: already have it04:40
amCap1712Ok, lotuspsychje04:40
lotuspsychjebodiccea: when you like volunteers to help, re-ask your orignal issue here once in a while04:40
bodicceasure, lotuspsychje. I have installed brand new xubuntu 19.10, with ibus/mozc (i tried also ibus/anthy), but i cannot input a single japanese character...04:48
bodicceabut i think it could be a menu issue ? or mistake in settings ? all look fine...04:52
plex_daveI have a problem I have never seen before. On a fresh 19.10 install, when I go to sharing, the only thing available is media sharing, no remote desktop.06:14
plex_daveOn my laptop it's there, but on another machine it's not there. Any thoughts?06:14
SkyWaybackup full live system with rsync is possible? and if so, how? guidelines ..06:23
lotuspsychje!backup | SkyWay06:24
ubottuSkyWay: There are many ways to back your system up. Here's a few: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BackupYourSystem , https://help.ubuntu.com/community/DuplicityBackupHowto , https://wiki.ubuntu.com/HomeUserBackup , https://help.ubuntu.com/community/MondoMindi - See also !sbackup, !borg, and !cloning06:24
SkyWaytried with tar .. but error.. file has changed ..06:25
SkyWayrsync i can't figure out how to do it, it backups file, but when rsync from backup, the system doesn't start anymore..06:26
ubottuTo replicate your packages selection on another machine (or restore it if re-installing), you can use the !software package "apt-clone" - See also !automate06:26
ubottuborg is a fast backup tool with incremental backups: https://www.borgbackup.org/ (Ubuntu packages: borgbackup, borgbackup-doc, and borgmatic)06:27
ubottusbackup is a tool to create complete and/or incremental backups (which can be scheduled to be automatic, and can be done over a network). It is available in !Universe06:34
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IlgazThere seems to be a regression regarding grub on final 19.10, 19.10 beta grub installed perfectly multiple times in very different scenarios. On final 19.10, I had to repair things06:54
cuzzicould anyone please suggest some programs on linux to convert video-im not sure about the choices available on linux the i have to convert a friends 25G wedding footage-also which are the choice codecs to use now a days-my last dabble was in the late 90s early 2000s when i was on windows and using xvid as the codec06:55
cuzzithank you in advance for any suggestions06:55
cuzzithe footage i have was taken on a hd vcr recorder lols06:56
Ilgazavidemux could be used06:57
IlgazIt is on "app store" too06:57
cuzzithank you07:01
Ilgazno problem, it takes a while to get used to but it does amazing things. I'd suggest you use software x264 and don't delete originals07:02
Ilgazhardware accelerated h264 is fast but I didn't like the final quality07:03
cuzzithanks alot really appreciate it-thanks for the tip re originals got three bups on diff media n places =)07:24
cuzziciao im off to learn how too07:25
JadedJHow can I check the power management settings of ubuntu with no GUI?07:38
JadedJUbuntu 18.04 that is07:38
basalthi, ubuntu 19.10, with installed "desktop icons" extension from prev. version. Not able to update the extension or even to remove it, so what is the current state of this extension or is it default now for ubuntu?09:01
AndikaSagalafor the virtualization tech:09:06
AndikaSagaladon't use Virtualbox, better use VMware Workstation. VMware is rich of features and high tech. Mainly for you who want to be Red Hat admin.09:06
AndikaSagalai was in Windows and Debian using VMware Workstation. Vmware is very great. Vmware Virt was like Nissan GTR car. And Red Hat was like Ferrari car.09:06
AndikaSagalaEven when i'm in Fedora still using VMware.09:06
AndikaSagalahere the patch for fedora:09:06
AndikaSagalatime to say good bye to vmware.09:06
AndikaSagalareplace $VMwareVersion to your vmware workstation version.09:06
lotuspsychjebasalt: enable/disable desktop icons is now integrated into gnome-tweaks09:06
lotuspsychjeAndikaSagala: please dont do that here, this is the ubuntu support channel09:06
AndikaSagalai'm silent09:07
devslashthe installer for ubuntu 19.10 is kinda screwy09:07
basaltlotuspsychje: but still in the extension section ?09:07
lotuspsychjebasalt: yes09:07
devslashit had issues on 3 different installations when upgrading from 19.04 to 19.1009:07
basaltlotuspsychje: but if i go to https://extensions.gnome.org/ and check my installed extensions, is it also visible, with the green "update me" icon, but i cannot update09:08
lotuspsychjebasalt: i think system updates will handle that09:09
basaltlotuspsychje: "desktop-icnons@csoriani" cannot be installed: cannot install it manualy int he current session"09:10
hans_why does /bin/mount have setuid permission? mount does not need setuid to check that it's not root and print "only root can do that"09:14
hans_(observed on ubuntu 18.04 - and on debian 9)09:14
Habbiehans_, it's setuid for the few things it does allow non-root users to do09:16
Habbie                 * non-root may specify source *or* target, but not both09:16
Habbiesee 'Non-superuser mounts' in man mount09:16
lotuspsychje!info gnome-shell-extension-desktop-icons eoan | basalt09:17
ubottubasalt: gnome-shell-extension-desktop-icons (source: gnome-shell-extension-desktop-icons): desktop icon support for GNOME Shell. In component main, is optional. Version 19.10.2-1 (eoan), package size 24 kB, installed size 200 kB09:17
lotuspsychjebasalt: check if you have this installed? ^09:17
hans_Habbie, oh neat, that explains it, thanks09:17
basaltlotuspsychje: check by run "!info gnome-shell-extension-desktop-icons eoan"  ??09:20
lotuspsychjebasalt: no, apt policy gnome-shell-extension-desktop-icons09:21
basaltlotuspsychje: "Installiert:           19.10.2-1"09:21
lotuspsychjebasalt: ok, try to uninstall it, then check in gnome-tweaks if its still there09:22
basaltyes, but deactivated09:23
lotuspsychjeenable doesnt work?09:23
basaltworks, but there are no settings on this anymore, no choice do see the trash09:24
lotuspsychjebasalt: i dont have it installed either, and i can enable/disable those settings here09:25
basaltok i try to reboot09:26
basaltlotuspsychje: after reboot, no desktop icons at all, and no entry in the Tweak/Extension sections for desktop icons09:29
lotuspsychjebasalt: ok, reinstall it now09:30
basaltlotuspsychje: again via apt or via extension homepage ?09:31
lotuspsychjebasalt: sudo apt install gnome-shell-extension-desktop-icons09:32
lotuspsychjei got it installed aswell so it seems, weird the bot shows optional09:32
basaltok done, i will restart again09:33
lotuspsychjebasalt: working?09:36
basaltlotuspsychje: ok, desktop is back, also the settings in tweak is back.09:36
lotuspsychjemust be an upgrade glitch09:36
basaltlotuspsychje: but on https://extensions.gnome.org/local/ it still shows the icon to upgrade09:36
lotuspsychjebasalt: apt updates will handle new updates09:37
basaltok, so i will not care about this no, thx lotuspsychje09:37
basaltis "laptop-mode-tools" worth the time to evaluate ?09:56
smallville7123 Can a device ip ssh server be created on a server running on localhost, eg dbclient localhost 22 # create a ssh server from inside the ssh that runs on the devices ip address,, that other devices can connect to10:03
LonebadgerGuess who is back10:40
tomreynLonebadger: you? i? both of us?10:41
LonebadgerBoth and my problem10:41
LonebadgerNow I don't seem to have the amd64 signed problem now10:42
tomreyni'll scroll up, already forgot about it ;)10:42
Lonebadgerhttps://forums.linuxmint.com/viewtopic.php?t=265615 Here is a post that describe my problem the most10:42
