wallyworldkelvinliu: +1 but with a request for validation, might be possible, let me know01:31
wallyworldthumper: lgtm, ty01:32
kelvinliuwallyworld: tyrv, no, we can't validate the cr before getting the CRD. because it's just a string for us without knowledge of the CRD.01:36
wallyworldkelvinliu: yes, but can't we make an api call to validate?01:37
kelvinliubut k8s will return the validation error if the deployed CR did't match the CRD format01:37
wallyworldand we can't check that before actually trying to create one?01:38
wallyworldthere's no k8s Validate() method?01:38
wallyworldi guess we can't be sure the crd exsists01:38
wallyworlduntil be process the entire yaml01:38
kelvinliuso just deploy, either success or fail(return validation error from k8s) would be better,01:38
wallyworldwhat does kubectl do if the unstructured cr yaml is bad?01:39
kelvinliuerrors returns from api-server01:39
wallyworlddoes it return an error or just do it and you see the error with kubectl get01:39
kelvinliuwe are following the kubectl way01:40
wallyworldok, so long as we set an error in juju status which i think we do01:40
kelvinliuyes, we do01:40
wallyworldok, sgtm, ty01:40
wallyworldhpidcock: getting through your PR, have a meeting in 5 but will continue after that01:52
timClicks"Highlighting some important Juju workloads" https://discourse.jujucharms.com/t/207702:51
wallyworldhpidcock: why do we need to annotate the pods with init id as part of the running check?02:52
wallyworldah, if you scale directly in k8s, the juju unit won't exist straight away02:56
timClicksbabbageclunk: nice work on the vsphere nics bug02:58
babbageclunkoops, thanks!02:59
hpidcockwallyworld: yeah there is a race condition that the unit and provider id has not matched yet, which means the WatchContainerStart facade will filter it out because it doesn't know it yet.03:09
hpidcockAlso, it's now a nice useful debug annotation :)03:10
hpidcockanyone else getting test fails on localServerSuite.TestNetworkInterfacesForMultipleInstances? I think it's an ordering issue, but wondering if anyone has fixed it or seen it03:22
wallyworldhpidcock: i've not seen it it myself. is it blocing landing your PR?04:56
hpidcockI don't think it will block, something is using a map somewhere, it has 2 elements, so that makes it a 50% chance to land :D04:58
wallyworldcould be worse :-)04:58
wallyworldkelvinliu: your PR good to land today too?04:59
kelvinliuwallyworld: i think so, I m solving some races in tests.05:01
wallyworldok, ty!05:01
manadartStill after a tick on https://github.com/juju/juju/pull/10821.08:20
manadartnammn_de: Can you try the 2nd QA step on a different substrate for patch 10821 and approve if it passes? Need to get it landed.08:58
nammn_demanadart: will do :-)09:01
nammn_dedoes it have to be space aware like aws? Or does lxd work?09:02
manadartnammn_de: LXD should work.09:05
achilleasamanadart or nammn_de: one line PR for fixing the ec2 intermittent test failure that hpidcock reported: https://github.com/juju/juju/pull/1083509:12
jammanadart: have you considered whether we want to be passing space ids in the migration content?09:15
jammanadart: that's the only thing keeping me from flagging that Approve, so if you're confident we can move forward09:15
manadartjam: I am confident. I understand communicating in terms of space names from a conceptual point, but I don't think reverting from IDs gets us any more "correctness" for the effort.09:20
nammn_demanadart: run qa, approved as you are confident and qa worked09:38
manadartnammn_de: Ta.09:38
manadartachilleasa: Looks like I need to rebase with your test fix for mine to play ball and land.10:37
achilleasamanadart: fix is still landing... that test fails about 20% of the time so if you retry the merge it should probably work10:38
manadartachilleasa: Giving it another lash. Last 2 failed.10:39
nammn_destickupkid: coming back to the charming thing. I was thinking a little how to make it consistent with the old behaviour while removing the bug we were talking before. I think this should do it https://github.com/juju/charm/pull/297/files10:44
stickupkidnammn_de, nearly there :D11:05
achilleasamanadart: fix has landed11:18
manadartachilleasa: Yeah, mine was backed up behind yours, so I could have just waited. Running now.11:19
nammn_destickupkid: updated it11:50
stickupkidnammn_de, much better11:51
stickupkidreadability ftw!11:52
nammn_destickupkid: let's hope big that now all things work as expected there compared with before :D11:53
manadartachilleasa: Mine is in. Let me see if I can chase this issue. I think your time is better spent on the instance-poller stuff.12:01
hmlmanadart: what do you mean by “a zero-value SpaceInfo “ for the peergrouper getHASpaceFromConfig()12:13
manadarthml: "network.SpaceInfo{}"12:15
manadarthml: Which is effectively sending "" for space ID/name.12:15
hmlmanadart: ack12:16
achilleasahml: one small comment for your PR; I will run the QA steps in a bit12:47
hmlachilleasa:  thank you.12:47
hmlachilleasa:  if you have time after stand up, or after pick up, i’d like to chat on the other one pls  1082512:48
