destinyhey guys another questin, my screesaver is turning on even when watching video, only way to stop this is to fully turn it off00:14
destinyany work around?00:14
lubot<ctisme> how to disable touchpad?01:14
u0_a160Is there an escape hatch if your desktop is frozen and ctl+alt+1/2/etc don't work?03:43
lubot<ctisme> im on progress on running apt dist-upgrade from disco to eoan ... how to know that my apt-get dist-upgrade is still running or not... the process is still listed on the top command?  and the process stuck on 47 %10:55
chietais lxqt available also on debian?11:21
kc2bezchieta: It is also in Debian, yes.11:23
kc2bez@ctisme The process can take some time and there may be parts where it looks stuck but you should try to wait it out. The terminal should have some indication on what is taking place.11:25
lubot<ctisme> noted @kc11:27
lubot<ctisme> @kc2bez the apt is on D state... but the terminall show the activitiy again11:27
lubot<ctisme> it takes long on configuring linux-5*image*11:27
lubot<ctisme> im also $ tail -f /var/log/dpkg.log11:28
lubot<ctisme> now on 52%... must be patient here TT11:28
lubot<aptghetto> With` apt dist-upgrade `you don‘t change the release. You will remain on disco11:30
lubot<ctisme> i've change the disco to eoan on *apt*sources.list @aptghetto11:33
lubot<ctisme> it is changing....11:34
lubot<aptghetto> Ahhh, important information. … Why didn‘t you use` sudo do-release-upgrade?` => https://help.ubuntu.com/lts/serverguide/installing-upgrading.html11:38
kc2bezWe have a documented procedure in our manual too https://manual.lubuntu.me/stable/D/upgrading.html11:44
lubot<ctisme> cmiiw $ do-release-upgrade -d11:45
lubot<ctisme> right11:45
lubot<ctisme> alas11:45
lubot<ctisme> unlucky me11:45
kc2bezYou shouldn't need the `-d`11:46
lubot<ctisme> why the manual said that11:47
kc2bezthe `-d` switch is to move to a development release11:48
lubot<ctisme> @kc2bez [<kc2bez> the `-d` switch is to move to a development release], is 19.10 is dev release12:07
lubot<ctisme> im on 19.0412:07
lubot<ctisme> previously12:07
kc2bez19.10 is not in development anymore it has been released12:08
kc2bezHere is our blog announcement https://lubuntu.me/eoan-released/12:09
lubot<ctisme> ahh, noted12:11
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