ppdacHello, I have several file servers running 2:4.7.6+dfsg~ubuntu-0ubuntu2.11. I noticed that the three that have been rebooted for updates will now drop SMB connections for Macs overnight. The other servers are also running the same package with the exact same setup, but haven't been rebooted, and these will not drop connections.01:22
ppdacSamba logs the drop events as: ../source3/smbd/service.c:1050(close_cnum)closed connection to service data01:23
ppdacThe Macs log the events as: kcm DEPRECATED USE in libdispatch client: Setting timer interval to 0 requests a 1ns timer, did you mean FOREVER (a one-shot timer)?; set a breakpoint on _dispatch_bug_deprecated to debug01:23
ppdacI'm not afraid to restart the other servers for updates... does anyone have any experience with this type of issue?01:24
ppdacWindows clients and Linux clients will not drop connections on any of the servers, even the rebooted ones.01:24
ppdacI'm now afraid*01:25
ppdacSorry 2:4.7.6+dfsg~ubuntu-0ubuntu2.11 is the Samba package version.01:27
tomreynppdac: we have #ubuntu-server for your (apparently) ubuntu 18.04 LTS server questions01:50
ppdacOh, thank you tomreyn01:51
tomreynppdac: however, at this time of day, you might have to wait a while. maybe try ##linux, too. or something macos, if i got you right and you worry about those clients01:51
ppdacYes, that's right. Sounds like good advice, thank you!01:52
tomreyni have not much understanding of samba, good luck01:52
tomreynppdac: be aware that, just to complicate matters further, some countries will experience DST switching today (maybe that's actually why you timed the maintenance for now).01:54
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ppdacHello, I have several file servers running Samba 4.7.6 (package 2:4.7.6+dfsg~ubuntu-0ubuntu2.11). I noticed that the three that have been rebooted for updates will now drop SMB connections for Macs overnight. The other servers are also running the same package with the exact same setup, but haven't been rebooted, and these will not drop01:54
ppdacconnections.Samba logs the drop events as: ../source3/smbd/service.c:1050(close_cnum)closed connection to service shareNameThe Macs log the events as:kcm DEPRECATED USE in libdispatch client: Setting timer interval to 0 requests a 1ns timer, did you mean FOREVER (a one-shot timer)?; set a breakpoint on _dispatch_bug_deprecated to debugI'm now01:54
ppdacafraid to restart the other servers for updates... does anyone have any experience with this type of issue?Windows clients and Linux clients will not drop connections on any of the servers, even the rebooted ones.01:54
ppdacOops, so sorry01:55
ScottyKGreetings! Trying to install 19.10 on my vostro 5370 laptop that came preloaded with windows 10. Have the ubuntu iso on a flashdrive. when I disable secure boot and restart, I select the "uefi sandisk partition 1" to load. Upon installing ubuntu, it can't "see" the internal SSD. suggestions?01:55
ryuoScottyK: meaning the installer doesn't see it?02:01
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ScottyKruyo - correct. It just "sees" sdb, which is the flash drive.02:02
ryuowait, what? try going to a shell and try this: ls /dev/sd*02:02
ryuoit suggest something is at /dev/sda?02:03
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ryuousb should be sda if there's no other detected drives.02:03
ryuoScottyK: what is revealed?02:03
tomreynScottyK: in your bios, set the SATA MODE from its current value of RAID to AHCI02:05
ScottyKbooting over to that side now...02:05
ryuotomreyn: why would it be in RAID?02:06
tomreynbecause some companies think fakeraid is great02:06
ryuothere's no benefit for a single drive system02:06
ScottyK@tomreyn - I think I saw something in bios about that!02:06
tomreynryuo: the companies selling it to users as a feature, that it02:07
ryuoa feature that's utterly useless.02:07
ryuofor most laptops02:07
ryuoyou need at least 2 drives for that to make sense.02:07
tomreynfor this to potentially make a little bit of sense, yes02:08
ryuoScottyK: one small piece of advice. are you planning to overwrite windows 10 entirely?02:08
tomreyni agree with this advice02:09
ScottyK@ruyo - comes up with /dev/sda /dev/sda1 /dev/sdb /dev/sdb102:09
ryuoScottyK: if so you may want to do a blkdiscard on the SSD prior to installation to completely reset the SSD.02:09
ryuonow it does?02:09
ScottyKbut when I go to install, all it can install to is sdb. no option anywhere for sda02:09
tomreynalso upgrade any firmwares before you remove windows02:10
ryuoyes... it's a lot harder to do later. it's always easiest from windows.02:10
ScottyK@ryuo - no i want to dual boot for now02:10
ryuoOk, then forget blkdiscard.02:10
devslashwhat package is the service binary located in ?02:10
devslashsystemd-services ?02:10
ScottyKI'm going to boot back into the bios and look for that raid to ahci option tomreyn spoke of. back in a bit!02:11
ryuoScottyK: you may find it easier to do that by preformatting the SSD and reinstalling windows 10 to a custom setup... it can be a PITA to resize its partitions after the fact.02:11
tomreynScottyK: you may need to do this differently if you intend to continue using the existing windows installation02:11
tomreynScottyK: we're not strictly a windows support channel but this seems to explain how to switch this without breaking windows http://triplescomputers.com/blog/uncategorized/solution-switch-windows-10-from-raidide-to-ahci-operation/02:13
tomreynand you kind of want to switch it to install ubuntu (it may also be possible without, but i don't really recommend it)02:14
tomreynand there's more you need to change in windows to enable it to coexist with linux02:14
ScottyK@tomreyn great thanks for the intel! Usually when I get a new laptop I nuke it and install a fresh install of win and linux anyway. preloaded windows aways has weirdness. looks like it's time to do the same for this one.02:15
rud0lfcall me silly, but today Poland switched from CEST (summer time) to CET, which should result in 3am go 2am again? nothing happened02:18
rud0lfit's 3:18 now02:18
rud0lfaccording to system02:18
tomreynScottyK: some search terms for you: "disable fastboot", "disable fast startup", "dual boot windows 10 clock utc"02:19
rud0lfgoogle "poland time" says 3am too *confused gasp*02:19
tomreynrud0lf: your system already switched02:19
ScottyK@tomreyn - thanks!!02:19
tomreynrud0lf: 3:18 is your new time02:19
ppdacI think ScottyK probably has an NVMe drive02:24
ppdacSo, not using the SATA settings02:24
quidnuncI'm trying to do-release-upgrade but I only have 3GB of free space on /, and the installer quits, saying it needs 8GB. I don't think I can free any more space, what can I do? My /var is on another partition with plenty of space02:25
ScottyKI'm going to back up the windows side, then try to adjust the settings via the link tomreyn posted. If that doesn't work, then I'll go into the bios and switch from raid to ahpi. If it nukes the OS, I'll simply reinstall windows. then try to install ubuntu02:26
ScottyKMaybe that will explain when I try to use ubuntu in a VM on the same laptop, it can't find the host for the shared folders.02:28
tomreynrud0lf: journalctl --since=01:59 --until=03:0002:30
rud0lfthanks tomreyn02:32
snatcherlubuntu 19.10 doesn't(?) allow select multiple kbd layouts on install? >selected local layout >added english layout manually from widget to enter username/password >cannot login while there is no english layout only local02:36
en1gmai just installed ubuntu 18.04.3 Desktop 64bit to a micro usb card. when installing i selected to allow it to download 3rd party software. when i did this it asked me to enter some (special) security password and i did.02:38
en1gmawhen i rebooted it booted me into what looked like my laptop bios and it was asking me about a password02:38
en1gmawhat was that as i did not enter or create the password but it did allow me to continue to install but like i said i never entered that password02:39
tomreynquidnunc: you could symlink /var/lib/apt/lists/ to a new directory on the /var partition during the upgrade02:53
tomreynquidnunc: or you could boot from a live usb system and resize partitions + file systems02:54
tomreynthat it needs 8 GB extra means you have a *lot* installed though02:55
tomreyn(maybe you misinterpreted the message?)02:56
lotuspsychjewhat can we do for you JakeOLantern03:32
JakeOLanternOh, hey. If I only want to *send* email using sendmail, do I have to all both outgoing *and* incoming traffic on 25?03:34
IlgazDid grub2 get a last second update before 19.10 final release?03:52
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magic_ninja_workblueooth is using a ton of power on 19.10. Is there anything I can do to investigate it? It is using close to 10W04:31
magic_ninja_workman, power usage was doing great on here. Now it is crap.04:49
magic_ninja_workLike 2 hours. Wtf.04:49
magic_ninja_workIt is iwlwifi and bluetooth doing it.04:50
AmorrisCan you install Ubuntu 19.1 on a SATA device that's using RAID?05:09
pragmaticenigma!raid | Amorris05:29
ubottuAmorris: Tips and tricks for RAID and LVM can be found on https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/SoftwareRAID and http://www.tldp.org/HOWTO/LVM-HOWTO - For software RAID, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FakeRaidHowto05:29
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FaTaL_GGHi all, Im running ubuntu 18.04.3 LTS, I've been running 16.04 and on both versions I have a very annoying issue that many (if not every) time I reboot, the interfaces dont all come back up properly, specifically, the dhcp server never gets an ip from the modem. If I "sudo ifup -a" it works06:24