achilleasahml: sure, I have 1h before pickup so let's do this after standup12:49
MudchainsHi all, I am deploy a kubernetes-core on a onpremise vpshere environment atm. its already 10 minutes 'stuck' at Juju Controller is initializing. Please wait. The console of the juju-controller VM is waiting at a logon screen. is this normal behavior?13:26
hmlmanadart: ping?  can you join daily for pr chat?13:40
manadarthml: OMW13:43
nammn_demanadart: do these changes make sense to you? I reuse the metrics pointer from application to use them in the charmconfigwatcher13:56
nammn_dejam: I was looking into how some charm tests are written in juju/juju. Some are under /juju/juju/repositoy... and they contain a "version" file as well. Right now the "git describe dirty" would take precedence over the version file. Is that wanted?14:19
nammn_destickupkid: got a minute?14:41
nammn_destickupkid: https://github.com/juju/juju/pull/10836 added some background14:57
nammn_derick_h: above I sent to jam ^ should vcs or version file take priority?15:07
manadarthml achilleasa: Should I expect all bindings not-explicitly defined to be "0" now?15:25
hmlmanadart:  yes, the exception is if the application’s default endpoint has a defined value.15:27
manadarthml achilleasa: This looks like the issue with https://bugs.launchpad.net/juju/+bug/185058915:28
mupBug #1850589: migrating kubernetes-core fails <model-migration> <juju:Triaged by manadart> <https://launchpad.net/bugs/1850589>15:28
manadartThe bindings migrated from 2.6 are all "" in the 2.7 model.15:29
hmlmanadart:  i thought we had code to convert them when the bindings were migrated.  hrm…15:31
achilleasamanadart: hml That looks correct to me; it's the old default space name, no?15:40
hmlachilleasa:  yes… but we should be saving in to the db with an ID, not a name15:41
hmlachilleasa: manadart  i think i found a bug in the cmr code related to the space name/id… spaceIDs do not translate outside of the given model.  spaces are used to match up subnets on each side of the offer.15:45
MudchainsOk it was defently a firewall issue. conjure-up is now deploying the kubernetes-core on the vsphere environment15:45
manadartachilleasa hml: Look at what I posted in the bug. The issue is here: https://github.com/juju/juju/blob/6bf5de9ded487a4ecb8d23a8118ef3df030c24c0/state/migration_import.go#L85315:48
manadartWe are relying on NewBindings to return endpoint:space-id, but if all are "", it returns the original map.15:49
manadartSo we import it untouched from an old controller with no explicitly bound endpoints.15:50
achilleasahml: this is why we should probably dumb down NewBindings so it only works with space ids... ^^16:00
hmlachilleasa: ensuring it’s called that way might be a bigger problem.  and changing code handingly “”16:02
manadartachilleasa hml: Who should I assign it to? I have to make a move here.16:06
hmlachilleasa:  can you pick it up?  i’m knee deep in get the other two PRs going16:06
achilleasahml: on it16:24
hmlachilleasa: awesome!16:24
achilleasahml: ok, so the issue here is that when you export from 2.6.x the description contains ep => space name (with "" for the default) whereas for 2.7+ it will contain space IDs... I guess the fix is to auto-map "" => AlphaSpaceID16:38
hmlachilleasa:  yes, a good place to start.  we should perhaps review with handing of model config default-space.16:39
achilleasahml: since the model config is a 2.7 only feature, I think that the migration should not take it into account as it could lead to unpredictable bindings16:52
hmlachilleasa:  gd point16:53
nammn_deSomeone wanna take a look at this one? https://github.com/juju/juju/pull/10838 Adds bash branch completion17:20
rick_hnammn_de:  sure thing17:22
achilleasarick_h: should 'juju run --unit ubuntu-lite/0 "network-get another"' print something out?17:59
rick_hachilleasa:  no? since it's not in a relation context?18:01
rick_hachilleasa:  or maybe...thinking more18:01
achilleasarick_h: ah yes...18:01
* rick_h checks if that's an extra-binding or a endpoint18:01
achilleasawell, I have a fix for thumper's issue and probably https://bugs.launchpad.net/juju/+bug/185058918:02
mupBug #1850589: migrating kubernetes-core fails <model-migration> <juju:In Progress by achilleasa> <https://launchpad.net/bugs/1850589>18:02
rick_hachilleasa:  hmm, what does 2.6 do with it?18:03
achilleasarick_h: something odd is going on 'github.com/juju/juju/cmd/juju/commands/exec.go:434: timed out waiting for result from: unit ubuntu-lite/0'18:26
rick_hachilleasa:  yea...18:27
rick_hachilleasa:  working to rebootstrap/test that here as well18:27
timClickshave a minute? any eyes on this piece is appreciated: https://discourse.jujucharms.com/t/draft-juju-2-7-0-creating-a-new-usability-standard-for-infrastructure-automation/229421:55
=== narindergupta is now known as narinderguptamac
anastasiamacfwiw, we already collect and display in machine-format cloud 'source'23:37
anastasiamacwallyworld: path of less resistence is to add it to tabular as 'Kind'23:38
anastasiamacwallyworld: but 'personal' clouds r called 'local' atm.. m happy to keep them as 'local'.. r u?23:38

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