tomreynbut you were installing ubuntu, right?10:43
LonebadgerBut the chat was dead there10:44
LonebadgerSo ... here I am10:44
tomreyndid you do the integrity check mentioned on this forum post?10:45
LonebadgerDoing it right now10:45
tomreynLonebadger: unfortunately i think the root cause of all of this is that your BIOS is really bad. i'm a bit sorry for having made you upgrade it now. from what i remember the one you had before was not really good either, though. this *may* help coming up with some kernel command line options which can make the firmware cooperate better with Linux, by 'making it think Linux is actually Windows': http://iam.tj/prototype/enhancements/Windows-acpi_os10:51
tomreynah, broken link: http://iam.tj/prototype/enhancements/Windows-acpi_osi.html10:51
tomreynanother option would be to try an older bios version, maybe the last but one or somewhere in the middle between the one you had originally and what you have now. i seem to recall there were many versions for your board.10:53
tomreynalso two 'main' versions were listed for windows, but it wasn't clear why.10:54
LonebadgerWait Wait10:54
LonebadgerIt is not doing any error this time...10:54
LonebadgerWelp It is not doing that much error xD10:55
LonebadgerAlirght it is unpacking Grub2 now11:00
LonebadgerCritical stage11:00
johnjayI went to Settings->Devices and looked at the mouse options. There's no way to change the speed of double click.11:04
johnjayDoes ubuntu not have something to do that?11:04
LonebadgerMood Right now https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3-3Yok5D3Aw11:05
LonebadgerSetting up grub-efi-amd64 seems to pass fine. Installing for x86-64-efi platform got through. Cleanup of temp directories atm11:06
shvmit's time ubuntu got proper toggle to disable mouse acceleration and options for shortcuts to locate mouse pointer and toggle to increase mouse pointer size when shaking really fast.11:11
tomreynLonebadger: i summed up some of the outputs you provided yesterday again: https://paste.ubuntu.com/p/4y8qTYS32R/11:14
tomreynit would help if you posted a fresh     journalctl -b | nc termbin.com 9999     either from the installer after it fails, or if it doesn't, from the system you installed.11:15
max12345hello all, I need some help: apt says packages have unmet dependencies and doesn't do any other updating11:18
max12345but I can't purge those packages either, if I try to nothing happens.11:18
max12345it recommends I do apt-get -f install but that doesn't solve it either.11:19
laaqanyone tried ubuntu 19.10? Any good reason to upgrade to this latest version?11:19
Lonebadgertomreyn Following the step guide11:21
tomreynlaaq: if you're currently on 19.04 then a good reason is that you'll loose support within three months11:29
tomreynmax12345: show the output on a pastebin11:29
tomreyn!paste | max1234511:29
ubottumax12345: For posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use https://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use https://imgur.com/ !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.11:29
laaqtomreyn: that's a good enough reason. thanks11:29
Lonebadgertomreyn WE GOT THROUGH THE THING11:30
LonebadgerGRUB IS ISNTALLL11:30
Lonebadgertomreyn https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-15VC4Yxzys11:30
LonebadgerEarrape advice11:32
tomreynLonebadger: nice. but please tone it down a bit. ;)11:32
LonebadgerI have been at it for 4 days11:32
tomreynso i'm very glad the installation succeeded, too. i'm not yet convinced this system will operate very well, though. but i can always be wrong.11:33
tomreynyou'll find out soon enough, and i wish you all the best of luck.11:34
LonebadgerCouldn't work as worse as Win 1011:37
LonebadgerWaited 10 min for it to be actually responsive after boot up11:37
tomreynoh, okay, so it's not just an issue on linux. could it be a hardware issue, were there some "undesirable events"?11:39
* tomreyn gone for now, will follow up later11:40
tollandI have ubuntu 18.04 on a lenovo yoga 700 14ISK, and previously sound from the builtin speakers was working fine, but now I am seeing "Speakers (unavailable)" in the pulseaudio volume control (and no sound obviously)11:43
tollandI am wondering if I have inadvertently hardware disabled the internal speakers... but it has no hardware button for that11:43
tollandis there a way to see the status of the hardware?11:44
uldicsNow that Chromium has been forced to Snap,  it shows that it has no permission to Downloads folder. That is ridiculous, a new permission system or something, as my file/folder permissions are good to go. How do I get Chromium to save files?12:06
Lonebadgertomreyn Just want to thank you deeply... Everything is running smooth af12:08
LonebadgerEven touchscreen is responsive12:09
mgedminuldics: that is weird, this works for me -- and AFAIU the snap should have access to your entire home directory, and maybe also to removable media under /media12:10
mgedminjust not the rest of the filesystem12:10
lotuspsychjeLonebadger: what did the trick?12:11
LonebadgerA mix of a lot of thing12:11
* mgedmin tries saving in /tmp and discovers that (1) it works, but (2) it's not the real /tmp and I've no idea where the file was actually saved12:12
LonebadgerBut mainly https://askubuntu.com/questions/1028703/the-grub-efi-amd64-signed-package-failed-to-install-target12:12
lotuspsychjeok tnx Lonebadger12:12
uldicsmgedmin: that maybe also removable media is something not working :)12:12
LonebadgerAfter 4 days I am officially on the Xubuntu Cool kid club12:12
lotuspsychjemax12345: unmet dependencys often result from adding external ppa's wich we dont support, can you pastebin your apt output please?12:14
mgedmin'snap connections chromium' shows 'home' connected for me, but 'removable-media' not? haven't actually tested any12:14
mgedminremovable media is for ubuntu iso images, not file exchage ;)12:14
lotuspsychje!sound | tolland start here12:15
ubottutolland start here: If you're having problems with sound, click the Volume applet, then Sound Preferences, and check your Volume, Hardware, Input, and Output settings.  If that fails, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Sound - https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SoundTroubleshooting - https://alsa.opensrc.org/DmixPlugin - For playing audio files,  see !players and !mp3.12:15
lotuspsychjeshvm: did you try dconf-editor yet?12:16
lotuspsychjesmallville7123: ubuntu desktop or server please?12:16
uldicsmgedmin: Ok, how do I connect that removable-media?12:17
mgedminsnap connect something something, I don't really know!12:17
ioriasudo snap connect mysnap:removable-media12:17
mgedminisn't gnome software supposed to show and let you change permissions for apps installed via snaps?12:18
uldicsmgedmin: I have Mate, as a last chance to stay on inevitably degrading Ubuntu experience :D12:21
mgedminweird, for me the experience has been constantly improving!12:22
mgedmin(with some inevitable bumps)12:22
uldicsioria: Thanks, worked like a charm! sudo snap connect chromium:removable-media12:23
max12345lotuspsychje: actually I had the idea to let aptitude fix it, that worked :) so thank you.12:23
ioriauldics, ok, np12:24
lotuspsychjemax12345: ok great!12:24
thelounge86what's the best way to install / run virtualenv for both python2 and 3? in Arch, it has 2 different packages: virtualenv2 and virtualenv. Is there a similar method in ubuntu?12:35
mgedminthelounge86: apt install python-virtualenv and python3-virtualenv, but!12:38
mgedminthelounge86: you don't have to have installed it for both pythons; you can use either virtualenv to create virtualenvs for any python12:39
