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xnoxdoko:  i've started boost 1.71 by default test-rebuilds in a bileto PPA and slowly going through the py3.8 / boost-without-py2 fallout and trying to make patches for all the affected packages.15:06
xnoxI will be uploading them to ubuntu, such that they all become "binNMU" safe to pick up new boost / new python3 / new cmake etc.15:06
xnoxand removing any hardcoded versions as I go along.15:07
sdkEh, last week, I asked on #ubuntu about a dependency tree problem I encountered with the netinst but no one was able to help. I know it isn't a support channel but I think some people here could help me find the best place to report the problem I'm facing. So here's my problem: On a minimal (with no Desktop Manager) netinst install, if I try to only install xorg, apt wants to install the whole ubuntu desktop (gnome shell16:48
sdkand whatnot). However, I only want to install xorg so I can install only a WM like i3 after that. Further, this problem also occurs when I try to install packages like VLC or MPV. Btw, Configuring apt to not install recommended packages isn't an option since I want those packages for most of them. Like I said, there seems to be a problem with the dependency tree.16:48
jbichasdk: there are alternate dependencies available. The default dependencies are set intentionally.16:56
jbichaone trick is to use a - suffix to avoid the package you don't want. For instance:16:58
jbichasudo apt install xorg gnome-terminal-16:58
JanCyou can also use --no-install-recommends for one command17:35
LocutusOfBorgUnit193, you might add your patches on top of that so they become debian friendly?18:04
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HokarPokarHey. I'm trying to cross-compile a python package for Windows x64. While compiling a source file, the mingw-w64 compiler throws an error "unknow multiarch location for pyconfig.h". I opened up the pyconfig.h and I don't see any includes for Windows target. Am I doing something wrong ?21:26
HokarPokarIs the header not provisioned for windows ?21:27
HokarPokarForgot to mention, I'm running all of this from within a virtualenv created for python3.621:28
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Unit193LocutusOfBorg: Nah it's not really related to patches, it's the packaging being weird.23:00

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