FaTaL_GGI constantly get a "failed to bring up br0" but its got to be a false error, because br0 works fine06:25
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johnjayFaTaL_GG: where do you look for the diagnostic messages? journalctl?08:05
FaTaL_GGjohnjay, which message?08:43
FaTaL_GGthe br0 one?08:43
FaTaL_GGthat happens when I ifup -a, but the br0 wa already working, because I do thiswith putty08:44
FaTaL_GGits jus dhcp never gets an address08:44
FaTaL_GGon the nic facing the modem08:44
geekPantherHow can i create User credentials for Gitea Droplet that I created in DigitalOcens?08:44
HokarPokarHey guys. I am facing some trouble with some wifi router which delivers extremely low speeds. I have already posted the question at https://superuser.com/questions/1496269/how-to-debug-slow-wifi-speed-over-tplink-router. Since I'm using a ubuntu, if any can offer any help, that shall be great08:59
geekPantherHow Can I Fix "USER is not in the sudoers file.  This incident will be reported."? Please help me figureout09:01
ayewas superuser : adduser $USER sudo09:06
ayewi.e. run as root or run sudo adduser $USER sudo from an account that already has is in the sudo group09:06
ayewalso, this is presuming the file /etc/sudoers is configured proparly, but it shoudl be by default09:07
lotuspsychjeHokarPokar: wifi router issues, might fit more in ##networking or ##hardware unless you assume its your wifi chipset that lacks in ubuntu?09:07
ayewHokarPokar: >  two different machines running linux and windows....Both of them receive a lower speed of around 25 Mbps.<  the issue is not ubuntu09:08
ayewHokarPokar: id hazard a guess that a $30 wireless router just isn't very good, but the spec sheete says 802.11n, so it should not work09:16
ayewshould work*09:16
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doug16kayew, freudian slip? :D09:41
ayewsomething like that09:41
ayewive had lots of people come to be with router issues and usually my answer is: put that overpriced isp supplied router in the trash, so perhaps it is :p09:42
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doevHow can I send line-in direct to line-out with pulse-audio?10:12
Kolasif i successfully setup ppppoe is there any reason why the computer would not be able to receive connections from the internet10:41
Kolasspecifically ssh10:41
Kolasno firewall rules in iptables10:41
EriC^Kolas: is ssh installed and running?10:43
EriC^systemctl status ssh10:43
EriC^what happens when you try to connect to the pc?10:43
Kolasits remote now. ssh connection just times out10:44
EriC^Kolas: what happens if you do "nc -lvp 4444" and then "echo bla | <your-ip> 4444" in another terminal?10:44
Kolascant check that quick. the system is quite a bit away and i have to ask someone else to type that stuff in ;/10:46
Kolasthanks for your help10:46
Kolasi put ubuntu on a usb stick with openssh server. that one was working just fine here locally in my network10:47
Kolasthe usb stick was carried to the system.. and then pppoe was setup successfully10:47
Kolasand i was hoping i could just go from there and do the rest of the setup. mostly for testing purposes.10:47
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Kolasthe gist is of it is i should check if its listening as expected right?10:48
EriC^Kolas: try using ssh -vvv user@host when connecting10:48
EriC^it should give alot more info10:50
Kolasjust sits there at connecting to IP port XXX10:52
Kolasi think i might have fundamentally messed something up..10:52
Kolasfirst time i use pppoe like this. i assumed it would be related to that10:53
EriC^no idea about pppoe, maybe try joining ##networking as well10:54
Kolaswill do. appreciate your input :D10:54
Kolasso apparently i got an ipv6 address from pppoe that shows up weirdly (to me) in ifconfig11:20
Kolasnow i have to figure out how to get ddclient to work with ipv611:21
jilIs there a pratical way to see all fonts installed on the system for a specific letter ?11:46
jilFor exemple, I'de like to display on instance of the C in the different fonts11:46
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jilIm' using gnome-font-view but it dispaly A and B, not a user defined character .11:48
BluesKajHiyas all11:53
circuitbonejil: font forge perhaps11:55
jilcircuitbone: looks nice.  Thankyou.11:56
rajil font-manager too. it's #4 in this list of font utilities https://www.ubuntupit.com/15-best-linux-font-tools-and-how-to-install-linux-fonts-on-ubuntu/12:01
jilnice link.  thank you ra12:03
jilfont-manager is very nice but, it lak the feature I'm looking for.  comparing all fonts with user edited text.  Say, display side by side all representations of the C letter.12:11
jilreading font forge manual, I see that what I'm asking may be hard to find because font letter are designed as font familly members first not as a font individual to be compared to other font individual.12:11
circuitboneJil untested but this pythonic lib might be able to make a glyph report from different fonts12:12
circuitbonePerhaps overthinking it and now considering png of font letters out of image magick12:16
rajil, i keep reading that font-manager does filtering 'It has a compare feature that lets you compare multiple fonts with your choice of text.'12:38
rajil, have a look at this post.  https://unix.stackexchange.com/questions/120674/gallery-of-installed-fonts12:38
dreamcat4hey there. iḿ on 19.10 now, and with latest nvidia drivers. however i cannot see ǵnome'as a login option?12:38
dreamcat4i mean the wayland version of gnome. that just says ǵnome'inside the cog/gears dropdown12:38
dreamcat4please excuse the accented characters12:39
lotuspsychjedreamcat4: nvidia + wayland is still a work in progress12:39
dreamcat4cool man12:39
dreamcat4i was just wondering if there is still possible for me to try logging into it using my current setup12:40
dreamcat4just to quickly test something else12:40
lotuspsychjedreamcat4: maybe read in the releasenotes: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/EoanErmine/ReleaseNotes#Enabling_Wayland_support_with_the_NVIDIA_proprietary_driver12:40
dreamcat4thanks! yes i dont plan on using it as my main. itś just for some testing purpose12:40
jilyes ar, font-manager can compare font but you select the manualy one by one.  not very efficient.13:14
jilThe best I have for know is inkscape text tool13:14
boktanim on ubuntu live usb now but i need iso file from my harddisk how to get it on live usb13:15
oerheksstandard live usb has no writing part, you need to setup a persistence part13:17
boktanso i cannot create bootable usb from live usb ubuntu_13:18
boktani have kali linux iso on harddrive13:18
oerheksthat is an other question ..13:18
boktanand i want to use startup disk creator from ubuntu13:19
boktanbut get the iso from harddrive13:19
boktani think i need to mount the home directory from the parrot os from harddrive13:20
oerhekswhy using ubuntu live as you have parrot os already?13:21
boktanparrot i did clean install13:21
boktanbecause of update upgrade and install not working13:22
boktanthey have some problem started today13:22
boktani think13:22
boktanso i do want to do with ubuntu13:22
boktanthe tool from ubuntu is easy for me to use13:22
oerheksgo try it, boot ubuntu, and open filemanager, the partitions should be there, not too hard for a 'kali hacker' ???13:25
oerheksthen write the iso to a 2nd usb13:25
boktani dont see any different on any distro everything same shit one have things working better then the another13:25
boktanparrot haves another shit not working ubuntu haves another and let see what is not working on kali13:27
boktananyways i found it13:31
boktanthank you13:31
CoolerYthe package system is broken again13:43
oerheksrun sudo apt update again, then sudo dpkg --configure -a ( best option) or sudo apt-get install -f13:49
BluesKaj_CoolerY,  try again, unattended updates may have interfered13:49
oerheksmaybe.. or what happened that apt install -f is needed?13:50
oerhekshalf story13:50
BluesKaj_yeah looks like a dependency issue13:50
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jeremy31CoolerY: make a paste for>  sudo fuser -v /var/cache/debconf/config.dat13:54
niko1990Hello everyone14:07
oerhekshi niko199014:09
niko1990I have a question: I have 3 Brand new 64GB SDHC U3 Card that are not working with my Ubuntu 18.04 (Lenovo laptop with included cardreader). On a second lenovo (same type) with windows 7 the sdhc cards are working like a charm... And the Cardreader in my ubuntu laptop is working with other sdhc cards too (older models around 16GB)... Is there a known bug or anything like else??? It always gives me in different commands 14:11
oerheksU3 card, is this with preinstalled software?14:14
oerheks!info u3-tool14:14
ubottuu3-tool (source: u3-tool): tool for controlling the special features of a U3 USB flash disk. In component universe, is optional. Version 0.3-3 (eoan), package size 16 kB, installed size 53 kB (Only available for any-amd64; any-i386; alpha; arm64; armel; armhf; ia64; mips64el; mipsel; ppc64el; sh4)14:14
niko1990oerheks: no, its a blank one ( this one: https://www.amazon.de/SanDisk-Extreme-microSDXC-Cameras-Performance/dp/B07HB8SLMV/ )14:16
Sven_vBmy xmodmap settings seem to be forgotton each time I reconnect my bluetooth headphones. I use them to re-assign the headphone buttons. how can I make them more permanent?14:18
Sven_vBusing Xenial14:18
oerheksniko1990, does it show up with parted ?14:19
Sven_vBniko1990, what's the error message? also, once it works, test them with f3 to prevent data loss.14:20
boktanif i try to upgrade i get E: /var/cache/apt/archives/ not enough space error how can i increase the space on that folder?14:23
niko1990oerheks: Sven_vB: https://pste.eu/p/aMpx.html14:23
