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studiobotYana Suryana was added by: Yana Suryana11:27
studiobot<Yana Suryana> hello i'm newbie11:27
tomreynhi Yana Suryana11:40
tomreynif you have some support questions, just ask away:11:41
ubottuPlease don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience11:41
tomreynand, yes, you may need to bring some patience.11:41
jubo2Sometimes in irc you get help in 15 seconds, sometimes you need to wait patiently for half a day12:22
wonkojubo2: still better than Gitter where you ask questions and they are never answered.15:54
tomreynSometimes in irc you respond to questions and your responses are never read.15:57
tomreynstudiobot: have you ever heard of this phenomenon?15:57
tomreyni mean Yana Suryana, of course.15:58
oerheksaks a question, thén google/bing/askjeeves15:58
* oerheks remounts /dev/root15:59
Peter70Hi all. First time in here for me. IRC newbie.19:35
Peter70This room is pretty dead, isn't it?19:36
studiobot<SomeIrrelevantPerson0000> Support channel mate, not much of a channel to chat.19:37
studiobot<Go_Diego_Go> Be patient, it might take some time before you get a reply to your question. Also, just ask the question right away19:37
studiobot<SomeIrrelevantPerson0000> @Go_Diego_Go [Be patient, it might take some time before you get a reply to your question. Als …], 👆☝️19:38
Peter70In Ubuntu Studio, how can I determine which version I'm running?19:38
studiobot<Go_Diego_Go> Open a terminal and type lsb_release -a19:39
studiobot<Go_Diego_Go> I think that should work.19:39
studiobot<SomeIrrelevantPerson0000> Go to terminal and typr lsb_release -a19:39
studiobot<SomeIrrelevantPerson0000> Or19:39
studiobot<SomeIrrelevantPerson0000> System settings -> Details from 'system' tab19:40
Peter70That works. Much appeciated.19:41
studiobot<SomeIrrelevantPerson0000> No problem bro :)19:41
Peter70Some, I didn't understand your suggestion. When I go to System Settings through the menu I don't see a Details tab.19:44
OvenWerksPeter70: I think that is a "gnomish" thing. cat /etc/os-release  or lsb_release -a (as above) uname -a with give the current kernel19:48
OvenWerksNote that none fo these actually say ubuntustudio... I do not know why but all flavours are built on Ubuntu anyway.19:49
Peter70Thanks, OvenWerks.19:50
Peter70cat/etc/os-release doesn't work for me.19:53
OvenWerksspace after cat?19:53
Peter70That works. Thanks, OvenWerks.19:54
Peter70Can I upgrade to Ubuntu Studio 19.10 from 18.04 and retain all my apps and data? In other words, not start from scratch on everything?19:59
OvenWerksEickmeyer: ^^ ?? (he knows the magic command)19:59
OvenWerkssimple answer is yes, but there is a precommand that gets rid of extra PPAs20:00
OvenWerkswithout getting rid of the extra PPAs properly some people have had trouble20:01
Peter70Well, I want to get rid of the extra PPAs. Whatever those are.20:01
Peter70Not a high level of terminal sophistication here.20:03
Peter70For me, I mean.20:03
OvenWerksI understand, however, in this case I don't remember the command exactly, Eickmeyer has it off the top of his head20:04
ubottuFor upgrading, see the instructions at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UpgradeNotes - see also http://www.ubuntu.com/desktop/get-ubuntu/upgrade20:04
OvenWerks!upgrade ubuntustudio20:05
OvenWerksthat didn't work either20:05
studiobot<SomeIrrelevantPerson0000> Isn't it apt-get dist-upgrade?20:05
studiobot<SomeIrrelevantPerson0000> Sorry, for putting my 2 cents in20:05
OvenWerksyes but there is a ppa remove and purge command that needs to be done first. I just don't remember what that is :)20:06
studiobot<SomeIrrelevantPerson0000> Google time20:07
Peter70What kind of trouble am I risking if I don't remove the extra PPAs first?20:07
OvenWerksupgrade stops part way through.20:07
Peter70That sounds bad.20:08
OvenWerkssometimes a reboot and a apt install -f will get it to finish sometimes not20:08
studiobot<SomeIrrelevantPerson0000> Can't you remove them from the /etc/apt/sources.list?20:08
OvenWerksif you leave irc running, when Eickmeyer sees he has been pinged, I am sure the answer will show up.20:09
OvenWerksyes removing them from the list is part of it but there is a purge command after that.20:09
studiobot<SomeIrrelevantPerson0000> otherwise you can also do add-apt-repository —remove ppa:"name of ppa"/ppa20:09
studiobot<SomeIrrelevantPerson0000> @OvenWerks [<OvenWerks> yes removing them from the list is part of it but there is a purge c …], OOHHHHH20:10
Peter70I wouldn't know the name of the PPA I want to remove.20:10
studiobot<SomeIrrelevantPerson0000> Are you talking about ppa-purge?20:10
Peter70Assuming I've removed the extra PPAs or want to risk proceeding without removing the extra PPAs, what's the upgrade command?20:14
studiobot<SomeIrrelevantPerson0000> @Peter70 [<Peter70> Assuming I've removed the extra PPAs or want to risk proceeding withou …], Upgrading from 18.04 to 19.10?20:15
Peter70Yes. 18.04 to 19.10.20:15
studiobot<SomeIrrelevantPerson0000> It should be sudo apt-get update && dist-upgrade20:16
studiobot<SomeIrrelevantPerson0000> Try that20:16
Peter70Unclear on what to type. The green part represents what?20:16
Peter70The ampersands.20:17
Peter70Do the ampersands represent actual ampersands?20:17
studiobot<SomeIrrelevantPerson0000> The ampersands mean i believe and! do this20:17
Peter70As separate commands or on the same line?20:18
Peter70You see my level here.20:18
