ubottutomreyn called the ops in #ubuntu (notsoever)10:50
tomreynhi, is anyone awake there? we got this "notsoever" person in #ubuntu who is spamming for 2 hours now.11:43
RikMillssame person who spammed #kubuntu the other day. sadly I can't OP in #ubuntu12:01
ubottulotuspsychje_ called the ops in #ubuntu (notsoever trolling mumble)12:37
RikMillspopey: thanks!12:39
tomreynty p0pey, a pity no one with the relevant permissions was around for so long.12:41
ubottuThe operation succeeded.14:32
pragmaticenigmaGood day ops... Could someone keep an eye on doug16k in #ubuntu... they appear to be on the attach/troll front while, and not providing any useful help to those in need at the moment.15:41
ubottujussi called the ops in #kubuntu ()18:51
jussiIve no idea how to deal with the external (telegram) ones18:53
daxi just don't18:56
daxi have #kubuntu +o so i'm assuming i could get admin on the telegram group if i cared enough, but i really don't care enough :s18:57
daxplus then i'd be using telegram more, and i'm trying to use it less instead18:57
hggdheventually we will have to. Perhaps.19:21
daxanother option would be changing bridging to go via the kde matrix server (i.e. telegram <-> kde.org matrix <-> irc), but that's way above my pay grade and i'm not sure how it looks on the telegram side19:28
daxbut the upside there would be that individual telegram users are bannable on IRC19:28
daxdisclaimer: i in general am quite biased about using matrix for anything, but figured i should throw the option out there19:29
hggdhdax: biased for, or against?19:31
hggdhack. Nevertheless, if we go one way, it would be nice to do the same for all.19:32

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