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jdwwattslove xubuntu but i get a broken package thatsays it cant mount gnome then it tries to remove shim and ends up trying to recover03:39
jdwwattsE;sub process E: systemd-shim: installed systemd-shim package post-removal script subprocess returned error exit status 203:43
jdwwattsthe desktop still works fine but the package manager won't get past the systemd shim remove error03:45
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xubuntu64wFailed to start session?  8-/15:20
tomreynhi there. are you looking for help with this?15:21
xubuntu64wThank You. Yes, I've done the upgrade and the login screen gives error on correct user name and password.15:22
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xubuntu64wI've done a few things.  Mostly tty ttl port and fix broken etc. apt upgrade apt update.  It says I have 9xx updates but they don't seem to update?15:24
tomreynxubuntu64w: ok, please type "tomreyn" when responding after more than a minute so i won't miss your reply. which upgrade did you do? if you don't know, please switch to a terminal, login and run "lsb_release -ds".15:25
ubottuTo get to the TTY terminals 3-6, use the keystroke Ctrl + Alt + F3-F6 respectively. Ctrl-Alt-F2 or Ctrl-Alt-F1 will get you back to your graphical login (Ctrl-Alt-F7 on 16.04). To change TTY resolution, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/ChangeTTYResolution15:25
tomreyni assume you'r enow connected to the internet from a different system?15:26
tomreyni mean for the chat15:26
xubuntu64wtomreyn "905 updates can be installed immediately"15:26
xubuntu64wYes Tom.15:26
xubuntu64wI'm ttl logged into the unit.15:27
tomreynso logged in via ssh remotely, ok15:27
xubuntu64wsorry, this is all a bit new to me.   Yes, SSH15:27
tomreyndoes the system seem to have internet access still? ping -c2    reports what o the last line of output?15:28
tomreynactually last but one line, the one with 2 packets transmitted...15:28
xubuntu64wlol, syasy for more ping see details.15:29
tomreynwhat happens when you type:   echo test | nc termbin.com 999915:29
tomreyndoes it return a http address?15:29
xubuntu64wwoops dyslexic15:29
xubuntu64w0% loss two received15:30
tomreynokay so you have internet access. what about the    echo.... thing?15:31
xubuntu64wtomreyn checkign echo15:31
xubuntu64wtomreyn  Hmm. echo test | nc termbin.com 9999 temp failure name resultion15:33
tomreynxubuntu64w:    echo test | nc 999915:35
xubuntu64wtomreyn What about the 905 updates immediately available?  What command will install them?15:35
tomreynnone if your system is unable to resolve names15:36
tomreyni'm trying to enable yu to share some command output with me on the internet15:36
tomreynonce that's done (we're very close) we can look into getting a better understanding why the updates can't be installed15:37
tomreynit will be much easier for me to understand what's failing then15:37
tomreyni guess you mean  https://termbin.com/4wpf15:38
xubuntu64wtomreyn https://termbin.com/4wpf15:38
tomreyndoes copy and paste to and from putty not work for you?15:39
xubuntu64wI've tried ctrl c and v but nothing15:39
tomreyni.e. do you need to retype any commands i write here?15:39
xubuntu64wyes. in manual mode typing.15:39
tomreynecho test    << copy this to clipboard, then press middle mouse button on putty to paste.15:40
tomreyni *think* this works, but not certain - it's been a while that i used putty15:40
xubuntu64wThat's a go Huston!15:40
xubuntu64wThanks I need that middle mouse button paste.15:41
tomreynso now:   nc termbin.com 9999 < <(lsb_release -ds;cat /proc/{version,cmdline};echo "Session: $XDG_CURRENT_DESKTOP ($XDG_SESSION_TYPE)";echo Shell: $SHELL)15:43
xubuntu64wwhat does that command do?15:44
tomreynoh wait this wont work yet15:44
tomreynso now:   nc 9999 < <(lsb_release -ds;cat /proc/{version,cmdline};echo "Session: $XDG_CURRENT_DESKTOP ($XDG_SESSION_TYPE)";echo Shell: $SHELL)15:44
tomreynthis command line gathers basic informatio on your system and posts it to the termbin.com website15:44
tomreynliek ubuntu version, kerne version and boot parameters etc15:45
xubuntu64wThe system went to sleep and like shut down. weird, had to reboot.15:45
xubuntu64wtomreyn  Ok, termbin.com receving?15:47
xubuntu64wtomreyn  Ok, termbin.com receiving?15:47
tomreynit should, i don't run it15:47