niko1990this is what i get in dmesg when i plug in the card14:24
oerheksboktan, what are you upgrading, ubuntu live usb?14:24
boktanim now on kali but what changes it? say me how i do it on ubuntu :D14:24
oerheksboktan, you have been told before: we do not support kali.14:25
boktanno im asking for ubuntu :D14:25
boktansay me please IF YOUR KNOW how to do it on ubuntu14:25
boktanokay then please go to corner14:25
oerheksboktan, please seek help in the kali channels, not here.14:26
boktanthis is so stupid from you man14:26
boktansay me how i do it on ubuntu14:26
ubottuHelp! Channel emergency! (ONLY use this trigger in emergencies) - Pici, Myrtti, jrib, Amaranth, tonyyarusso, Nalioth, lamont, CarlK, elky, mneptok, Tm_T, jpds, ikonia, Flannel, genii, wgrant, stdin, h00k, IdleOne, Jordan_U, popey, Corey, ocean, cprofitt, djones, Madpilot, gnomefreak, lhavelund, phunyguy, bazhang, chu, dax14:26
jeremy31boktan: try google14:26
boktanim asking you ubuntu questi14:26
tomreynhi enrio14:26
enriocan someone give me lightweight browser alternative firefox/chrome but still compatible with addons of firefox/chrome14:27
tomreynhmm, i don't think there is one i could recommend.14:27
boktanenrio here no one can recommend anything14:28
boktanthey just can disquss :D14:28
tomreyn^ please ignore.14:29
oerheksnot sure Qupzilla supports addons ... https://itsfoss.com/open-source-browsers-linux/14:30
Sven_vBlooks like niko1990's error is "mmc0: Tuning timeout, falling back to fixed sampling clock¶ [ 9382.538455] mmcblk0: error -84 sending status command, retrying"14:31
Sven_vBniko1990, do you have other MMCs you could test with, to assert it's not an electrical problem?14:32
oerhekshe claimed it works on a windows machine..14:34
oerheksi wonder if it is just bad blocks, or the need of exfat utils..14:34
Sven_vBniko1990, also have a look in /dev/disk/by-id/ , is there something that sounds like your MMC? you can censor the serial number if it shows up14:35
Sven_vBoerheks, if the windows machine is another device, the linux machine may still have a broken wire.14:35
enrioone more thing , is possible to install ubuntu in logical partition of windows?14:36
Sven_vBenrio, depends on the file system of that partition14:36
Sven_vBenrio, if it supports big files, you can make a big file and use that as a virtual disk, then install there. it's a bit complicated though.14:37
enriois there light ubuntu , which consumes less memory , my main purpose of ubuntu is for work,education related things , work,education related software14:37
Sven_vBenrio, you could start with the Ubuntu Mini iso then install just the stuff you need. that saves RAM waste.14:38
Sven_vBenrio, you can also try Lubuntu or Xubuntu14:38
tomreynenrio: you can run a (headless) server with just 500 or 750 MB RAM.14:39
tomreynif you like a graphical interface then you'll want at least an extra gigabyte of ram14:40
tomreynthe minimal recommendation for default ubuntu is 4 GB RAM.14:41
* Sven_vB runs 32bit Ubuntus on netbooks with just 1 GB RAM total. it works for running VLC and epiphany-browser.14:41
tomreyn(ubuntu desktop, that is)14:41
Sven_vBbtw, will my RAM use double once I upgrade to 64bit?14:42
Sven_vBI mean the parts occupied by program instructions14:43
Sven_vB^-- "Myth and facts about 64-bit Linux" / thanks!14:46
enrioi'm using 2GB ram14:46
enriocan change GUI to something else like XFCE14:48
enriohow much frequent should i take update after the switch to ubuntu14:49
Sven_vBenrio, yes, just install it and then uninstall the other DE. you might want to do that from a text console. ;)14:49
Sven_vBenrio, daily to weekly14:49
oerheksif we say *never* update, what would you do?14:50
enriohappy :) oerheks14:50
oerheksubuntu checks daily, and after boot.14:50
Sven_vBenrio, usually you only need to update the day before someone will hack you ;)14:50
tomreynenrio: while you can install other graphical desktops easily on ubuntu, it doesn't remove the others packages, and doing so is not easy. also, there have been occasions in the past where combining multiple desktop environments on one installation caused side effects.14:51
oerheksSpectre and Meltdown – many of the mitigations for those attacks are unavailable to 32-bit systems.14:51
Sven_vBgood thing my netbooks are too weak for usual websites anyway14:52
niko1990Sven_vB: The cards are working on windows without any problem... A different 4GB SDHC U1 card is working fine on the ubuntu...14:55
enriois there ubuntu beginner place?14:55
enriowhere i can ask question while installing - experimenting?14:56
niko1990Sven_vB: i formated two of the cards on the windows machine from exfat to ntfs, still not working... i installed the exfat tools on ubuntu, still not working...14:56
Sven_vBtomreyn, so do I interpret your myths PDF correctly that I will need about double RAM if I use all-64-bit software, and so to save RAM I should try and downgrade as much of my applications to their 32-bit versions?14:56
Sven_vBniko1990, when you say they work in Windows, is that on the same computer with same card reader?14:57
niko1990Sven_vB: It on exact the same model, but different machine14:58
Sven_vBniko1990, please test. it would be too unlucky if a wire is broken inside.14:58
oerheksif an 4 gb card works, it is not wiring14:59
niko1990Sven_vB: and this is the output of the disk-by-id: lrwxrwxrwx 1 root root  13 Okt 27 15:53 mmc-SN64G_0x3a034971 -> ../../mmcblk014:59
Sven_vBoerheks, they might have different power requirements14:59
oerheksstill wonder if it is just bad blocks, or the need of exfat utils..14:59
oerheksmeh, i do not believe it is broken15:00
enriohow easy its to move from one LTS version to other LTS version in ubuntu?15:00
Sven_vBI don't either, but why believe when you can know15:00
lotuspsychjeenrio: we dont really take polls here15:00
lotuspsychjeenrio: join #ubuntu-discuss if you want to chitchat about ubuntu15:01
Sven_vBniko1990, was that by-id entry the only one that sounded like your card? none with "-part" in it?15:01
oerheksniko1990,  sudo apt install exfat-fuse exfat-utils and insert the card again15:01
niko1990Sven_vB: How do you want me to test it? Like i wrote, i tried it with a different 4GB card on the ubuntu machine, and this one works fine... Is there a  different way of testing it?15:01
Sven_vBenrio, if you have local console access, it's easy.15:01
Sven_vB…to upgrade15:01
niko1990oerheks: I already tried, not working :(15:01
oerheksoke, then the cardreaders/machines are not identical15:02
niko1990Sven_vB: yes, that was the only one15:02
tomreynSven_vB: this is not my pdf, it's from two AMD employees, from 2008. i don't share your interpretatio, you will most likely need more RAM to run the 'same' applications with the same workload. but they will work a lot faster, too. i can only recommend to move away from 32-bit kernels and userspace in 2019 - 32-bit gets both less focus and love now and benefits from fewer hardening features than all current 64-bit platforms.15:02
oerhekssome cheap cardreaders go up to 32 gb15:02
Sven_vBniko1990, ah sorry I didn't think it through, you'd need a windows on the Ubuntu machine which is probably too cumbersome. so let's go the easier way first, try if gparted can see the card and make a partition on it.15:03
niko1990oerheks: Its a 1200 € Lenovo buissines-class Laptop, and I bought both at the same time from direkt lenovo... So I would guess the chances are really high that this are the same ?15:04
Sven_vBtomreyn, thanks!15:04
Sven_vBlooks like I have to upgrade RAM then15:04
niko1990Sven_vB: no with gparted it gives me nonstop the error: "Input/output error during read on /dev/mmcblk0"15:05
IlgazIn x86 World, 64bit should be chosen not just because of 3GB+ situation, CPU gets extra features in 64bit mode. So even on a 2GB machine, install 64bit if you can15:05
niko1990Sven_vB: with the 4GB card it shows up in gparded...15:06
lotuspsychje!who | Ilgaz15:06
ubottuIlgaz: As you can see, this is a large channel. If you're speaking to someone in particular, please put their nickname in what you say (use !tab), or else messages get lost and it becomes confusing :)15:06
niko1990Sven_vB: and this is the output of disks-by-id with the 4GB card:15:06
niko1990lrwxrwxrwx 1 root root  13 Okt 27 15:53 mmc-SN64G_0x3a034971 -> ../../mmcblk015:06
niko1990lrwxrwxrwx 1 root root  15 Okt 27 16:05 mmc-SD4GB_0x00063b5e-part1 -> ../../mmcblk0p115:06
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Sven_vBniko1990, looking good for the 4GB card. I do suspect a hardware problem now.15:07
niko1990Sven_vB: ok... then i'm going to test it now on the windows machine with a ubuntu live version... (this should work, right?)15:08
Sven_vBniko1990, maybe can you get a mini Windows on a USB thumb drive? I think there was something like WinPE15:08
Sven_vBoh good idea! yes that should work15:08
niko1990Sven_vB: ok, I'm going to test that with the linux live. I'm going to write more infos in a couple of minutes...15:09
Sven_vBgood luck!15:09
Ilgazanyone know how to restart ubuntu dock? it seems confused15:09
lotuspsychjeIlgaz: confused how?15:10
IlgazClicking on icons doesn't do anything15:10
Ilgazlotuspsychje: sorry, should mention nick15:10
=== flang is now known as fling
Ilgazlotuspsychje: I suspect it is wayland15:10
lotuspsychjeIlgaz: on wich ubuntu version please?15:10
Ilgazlotuspsychje: 19.1015:11
tomreynIlgaz: if you're referring to the default ubuntu 18.04+ gnome-shell desktop on Xorg press Alt-F2, type 'r', press Enter15:11
tomreynIlgaz: and review your gnome-shell-extensions, since badly maintained one can easily break the desktop15:11
Ilgaztomreyn: aha restart not available because of wayland15:11
tomreynany one.15:11
