bodicceaI just installed xubuntu 19.10 on a new laptop, japanese keyboard. I have ibus/mozc installed, but just cannot input any japanese. Any character I type is just roman. Any idea ?01:30
kadirobodiccea> did you see this? http://www.localizingjapan.com/blog/2014/05/25/japanese-input-on-ubuntu-linux-14-04-lts-trusty-tahr/01:34
kadiroit is for 14.04 but i think it can be done the same way in 19.1001:34
bodicceakadiro: Yes I did. Japanese is installed. I just cannot switch to mozc input (I tried anthy too). Likely something is missing. When I try to switch to mozc/anthy on input applet, it just shows the icon for 1/2 secs, then comes back to hiragana character, but still my input is "romaji"01:44
kadironow i understand01:45
kadirobodiccea> i'm trying just to help, i found this interesting link https://askubuntu.com/questions/561486/how-do-i-switch-input-modes-in-mozc-without-going-to-the-ibus-menu01:47
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bodicceathx kadiro, but I saw this post already. It is more about a shortcut to avoid the mozc/anthy menu. However, I think my issue is somewhere else, as the menu itself does not work.02:22
kadirobodiccea> I'm sorry to not able to help you but did you try to ask in #ubuntu channel as it has a large support, I'm sure someone can help there02:23
bodicceanot yet, but sure, I usually go there :)02:37
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Regorgparted works good ! i regularly use it for all disk tasks05:41
Regoroops! i commented on old thread !😯️05:46
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Noboru55hello.. How to reverse the position of the favorites with the main menu items? in whiskers17:12
Noboru55is it possible?17:14
kadiroNoboru55> may be right clock on any item and see the two last option in the context menu17:16
LLIypukkadiro, that's grammar ordering17:16
Noboru55kadiro i mean exchange reverse.. the right itens in the left side and the left itens to the right side in whiskers menu17:17
Noboru55i saw it in mint linux but do not know how they do that17:18
kadiromine have only one line, my bad17:18
Noboru55i see.. one line is nice too...17:18
kadiroI think ( not very sure ) may be this can help https://classicforum.manjaro.org/index.php?topic=23198.017:21
Noboru55Right-click on whiskermenu iconPropertiesbehaviorcheck position categories next to panel button17:21
Noboru55it solved...17:22
Noboru55kadiro thank you for your time17:22
kadiroNoboru55> You're welcome17:22
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tbshello, my wifi doesnt work:)22:14
xubuntu98wHow do I remove an uninstalled program from whisker menu? I uninstalled Cheese, since I found webcamoid which is better, but the shortcut in the menu did not go away.  If clicked it errors saying it can't find the target.  I tried going into menu libre to manually remove it, but upon opening am presented with an error saying that the entry for22:17
xubuntu98wcheese is not visible due to an error, which I have a screenshot of here. https://ibb.co/XYZKNTt    So yeah if anyone knows how to remove it from the menu that would be awesome, and also in general how to clean up files from removed packages?22:17
xubuntu98w@tbs what kind of wifi adapter is in your computer?22:17
tbsi bought th22:18
kadiroxubuntu98w> try to purge it if not just remove its desktop file22:18
tbsi bought this new, hp laptop 15-db004822:19
tomreyntbs: if this system has internet access by other means, please run and post the output of:   lspci -knn | grep -EA3 '(Network|Ethernet) controller' | nc termbin.com 999922:20
kadirotbs> if you type in the terminal: iwconfic , can you see your wifi device?22:20
xubuntu98wpaste "lspci | grep -i wireless" into your terminal and post output22:21
xubuntu98wi had the same issue with my laptop, unfortunately my wifi adapter is not natively supported, but the good news was that there was a community created driver on github that works perfectly.22:22
tbstomreyn https://termbin.com/94w722:23
tbskadiro is it maybe ifconfig? cuz it cant find ur command22:24
tbsxubuntu98w i pasted it and enter but nothing happened22:24
kadirotbs> iwconfig is for wifi, but ifconfic can also show it22:25
tbskadiro ahh u wrote iwconfic :)22:25
tomreynRTL8723DE 802.11b/g/n PCIe Adapter [10ec:d723]22:26
kadirooops my bad22:26
tomreyntbs: which ubuntu version is this?  lsb_release -ds22:26
tbskadiroit also cant find ifconfic22:26
tbstomreyn 19.10 latest i guess22:27
kadiroit is midnight hear i do mistakes :D22:27
tbstomreyn xubuntu22:27
tbswhat can i do with this? RTL8723DE 802.11b/g/n PCIe Adapter [10ec:d723]22:28
xubuntu98w@kadiro i looked in /usr/share/applications but there is no desktop file for cheese, as it was removed. apt-get purge cheese didnt work either because its already gone. i dont get how it's still showing up in the menu though.22:29
kadiroxubuntu98w> can you see it in ~/.local/share/applications/22:29
tomreyntbs: this is your wireless chipset. you can search the web for it combined with your ubuntu version or kernel version (cat /proc/version) to look for instruction son how to get it working22:29
tbsxubuntu98wthere s cache things files too22:29
tbsctrl h at ur home folder i guess and try to find folders about that app which s hidden xubuntu98w22:30
tomreyntbs: you'll either be missing newer firmwares or may need to use a PPA (or git repository) providing drivers for this device.22:30
tomreyntbs: looks like git http://ubuntuhandbook.org/index.php/2019/04/nstall-rtl8723de-wifi-driver-ubuntu-19-04/22:32
xubuntu98w@kadiro wow its the only thing in that folder, good snipe https://ibb.co/H29YxHw   so just delete it and that should fix it?22:33
kadiroxubuntu98w> it should yes22:34
tomreyntbs: make sure your system is fully updated before you do this:   sudo apt update && sudo apt upgrade -y && sudo apt autoremove22:34
xubuntu98w@kadiro it worked, awesome, thankyou. i wonder why programs do that sometimes, not uninstall cleanly..22:36
kadiroxubuntu98w> you're welcome, yeah it is sometimes weird22:36

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