AloieceHei folks, does anynody have recent experience with an RT-kernel on ubustu?00:26
oerheksstandard would be the lowlatency kernel, so no?00:36
EickmeyerAloiece: Doing anything with Ubuntu (Studio) outside of what is in the repositories is completely unsupported.00:41
ubottuthe RT kernel is the Linux kernel with a realtime preemption patch applied. It is not available in Ubuntu. See also !lowlatency00:45
Eickmeyer!lowlatency | Aloiece00:46
ubottuAloiece: The lowlatency kernel is a special Ubuntu kernel build with modifications for systems which require low latency when communicating with some hardware, such as some Audio devices. Included with Ubuntu Studio by default.00:46
Aloieceubottu: yes, in the past it lacked the ability to interfere with ibte01:07
ubottuAloiece: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)01:07
AloieceInterupt priorities01:07
EickmeyerAloiece: That's no longer the case. RT kernels are really only for embeded systems anymore, such as mixers utilizing the Linux kernel for their interface.01:23
EickmeyerAloiece: Additionally, RT kernels are bad for security. They can allow an attacker to compromise a machine by taking realtime access to the machine locking-out everything else (GUI, command line, etc.). For this reason alone, you will never see Ubuntu contain an RT kernel.01:24
EickmeyerAloiece: So, like I said, unsupported here and not up for discussion.01:24
EickmeyerAloiece: Also, ubottu is merely a bot that told you what I told it to tell you.01:25
oerheks real-time kernel. -rt kernel - is based on the Ubuntu kernel source tree with Ingo Molnar maintained PREEMPT_RT patch applied to it01:45
oerheksnot really a bennefit for ubuntu/music/video/networking, nor vaapi or the kernel patches that cripples hyperthreading01:47
oerheksso lowlatency is a "realtime" kernel enough01:48
oerhekshave fun!01:48
s\schizoidHey everyone, how're you travelling?03:47
s\schizoidhey circuitbone03:57
circuitboneHi s\schizoid04:03
s\schizoidHow're you travelling?04:04
circuitboneOn hols, waiting to board. Gearing up for some Xmas time to learn new stuff ( music , tech )04:05
s\schizoidHow good! I'm looking to install US on a desktop I've got handy over the next couple of days, preparing for pretty much the same thing. I'm interested to see what people are using it for really; if I weren't reliant on VSTs with questionable compatibility I'd get it up and running on this system04:10
circuitboneHave you also tried lmms yet s\schizoid ? Keen to see it as well04:16
s\schizoidI haven't, looks pretty handy for writing electronic music-- Ardour's a bit of a pain for that so I'll definitely check it out when I'm up and running04:21
circuitboneYeah I need to try ardour again as well04:26
s\schizoidIt's incredibly powerful. I'm using Harrison Mixbus32C as my main DAW, which is a heavily modified version of Ardour... It's a weapon04:43
circuitboneNice sounds like a tidy unit07:37
s\schizoidIt is, it's also damn cheap for a proprietary DAW. Ticks all my boxes, the mixer emulation thing clicked with me really quickly.07:52
circuitboneBetter give that a crack as well.08:50
Eickmeyer!offtopic | s\schizoid15:47
ubottus\schizoid: #ubuntustudio is the Ubuntu Studio support channel, #ubuntustudio-devel for discussion regarding development of Ubuntu Studio, and #ubuntustudio-offtopic is for random chatter. Thanks!15:47
Eickmeyer!offtopic | circuitbone15:48
ubottucircuitbone: #ubuntustudio is the Ubuntu Studio support channel, #ubuntustudio-devel for discussion regarding development of Ubuntu Studio, and #ubuntustudio-offtopic is for random chatter. Thanks!15:48
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KelvinoharaJoy and peace to all21:01
KelvinoharaAbove all, don't get frustrated if your middle button on your mouse scrolls really really slowly :)21:02
bliterUse slider bar ^^22:02
bliterOn terminal irc client use page up and page down buttons :-P22:04
KelvinoharaHey bliter, that's exactly what I'm doing, thanks pal hahahaha :)22:16
circuitboneheavy handed moderation some.22:44
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