Ilgaztomreyn: yes I know, didn't install any yet15:12
tomreynwayland also doesn't work too well generally, yet15:12
tomreynwhich is why xorg is still the default15:12
lotuspsychjeIlgaz: wich graphics card are you using?15:12
Ilgazlotuspsychje: Intel "hd5500"15:12
lotuspsychjeok let me go test that holdon15:13
Ilgaztomreyn: strange that Firefox seems to have fixed all of their issues with wayland, even the stable version15:14
Sven_vBIlgaz, sometimes when clicks don't do the right thing, one of the modifier keys is stuck, or at least the target application thinks they are. if you think that could be, press and release all of them one by one.15:14
lotuspsychjeIlgaz: wich icons dont work?15:14
Ilgazlotuspsychje: everything, strange thing really15:15
IlgazSven_vB: I tried all keys,thank you15:15
lotuspsychjeIlgaz: seems like working & smooth here on wayland15:15
lotuspsychjeIlgaz: on intel 620 graphics15:15
lotuspsychjeIlgaz: did you try a reboot yet?15:16
Ilgazlotuspsychje: I have chosen wayland since it seems to perform way faster on my Intel integrated graphics. I can't reboot yet since I am uploading photos to "icloud", I will once they finish15:16
Ilgazlotuspsychje: If I file bug report, is this "ubuntu-dock" ?15:16
lotuspsychjeIlgaz: i think this needs a few tests first before you file a bug15:17
lotuspsychjeIlgaz: the package is gnome-shell-extension-ubuntu-dock15:18
Ilgazoh OK saving the name, no I will report if I ever see this happening again, e.g. reproducable15:19
pragmaticenigmaIlgaz: If you file a bug prior to rebooting, that is the first thing they will ask you to do. If the issue is resolved by a reboot, then the issue is not likely a bug for the dock, but something else. Most likely an application that is not working well with wayland15:19
lotuspsychjeIlgaz: reboot try, other user try, previous kernel test, are things you could consider first15:19
Ilgazpragmaticenigma: OK, I will reboot first and see if it happens again. Well, if I enable wayland, it is my duty to report things15:20
pragmaticenigmaIlgaz: That is correct, however, wayland is still considered experimental and many applications do not work well with it. Firefox is a bad example, as they mix in a lot of their own shims to handle deficiencies of the environments it is installed to. Firefox could very well be leveraging Xorg for rendering as that is an option within wayland15:22
Ilgazpragmaticenigma: yes I know, it isn't a "true" wayland app but they have progressed a lot. Thanks for your support15:23
niko1990Sven_vB: ok, i'm back, tried it now on the windows machine with a ubuntu 18.04 live stick, exactly the same problems... and gparted is showing the same errors... so it must be now something with ubuntu and this type of cards15:30
oerheksor bad filesystem, check it in windows?15:31
niko1990oerheks: the original filesystem is exfat, and 2 of the cards i formated in windows to ntfs, they act all the same... :(15:32
Sven_vBoerheks, I think if there's no partition being found in /dev/disk/by-id/, it shouldn't be a file system problem. except the entire disk would be formatted with a filesystem instead of a partition table, but in that case gparted should be able to fix it.15:36
oerheksso you do not want to perform a check on windows, then you are stuck.15:36
niko1990oerheks: I would do every type of check, if it helps :) I'm just running out of ideas. What would you check on the windows machine?15:38
Sven_vBmaybe the reader needs confirmation from the OS that the OS is capable of using big MMCs? then that acpi override might help15:39
Sven_vBniko1990, the most thorough check you could do on windows is format the MMC to one big FAT32 partition, then run f3write and f3read on it. that will test the hardware and as a side effect result in a well-known state of the file system.15:41
Sven_vBerr, "h2testw" is the windows version of f315:41
niko1990Sven_vB: Ok, I'm going to do that, thank you both for all your help btw :)15:42
TJ-niko1990: the earlier kernel log indicates there's a driver problem, possibly due to not having been 'taught' about the exact MMC/SDHC controller in that laptop yet16:02
ManouchehriHow can I disable the annoying on screen keyboard popping up every time I use my touch screen?16:09
ubukingWhat OS do you  using??16:10
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1723857 in gnome-shell (Ubuntu) "onscreen keyboard appears whenever i touch touchscreen" [High,Fix released]16:10
enriowhy android dev needs vast memory? is there simplified resources / framework to do so?16:12
Manouchehrienrio: Because Android Studio is Java based? :p16:12
FaTaL_GGHi all, Im running ubuntu 18.04.3 LTS, I've been running 16.04 and on both versions I have a very annoying issue that many (if not every) time I reboot, the interfaces dont all come back up properly, specifically, the dhcp server never gets an ip from the modem. If I "sudo ifup -a" it works16:12
FaTaL_GGI constantly get a "failed to bring up br0" but its got to be a false error, because br0 works fine16:12
FaTaL_GGI've read numerous posts online others have had the same issue for years... it appears to be a race condition.... does this make sense?16:13
FaTaL_GGbecause I would prefer to configure networks, interfaces, or dhcp, to actually check/wait on expected activities to complete instead of scripting a runlevel timer action.....16:14
FaTaL_GGthat seems more of a hack approach16:14
scubasteveAnyone here have experience using netplan?16:19
scubastevetrying to add some vlan interfaces to my bridge and for some reason it's not adding them16:21
elias_aWhat is the logic of showing recently used programs on 18.04 desktop? I use both gedit and terminal in every single session but they are not shown as icons.16:25
scubastevenvm I figured it out!16:25
scubasteveHad to to with the order I removed the old config and ran netplan --apply16:26
kahdgarxiHello everyone. I am having a weird issue since I upgraded to Ubuntu 19.10. last night. I updated last night at ubuntu's prompting. About halfway through the update, my X Windows session went away. I logged in with a TTY to try to figure out what was going on couldn't see anything actively working based on top, tried a reboot, and ubuntu stopped me16:26
kahdgarxibased on the upgrade still running. So I left it overnight in case it was still doing something in the background (there was a dpkg process running). This morning nothing had changed, so I bypassed the inhibition from the update installer and rebooted the machine. The GRUB config for the new kernel was broken, so I had to boot up using the old16:26
kahdgarxikernel. On the old kernel the system worked fine. I was able to run the configuration scripts on all the pending package updates, ran apt install -f, apt update, apt upgrade, and everything appeared to be up to date. I rebooted to try out the new kernel again, and now boots but I'm having a really weird issue. I recorded a video with what I'm16:26
kahdgarxiseeing here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7L7XXA151lA16:26
kahdgarxiBasically when I lot in on boot up, looks like it's starting a second X session on tty2, but when I go to tty2 I get a normal terminal screen like you would expect for a tty not running X, but if I move my mouse (connected to my windows 10 machine and forwarded to the ubuntu machine via synergy) it "reveals" the x windows session, which is running16:27
kahdgarxiat very log resolution on only one of my two monitors.16:27
kahdgarxiThe keyboard goes to the tty terminal. Although I can interact with the X session using both the keyboard and mouse through synergy.16:27
ubukingwhat DE?16:28
kahdgarxiGNOME. I haven't change much of anything from ubuntu's default configuration except to do upgrade to 191016:30
ioriakahdgarxi, upgrading from what release, 19.04 ?16:31
ioriakahdgarxi, at first glance, i'd say a graphic driver issue: what you have ? nvidia ?16:32
kahdgarxiYes, nvidia.16:32
ioriakahdgarxi, dpkg -l | grep nvidia | nc termbin.com 999916:32
ioriapaste thenurl here, please16:33
kahdgarxiThat is a really cool tool.16:33
ioriakahdgarxi, i usually don't suggest multiple installs of nvidia; you have  418 and 43016:34
tomreynscubasteve: glad you solved it. as a side note: ubuntu server questions are best placed in #ubuntu-server16:35
ioriakahdgarxi, what video card exactly ? lspci -nnk |  nc termbin.com 999916:36
kahdgarxiGTX 107016:36
tomreynelias_a: so you seem to have identified it: only software started from the desktop environment (via .desktop files specifically) is listed in the (desktops) list of recently run applications.16:37
ioriakahdgarxi, try to boot with the 'nomodeset' parameter , yo uknow how ?16:38
kahdgarxiI think so, give me a second.16:39
ioriakahdgarxi,  https://www.dell.com/support/article/it/it/itbsdt1/sln306327/manual-nomodeset-kernal-boot-line-option-for-linux-booting?lang=en16:39
kahdgarxiremoving the second copy of the nvidia drivers fixed it16:40
kahdgarxiThank you very much for the help!16:40
ioriakahdgarxi,  good job mate16:41
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elias_atomreyn: I see. So starting using dash is not "enough"?16:51
FaTaL_GGso can anyone help me with the dhcp/bridged interfaces issue?17:10
oerheksFaTaL_GG, pstebin your .yaml and tell the issue you have?17:16
aleksandrdvorkini have a problem a camera is not working in Skype its a built it Macbook 20017 system Ubuntu 19-10 on Virtual box17:21
aleksandrdvorkindo i need to recompile kernel or complile skype from source17:21
FaTaL_GGsorry, I should have said, oerheks: yanl?not sure what file that is17:22
oerheksFaTaL_GG, not using netplan then?17:24