tomreyndid you run this?    nc 9999 < <(lsb_release -ds;cat /proc/{version,cmdline};echo "Session: $XDG_CURRENT_DESKTOP ($XDG_SESSION_TYPE)";echo Shell: $SHELL)15:47
tomreyn(so not the first variant with "termbin.com")?15:47
tomreynyou can run this first if you'd like to see the output you'd be sharing:15:48
tomreyncat < <(lsb_release -ds;cat /proc/{version,cmdline};echo "Session: $XDG_CURRENT_DESKTOP ($XDG_SESSION_TYPE)";echo Shell: $SHELL)15:48
xubuntu64wYes and Ok.?15:50
tomreynwhat do you mean?15:50
tomreynare you ok with sending this output to termbin.com?15:50
tomreynif so, run this (as told before twice):   nc 9999 < <(lsb_release -ds;cat /proc/{version,cmdline};echo "Session: $XDG_CURRENT_DESKTOP ($XDG_SESSION_TYPE)";echo Shell: $SHELL)15:51
xubuntu64wThe command was excusted and okay I can see what I'm shareing.15:51
xubuntu64wexecuted... 8-/15:51
tomreynit will return a http address, please post that here15:51
tomreynif it returns nothing then your system is no longer online15:51
tomreynlol whats this kernel?15:53
xubuntu64wtomreyn  resent..  https://termbin.com/59b215:53
tomreynthree years old15:53
tomreynis this an orangepi?15:54
xubuntu64wkernel .. not most recent?15:54
tomreynthis kernel has gatehered security vulnerabilities for 3 years15:54
xubuntu64w3.10.65 Ubuntu15:54
tomreyn3.10.65 yes, ubuntu no15:55
tomreynso what hardware is this?15:55
xubuntu64worange pi15:55
tomreynsee how i asked this above?15:55
xubuntu64wuodate kernel?15:55
tomreynnot sure you can, sorry i can't support this15:55
xubuntu64wTom!  8-)   What?  Yes,15:56
xubuntu64wNP. TY!15:56
tomreynwhat you have there is not a standard ubuntu installation15:56
xubuntu64wSorry Tomreyn15:56
tomreynand we only support those15:56
tomreynor i do, others may support other setups15:57
Noboru55Hello everybody, i am in doubt, for good computers, like 8gb ram, core i5, is better to install Ubuntu? or Xubuntu continue to be the best option?15:57
tomreynxubuntu64w: here's a newer download which claims to be ubuntu (but it is not, it's something that once was ubuntu, modified to actually work on this hardware) http://www.orangepi.org/downloadresources/OrangePi3/2019-01-23/orangepi3_82ad209229e957e13fa953491c.html15:57
tomreynother options for this hardware http://www.orangepi.org/downloadresources/15:58
tomreynNoboru55: either works you choose.15:58
xubuntu64wTomreyn Got ya. OKay. The factory OS is  Sigh.  8-(15:59
Noboru55tomreyn really? i like more the xfce...15:59
tomreynNoboru55: yes, it's really your choice15:59
Noboru55tomreyn asking because i want to uninstall the windows in my wife's laptop, for while she doesnt like, just waiting for some virus...16:00
tomreynxubuntu64w: in case this is orange pi zero, here's another canonical product you can install there https://ubuntu.com/download/iot/orange-pi-zero16:00
tomreynubuntu core is not the same as ubuntu server or ubuntu desktop, though16:00
Noboru55couz in linux i never use the software to clean virus16:00
xubuntu64wThis is OrangePi PC216:01
xubuntu64wTomreyn This is OrangePi PC216:01
Noboru55tomreyn thank you!16:01
tomreynxubuntu64w: i have no first hand experience with this device. you may be able to find some buntu like pre-installed images which can work on this platform. it's probably an armhf.16:03
tomreynthere's #ubuntu-arm for such devices16:04
tomreynbut it's not very busy16:04
Noboru55tomreyn ah, a question, only for my curious, why the live usb works fine and the o.s installed in usb do not works good ? do u know ?16:04
xubuntu64wtomreyn  Thanks for the assistance.  Yes it is armv7 I believe.  It's a SBC SOC Development board.16:05
xubuntu64wtomreyn  W@hen you stated it was not a standard Ubuntu installation, was that in reference to the hardware or the Kernel?  I'm inclined, you meant the hardware.16:15
tomreynxubuntu64w: standard ubuntu only supports the amd64 architecture. there are ports for other architectures, but only community support for these.16:24
tomreynon ARM platforms you face two issues: kernels often require hardware specific patching, there are default armhf (and arm64) kernels but they son't work for every system since hardware varies too much.  as a result, and due to architectural differences, installing is not possible the 'default' (aMd64) way16:27
tomreyn(also staging kernel updates for boot works differently, flash-kernel)16:28
Noboru55hello everybody, is the xubuntu 19.10 better than 18.04 ?19:19
diogenes_Noboru55, it depends.19:20
Noboru55diogenes_ depends ? of what, my ram ? or...19:20
