teddy-dbearMorning peoples, critters and everything else09:55
ChinnoDogI need a simple command to benchmark single threaded CPU performance. Anyone have one? I don't have access to any benchmarking utils.20:38
ChinnoDogSomeone tell me how long this takes: time for i in {1..10}; do sha256sum 2&>/dev/null <<< $(dd if=/dev/random bs=1M count=128); done20:57
ChinnoDogIt takes about 1s on my 4 year old laptop.21:02
waltmanIt's nearly instantaneous on my mac, and hangs on my newish desktop.22:26
waltmanI think on linux /dev/random needs entropy22:29
waltmanDid you run that on ubuntu?22:32
ChinnoDogYes, on Ubuntu. I should have used urandom. /dev/random is slow in virtual machines.23:42
ChinnoDogAlso I realized I could have written a simpler statement and just adjusted the size of the random data without increasing the memory requirement.23:44

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