thelounge86the tables turn...12:39
mgedminso sudo apt install virtualenv; and then virtualenv -p python2 /tmp/py2; virtualenv -p python3 -p /tmp/py312:39
thelounge86nice, thanks!12:39
rorythelounge86: virtualenvwrapper is nice too, if you switch virtualenvs a lot and want them all in 1 place12:40
thelounge86oo i'll have to look into that12:40
rorye.g. "mkvirtualenv my_project", "workon my_project" "deactivate"12:40
thelounge86oh wow12:40
thelounge86roy does the same thing apply with using that with py2 and py3?12:41
rorythelounge86: as you can specify "mkvirtualenv -p python3 my_python3_project"12:41
thelounge86even better! thanks guys12:42
roryyes, the python is part of the virtualenv. so you can specify arbitrary versions and not worry about system versions.12:42
rory#python for more12:43
thelounge86so same with the wrapper in ubuntu, it doesn't matter if i intstalll the v3 version or v2?12:43
roryif you have virtualenvwrapper installed via their github instructions, then afaik, when specifying a version with "mkvirtualenv -p", it will use that version. But you can only specify versions that are already installed through apt.12:45
thelounge86got it12:45
thelounge86wasnt sure if it was best to install it via gitub instructions or apt12:46
rorydon't think virtualenvwrapper is available through apt. virtualenvwrapper requires the "virtualenv" python module, which is available through apt or pip.12:46
thelounge86looks like they both are (virtualenvwrapper and python3-virtualenvwrapper)12:47
roryoh neat12:47
rorygithub is still pretty simple though, and may have big fixes, in this case i would recommend that.12:47
rorybug fixes*12:47
rorybut if it works via apt, dont touch it haha12:48
thelounge86well was more concerned about upgrade path12:49
BluesKajHey folks12:55
rorythelounge86: considering it's just a single bash script that provides the functions, manual upgrade is trivial anyway.13:10
gavimobilehi folks, my /dev/root/ is 100% full and i am unable to locate what is ocupating all of the space13:15
mgedminbaobab is a nice gui tool for showing you what's occupying all the space13:16
blb4393dark matter13:16
mgedminsudo apt clean is the first thing I try when my filesystem fills up; a cheap way to clear some caches13:16
mgedminon the command line I used to do a lot of du -chs * | sort -h in every directory, recursively, manually, starting from the root, but it's annoying13:17
gavimobilemgedmin: ive already tried apt-get purge apt-get autoremove apt-get clean13:18
blb4393because only dark matter lives in /dev/root13:18
uioblb4393, That's not true, there are also some dead dreams.13:19
gavimobilerunning cat /proc/cmdline i can see that /dev/root is "root=/dev/mmcblk0p8" but not sure where or what this is13:21
mgedminsounds like the flash memory of some kind of embedded system?13:25
mgedmincan you pastebin the output of dh?13:25
mgedmindf, not dh13:25
gavimobilemgedmin: https://pastebin.com/YXrKGn2Q13:26
gavimobiledf ?13:26
gavimobilesorry, just a sec13:27
gavimobilehere is df https://pastebin.com/CrnhA1mw13:27
mgedminhalf a gig, that's not a very large partition13:28
mgedminwhat sort of system is it?13:28
gavimobileits a roborock xiaomi vaccume13:29
PriceyI run lxd containers and was looking at creating a new apparmor profile in one. With a process in complain, logs appear in the host's syslog though? Is there a recommended way to deal with this? aa-logprof in the container becomes useless13:29
mysticubuntu 90.04 keep crashing.. cant even use it for normal skype work these days... and my tor browser wont start13:30
mgedmingavimobile: duc is a nice command-line tool for inspecting disk usage13:30
lotuspsychjemystic: are you using the skype snap?13:31
mystic dont know.. i installed skype .. snap?  no idea13:32
mgedmingavimobile: duc index -x / will build an sqlite db of every file and directory in the root partition, then duc ui shows an ncurses-based ui for viewing that13:32
lotuspsychjemystic: its your system? check gnome-software to see if your skype is from the snap-store13:33
gavimobilemgedmin: that command isnt working byme13:33
mysticdunno how13:33
lotuspsychjemystic: drag your mouse to gnome-software and click the icon to open it13:33
mystici cant see gnome software13:34
lotuspsychjemystic: wich ubuntu release are you using?13:34
mysticit keeps crashing and also tor wont open...  hardlty worth using at all these days13:35
lotuspsychjemystic: ubuntu-desktop or any other flavour?13:35
mysticno, vanilla13:35
mysticoften when im working wit a client it crashes... whats the point13:35
lotuspsychjemystic: then you should have software center13:35
mysticit crashes als owen not using skype though13:36
mysticso probavbly just unstable system13:37
mysticand now my tor icon dissapeared from app drawer.. tor still there but no icon.. and wont open13:37
lotuspsychjemystic: if you are using the skype snap, support is at: Contact:   https://www.skype.com/13:37
mysticits not skype13:38
mystichappens with browser chats too.. not related to skype13:38
mysticjust crashes so i cant use it for work much13:38
lotuspsychjemystic: what crashes?13:38
mysticsystem just freezes.. have to hold down power button to restart13:39
lotuspsychjemystic: when doing what?13:39
mysticsurfing web, browser video chats maionly13:39
mysticdoesnt happen on windows liek that...13:39
lotuspsychjemystic: pastebin your dmesg please13:39
mgedminthere's no 19.04.3 release, did you mean 18.04.3 LTS or 19.04?13:40
yeetbix_any sysadmins?13:41
mgedminyeetbix_: probably in #ubuntu-server13:41
mystichow ot copy it all?13:44
mysticits so big13:44
lotuspsychje!paste | mystic13:45
ubottumystic: For posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use https://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use https://imgur.com/ !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.13:45
mystichow to copy it ?  shortcut or have to scrool it all with mouse?13:45
tomreynmystic: this works:  journalctl -b | nc termbin.com 999913:46
tomreynit'll post to termbin.com, a pastebin-like site, and return its url13:46
amcclureDoes anyone know if Ubuntu 19.10 would easily work on a Surface Laptop 2?13:46
mysticoh nevermind13:46
mysticbloody linux honestly13:46
mysticim too busy for this nonsense13:47
lotuspsychjeamcclure: last articles on ubuntu/surface they have good support on it these days13:47
amcclureok :)13:47
lotuspsychjeamcclure: if you want to test, we always try to test a liveusb first before installing13:47
tomreynmystic: thanks for pointing out you slipped my ignore rules.13:48
amcclurety again13:48
lotuspsychjeplease keep it proffessional mystic13:49
mysticwould be good if the  ubuntu devs did the same.. then i could actually use it profesionally13:49
lotuspsychjemystic: this is not the complaints channel, please stick to questions13:50
uiomystic, What are you frustrated about?13:53
uiomystic, Maybe Ubuntu, or just that Ubuntu release is not suited to you needs? Have you tried a LTS?13:54
mysticsorry my msitake, im on 18.04 .. eiterh way its isnt suitable for work13:55
uiomystic, Okay, so you are already on most recent LTS.13:55
uio(I'm assuming LTS is somewhat more stable - correct me if I'm wrong).13:56
mysticyea.. and while i work it freezes.. so i have to keep the client waiting and boot into windows.13:56
uiomystic, How long have you been using Ubuntu for? What machine do you have?13:56
uiomystic, That must be kind of embarassing... And you would like to avoid that!13:56
