revolutionaryhello again :) good morning :)10:00
theodotos[m]Oh, hi.10:15
revolutionaryMay i ask did you read my project?10:33
theodotos[m]Did you try the link I send you?10:59
revolutionaryhi :)17:48
theodotos[m]Hi revolutionary 20:20
revolutionary how are you?20:34
theodotos[m]I'm fine how are you?21:33
theodotos[m]Any luck?21:34
theodotos[m] * I'm fine, how are you?21:35
revolutionaryi am fine too21:35
revolutionaryno luck. i am waiting a reply from you :)21:35
theodotos[m]I told you, I never did /boot encryption. So I can't help much. Did you try applying the guide you found for Ubuntu on Debian?21:39
theodotos[m]Or the other one that decrypts the /boot partition via GRUB?21:40
revolutionaryyes. that installation is creating detached header key in a USB drive and also it is installing /boot partition on USB drive. No one can open that computer without that USB drive. It is a good setup21:55
revolutionaryI am using that now on Ubuntu21:56
revolutionaryi recommend if you care about security/privacy. i am an encryption/privacy enthusiast21:57
revolutionaryif you make FDE on your Ubuntu you should do that setup. You know no one is making that setup because they are supposing they are making FDE but they are not. FDE means encrypt whole disk and whole disk's meaning includes /boot partition.22:02
theodotos[m]How about Debian? 22:10
revolutionaryi can't test this setup on Debian because my computer is not for installing virtual machine and i have no second computer for this project. if you have enough infrastructure can you try?22:41

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