ubottuNetplan is a network configuration abstraction renderer which uses YAML descriptions of a network to work with either a NetworkManager or Systemd-networkd "renderer". More information at https://netplan.io/17:24
oerhekshow did you setup bridged interfaces then?17:24
FaTaL_GGby hand in /network/interfaces17:27
FaTaL_GGoerheks, and no, not using netplan, not using gui at all but it is installed17:28
FaTaL_GG(the gnome, not the netplan)   :)17:28
TJ-FaTaL_GG:  best to show us the interfaces file so we can understand17:28
niko1990TJ-: Sven_vB oerheks: I finally found out why it was not working... 8-) It is a kernel bug that got reported in 2015 (!) (https://bugzilla.kernel.org/show_bug.cgi?id=109231)... And since then, this could not be fixed *argh* ... The workaround that worked for me now is sudo rmmod sdhci sdhci_pci && sudo modprobe sdhci debug_quirks2="0x80000000" && sudo modprobe sdhci_pci17:32
ubottubugzilla.kernel.org bug 109231 in MMC/SD "1217:8520 [Dell Latitude E7450] O2 Micro, SD/MMC Card Reader doesn't work" [Normal,New]17:33
FaTaL_GGTJ- & oerheks: http://paste.ubuntu.com/p/PKMSTWtxPs/17:33
oerheksoh? good find!17:33
FaTaL_GGI tried that timer trick, didnt work17:33
TJ-FaTaL_GG:  so, let's be clear.... you have here a 'server' that should be running a DHCP server on br0 to serve clients on those links with leases?17:36
FaTaL_GGwell.... yes17:37
oerheksthat interfaces file doe snot look like ubuntu ?17:37
ioriaFaTaL_GG, address and gateway ... the same ip ?17:38
* TJ- loves clear answers :)17:38
FaTaL_GGIts running as a router17:38
FaTaL_GGone interface is forward facing17:38
FaTaL_GGthe br0 is "everything else" in the LAN17:38
FaTaL_GGoerheks, its ubuntu's?17:39
FaTaL_GGbut modified/cleaned up17:39
TJ-FaTaL_GG: yes, enp0s31f8 is on the 'WAN' side, and br0 on the 'LAN'17:39
TJ-FaTaL_GG: and presumably you want a DHCP server to listen on br0 (LAN)  and serve leases to clients?17:39
TJ-haha, my typo, stray finger!17:40
FaTaL_GGTJ-, the br0 works17:40
FaTaL_GGwhen I reboot, I can putty in via my machine no problem17:40
FaTaL_GGand in the dhcp config file, it gives my machine a psuedo static address via mac assignment17:40
FaTaL_GGthat works17:40
FaTaL_GGbut the forward facing does not17:40
FaTaL_GGso the enp0s31f6 never gets teh public IP from the modem17:41
TJ-FaTaL_GG:  earlier you said "...specifically, the dhcp server never gets an ip from the modem ..."17:41
FaTaL_GGunless I "ifup -a" (basically enp0s31f6)17:41
TJ-so you mean the DHCP *client* doesn't get an IP address lease ?17:41
FaTaL_GGI do TJ I do17:41
FaTaL_GGindeed Imispoke, I know better17:42
TJ-aha! no wonder I got confused :)17:42
FaTaL_GGwow that was a dumb mis-speak on my part17:42
ioriaFaTaL_GG, can you check  this  ? :  https://paste.ubuntu.com/p/FBTTMsZqf8/17:42
FaTaL_GGI've been asking in channel just copyng/pasting hoping someone would offer some help not even realizing the typo17:43
TJ-FaTaL_GG: what dhcp client are you using ?17:43
aleksandrdvorkincamera on Macbook 2017 ubuntu 19-10 on Virtual Box in Skype is not working17:44
TJ-FaTaL_GG: I suspect it's that pre-up condition; not doing what you think it does17:45
FaTaL_GGTJ-, I added that because it does this, I can remove/comment it out, but the same issue exists17:45
oerheksaleksandrdvorkin, if you install and start cheese, does it work?17:45
aleksandrdvorkindo i need to recompile kernel for the built in Macbook 2017 to work on Ubuntu 19-10 on virtual box17:45
oerheks!info cheese17:45
ubottucheese (source: cheese): tool to take pictures and videos from your webcam. In component main, is optional. Version 3.34.0-1 (eoan), package size 135 kB, installed size 446 kB17:45
aleksandrdvorkinoerheks no Sir17:46
FaTaL_GGI got that line from a google searce someone had this issue on ubuntu 1417:46
oerheksaleksandrdvorkin, then no, macbook is known for these issues17:46
TJ-FaTaL_GG:  OK ... the reason I mention it is this: I vaguely recall any command is limited in how long it can run for, and that particular command could potentially run forever in a loop if that interface never appears17:46
aleksandrdvorkinoerheks will compliling Skype from source and installing it fix the problem17:46
aleksandrdvorkinor recompiling the kernel17:47
FaTaL_GGioria: are you suggesting I try that one (is that what you mean by check it?) and just an fyi, I dont have networkmanager installed.... I'll triple check that it isnt17:47
oerheksthere is no skype source, just the binairy blob in the skype snap17:47
aleksandrdvorkinok and what about recompilling kernel17:47
oerheksas there is no driver, recompiling kernel is useless?17:47
TJ-FaTaL_GG:  but... I suspect the issue here is more to do with the time it takes after boot for that interface to be ready... is there something going on externally this host has to wait for, as in the connected router/DHCP server becoming ready?17:48
aleksandrdvorkinis there any future plan to make built in camera on Macbook 2017 and Ubuntu work in skype17:48
FaTaL_GGTJ-, I dont know if that would be a bad thing lol, because that interface has to appear for this machine to do its job, but fair enough. it was a hack someone revealed on stackexchange, and I figured I'd try it17:48
ioriaFaTaL_GG, yes, why in your interfaces file , enp0s31f6  is not in  bridge_ports ?17:49
FaTaL_GGTJ-, it could be.... the PRIMARY issue I have is that we have power outages. I mean, its not COMMON, but "ship" happens17:49
FaTaL_GGand when I'm not home, when that happens, no one is getting back online until it gets an IP17:50
FaTaL_GGso I actually WANT that interface to always look for an ip17:50
TJ-FaTaL_GG:  on the face of it, if the DCHP server on the router connected to that interface is already listening when this host brings up enp0s31f6, then this host will start "dhclient enp0s31f6" and it should receive a lease... I'd first want to watch the dhclient logging to see if the problem is leases being refused, or packets not receiving a reply at all from the DHCP server17:50
FaTaL_GGwhat log file should I look at?17:51
gregfI messed up my postgresql config so I did rm -rf /etc/postgresql then did apt purge postgresql postgresql-common then reinstalled them but its not generating the default configs again17:51
gregfwhat can I do to fix this?17:51
TJ-FaTaL_GG: good question; I presume ifupdown is being controlled via systemd, and I seem to recall the unit name is networking.service so start off by trying to verify that with "systemctl list-units | grep network"17:52
TJ-gregf: I think you'll find 'postgresql' is only a parent package that depends on the actual packages (which are versioned) that install those files17:53
gregfTJ-: as I said i purged both and reinstalled both so what did i do wrong?17:53
FaTaL_GGTJ-, what am I looking for in that result?17:53
tomreyngregf: apt search --installed postgresql17:54
TJ-gregf:  read what I said ... I don't think either of those packages contain the config files17:54
gregfsorry miss read17:54
=== SIa_ is now known as SIa
TJ-FaTaL_GG:  any unit file with 'network' in is name so we can find out which one is used to control ifupdown (the package that reads /etc/network/interfaces)17:54
tomreyngregf: sory, i meant: apt list --installed postgresql17:55
TJ-gregf:  here on 18.04 postgresql -> Depends: postgresql-1017:55
tomreyngregf: and i failed agina.   apt list --installed *postgresql*17:56
gregfneeded to purge mostgresql-1017:56
gregfty guys17:56
gregfcover my basis17:56
TJ-FaTaL_GG: I see here the unit is "networking.service" so to view its logs "journalctl -b -u networking.service" should help17:59
FaTaL_GGTJ-, result was: networkd-dispatcher.service, network-online.target, network-pre.target, network.target17:59
FaTaL_GGof the previous command17:59
FaTaL_GGTJ-, that new command yields: -- No entries --18:00
TJ-FaTaL_GG: if networking.service wasn't listed then something else is starting/controlling it18:01
TJ-FaTaL_GG: if the system has been upgraded from 14.04 through 16.04 to 18.05 I'm wondering if there's some older Upstart-related legacy control going on18:02
FaTaL_GGit was 16.0418:02
FaTaL_GGthis was never 1418:02
FaTaL_GGthen upped to 18.0418:03
TJ-I cannot recall now if 16.04 switched to systemd or still had upstart18:03
FaTaL_GGI've never heard of upstart, but 16.04 has/had systemd18:03
TJ-FaTaL_GG:  the key thing is to try to find where dhclient output (logging) is going on if at alll, and as that program will be launched by ifupdown due to interfaces file, then I'd expect it to be in the log-file generated by the service controlling ifupdown. On 18.04 it ships with a systemd unit networking.service to do that - it sounds like your system isn't using it18:05
scientesI've got this usb flash drive and on one computer whenever i try to read from it i get errors and it remounts itsself18:06
scientesbut only on this one new laptop18:06
TJ-FaTaL_GG: does "systemctl status networking.service" report good things such as "active (exited)" ?18:06
TJ-scientes:  USB 2 vs 3 issue? Have you tried using other USB ports?18:06
scienteslost sync page happens even in ro mode and in usb 2.0 mode18:06
scientesTJ-, i tried forcing usb 2 mode18:06
scientesbuy maybe i used the wrong commands18:06
scienteshappens in ro mode too18:07
scientes"lost sync page write"18:07
TJ-scientes: if there are USB 2 ports the usual workaround is to put it in those18:07
scientesonly usb 3 ports18:07
scientesi can open a file once18:08
FaTaL_GGTJ-, http://paste.ubuntu.com/p/W4TDD7QyqM/18:09
scienteswhen when i try to open it again it fails18:09
Sven_vBon xenial, my xmodmap settings seem to be forgotton each time I reconnect my bluetooth headphones. I use them to re-assign the headphone buttons. how can I make them more permanent?18:12
ahoohi! is there a way to set gnome to the default theme? like the one in debian.18:14