mysticlaptop.. ive been using on and off for a few years.. obvuosly its still not ready for reliable mainstream use.. im not a fanboy or troll.. just saying how it is for me.. i only want stuff that works for gods sake13:57
uiomystic, I get that. What laptop brand?13:57
lotuspsychje!discuss | mystic uio13:57
ubottumystic uio: Want to talk about Ubuntu, but don't have a support question? /join #ubuntu-discuss for non-support Ubuntu discussion, or try #ubuntu-offtopic for general chat. Thanks!13:57
uioCan you describe when it crashes / freezes?13:57
mysticlenovo ideapad 33013:57
mysticfreezes when im on browser.. or on browser chat with clients... maybe at other tiems too.. but i dont use it for much else these days..  now it cant even manage that13:58
uiomystic, What browseR?13:58
uiomystic, What browser chat?13:59
mysticchrome usually13:59
blb4393nvidia drivers is to blame13:59
mysticno its the comapny i work for13:59
uioChrome and not Chromium?13:59
mystici dont have nvidia card in here13:59
uioWhat is the company you work for?13:59
uioNot what company...13:59
mysticnot giving that much info13:59
lotuspsychjestop it uio mystic blb439313:59
mysticif it isnt working dont worry i wil lsue windows14:00
uioSorry that was not at all my question.14:00
uioMy question was poorly worded: my question was what do you mean by 'no its the company i work for'?14:00
mysticits all too much effort14:00
uioSo you use chromium for a browser chat client and the machine crashes?14:01
uioWhat is the browser chat?14:01
uiomystic, I'm sure there is a solution, but to be able to help you solve the problem, detailed information is needed :)14:03
mystici cant be bothered i dont have time for it.. its never ending14:03
mystici'll just use windows14:03
uiomystic, Okay, I get that. If you do have more time some day, or feel like giving it another go, try to give very detailed info. The people here seem to have given you information on how to paste things and so on and would very likely be able to help you out. You could also test another distro. Linus is vast!14:05
uio*Linux is vast!14:05
lotuspsychjeuio: please dont reccomend using other distro's in the ubuntu channel14:05
uiolotuspsychje, Why's that?14:06
lotuspsychjeuio: join #ubuntu-discuss14:06
uiolotuspsychje, Is Ubuntu a cult? lol14:06
uiolotuspsychje, looking over https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/Guidelines I don't see anything about not mentioning other distros (also I was just suggesting that mystic take a look after suggesting that they try to get help here...)14:08
lotuspsychjeuio: join #ubuntu-discuss lets discuss it14:08
uiolotuspsychje, Sure!14:08
G_HI am looking for a way to make Linux Mint (which is based on Ubuntu) use the recycle bin for an exFAT partition, but how do I do that? Anyone an idea?14:16
lotuspsychje!mint | G_H14:16
ubottuG_H: The Ubuntu channels can only provide support for Ubuntu and its official flavors, since other distributions and derivatives have repository and software changes. So please use their dedicated support venues, for example: Linux Mint (#linuxmint-help on irc.spotchat.org), Kali Linux (#kali-linux), and LXLE (#lxle)14:16
G_Hwell there seems to be nooone in the Mint channel who can help.14:17
tomreynG_H: i recommend you draw some conclusions from this, we'll be happy to help you when you run ubuntu!14:17
tomreyn(also with the installation, of course)14:18
BetalG_H: maybe first you need to ask in ##linuxmint14:19
Duke854Is there rules anywhere I need to read? I just joined and I'm used to Discord.14:19
Duke854Is it ubottu.com?14:20
Duke854Nevermind I found it.14:21
G_HDoes Ubuntu suports recycling bins on exFAT?14:25
tollandlotuspsychje: Thanks for the reply... I tried the steps in those links14:39
lotuspsychjetolland: have you been able to solve?14:39
tollandhardware is recognised, modules are loaded, the hareware is found, and can be switched to headphones14:40
tollandissue seems to be down on link 63 here https://paste.ubuntu.com/p/dZTpDsJkkB/14:40
tollandfor the speakers "analog-output-speaker: Speakers (priority 10000, latency offset 0 usec, available: no)"14:40
tollandfor list-sinks in pacmd14:40
tolland(this might be a hardware issue...) just wondering how that value is calculated14:41
tollandso, not been able to solve the problem14:41
lotuspsychjetolland: feel free to repeat the original issue & details for our recently joined volunteers14:41
tollandIssue is: Lenova Yoga 700 14ISK laptop running 18.04, recently the speakers stopped working. Showing as "unavailable" in pulse volume control. System has been rebooted, and apt updated, no improvement14:44
lotuspsychjetnx tolland14:45
tollandalsamixer has been checked, is not muted.14:45
lotuspsychjetolland: did you recognize at wich time it stopped working, lets say after an update for example?14:45
tollandnot specifically, I don't use the speakers that much, but it was the last couple of days14:46
lotuspsychjetolland: wich kernel version are you currently on please?14:46
oerheksthat pastebin gives headphones are in use14:47
oerhekshow about pluggin in headphones?14:47
tollandheadphones work fine14:47
oerheksthen it is automute, alsamixer > f3 . press arrow right untill you see automute, disable that?14:50
ioriatolland, and try to do again  the  pacmd list-sinks  with the headphone unplugged14:50
tollandlooks like this in volume control https://imgur.com/a/KbxWvz714:52
tollandill try booting from livecd to check whether its config related14:53
ioriatolland, i suck in audio things but seems to me that your headphone jack was physically stuck in a plugged in state14:54
ioriatolland, if this is the case, you might try to override that with hdajackretask , setting the headphones as 'not connected'14:57
mysticcan someone at least tell em how to reinstal ltor browser?  then i can use ubuntu for anonymous surfing.. if nothing else14:57
mystictell me *14:57
tollandoh yeah, i see. its showing as plugged in, even though nothing is connected to the socket14:58
oerhekslooks like a lame switch in the headphone jack15:00
oerheksbut that will come forward in a live session15:01
ubottuTor is a program to route connections through several servers for anonymity. It is in Ubuntu's repositories, but the Tor Project recommends using their Tor packages due to past issues with Ubuntu's. For setup info, see option (2) of https://www.torproject.org/docs/debian.html.en15:02
oerheksi have no clue where Tor stores configuration inf, maybe just remove -- purge tor, and apt install tor again?15:03
aienaWhen my PC is running after a while relatively long my USB mouse suddenly stops movinng on screen power cycling the usb device (unplug replug or on/off switch of a USB hub) get the mouse working again. Wonder what is the cause.15:11
aienaphysically the mouse looks ok and receives power moving the mouse over the base makes the laser glow stronger like usual but the mouse doesnt move on screen15:12
aienaanything on ubuntu side I can check?15:12
B|ack0pis there a way to set while deleting a file ask confirmation first?15:35
B|ack0pdelete confirmation dialog?15:35
B|ack0pbefore sending them to Trash15:36
oerheksin filemanager, just hit del , no dialog. only whit shift +del you will get a warning15:38
ducasseshift+del is permanent, not sending them to trash, isn't it?15:39
oerheksso i wonder, what ubuntu is he running?15:40
B|ack0poerheks: i am running 18.04.315:49
gavimobilehey, i would like to set /dev/root to be mounted in another location with more space. is this possible, if so i would appreciate a helping hand please.15:51
oerheksgavimobile, there is no /dev/root ?15:52
gavimobileoerheks: there is, but its very limited on space16:07
