studiobot<Go_Diego_Go> Hey guys, I upgraded to 19.10 recently. All went well but one thing... my wifi card stopped being recognized. This has been an issue on this computer ever since I got Ubuntu on it. I have followed this http://ubuntuhandbook.org/index.php/2019/04/nstall-rtl8723de-wifi-driver-ubuntu-19-04/ in the past. However, I thought that with dkms04:42
studiobotI wasn't going to need to do that anymore.04:42
studiobot<Go_Diego_Go> I know that this is general Ubuntu question and that I should be asking about this in Ubuntu (and I am), I was just wondering, since I don't know about this stuff, if the low latency kernels would have anything to do with this04:43
OvenWerksThe low latency kernels are the same as the generic kernels except for one config switch which should not affect anything. It is possible to have both lowlatency and generic kernels installed though if you want to try switching back and forth.04:45
OvenWerksI have used dkms with the low latency kernel to install modules for our drawing tablet with no trouble.04:46
studiobot<Go_Diego_Go> I see, since I already followed those steps back in 19.04, I shouldn't need to do it again, right? I remember that with dkms I should not have any problem with my wifi after upgrading to any other version, even if the kernel changed04:51
studiobot<Go_Diego_Go> Or something along those lines.04:51
studiobot<Go_Diego_Go> On another note, volume keys are not working, I tried killall xfce4-volumed && xfce4-volumed … xfce4-volumed and it returned no process found04:52

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