tomreyngnome-tweaks lets you coonfigure the theme, but there are more deviations from upstream and from debians' gnome-shell (not just the theme).18:16
FaTaL_GGI'll reboot, see what happens18:17
FaTaL_GTJ-, http://paste.ubuntu.com/p/ssWfQyfym4/18:22
FaTaL_GThat has more info18:22
FurretUberHi, I'm using the proposed kernel from HWE Edge and I noticed the GPU clock becomes limited to 100 MHz after suspension. What is the proper way to report a bug?18:25
FaTaL_GTJ-, so it looks like the br0 error might be stopping it from upping the interface, which is stupid because I up that interface FIRST... and the br0  ****IS**** working, even with the wireless on it18:25
ThePatientWolfhiya everyone18:29
gobinHi. I have a problem with my lxc containers. Since I updated to Ubuntu 18.04 ... my container do no longer start ... and lxc-ls ... prints for each container ... "Failed to load config forFailed to load config for <containername>"18:34
scientesugggh, flash drives that only work as fat3218:36
gobingobin First "ubuntu.common.conf" was missing from /usr/share/lxc/ ... i fixed that with "sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get upgrade && sudo apt-get install lxc-templates" ... so that massage is gone ...18:36
scienteshow do i split a gz file into 4gb pieces?18:37
gobinNOW: I still get the messagelxc-start: neo4j: confile.c: parse_line: 2262 Unknown configuration key "lxc.rootfs"lxc-start: neo4j: parse.c: lxc_file_for_each_line_mmap: 142 Failed to parse config file "/var/lib/lxc/neo4j/config" at line "lxc.rootfs = /var/lib/lxc/neo4j/rootfs"Failed to load config for neo4jlxc-start: neo4j: tools/lxc_start.c: main:18:39
gobin264 Failed to create lxc_container18:39
gobinMaybe some help on the LXC thing?18:49
tomreyn/join #ubuntu-server18:50
MannyLNJI have a problem. I am trying to do apt autoremove and it is failing. The failure starts with this error Failed to reload daemon: Failed to activate service 'org.freedesktop.systemd1': timed out (service_start_timeout=25000ms)18:55
ioriaMannyLNJ, can you paste the exact command and errors you got ?19:10
MannyLNJioria let me try to put it in a patebin19:10
MannyLNJioria, https://pastebin.com/AGJANKfF19:11
ioriaMannyLNJ, apt-cache policy systemd19:13
tomreynMannyLNJ: which ubuntu version is this, which kernel version?19:13
MannyLNJtomreyn, I belieb I'm on 18.04 with 4.15.02-42 Generic, ioria le me open another poastebin, My sytsem is running slow now19:15
tomreynMannyLNJ: nc termbin.com 9999 < <(lsb_release -ds;cat /proc/{version,cmdline})19:16
tomreynapt-cache policy systemd 2>&1 | nc termbin.com 999919:17
MannyLNJioria,  http://paste.ubuntu.com/p/KBxqBRVNTX/ tomreyn https://termbin.com/cgxv19:17
tomreynMannyLNJ: this kernel is soon going to have its first birthday. do you not install updates?19:18
ioriaMannyLNJ, you're running an outdated kernel19:18
MannyLNJtomreyn, I do install updates using apt-get update && apt-get upgrade19:18
tomreyndo you also reboot?19:18
ioriaMannyLNJ, nope, try  sudo apt update && sudo apt full-upgrade  (but you have broken pkgs)19:19
MannyLNJioria, I assume I have to fix the broken packages before I can do the upgrade?19:19
ioriaMannyLNJ, yes, but i'd like to see what '  sudo apt update && sudo apt full-upgrade ' tells19:20
MannyLNJioria, running19:21
MannyLNJioria, it seem to be stuck on setting up udev. It shows 0% with the last message saying Failed to reload daemon: Failed to activate service 'org.freedesktop.systemd1': timed out (service_start_timeout=25000ms)19:25
ioriaMannyLNJ, do you have other users/sessions  logged in ?19:26
=== K8GLX is now known as Telvana
MannyLNJioria, Not to my knowledge. I am the only user19:27
ioriaMannyLNJ, mmm, try open another terminal and reload systemd (sudo systemctl daemon-reexec)19:27
makara1help. I did a distro upgrade to 19.10 and now my computers borken19:28
tomreynmakara1: hi there. sorry to hear this, but we'll need more detaisl than "[it] is broken"19:29
MannyLNJioria, Ok. Meanwhile this is the full output of the other command https://pastebin.com/uAWVjxmz19:29
tomreyn!details > makara119:29
ubottumakara1, please see my private message19:29
MannyLNJioria, is the command to reload sudo reload systemd (sudo systemctl daemon-reexec)19:29
makara1After I login, the desktop icons come up, but no background pic, taskbars, etc. Can't open a terminal. Can't even open a TTY using ctrl+alt+F2 - however I can do this from the login screen19:29
ioriaMannyLNJ, sudo systemctl daemon-reexec or simply  ' systemctl daemon-reexec' and insert password19:30
MannyLNJioria, systemctl daemon-reexec has not requested a password and just returned to a command prompt19:31
makara1also, first time I noticed the CPU was roaring. When I reset and open a TTY at the login screen, /usr/bin/rygel was churning, so I removed it19:32
ioriaMannyLNJ,  ps -A | nc termbin.com 999919:32
MannyLNJioria, https://termbin.com/5989s19:32
SDr|huhello, any idea when https://www.php.net/archive/2019.php#2019-10-24-1   is going to land in ubuntu 18's apt?19:32
tomreynmakara1: so you 'Re using the default gnome-shell based desktop?19:32
SDr|huor alternatively, if there's any apt source for installing right now? (context is https://nextcloud.com/blog/urgent-security-issue-in-nginx-php-fpm/ )19:33
makara1tomreyn: how can I tell?19:33
tomreynmakara1: are you able to copy and paste comands to the system?19:34
ioriaMannyLNJ,   sudo systemctl daemon-reexec19:34
makara1tomreyn: no. I could open a folder from an icon on the desktop, but there's no taskbars or anything else. Just icons.19:35
MannyLNJioria, no output19:35
tomreynmakara1: okay, can you switch to a tty and run some commands there?19:35
ioriaMannyLNJ,   again  apt full-upgrade19:35
MannyLNJioria, running. It is telling me 2 not fully installed or removed.19:36
makara1tomreyn: yes19:36
tomreynmakara1: lsb_release -ds19:36
tomreyn...just to confirm you have 19.10 now19:36
makara1tomreyn: but only because this time I didn't login. I opened the TTY from the login screen19:36
tomreyn!tty | makara119:37
ubottumakara1: To get to the TTY terminals 3-6, use the keystroke Ctrl + Alt + F3-F6 respectively. Ctrl-Alt-F2 or Ctrl-Alt-F1 will get you back to your graphical login (Ctrl-Alt-F7 on 16.04). To change TTY resolution, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/ChangeTTYResolution19:37
ioriaMannyLNJ,   dpkg -l | grep linux-image | nc termbin.com 999919:37
makara1tomreyn: "Ubuntu 19.10"19:37
tomreynmakara1: does this output any W: or E: - warnings or errors?     sudo apt-get update19:38
makara1tomreyn: no19:39
MannyLNJioria https://termbin.com/g74c19:39
MannyLNJioria, and the update failed with the same errors19:40
tomreynmakara1: does this do anything?   sudo apt-get -f install19:40
ioriaMannyLNJ,   apt-cache policy linux-generic | nc termbin.com 999919:42
tomreynmakara1: does ths output anything to be installed, upgraded / removed?    sudo apt full-upgrade19:42
MannyLNJioria, https://termbin.com/osdi19:42
tomreynmakara1: if so, press 'n' and just tell me.19:42
ioriaMannyLNJ,   sudo apt install  linux-generic | nc termbin.com 999919:43
MannyLNJioria https://termbin.com/jdag19:43
tomreynmakara1: okay so apparently the system is fully upgraded (based on the apt sources it has configured). so the desktop not working properly can be due to something in your home directory.19:43
makara1there's lots of stuff in my home dir19:44
ioriaMannyLNJ,   try to install it19:44
MannyLNJioria, just hit y? There is no display in my terminal19:44
tomreynmakara1: we'll add a second user account (you can remove this later from the graphical interface), so that you can continue working on the GUI:   sudo adduser --gecos '' makara219:45
tomreynmakara1: make sure you remember the password you set there19:45
tomreynbe sure to set a strong password if this computer is accessible to others, locally, or remotely, e.g. through an ssh server19:46
ioriaMannyLNJ,   ctrl-c, and run again  sudo apt install linux-generic  (then past the output)19:46
makara1tomreyn: I already have a second dummy user I created 2 weeks ago. Can I use that?19:46
tomreynmakara1: depends. did you try logging into it from the gui, yet?19:46
tomreynand if so, did it work any better?19:46
makara1tomreyn: no, let me try that19:47
makara1tomreyn: that worked19:49
makara1but tell this, you said the TTY was accessible by F3-F6, and that F2 would take me back to the GUI19:51
makara1but I got to a TTY using F219:51
makara1and when I was logged in as either user I couldn't access any TTY19:52
tomreynmakara1: usually, that's so, after login. it can differ based on which graphics hardware/driver/modesetting and graphical desktop you use.19:52
tomreynmakara1: the login manager would usually run on tty119:53
tomreynthat's on ubuntu 18.04+19:53
MannyLNJioria, still running19:53
ioriaMannyLNJ,   btw, why are using lightdm instead of gdm3 ?19:54
tomreynmakara1: so now that you're logged in, you can clean some files from your 'normal' home directory up, maybe this will make it possible to login again.19:54
tomreyn!xauthority | makara119:55
ubottumakara1: If the .Xauthority file in your home directory has the wrong permissions (usually due to misuse of sudo), you may be unable to log in. To fix, change to a virtual terminal with Ctrl-Alt-F3, log in with your normal username and password, run   rm ~/.Xauthority*   and then reboot.19:55
MannyLNJioria, I thought lightdm was less resource intensive19:55
MannyLNJioria, it has completed19:55
ioriaMannyLNJ,  any errors ?19:55
MannyLNJioria, it did report Errors were encountered while processing: for udev and bluez19:56
ioriaMannyLNJ,   dpkg -l | grep linux-image | nc termbin.com 999919:56
ioriaMannyLNJ,   sudo apt full-upgrade | nc termbin.com 999919:57