gavimobileoerheks: i would like to mount it elsewhere where there is more space16:08
jeremy31gavimobile: you want the root filesystem somewhere else?16:13
Sven_vBsince what (kernel?) version should there be a /dev/root?16:14
gavimobilejeremy31: /dev/root is / ?16:15
jeremy31gavimobile: I haven't seen it like that on Ubuntu, it might be a symlink16:16
gavimobilehere is the output for df -h on my freshly installed system https://pastebin.com/9twLaakz16:16
gavimobileafter performing apt-get update && apt-get upgrade, i have less than 95% left available. is there a way i can lay this out more efficiently?16:17
mgedmingavimobile: your memory card is not very large, I'm not sure you can do much16:18
mgedminin one of your earlier pastes I think it was shown that /dev/root is an alias for /dev/mmcblk0p8?16:18
gavimobilemgedmin: it is built in16:18
gavimobilemgedmin:, correct p816:18
oerheksgavimobile, soagain: there is no /dev/root, what linux are you using?16:21
oerheksoh, mgedmin is helping16:22
mgedmin/dev/root is how the kernel shows the root device in /proc/mounts, for some linux versions at least16:22
mgedminI've seen it now and then but not recently?16:23
gavimobileoerheks: Ubuntu 14.04.3 LTS16:23
mgedminooh, isn't that EOL?16:23
Sven_vBnot even my bionic live session has /dev/root16:23
gavimobilemgedmin: how can i check16:23
oerheksyou can check when you update, lolz16:23
mgedmineven my xenial doesn't have /dev/root16:24
Sven_vBjust add 2005 to the year => EOL since 2019.04 = april16:24
gavimobileso is it possible to modify the partition layout?16:24
mgedmingavimobile: you can check in https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Releases16:24
gavimobilemgedmin: what am i checking for?16:24
oerheksmaybe, but you are out of support, vulnerable, get that machine offline please!16:25
mgedmin14.04 LTS is out of standard support, so people on this channel won't want to help you16:25
gavimobilemgedmin: i hear16:25
mgedminyou can still get support from cannonical if you pay them $$$ for extended support16:25
Sven_vBgavimobile, gparted can resize and move partitions with many kinds of file systems16:25
mgedminupgrading would be best, but with so little free space?16:25
mgedminreinstalling a newer version might be the best option16:25
gavimobileSven_vB: i dont have a dvd drive and or a monitor, only ssh16:25
gavimobileno console16:25
Sven_vBI'd be willing to help with reclaiming free space16:26
gavimobilemgedmin: this is not an option16:26
gavimobileSven_vB: i would appreciate this16:26
Sven_vBgavimobile, with just SSH there is no safe way to upgrade. I tried it and lost networking.16:26
gavimobileplease note all that this is a xiaomi vaccume16:26
mgedminis that a vacuum cleaner?16:26
oerheksinteresting ..16:26
gavimobileupgrading to a new version is not an option16:27
Sven_vBgavimobile, in that case try to find a serial port/UART to get hardware console16:27
mgedminwhats it doing running ubuntu?16:27
mgedminand why do you need more disk space?16:27
gavimobilei am trying to install a rtsp sever with a webcam on the vaccume16:27
oerheksupgrading via ssh, nice weekend-disaster16:27
gavimobilefor network stream16:27
mgedminsounds awesome16:27
mgedmindpigs is a debian package that shows you the largest installed packages16:27
mgedminmaybe you could find something to uninstall?16:27
oerheksmove this to -offtopic please, let them have fun too16:28
gavimobileSven_vB: the only port i have is a micro usb port16:28
gavimobilemgedmin: this is a  brank new flash of firmware. nothing was installed yet16:28
Sven_vBoftentimes the UART isn't readily exposed and you have to solder your own wires to it. it obviously breaks any warranties. whatever way you plan for upgrade, it should really really have a plan for how to interact with an initramfs rescue shell.16:28
gavimobileSven_vB: i think we are getting off track here. i am trying to repartiton the drive i believe16:29
mgedminis the chromium snap going to ask me every single time I try to open a file whether it's allowed to do that?16:30
Sven_vBgavimobile, the partitions you want to edit need to be unmounted. you can then use gparted via SSH X forwarding.16:31
oerheksmgedmin, snap confinement, you might want to reinstall with the ‘–classic’ switch.16:31
Sven_vBgavimobile, you can not safely edit the partition from which gparted or your kernel are loaded.16:31
gavimobileSven_vB: not sure how to do all this, but can all this be done via ssh?16:31
Sven_vBgavimobile, you can try. gparted will give you an error if you try to umount a device that's required.16:32
Sven_vBgavimobile, do you have an X session yet? else install openbox16:33
Sven_vBand lightdm would be good as well16:33
gavimobileSven_vB: i believe someone said that /dev/root is mounted to /16:33
mgedmingavimobile: I wouldn't risk it16:33
gavimobilemgedmin: this is my thoughts too16:34
gavimobileSven_vB: the requirements to install openbox may be too big16:34
mgedminon some embedded devices (e.g. my office wifi router) there's no partition table, /dev/mmcblk0 is split into partitions by enumerating their offsets and sizes on the kernel command line16:34
Sven_vBgavimobile, first let's check if it's even worth the effort. what are your RAM stats? (free -m)16:35
gavimobileSven_vB: https://pastebin.com/CiYqm9xJ16:35
oerheksguys, get thris troll and vulnerable machine off the internet, thanks!16:36
Sven_vBgavimobile, that's too few for my approach.16:36
gavimobileSven_vB: appreciate your willingness, thank you very much16:37
torgohowdy! i tried upgrading from 19.04 to 19.10. the only potential problem i noticed was it said vim-gui-common is no longer supported by canonical, and four packages to be removed. my computer rebooted suddenly, i assumed the process was done, but after logging in i'm still on 19.04 and software updater says "not all updates can be installed" with16:38
torgothe option to partial upgrade or continue. what should i do?16:38
Sven_vBgavimobile, if you manage to extract the memory hardware, manage to connect it to a usual computer, AND manage to get modern linux device drivers for that vaccuum (probably you want at least the USB controller), you have a chance still,.16:38
gavimobileSven_vB: sounds complex16:40
Sven_vBgavimobile, if your time has any value, it's probably cheaper to buy a raspi and glue that on top.16:41
oerhekstorgo, how about: sudo apt install -f / sudo dpkg --configure -a16:42
oerheksthe 1st one would do the job, i guess16:42
torgo@oerheks that sounds scary, what does that do?16:42
oerhekstorgo, nothing scary about that, it continues installation and fixes dependencies,  not sure why your machine rebooted.16:43
FurretUberHi, is there a way to use Vulkan application without crashing the system on 18.04?16:43
FurretUberThey even work for some time, but then the system becomes super slow and crash later16:44
mgedmintorgo: I've had failed upgrades I completed successfully with sudo apt dist-upgrade -f16:44
FurretUberIt seems to swap when it gets slow16:44
de-factoFurretUber, id guess success its heavily related to the gfx driver stack16:45
torgois there any way i can see what packages are in a screwy state at this point?16:45
FurretUberIt is probably a memory leak, but I don't know what to do currently, other than using mainline kernels16:45
oerhekstorgo, would that make any difference?16:45
torgoi'm just curious, and wondering if it would be better to only force install what is necessary16:46
FurretUberI even tried to report a bug once, but it wasn't solved16:46
de-factoi am not sure, but i havent seen a really stable gfx driver stack on linux so far16:47
mgedmintorgo: -f is not force, it's --fix-broken16:47