studiobot<SomeIrrelevantPerson0000> That command in all means update my packages and upgrade my distribution20:18
studiobot<SomeIrrelevantPerson0000> Type20:18
studiobot<SomeIrrelevantPerson0000> sudo apt-get update && dist-upgrade20:18
studiobot<SomeIrrelevantPerson0000> then type your root password20:19
Peter70Again with the green ampersands.20:19
studiobot<SomeIrrelevantPerson0000> Sorry, I'm chatting via telegram so thsoe don't show up for me20:19
Peter70There's a level of representation here you may think is obvious to me but isn't.20:19
studiobot<SomeIrrelevantPerson0000> type this all on one line20:20
studiobot<SomeIrrelevantPerson0000> sudo20:20
studiobot<SomeIrrelevantPerson0000> apt-get20:20
studiobot<SomeIrrelevantPerson0000> update20:20
Peter70Western Union telegram? You must be joking.20:20
studiobot<SomeIrrelevantPerson0000> &&20:20
Peter70Again I'm seeing green ampersands.20:20
studiobot<SomeIrrelevantPerson0000> dist-upgrade20:21
studiobot<SomeIrrelevantPerson0000> Ok20:21
studiobot<SomeIrrelevantPerson0000> Type this20:21
studiobot<SomeIrrelevantPerson0000> sudo apt-get update20:21
studiobot<SomeIrrelevantPerson0000> It should update your packages20:21
Peter70studiobot, this is hypothetical. I'm not typing that stuff NOW.20:21
Peter70I haven't removed the extra PPAs.20:21
studiobot<SomeIrrelevantPerson0000> I know, I am telling you via hypotheical20:22
Peter70I'm gonna have to go back and study it, because I still don't know what you intend to represent with green characters.20:22
Peter70They'e green for a reason, right?20:23
studiobot<SomeIrrelevantPerson0000> The green ampersands mean nothing20:23
Peter70Like they're placeholders for something else I'm supposed to plug in?20:23
studiobot<SomeIrrelevantPerson0000> that's part of the command20:23
Peter70Why are they green?20:23
Peter70Characters don't just turn green for no reason, do they?20:24
studiobot<SomeIrrelevantPerson0000> They're green because they are.20:24
Peter70I don't understand.20:25
studiobot<SomeIrrelevantPerson0000> But the command to upgrade your distributon is sudo apt-get update && dist-upgrade20:25
Peter70Again. Green ampersands. Why are you doing that?20:26
Peter70What am I supposed to understand here?20:26
studiobot<SomeIrrelevantPerson0000> Once you have found out how to delete the ppa's you need, you can use that command to upgrade from 18.04 to 19.1020:26
GREENampersandSend the command please20:26
Peter70Now you're mocking me.20:27
GREENampersandNo, I'm a different person, I logged in to irc to see what the green words were that way I could help you20:27
Peter70I think somebody's just having fun here.20:28
Peter70I'm sincerely trying to understand the command.20:29
studiobot<SomeIrrelevantPerson0000> The green ampersands are just part of the command.20:29
studiobot<SomeIrrelevantPerson0000> I'm talking to you via the telegram app mate.20:29
Peter70Not familiar with that. But I've sent real telegrams. Back in the eighties.20:30
studiobot<SomeIrrelevantPerson0000> Telegram is a messenger app, like whatsapp, or facebook messenger.20:31
Peter70Well, until I figure out (or am told) how to remove extra PPAs I think I should wait on the upgrade. Thanks for the help.20:32
studiobot<SomeIrrelevantPerson0000> The ampersands is part of the command. No reason why they turn green for you. Maybe because the irc interprets && as a part of code or something.20:32
Peter70Could be.20:32
Peter70Why do you use a handle that makes it seem like you're a bot?20:33
studiobot<SomeIrrelevantPerson0000> @Peter70 [<Peter70> Could be.], No problem, eickmayer should be here momentarily to help.20:33
studiobot<SomeIrrelevantPerson0000> @Peter70 [<Peter70> Why do you use a handle that makes it seem like you're a bot?], This bot bridges and relays messages between telegram app and the actual irc.20:33
Peter70Well, thanks again for your help.20:34
studiobot<SomeIrrelevantPerson0000> My handle on Telegram is some Irrelevant person. Not sure if you can see that via this message.20:35
studiobot<SomeIrrelevantPerson0000> @Peter70 [<Peter70> Well, thanks again for your help.], No problem again mate. Eickmayer should be here momentarily to help you. :) Please be patient.20:35
Peter70Oh, I see now.20:36
studiobot<SomeIrrelevantPerson0000> @Peter70 [<Peter70> Oh, I see now.], :)20:36
Peter70Typical newbie mistakes I suppose.20:36
Peter70And then some.20:37
studiobot<SomeIrrelevantPerson0000> Lol. It happens, you live and you learn.20:37
Peter70SomeIrrelevantPerson0000, I'd like to assess risk. By "extra PPAs" do you mean PPAs I've manually installed? Because that's a set of zero.23:14
tomreynPeter70: i haven't followed your chat but when extra PPAs are mentioned in #ubuntustudio my guess it it refers to *any* PPAs but the ubuntustudio backports one.23:48
tomreynor any where you couldn't tell what their support policy is.23:49
tomreynsudo apt-get update && apt-cache policy     to list configured repositories23:50
OvenWerksbackport ones too I would think23:50
OvenWerksmaybe even the backport ones in particular because there can be package conflicts with backports to new release of the same package23:52
tomreynOvenWerks: you're saying this PPA introduced package conflicts? https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UbuntuStudio/BackportsPPA23:52
OvenWerksIt could yes23:53
tomreyntheoretically, sure, but i guess Eickmey3r would be careful there.23:54

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