diogenes_Noboru55, on hardware.19:21
Noboru55diogenes_ the 19.10 needs a powerfull hardware?19:21
Noboru55diogenes_what processor and ram requeriments ? do u know ?19:22
diogenes_Noboru55, no, i mean the nwest kernel might not run on some reallt old hardware also 19.10 is 64bit only (afaik).19:23
kadiro18.04 is lts 19.10 is not19:23
Noboru55i see19:23
Noboru55i have nothing to lose, i will try, and if i dislike i back to 18.0419:24
Noboru55thank u 219:24
diogenes_it's worth trying though so go ahead.19:24
Noboru55going to do it19:25
Noboru551 minute left to complete the download19:25
Noboru55torrent ^ ^19:25
diogenes_i installed it on intel atom small 2gb ram netboot and it runs fast.19:25
Noboru55here i have.. dual core 1.6  4gbm ram ddr3 ... but intel graphics share 64mb memory19:25
diogenes_can even run heavy ms office via wine on that netbook.19:26
Noboru55so i will not worry couz every little thing gonna be alright19:26
Noboru55i preffer libre office19:26
diogenes_Noboru55, yes you're fine.19:26
Noboru55download complete19:26
Noboru55see u19:27
diogenes_i prefer libreoffice too but you can't teach the old school principal new tricks :)19:27
diogenes_ok good luck.19:27
Noboru55its right.. thank u again19:27
xubuntu67whow to deaktivate the lock of the screen if i am watching a video the screen lock autmatically after about 15 or 20 minutes19:41
diogenes_xumactivate presentation mode.19:43
xubuntu67wwhere to activate the presentation mode  19.04 there were no issues with this but in 19.1019:45
diogenes_add power manager plugin to panel.19:47
xubuntu67wthank you found it19:48
kadiroI removed screensaver and disabled the power manager my self to solve that problem19:52
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xubuntu67wafter i activated the presentationmode i waited for one hour and there was no screen lock the advice to activate the presentationmode to avoid the automatikally screenlock works very well thanks for the advice21:03
Noboru55hello, when the keyboard doesn't work in grub, is there something to do to fix it ? i see nothing in my bios about it.. so..21:04
Noboru55do not know what to do21:04
Noboru55would grub2 fix it? perhaps?21:07
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isthis4real57468almost sure but just to confirm...the livepatch feature is only for ubuntu lts proper? not the de versions?22:19
krytarikisthis4real57468: Does not matter really.22:20
tomreyni think there's only support for LTS kernels, yes22:20
isthis4real57468krytarik, are you talking from personal experience, have you gotten it working for some time?22:26
krytarikNope, I don't care about Livepatch really, but all flavors are technically Ubuntu so it should work there as well.22:28
tomreynsee "System requirements"22:33
tomreynalso here https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Kernel/Livepatch22:33
sm0ruxHow can I get 'echo -e "\a"' to create a beep in my PC speaker? Using xfce4-terminal on 18.04.22:58
diogenes_sm0rux, first see if pcspkr module is loaded.23:06
sm0ruxIt is not commented out (no # sign) in /etc/modprobe.d/blacklist.conf23:07
kadiroI think the pcspkr is blacklisted by default23:07
diogenes_lsmod | grep pcspkr23:08
kadiroyou can install beep23:08
kadiroIn my case beep command works fine but with echo command never worked23:09
sm0ruxlsmod | grep pcspkr gives nothing23:09
diogenes_sm0rux, it mans it's not loaded.23:11
kadirosm0rux> try to load it first23:11
kadirosomething like sudo modprobe pcspkr23:11
diogenes_also check: grep "pcspkr" -r /etc/modprobe.d23:13
sm0ruxNow I see it using lsmod | grep pcspkr23:15
sm0ruxStill no sound then giving echo -e "\a"23:15
diogenes_play -q -n synth 0.1 sin 880 || echo -e "\a"23:16
sm0ruxHey - it beeped :)23:16
kadiroyour situation and mine are the same23:17
kadirothe echo can't work23:17
diogenes_you can modify  880 to you liking.23:17
sm0ruxCan I modify the the volume? Tried the -v setting, but no difference between -v 1 and -v 100023:19
kadiroadd vol x.x23:19
kadiroex vol 0.523:19
kadiroplay -n synth 0.1 sine 880 vol 0.523:20
kadiroyou will end using morse with that command :D23:21
sm0ruxI doubt I will... especially not after working like 30 hours in CQ WW SSB this weekend :)23:24
kadirooh I see23:24
sm0ruxkadiro: Are you a ham?23:26
kadirosm0rux> my english is not good, what is ham23:26
sm0ruxplay  -q -n synth 0.1 sin 880 vol 0.0223:26
sm0ruxOoops :)23:27

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