oerhekstorgo, apt install -f does what you want, good luck!16:47
FurretUberOther than this leak, everything else seems to work fine16:47
FurretUberI think I went to #ubuntu-kernel and asked about it, but then it was told to report to upstream, but upstream closed the bug, so now it's exclusive to Ubuntu16:48
de-factowhich driver are you using?16:48
FurretUberIntel ANV16:48
torgook thanks for the help mgedmin and oerheks, will give it a try16:49
FurretUberI can't find the upstream report, give me a moment...16:49
ElagostAnyone know how to set a laptop to power down after a specific time while it's at the LUKS prompt?16:50
de-factoI havent really tried that one since i am on amd gfx here16:50
Elagosti.e. if the machine is powered on but sitting at the decryption prompt, I want it to power off after a minute if nothing is entered.16:50
FurretUberFound it: https://bugs.freedesktop.org/show_bug.cgi?id=11027616:50
ubottuFreedesktop bug 110276 in DRM/other "Memory leak on kernel 5.0 using Vulkan applications, fixed on drm-tip and 5.1-rc1" [Normal,Resolved: fixed]16:52
raverHey is there a general freenode room?16:52
raverI get suspicious login attempts from unknown locations16:53
de-factoraver, #freenode ?16:53
oerheksraver, no, ubuntu support only, try ##linux16:53
raverde-facto: thx I'll try16:53
mgedminbots are always knocking on ssh ports across the entire internet, try fail2ban16:54
raverI mean my freenode irc account16:55
raverOn server fail2ban runs fine 🙂16:55
FurretUberWould it be OK to install 19.10 kernel on 18.04? 5.3 should have the bug fixed16:56
oerheksupgrade to >19.04> 19.10 is supported.16:57
ElagostFurretUber: You should wait until the HWE kernel gets it.16:58
oerheks5.3 is in proposed, not released for hwe-edge https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/linux-hwe-edge16:59
ioriaElagost, i'd try editing the systemd-cryptsetup.service, setting a timeout and then the shutdown command (if is this possible :þ)16:59
Elagostioria: thanks. It's a strange use case but hopefully I can get it to work.17:02
FurretUberOK, I will install the proposed kernel. I may find some new bug, but at least this one should be fixed17:05
Guest_87I am trying to set up Sendmail on Ubuntu. I am using Sendmail compiled from source...but when I run commands that require makemap, for example "makemap hash virtusertable < virtusertable" I get  makemap: Need to recompile with -DNEWDB for hash support17:06
Guest_87but I did have the -DNEWDB when compiling17:06
Guest_87Now I am not sure what is going on. Pointers to where I can troubleshoot this would be appreciated17:06
FurretUberI'll reboot to test, give me a moment17:07
FurretUberCan confirm 5.3.0-19 do not have the memory leak with Vulkan17:13
tomreynGuest_87: maybe try ##linux or, should it exist, #sendmail (ask "alis" for help with finding channels).17:13
de-factoGuest_87, maybe even #sendmail ?17:16
enychrrmm  cano't work out yet  how to add applets to panel in ubuntu 19.017:31
enychrrmm  cano't work out yet  how to add applets to panel in ubuntu 19.10 -- would like gnome sensors applet, package installed, rebooted ...17:31
enychuge blank space along top would like to start using!17:32
oerheksenyc, install gnome-teak-tool and gnome-shell-extentions and synaptic, for more detrailed softwarecenter to look for more extentions17:33
oerhekslogout and login first, to let it take effect17:33
oerheksgnome-teak-tool gives the menu with plugins and access17:35
nikolamHi, what's this /.snapshots folder ? I am used to have apt-btrfs-snapshot and manage them by mounting temporarily to /mnt and delete them etc.17:48
nikolamBut what creates /.snapshots ?17:48
oerheksOn Ubuntu-based systems, snapshots are stored in the /var/lib/snapd/snapshots directory.17:49
oerheksso, i guess you answered it yourself, that apt-btrfs tool ?17:50
nikolamnope. there is .snapshots folder in root that is unknown to me . apt-btrfs-snapshot creates them and they are visible only when I see it through /mnt mountpoint17:51
oerhekssnapshot of your running system, in a running system, not really logical17:51
nikolamoerheks, Btrfs allows to create full filesystem snapshots of a running system, yes, read about CoW, Zfs, too.17:51
oerheksno clue there, must be btrfs specific17:52
oerheksyes, i know of snapshots, though i would not store them in a homefolder17:52
nikolamok, if someone knows what /.snapshots folder is for and what system tool creates it (and it it not mentioned apt-snapshot tool) question still stands.17:52
oerheksi find one claim, that virtualbox is doing that?17:53
nikolamoerheks, please read more about topic, Snapshots does not store anything, they just make blocks of data under snapshotted dataset, unchangable.17:54
nikolamoerheks, VirtualBox is doing snapshots, but it is file-based. (and slow) e.g. it does it on files on any FS.17:54
AavarWhat is the default window manager in ubuntu?17:59
Aavar(19.10 gnome)17:59
ioriamutter, i guess18:00
oerhekserr, windowmanager would be gnome3, displaymanager gdm318:00
Aavaroerheks: that is not a window manager :)18:00
mlohrHello everyone! I've a question related to the precompiled Ubuntu image for Raspberry Pi3b+. Is there any documentation aboud the cloud-image configuration used there? It seems that any configuration I do there is ignored...18:02
Aavarso... gnome3 is considered both the window manager and the desktop environment?18:02
ioriaAavar, mutter18:03
Aavarioria: ahh, thank you :)18:03
Aavarioria: after upgrading (from 19.04 to 19.10) and switching from unity to gnome. should I see the process mutter running?18:04
Aavarshould ps x|grep mutter give me a result?18:05
pragmaticenigmaAavar: The compositor is integrated with Gnome-Desktop ... you won't see a separate process for it18:05
Aavarok, I understand :)18:05
Aavarnothing to worry about then.18:05
=== thewaspsknees1 is now known as thewaspsknees
mystic_easy fix/reinstall for tor browser anyone ?18:28
FaTaL_GGHi all, Im running ubuntu 18.04.3 LTS, I've been running 16.04 and on both versions I have a very annoying issue that many (if not every) time I reboot, the interfaces dont all come back up properly, specifically, the dhcp server never gets an ip from the modem. If I "sudo ifup -a" it works18:31
FaTaL_GGI really don't want to hack-a-fix, unless there is no alternative, I'd like to see the services work properly on a normal boot. I have seen many many many posts where people have had the same issue, and it seems most point to it being a race condition18:31
FaTaL_GGI constantly get a "failed to bring up br0" but its got to be a false error, because br0 works fine18:31
oerheksFaTaL_GG, try a fresh cable?18:41
oerheksoften fixes issues that are rare18:41
nikolamI know now what used to create /.snapshots folder and inside BTRFS snapshots, it was "snapper" utility, with it's (non-working) GUI. Uninstalled snapper and deleted them.18:47
hodo22hey guys, my mouses's left click is not working properly, have to press more than 1 sec18:56
hodo22any ideas how to fix?18:56
oerhekstry an other mouse first?19:00
AuratorGuten Abend19:29
mmt84if i copy the EFI folder from the ubuntu-server.iso to mini.iso, will it work for an uefi installation?19:37
ioriammt84, https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/MinimalCD#mini_system_in_UEFI_mode19:40
mmt84the base install of ubuntu server was not so minimal, including things like cloud and snapd which i don't need19:44
mmt84i want to install a minimal system just like a debian netinstall or base arch linux19:44
ioriaefi install it's not doctor's order19:45