ioriaMannyLNJ,   kill it and  run  sudo apt install -f19:58
MannyLNJioria, https://pastebin.com/dGd2hq3s20:03
oerhekssudo dpkg --configure -a20:05
ioriaMannyLNJ,   sudo mv /var/lib/dpkg/info/udev.postinst /var/lib/dpkg/info/udev.postinst.backup20:05
MannyLNJioria, done20:05
ioriaMannyLNJ,   again  sudo apt-get install -f20:06
tomreyni think the issue there is that systemd was updated but did not reload properly at some point, and will have since logged errors to the system log. it may be neccessary to review those logs (if that's not happened, yet, i haven't fully followed the chat)20:08
makara1tomreyn: i had unity installed20:08
makara1can I still use it, or is it just broken in 19.1020:08
ioriatomreyn, that systemd error is weird20:09
tomreynmakara1: i could not tell. canonical stopped developing it and it became a community maintained project between ubuntu 16.04 and 18.04, but i do not know what its state is now. ubuntu-unity-desktop is apparently still installable. is it installed on your system?20:10
tomreynioria: yes, i hadn't seen this before, too. it's apparently what it reports when it fails to reload.  had you checked that "systemctl --version" reports the proper current version?20:11
ioriatomreyn, yep, even reloaded it20:12
tomreyni also read this which is old and may no longer be relevant, but discusses the same message and possible causes https://bugs.debian.org/cgi-bin/bugreport.cgi?bug=85007420:12
ubottuDebian bug 850074 in systemd "systemd crashes on daemon-reexec when /run is full" [Important,Fixed]20:12
MannyLNJioria, I feel like we are getting closer. Now only bluez has an error https://pastebin.com/aKQ6Z9WP20:12
tomreynbut i don't really have a solution either.20:13
makara1tomreyn: I had it installed, I did a dist-upgrade, it broke, the option to select it was still there, but now that I ask to install it it wants to add a whole bunch of packages. So I don't know how to answer that. I'm installing it anyway20:13
ioriaMannyLNJ,   sudo mv /var/lib/dpkg/info/bluez.postinst /var/lib/dpkg/info/bluez.postinst.backup20:13
MannyLNJioria, ok20:14
ioriaMannyLNJ,   again  sudo apt-get install -f20:14
tomreynmakara1: yes, you should, it may have different dependencies on your current ubuntu version than on the last one, and this can be why your desktop is not usable20:14
makara1tomreyn: its asking me to choose gdm3 or lightdm20:15
MannyLNJioria, failed new error is W: APT had planned for dpkg to do more than it reported back (0 vs 4). Affected packages: bluez:amd6420:15
tomreynmakara1: either *should* work, the default with gnome-shell is gdm, but i don't recall what unity uses. what were you using?20:15
jeloumeXDhow can I create a partition as a Storage to share files between multiple distro?20:16
makara1tomreyn: i don't know. I'll just go with gdm3. If it breaks it breaks20:16
tomreynmakara1:i think on 16.04, unity was using lightdm, but if you remember what it was using before yuo upgraded, i'd suggest you install that.20:16
ioriaMannyLNJ,   dpkg -l | grep bluez | nc termbin.com 999920:16
tomreynmakara1: also a good approach ;)20:16
jeloumeXDI create a ext4 partition20:17
jeloumeXDwhat should I do next?20:17
jeloumeXDnext step20:17
tomreynjeloumeXD: what do you want to share it with?20:17
=== grumble is now known as grumboo
ioriaMannyLNJ,   we are good (that it's just a warning)20:18
jeloumeXDfiles as pictures or virtualbox20:18
jeloumeXDthose kind of things20:18
tomreynjeloumeXD: please re-read20:18
MannyLNJioria, so now the full update?20:18
ioriaMannyLNJ,   sudo apt full-upgrade20:18
ioriashould be '0'20:18
tomreynjeloumeXD: what's the other system that'll access this storage?20:19
MannyLNJioria, nothing to be done https://termbin.com/qdy320:19
jeloumeXDOh, the system that will access to this storage is Linux20:19
ioriaMannyLNJ,  yep, should be ok....20:20
jeloumeXDis another distro20:20
ioriaMannyLNJ,  reboot on the new kernel20:20
tomreynjeloumeXD: another linux distribution, ok. so let's hope the linux version there is new enough to handle ext4 (it probably is).20:20
jeloumeXDI hope, they are ArchLinux and Manjaro20:21
tomreynjeloumeXD: do you use a graphical desktop environment? if so, does it have a file browser? if so, can you access the file system using it?20:21
jeloumeXDyep I installed gnome in arch and kde plasma on manjaro20:21
jeloumeXDas desktop20:22
tomreyni mean on ubuntu, we can only support you at accesing this storage on ubuntu20:22
jeloumeXDoh :(20:22
tomreynabout the others you'll have to check on the other distros' support channels20:22
jeloumeXDbut there is any way to do it as general?20:22
tomreynit should work, though20:22
tomreynwell you work on the terminal, then it's probably the same or very similar commands for all distros20:23
tomreyn*you can20:23
jeloumeXDso so because I'm learning and there're so many things that I don't know ;(20:24
jeloumeXDhow can I learn these things?20:24
jeloumeXDsome time I think that I know nothing u.u20:24
tomreynwith time, diligence, reading, breaking and fixing20:24
tomreynthis feeling is absolutely normal, sdon't worry. ;)20:25
tomreynjust take one step after the other.20:25
jeloumeXD:D thx20:25
tomreynso do you want to use this shared storage on ubuntu using the temrinal or a graphical desktop?20:25
jeloumeXDI'd like to do it using the terminal20:26
tomreynif the latter then: which graphical desktop environment do you have there? does it have a file browser? if so, can you access the file system using it?20:26
tomreynoh terminal, ok20:26
jeloumeXDbut it could be on the graphical desktop20:27
tomreynthere are two ways to mount file systems. there is one which restricted users can use, and a way that the system administrator can use20:27
jeloumeXDwhich one is better?20:28
jeloumeXDwhich one do you recommend me?20:28
tomreynif you want to be able to switch between accessing on the terminal and graphical desktop / file browser  then you should use gio-mount20:28
tomreynto see its options:  gio help mount20:28
jeloumeXDis it a tool?20:29
tomreynthat's a software.20:29
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jeloumeXDahh ok I'll check it20:30
tomreynit's part of the libglib2.0-bin package20:30
MannyLNJioria, rebooting20:31
tomreynjeloumeXD: udiskctl is nother option, in case it's easier than gio20:36
jeloumeXDis related with systemctl? because of the word ctl that has at the end?20:37
tomreynsorry, typo, it's   udisksctl20:38
tomreynit's not part of systemd20:38
tomreynbut you could say it's related, yes. or udisks2/udisksd (which it is part of) is20:41
ScottyKtomreyn - big thanks for the advice about switching to AHCI, it worked! got Ubuntu installed with no problems. Thanks for the intel!20:49
tomreynScottyK: i'm more into amd than into intel, but you're welcome.20:53
tomreynglad it worked out.20:54
=== kadiro_ is now known as kadiro
hermonethichello, this is the place for ask for help with ubuntu installation?21:09
hermonethicI tried to install ubuntu 19.10 on my asus laptop with Nvidia mx150 video card. when I insert the live usb, after the grub manu I get black screen so I used the nomodeset option to install the system, but after reboot again I get black screen even when I try to use nomodeset again. is this similar for someone?21:13
kadirohermonethic> remove quiet splash and see what was the last fail/error21:14
eelstrebori had a similar problem with an HP Pavilion21:14
eelstrebori had to use nomodeset and got a desktop but i don't remember what i did but it had something to do with drivers21:15
kadiroeelstrebor> yeah in most cases21:15
hermonethickadiro how can I do this ? edit the Linux line in the grub menu?21:16
kadirohermonethic> yes use e to edit find the suiet splash, remove it, boot with ctrl+x or F1021:16
hermonethicok thank you, I will try it now21:17
eelstreborif memory serves me correct if you get a boot menu you can temporarily use nomodeset by editing the boot process21:18
kadirocorrect in most cases21:19
hermonethicyes i tried it but after the installation the nomodeset not works anymore21:19
aleksandrdvorkindoes anyone know what is the cmake command for building VLC from source21:19
tomreyn!recovery | hermonethic21:20
ubottuhermonethic: If your system fails to boot normally, it may be useful to boot it into recovery mode. For instructions, see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/RecoveryMode21:20
tomreynaleksandrdvorkin: have you tried readint ehir documentation, and asking in their irc channel?21:20
tomreyn*reading their21:20
tomreynaleksandrdvorkin: you may also want to read up on how you can easily install, modify and build source packages in ubuntu21:21
HenryCHwhat should I be using for service management in ubuntu 18+? when googling for something i see both systemctl and service, should i be using just one of those?21:25
hermonethichello again, I just tried to delete the quiet splash from the grub menu and again get black screen with no text at all so I cant tell what is the fail21:32
tomreynHenryCH: systemctl (of systemd). "service" is a wrapper around init systems, has been working across many ubuntu releases, but it's better to be specific21:32
tomreyn!recovery | hermonethic21:32
tomreynhermonethic: If your system fails to boot normally, it may be useful to boot it into recovery mode. For instructions, see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/RecoveryMode21:32
=== kadiro_ is now known as kadiro
hermonethictomreyn I can go to recovery mode, but I don't know how to fix the problem I have21:35
hermonethicthe installation is fresh, In my opinion the problem is the video card (Nvidia mx150), and I don't know how to fix it21:36
tomreynhermonethic: mount your file systems from the menu, this should also enable networking (verify this), then, if you don't mind installing proprietary drivers, install   ubuntu-drivers install21:37
