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wonkoOvenWerks: hey there. Still planning on adding that stuff. Have you made any major changes to controls lately?18:38
wonkoAlso, is there no C language binding for jack? It's not listed on the page.18:39
OvenWerkswonko: I have done some more work but it is all in the controls end. I am still looking to have four lists added to the config.18:47
OvenWerkswonko: the lists are: pulse bridge names, one list for inputs and one list for outputs18:48
wonkoDo you want to run with it because you're doing that anyway or should I have a go at it?18:48
OvenWerkswonko: the other two lists are connections points. That is where does each bridge get connected to by default at creation.18:49
OvenWerkswonko: feel free to look at the autojack end18:49
OvenWerkswonko: the current number of bridges should be translated at config file read to pulse_in/out and then pulse2_in/out18:50
OvenWerksif the pulse_in config is not an int, then it must be a list of names :)18:51
wonkoOk, I'll let you know what I come up with. Likely next week though.18:51
OvenWerksno hurry, As hit milestones worth publishing I will up load them.18:53
OvenWerkswonko: I guess we could start a branch where I could push even little changes. I could then squash before merging18:56
wonkooh, duh, jack is written in C. I don't need a language binding. :-D18:56
OvenWerkssorry I forgot about that one. Yes I have used jack API in both c and c++18:57
wonkothat might be a better idea than screwing with master or the nighmare of trying to merge our two branches18:57
OvenWerksOK, later today I will push a branch with my latest changes.18:59
wonkook, groovy18:59
wonkoI don't think i'll get to it today and I'm trying to take tomorrow off (had to work sunday) but I'll hopefully be out in the garage trying to get it sorted. It's still a disaster.18:59
OvenWerksin other news it looks like Ardour 6.0 will go Alpha this month and maybe beta by the year end18:59
wonkooooh, fancy19:00
wonkothat's another thing I should really work on19:00
OvenWerksI can have people try to break my foldback code.19:00
OvenWerkserr, well I can spend time fixing the breakages they do find ?19:01
wonkook, jack api looks relatively simple. Now, how hard is qemu audio going to be? :-D19:02
OvenWerksjack is much easier than the alsa api19:02
OvenWerkswhich might have something to do with my own SW not working with ALSA19:02
wonkoI'm thinking the ALSA code in qemu might be a good place to start to see how it all works. Maybe. :)19:04

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