amjamhi #ubuntu -- i'm having some trouble finding out in the release notes which kernel ubuntu-18.04.3 comes with. Is it at least kernel-5.0?19:54
nikolamHow to disable loading kernel module(s) , temporarily . For example I want ZFS to be kept installed, but at the moment don't want it to be loaded on Boot, if not used.19:58
nikolamTried putting module names in /etc/modprobe.d/blacklist.conf with or without 'blacklis' before module name and it didn't work, modules are still loaded20:00
jeremy31nikolam: you could use module_blacklist= in grub20:00
jeremy31nikolam: see https://askubuntu.com/a/831297/30066520:01
nikolamjeremy31, thanks, will take a look.20:01
nikolamI'll try this first: " All you need is sudo update-initramfs -u after modifying /etc/modeprobe.d/ files "20:06
jeremy31nikolam: I have never used update-initramfs after modifying the /etc/modprobe.d/20:08
KlausedSourcehello, im in the process of upgrading from 16.04 to 18.0420:18
KlausedSourcehowever apt update fails because dpkg can't configure udev20:18
KlausedSourceit fails to restart20:19
KlausedSourcei tried removing and reinstalling udev but it didnt work either20:21
KlausedSourceim afraid to reboot20:21
tomreynKlausedSource: what does   dpkg --configure udev    output?20:29
tomreyn(pastebin please)20:29
tomreynKlausedSource: dpkg --debug=help     if you'd like see how to get more output from dpkg. or you could    set -x    on the beginning of the postconf script.20:32
KlausedSourcetomreyn, https://bpaste.net/show/6P4SO20:32
tomreynKlausedSource: journalctl -n200 -b | nc termbin.com 999920:34
KlausedSourcei dont have nc installed tomreyn20:37
tomreynare you sure this is ubuntu?20:38
KlausedSourceit's a v server20:38
tomreynwell, it's installed by default20:38
tomreyn"vserver", as in "linux-vserver"?20:38
KlausedSourcea vserver with ubuntu 16.04 template20:39
tomreynwhich virtualization?20:39
KlausedSourcevirtuoso or something like that20:39
tomreynwhat does       lsb_release -ds;cat /proc/{version,cmdline}     return?20:40
KlausedSourceUbuntu 18.04.3 LTS20:40
KlausedSourceLinux version 4.4.0-042stab139.1 (root@kbuild-rh6-x64.eng.sw.ru) (gcc version 4.4.7 20120313 (Red Hat 4.4.7-18) (GCC) ) #1 SMP Tue Jun 18 12:51:14 MSK 201920:40
tomreynhmm well, that's not a kernel we support here20:41
tomreynand it will be why udev fails to initialize20:42
KlausedSourcecan i update the kernel independently?20:43
KlausedSourceor am i bound to this due to vserver?20:44
tomreynKlausedSource: summing up: your "ubuntu" is not an actual ubuntu system, we cannot support it here. please talk to your hosting provider to determine your options. i'm happy to suggest hosting alternatives where you'll haver full control of your kernel and can thus carry out upgrades on your own. if interested, please /join #ubuntu-offtopic (requires nickname registrarion with nickserv)20:45
KlausedSourcethx for your help20:47
tomreynKlausedSource: you're welcome, sorry i can't offer you more...20:48
JivanPalHey, all21:00
tomreynhello there21:00
JivanPalI'm wanting to install a 18.04 Server on a 32-bit machine, trying to use the install media found here: http://archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/dists/bionic/main/installer-i386/current/images/hd-media/21:01
JivanPalWhen I boot, it search for an installer ISO. Question is, which ISO file am I supposed to have, since I assume the 64-bit ISO is no good, since it contains 64-bjt packages?21:01
oerheksstart with netboot?21:03
JivanPalCan't get it to recognise my NIC21:03
JivanPalNor my WiFi adapter21:03
oerheksthat would give server/services/desktops as option, but requires networking, wired21:03
JivanPalBoth NIC and WiFi work fine in 16.04 Desktop live boot21:04
JivanPalBut can't get either detected in netboot for some reason21:04
=== kadiro_ is now known as kadiro
JivanPalIs upgrading from 16.04 Server to 18.04 a reasonable path?21:08
JivanPalIf so, i.e. all the latest packages are available for 32-bit, I'll probably just do that21:09
oerheksYou’ve heard about Spectre and Meltdown – many of the mitigations for those attacks are unavailable to 32-bit systems. .. https://ubuntu.com/blog/statement-on-32-bit-i386-packages-for-ubuntu-19-10-and-20-04-lts21:13
oerheksso it will be a honeypot, 32 bit wireless server21:13
JivanPaloerheks: just a hobby project, not a production server 🙂21:19
JivanPalIt's a Pentium III, I sure as hell wouldn't be using that for any actual needed stuff21:20
* kadiro love P321:20
oerheksnot sure it can boot 32 bit ..21:20
JivanPalFrom the reading I've done, Canonical just decided to stop providing 32-bit ISOs since 17.10, but still maintain 32-bit repos.21:21
JivanPalSeems like I might be able to upgrade from 16.04 Server21:21
JivanPalBut it would be more convenient to just install 18.04 fresh, so just wanted to now if/how I can proceed with the 18.04 hd-media, since netboot mini.iso isn't working for me21:22
oerheksthat will do, if you get your nic working21:22
JivanPalI'm honestly surprised that, since 32-bit bionic repos exist, no community members have made a 32-bit ISO for it21:25
JivanPalBut ah well, have to get rid of old things eventually21:25
snatcherhow can i debug grey screen on boot (appeared after notebook fully discharged)?21:29
tomreyndoes it actually get to grub? hardware /firmware issue?21:29
kadirogrey screen?21:29
rfmJivanPal, maybe you could install with debootstrap from the 16.04 live CD boot?  There seem to be some instructions at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/FromLinux though the look pretty old21:35
rfmJivanPal, also looking at https://ubuntu.com/blog/statement-on-32-bit-i386-packages-for-ubuntu-19-10-and-20-04-lts those 32 bit repos may not be complete...21:36
JivanPalrfm: I did come across someone mentioning `debbootstrap`, will have to look into it21:37
snatchertomreyn: grub is here21:37
JivanPalsnatcher: edit bootentry (press E when your Ubuntu Grub entry is highlighted), remove "quiet splash", press CTRL+X to boot with those settings21:37
snatcherkadiro: or black, not sure because of notebook display backlight21:37
JivanPalThat'll show you what's happening during boot21:37
kadirosnatcher> I see, like said JivanPal it will make you know what happen21:38
tomreyn!bootlog | snatcher21:39
ubottusnatcher: To get a more verbose log of the boot process, remove "quiet" and "splash" from the kernel boot parameters and add "debug systemd.log_level=info". For info on editing kernel boot parameters, see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Kernel/KernelBootParameters21:39
JivanPalrfm: also thanks for the link to that blog post, good to know that 20.04 might not be an option for this machine21:40
snatcherstrange, booted _after_ black screen without "quiet splash"21:41
snatcherhangs on grey screen with "quiet splash", any ideas?21:41
JivanPalWas this installation booting fine previously?21:42
snatchernot sure21:42
snatcherworked after installation, but doesn't after shutdown(?) >after notebook fully discharged21:44
JivanPalSeems weird that "quiet splash" would affect whether it boots successfully21:44
oerheksit does not.21:45
JivanPalMy thinking exactly, but snatcher claims it did?21:45
tomreynsnatcher: so it's fully booted now?21:46
snatcherbooted without "quiet", is really strange maybe there is typo or something21:51
JivanPalMight be a modesetting issue?21:53
bkurt78Does anyone know if new images for the 64bit version of 19.10 for the pi are going to be released anytime soon?21:54
JivanPalEditing GRUB_GFX values in /etc/default/grub may provide a solution21:54
oerhekshold shift @ boot, and use grub to boot into recovery21:54
oerheksbkurt78, if they have fixed the usb bug .. https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/linux-raspi2/+bug/184879021:55
