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lotuspsychjeGunnarHj: i filed bug #1851028 and tomreyn suggested the dutch translation to the team, just letting you know14:34
ubottubug 1851028 in language-pack-nl (Ubuntu) "Livepatch tip is not translated in update-manager" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/185102814:34
GunnarHjlotuspsychje: Thanks. Would be good if you could make a note on the bug report about it, so the Dutch translators team gets notified (someone in that team has to approve it).14:43
lotuspsychjeGunnarHj: how do i go about about that exactly? i dont deal with translations much14:44
GunnarHjlotuspsychje: Just add a comment and say the same thing as you did here.14:45
lotuspsychjethat tomreyn pushed a translate right?14:45
GunnarHjlotuspsychje: Maybe you and/or tomreyn is interested in joining the Dutch translators team?14:46
lotuspsychjeok and tnx for you adapt too GunnarHj14:46
lotuspsychjeGunnarHj: well you can add me if you like, tomreyn is german native14:46
GunnarHjlotuspsychje: I can't add you. You'd need to apply; it looks like only Hannie Dumoleyn has access to approve.14:49
lotuspsychjeokay tnx14:50

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