xubuntu41wok i'm back.  the login dialog in lightdm (or whatever) is still using 1x scaling.  probably because lightdm doesn't know about scaling settings.00:02
brainwashthe scaling setting in Xfce only affects the session00:03
xubuntu41wuntil your session autolocks in which case lightdm uses the proper scaling.  maybe a lightdm these00:03
brainwashI would add GDK_SCALE=2 to /etc/environment and check if that works for the greeter00:04
xubuntu41wi can still see some ripping in the compositor.  maybe i forgot to turn that on.00:04
xubuntu41wok thx00:04
brainwashyou may to restart lightdm00:05
brainwashmay need to00:05
xubuntu41wis lightdm a service or should I just send it a HUP00:05
brainwasha service00:06
brainwashrestarting it will terminate your graphical session00:07
eris0xffok brainwash.  this is me using my own handle.  the fix for the display manager worked.  thx00:13
brainwashhidpi support still needs quite some work00:15
eris0xffyeah it's tricky.  linux laptop hidpi / OLED support still needs work.00:15
eris0xffbut it's worth it00:15
brainwashafk now00:17
eris0xffone thing i noticed is that the OLED colorspace is so huge that many films / videos are not graded for it.  many dark areas are so black it's scary00:17
eris0xffok laterz00:17
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Kats99Failed to execute command "@@BINARY@@ %u" when i click on vmware icon in the systems tab of xfce12:16
Kats99it opens tho when i type vmplayer in terminal12:16
brainwashsystems tab is what?12:18
Kats99in systems tab it shows vmplayer but when i click on it it opens a dialog box saying Failed to execute command "@@BINARY@@ %u12:21
brainwashyou could edit that launcher12:23
brainwashmenulibre is the app menu editor12:24
brainwashor you could locate the .desktop file in /usr/share/applications, copy it over to ~/.local/share/applications12:25
brainwashand edit it with a text editor12:25
brainwashthe Exec= line12:25
Kats99what do i change in the exec line?? the path ends with %u12:28
brainwashtry "vmplayer %u"12:28
brainwashor simply "vmplayer"12:28
brainwashthe %u argument is probably used when you select a file to open with vmplayer12:29
Kats99oh man thank you so so much it works12:30
brainwashin the file manager12:30
brainwashgreat :)12:30
Noboru55diogenes_ Hello, now i am using 19.10, the screensaver is perfect and works very well... about the startup it takes a few seconds, i mean, after the grub, i need few seconds more than the xubuntu 18.04, and when the desktop starts, the panel took some seconds to show all itens too.. but in general this system is good now13:02
Noboru55diogenes_ i was testint bleachbit and i forgot to disable the screensaver after minutes, so i got freezy screen, i needed to restart in power button, after turn on the panel was broken... omg i needed to install again the 19.10 because my mistake.. now its ok... xubuntu 19.10 100%13:03
diogenes_Noboru55, look in session and startup and disable undeeded services: https://i.imgur.com/CiPBXxa.png13:04
diogenes_also if you don't plan using snaps, do: sudo apt purge snapd13:04
Noboru55good idea13:04
diogenes_that will speed up the boot time a bit.13:04
HeadlessHorsemanSee also: systemd-analyze blame13:04
diogenes_yes that one too ^^^13:04
Noboru55diogenes_ i was taking a look at htop, and the blueman-applet is it the bluetooh? i do not use this, would to turn it off or .. starts off the bluetooth13:05
Noboru55system-analyze  ?13:05
diogenes_Noboru55, yes disable it in session and startup as shown in the pic.13:05
Noboru55where is that systemd-analyze13:05
diogenes_and as you run: systemd-analyze blame in terminal13:06
diogenes_you gonna see which services took more time to load, and if you don't need them then you could disable them.13:06
Noboru55ok, thank u13:06
Noboru55i think i do not need that update notification.. u know we are always doing sudo apt update13:08
Noboru55ok, restarting13:11
Noboru55diogenes_ hello. its good now.. i just modified that quit splah with #  i like to see something on the screen when turn on or off the laptop.. i miss the time of lilo boot13:28
Noboru55diogenes_ do u think that compositor enable uses too much memory?13:28
diogenes_Noboru55, if you have a well supported graphics card then compositor is a blessing, otherwise it's a curse.13:29
Noboru55intel graphics13:29
Noboru55so a curse13:29
diogenes_for my ivybridge intel graphics, it's quite smooth.13:30
Noboru55i modified my grub too, i like to see the grub option.. do not know why they turned it hidden13:30
Noboru55diogenes_ so i will let it enable13:30
Noboru55ok, its all, got the perfect system to me.. i have a own post installation too in my language of corse, ^ ^13:30
Noboru55diogenes_  thank you very much13:30
diogenes_Noboru55, you can do a test, watch the cpu usage with it enabled then do the same test with it disabled, also check the cpu temp.13:31
diogenes_and you're welcome.13:31
Noboru55i can, the chrome is the bigger curse anyway13:31
diogenes_Noboru55, you can try ff with hardware acceleration enabled and see the difference.13:32
Noboru55better with hardware aceletarion enable.. i did the test13:32
Noboru55u are right, the compositor can be enable.. its ok13:32
Noboru55very nice.... can't wait to my wife windows blows with some virus13:33
diogenes_Noboru55, to enable full hw acceleration it takes a few steps, it's not enough to just tick the box in ff settings.13:33
Noboru55so Xubuntu there13:33
Noboru55diogenes_ really ?13:33
Noboru55diogenes_  did not know that...13:33
Noboru55diogenes_ where can i find the steps?13:33
diogenes_Noboru55, run: about:support and see the Compositor section also scroll down and see the hw acceleration section.13:34
diogenes_you can make a screenshot of the page.13:34
Noboru55i will do it later, now i need to prepare the the launch .. lunch... something to eat13:36
Noboru55thank u...13:36
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xubuntu67wHi! I have a problem with osspd. The package is successfully installed, but does not work... After #echo ddsadf>/dev/dsp i recive error of i/o (not permissions!). And in syslog ossp-padsp[ksx:1456]:  ERR failed to connect context, state=5 (Bad state). On Ubuntu 16.04 and Xubuntu 18.04 (i386) it wirks ok. Is there anything anyone can do to help me?17:48
tomreyni probably can't help there, but that's probably the same for anyone else unless you state which xubuntu version (and architecture) you *are* using.17:51
xubuntu67wI tried to compile the program from source, but the result is similar.17:53
xubuntu67wOH!! Xubuntu 19.10 !17:54
tomreynhmm, osspd's code hasn't been touched in 5 years, i suppose this can be a dead project and you'll need to actually use aoss and padsp nowadays18:27
xubuntu67wOf course I use padsp. But it brings some problems for me.18:41
Noboru55hello everybody, the xubuntu 19.10 works different of 18.04 in intel graphics cards ?19:26
Noboru55i was using 18.04 and i had no problem with games like supertuxkart, and now i'm in 19.10 and after a minutes playing the game get some video bugs...19:27
Noboru55the colours and the car disappears, and weird things...19:27
Noboru55does someone know something about it ?19:27
likemindeadAnyone using F2FS as their file system with Xubuntu 19.10?20:24
pragmaticenigmalikemindead: you left a little too soon from #ubuntu... I found this article which would caution against f2fs: https://askubuntu.com/a/118296121:03
likemindeadUsing ext4 & disabling journaling seems to the the way to go with a SSD?21:07
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pragmaticenigmalikemindead: It is more widely supported. Also, if it is a new enough drive, your computer overall is going to be outdated long before you run out of write cycles on that drive21:08
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likemindeadMakes sense. Thanks!21:09
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