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ubottuLaunchpad bug 1848790 in linux-raspi2 (Ubuntu) "USB not working under arm64 on Pi4" [High,Confirmed]21:55
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1848790 in linux-raspi2 (Ubuntu) "duplicate for #1848703 USB not working under arm64 on Pi4" [High,Confirmed]21:55
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bkurt78I saw the bug posting and I see they have some packages that you try with updated kernels, but I can't see how you go about getting access to the device to install the packages.  It doesn't appear that ssh is starting at boot.21:57
JivanPalServer version is available here https://ubuntu.com/download/iot/raspberry-pi21:58
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bkurt78JivanPal:  Yep, that is the one I'm trying but there is a significant bug with usb for the 64 bit version.21:59
=== bubbler2 is now known as bubbler3
JivanPalAhh, would've thought they'd already updated it21:59
JivanPalI see now21:59
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oerheksthat is all the info i have21:59
tomreynbubbler4: please stop21:59
snatcherhmm seems kernel parameters doesn't matter it sometime boots sometime doesn't22:03
JivanPalsnatcher: probably a bad boot media (failing drive) or a bad install (some files corrupted during installation or when the battery died, as you said)22:05
JivanPalThe latter scenario may have occurred if Ubuntu did not accurately determine the battery percentage and hibernate, and instead suffered a power outage, i.e. OS immediately turned off without warning22:05
JivanPalThough that doesn't seem very likely, since I expect the ext4 journal would determine any such issues and fix them22:06
tomreynsnatcher: once it booted and you got internet access, run    echo -n bad boot:; journalctl -b -1 | nc termbin.com 9999; echo; echo -n good boot: journalctl -b | nc termbin.com 9999: echo22:06
jhutchinsCheck dmesg, install smartmontools, fsck from other boot medium.22:07
JivanPalWhoa, termbin.com is cool22:08
NeffscapeGood evening everybody22:24
ironpillowHi everyone, I have a timer running every 30 mins to check for something and restart if necessary. But I also want to restart around 4:30am everyday regardless. Any advice? thanks!22:26
oerheksironpillow, how about a 2nd cron job ?22:27
ironpillowoerheks: I was thinking about that. But I don't want to them to execute at the same time.22:28
JivanPalHave the Always Restart job set to 04:30, and have the Maybe Restart job set to XX:15 and XX:4522:33
ironpillowJivanPal: sorry I am new to systemd timers. Should I have the always restart at 04:30 in the timer file?22:36
JivanPalNot familiar with systemd timers, I'd just use cron22:37
ironpillowthis is what I have (which is working): https://gist.github.com/ironpillow/8b7d3495cdd8dd17278030e44b9de64f22:38
ironpillowOh ok22:38
snatchertomreyn: is there a simple way to do the same from boot media? chroot?22:39
tomreynsnatcher: the same as what? post your logs? just need to mount the installed systesm' root file system at e.g. /mnt/ and then journalctl -D /mnt/var/log/journal/22:45
snatchertomreyn: seems there is no log on bad boot, last log i get with "journalctl -b -D /media/..." is good boot hour ago not latest bad boot minutes ago23:17
tomreynsnatcher: yes, well possible if it failed early23:18
tomreynsnatcher: share the good one if you like23:18
tomreynalso upgrade mainboard firmware23:18
Polybius-my thumb drive isnt showing up23:20
Polybius-lsusb isnt showing it either23:21
Polybius-dont everybody type at once23:22
oerheksnot even with lsusb? is it inserted in a black or blue usb port?  blue would be usb3, try usb2 = black does it work on an other machine?23:22
snatchertomreyn: https://termbin.com/d1go23:22
Polybius-idk what you mean. it showed up yestorday. i formatted the usb last night23:23
tomreynsnatcher: bios from march, likely not the latest?23:23
oerheksdoes it work on an other machine?23:23
tomreynDell Inc. Vostro 3480/0H40C6, BIOS 1.4.1 03/20/201923:24
Polybius-i dont have another machine to test it23:24
Polybius-i would assume it does though23:24
Polybius-no reason for it not too23:24
oerheksthen it is dead.23:25
tomreynsnatcher: i suggest using !LTSE if this is newer hardware23:25
tomreyn!LTSE | snatcher23:25
ubottusnatcher: The Ubuntu LTS enablement stacks provide newer kernel and X support for existing LTS releases, see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Kernel/LTSEnablementStack23:25
tomreyn[drm:intel_bios_init [i915]] *ERROR* Unexpected child device config size 39 (expected 38 for VBT version 221)23:27
Polybius-is there anything i can do?23:27
pragmaticenigmaPolybius-: What have you done on your own? Have you reboot the computer, have you tried another USB drive, have you check your system/journald logs for clues23:29
tomreynsnatcher: ath10k_pci 0000:02:00.0: Direct firmware load for ath10k/pre-cal-pci-0000:02:00.0.bin failed with error -2      ath10k_pci 0000:02:00.0: Direct firmware load for ath10k/cal-pci-0000:02:00.0.bin failed with error -223:29
Polybius-pragmaticenigma, i have tried another USB and it worked fine. i'm not very experienced with logs so i didnt know where to look. and i was hoping there were some sort of commands or something that would fix the issue before i rebooted my computer becouse i have alot of things up at the moment23:31
Polybius-other than var23:31
pragmaticenigmaPolybius-: Rebooting a computer is the very first thing you should always do when you have unexpected behavior from a computer. Do the reboot, then report back23:32
Polybius-ill be back.23:32
tomreynsnatcher: journalctl -b grep 'kernel: ath10k_pci 0000:02:00.0: Unknown eventid'23:32
tomreynsnatcher: journalctl -b | grep -F 'kernel: ath10k_pci 0000:02:00.0: Unknown eventid'23:32
tomreynsnatcher: so i'd say just try the newer kernel and see if this helps, and maybe look for updated firmwares, too23:33
tomreynmostly for the wireless, the mainboard seems to be fine23:33
tomreynit's also running a bit hot at 81°C23:34
tomreynactually you dont need those wireless firmwares either, those are (optional) port specific pre-calibration ones.23:36
Polybius-no avail23:36
tomreyn:-/ Polybius- might need to replace it23:37
pragmaticenigmaPolybius-: Without the ability to test the drive with another computer, then I'm going to have to agree with oerheks and tomreyn  ... the drive is no longer working and it's time to replace23:37
tomreynif you got spare coins, there are now tiny usb stick-like ssd's which last forever and are very fast.23:38
Polybius-i unplugged my cell phone and used that port and it worked. the port i used was a much tighter fit than the other too, so i think my usb is about to go out.23:39
oerhekspragmaticenigma, even in an usb3 port it would show up, no?23:39
Polybius-its my biggest usb. this sucks23:40
oerheks* with lsusb23:41
tomreynPolybius-: get a q-tip, high % alcohol without sugar, remove some wool so it fits, clean contacts23:41
Polybius-okay ill pick up some alcohol later. thanks23:42
Polybius-tomreyn,  rubbing alcohol work?23:42
tomreynit can help clean dirty contacts. maybe more of a topic for ##hardware23:43
oerheks than the other too ..23:44
oerhekshow about using one of them? or am i silly to ask?23:44
pragmaticenigmaPolybius-: rubbing alcohol will work... make sure that anything that you are cleaning is completely turned off and without power23:48
snatcherafter firmware update 5 good boots in a row23:56
tomreynhelps sometimes ;)23:58

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