tomreyni mean *run* (not install)    ubuntu-drivers install21:37
oerhekssupport for mx150 is in Nvidia 384.59  and up21:37
hermonethicwhat command should I use? I'm new with ubuntu21:38
tomreynhmm, i just tried to explain. you boot to recovery, mount th eroot file system, drop to a shell, run    ubuntu-drivers install21:40
hermonethicand this command should fix the drivers issues I had ? I mean, this is temporary?21:41
hermonethicand thank you very much for the help21:41
oerheksit should, else boot again in nomodeset and come back here21:43
tomreyni'm assuming you so far were using the open source 'nouveau' driver which may not support this hardware well. the ubuntu-drivers command will, with internet access, install the proprietary 'nvidia' driver. this driver should support your hardware.21:43
hermonethicthank you very much , I will try it now21:44
eelstreborany idea of when the next lts release will occur? i'm running 18.04 right now21:44
oerheksnext year, eelstrebor21:44
tomreyn!yy.mm | eelstrebor21:45
ubottueelstrebor: Ubuntu version numbers are: YY.MM (YY=release year,MM=release month). Each year sees two releases, so just specifying YY is imprecise. See also https://www.ubuntu.com/about/release-cycle21:45
tomreynLTS releases are every two years on the .04 (april) release21:45
stonedDoes it make sense to set ubuntu 18.04 vps swappiness to 10 or 20? Default is 60 and I assume that's for desktop. I wonder why ubutnu-server swappiness is also 60 like desktop21:46
Ben64stoned: doesn't really matter21:48
Viking667'llo. I've got a weird error on logoff for a user: the user has a dialog pop up saying that the user's still logged on. I can't get the exact text at the moment (the user's currently logged in and doing some stuff)21:54
Viking667She's sitting beside me and isn't technical, so I get to be support. :)21:54
hermonethictomreyn I run the ubuntu-driver command and it didn't work21:55
hermonethicshould I give up about running ubuntu on that hardware?21:56
Viking667It's quiet here today.21:58
tomreynhermonethic: "did not work" is not a very useful report in a support session, try describing what happened (or was unexpected, did not happen).22:02
Viking667An example is:  I tried installing the nvidia-gfx driver, but it failed with a "Missing dependencies: ...." issue. Purely an example.22:03
tomreynhermonethic: it can be useful to start with a bios upgrade. while at the root command prompt, type   dmesg | grep DMI:   to see the current bios version and info on your computer model22:03
oerheksViking667, how do you install the driver, from a .run file or our repos?22:04
oerheksofficial drivers in our repos doe not give such error22:04
Viking667lol. I see you get the idea. harmonethic, see how you get responses?22:04
Viking667I was trying to pull an example out that would be vague enough to actually prompt more questioning, hence continuing the support down useful lines.22:05
hermonethici boot the system into recovery mode, enable networking and then run the command. it looks like everything was ok, and then after the reboot it looks like the resolution of the grub menu had changes, and after choose ubuntu i get black screen again22:05
oerheksgood luck, Viking66722:05
Viking667I know, right?22:05
Viking667First, what's the hardware being run? (I came in at the end here)22:06
tomreynhermonethic: okay, how about looking for a bios upgrade?22:06
hermonethici will do it now. this can be done also from windows, right?22:08
tomreynhermonethic: yes, and probably easier so22:08
Viking667Yeah. Bios update programs don't seem to want to run very well from anywhere else but Windows (or MS-DOS in earlier cases)22:09
Viking667Anyhow, I'm going to head off and do something else.22:09
FaTaL_GIm still trying to figure out my setup issue with networking coming upall the way when I boot, and I am getting a " Error: Nexthop has invalid gateway." error, even tho I only have one gateway defined, and it is right22:50
FaTaL_G(its myself) the machine is the gateway of the network in question because it is the router. Should I not define the gateway?22:51
ColdKeyboardAnyone had issues with Ubuntu Server and HGST hard drives? I have two HDDs, one WD and another HGST, same identical configuration. WD one remains in spin-down/sleep while HGST doesn't want to go to sleep, and when I force it with hdparm -Y it wakes up within few seconds...22:53
ColdKeyboardAnyone have a clue where to start probing?22:54
magic_ninja_workcan someone help me with some power issues I'm having? Bluetooth and iwlwifi are using like 15W of power and it is draining my battery very quickly. I'm also getting an ACPI firmware error when I boot.22:56
ColdKeyboardIs there an easy way to check which process woke up the HDD from sleep?23:02
tomreynmagic_ninja_work: upgrade the bios first, check whether it helps. if it doesn't post logs ( journalctl -b | nc termbin.com 9999 )23:05
magic_ninja_workbios is already latest23:05
ActionParsnipHi guys. Is iptables still default installed in Ubuntu 19.10 please?23:07
magic_ninja_worktomreyn, a search on [Firmware Bug]: ACPI region ... is the message I'm seeing.23:09
ActionParsnipIf someone running 19.10 can run:  iptables -L      do you get command not found or do you get some form of intelligent output, please?23:10
ActionParsnipWith "sudo" sorry23:10
magic_ninja_workActionParsnip, try apt search iptables and see if the package is installed.23:11
ActionParsnipMagic_ninja_work: I don't have 19.10 but some guy on Launchpad.net is saying it's not installed. Just wanted to check if it's default installed before I tell him he's wrong23:12
tomreynmagic_ninja_work: i think those two messages are just about the TPM (trusted platform module, the 'security enforcement' chip)23:13
magic_ninja_worktomreyn, yea, I can't disable it, as it makes vmware quit working.23:13
magic_ninja_workSo that settles that. I'm fine with it. Now if I can figure out what is up with power management.23:14
tomreynmagic_ninja_work: maybe these two are meaningful, though, not sure: "DMAR-IR: x2apic is disabled because BIOS sets x2apic opt out bit." "DMAR-IR: Use 'intremap=no_x2apic_optout' to override the BIOS setting."23:14
magic_ninja_worktomreyn, on the acpi error?23:15
tomreynthose are not directly related to ACPI, no23:15
ActionParsnipI'll use a vm and live CD ISO 😊23:15
tomreynmagic_ninja_work: you may want to give this a try, just to see if you get better power consumption this way: http://iam.tj/prototype/enhancements/Windows-acpi_osi.html23:16
tomreynColdKeyboard: if you can't get an on topic reply here, maybe try ##linux, too23:17
tomreynalso ##hardware23:17
magic_ninja_worktomreyn, yea, I'll give it a shot. The issue is new to 19.10. Bluetooth and iwlwifi are using like 15W as reported by powertop23:17
oerheks!info iptables eoan23:17
ubottuiptables (source: iptables): administration tools for packet filtering and NAT. In component main, is standard. Version 1.8.3-2ubuntu5 (eoan), package size 385 kB, installed size 2635 kB23:17
oerheksdang, missed actionparsnip23:18
tomreynmagic_ninja_work: maybe you were using a different wireless generation / mode on the previous installation, such as 802.11 abg vs 802.11 ac (or n)?23:19
DecobusI don't know if this is a good place to say this, but the ubuntu archives for apt in amazon are not resolving properly.23:19
tomreynand you could just disable bluetooth if you dont need it.23:19
DecobusKeep getting the following23:19
DecobusErr:9 http://security.ubuntu.com/ubuntu xenial-security/main amd64 nginx all 1.10.3-0ubuntu0.16.04.4", "  Temporary failure resolving 'us-east-1.ec2.archive.ubuntu.com'"]}23:19
Decobusfrom us-east-1 and 223:19
magic_ninja_worktomreyn, well, it is a laptop with the same card. I'll see about switching from 5Ghz to 2.4 or vice versa23:20
ColdKeyboardThanks tomreyn! I'll give it a try23:20
magic_ninja_workam I still here?23:20
magic_ninja_workokay, seems I am23:21
tomreynDecobus: this looks like either a resolver issue on your AWS system, a resolver issue with your configured resolver, a proxy server configuration error on your AWS system, a transparent proxy issue within AWS. i don't see how it could be an issue which canonical could help with, but you could also try verifying this in #ubuntu-mirrors (which is usually calm during weekends)23:23
magic_ninja_worktomreyn, I can't reboot yet, but I'll give an update on those kernel parameters when I do.23:23
tomreynDecobus: there is also #aws OR ##aws23:24
Decobustomreyn: yeah ##aws is my next stop23:24
tomreynmagic_ninja_work: i'll probably be around a bit more23:24
magic_ninja_workyea, something is going on, because my battery life has went from 79% of original capacity to 72%. It is going to kill my battery if I don't figure it out.23:25
tomreynDecobus: can you tell which resolver you're using there? something in AWS?23:25
DecobusIt's the internal amazon dns23:33
Decobusoh wait23:34
Decobusfound an issue on my end...thanks for making me talk it out23:35
tomreynalso note you're usually best served in #ubuntu-server with server questions23:35
Decobusahh, ok. thanks!23:36
Sven_vBwhat's a good VM that can run on Xenial i686 and try the bionic 64 live CD on a virtual x86_64? I'd like to try and install using the mini ISO, onto an uncompressed disk image file so I can just copy it onto a real drive if I like the result.23:37
oerheksi read it 3 times, still makes no sense to me.23:38
tomreynhmm me neither23:40
oerheks1. a vm on i686 ..23:40
kadiroSven_vB> If you are running an i686 then it is impossible to try a 4 vm ( the inverse can be done )23:43

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