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mitya57jbicha: done07:35
LocutusOfBorgjuliank, hello, gpgme1.0 merge please? it is shown on merge page with my name on it because of a fix I did...09:14
mwhudson(initramfs) losetup -f10:46
mwhudsonloop: can't get info on device /dev/loop1: No such device or address10:46
mwhudsonhow does that happen?10:46
mwhudsoneh should go to bed instead :)10:47
GunnarHjHi wgrant, can you please take a look at https://answers.launchpad.net/launchpad/+question/685484 . I think it's ready to add provided that it can be done even if the locale is not yet present.11:46
rafaeldtinocomorning o/12:25
marcustomlinsondoko: hey, I see you managed to get libreoffice autopkgtests passing?13:31
xnoxdoko:  does gcc-9 do some weird trampoline / retpoline / zeroing of things?13:31
xnoxdoko:  or maybe kernel.13:31
xnoxdoko:  i see that klibc build, clears argc after an ioctl is performed13:32
ubukingare here some developers ??13:33
xnoxubuking:  maybe =) but they get scared and run away13:34
dokomarcustomlinson: looks so13:35
marcustomlinsondoko: did g++ change perhaps?13:35
marcustomlinsonor was that fluke? :P13:36
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marcustomlinsondoko: I see you published a gcc-9 update yesterday13:39
dokomarcustomlinson: https://gcc.gnu.org/PR92267, however a build still seems to fail for me13:40
dokoxnox: sorry, no13:42
xnoxdoko:  hm, ok.13:47
xnoxapw:  doko: so when klibc based userspace utility (losetup) calls an ioctl (which is implemented using kernel headers / .S assembly?) the global main functions, argc is cleared. When building with gcc-9 & linux-5.3 headers. https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/linux/+bug/1850184 Please tell me there is some "please-no-retpoline-clearing-vars" option =)13:49
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1850184 in linux (Ubuntu Focal) "losetup -f broken in 2.0.6-1ubuntu2" [Undecided,New]13:49
roaksoaxn]/win 713:49
dokoxnox: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Security/Features two new flags were turned on, but also in 813:54
xnoxdoko:  yeah, i've already tried disabling them, and that doesn't seem to fix anything.13:57
xnoxdoko:  so i still currently think that v5.3 headers get excited by gcc-9 somehow13:57
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mwhudsonRikMills: there should be focal docker images now22:26
mwhudsonhm but there aren't22:27
mwhudsonwell there should be soon :)22:27
mwhudsonRikMills: ok it is there now :)23:40

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