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xubuntu1wAfter installing Xubuntu on Ubuntu 19.10 ARM64 bit (Rasberry Pi4B) all works fine but the WiFi. The wlan0 leases an address but there's no IP connectivity (e.g. cannot ping the router). All works fine from eth0. Anyone got any clues? Thanks.07:19
tomreynyou may need to create or edit /lib/firmware/brcm/brcmfmac43455-sdio.txt07:36
tomreynit should say 0x44200100 from what i can find online07:37
tomreynxubuntu1w: ^07:37
xubuntu87wBrilliant tomreyz! Thank you. As per the link you posted, I applied the latest wifi driver setup rebooted and now WiFi IP connectivity works. Many thanks. :-)08:42
tomreyn:) you're welcome08:48
xubuntu95w /nick SteveB09:18
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GusjHi there, I upgraded from Xubuntu 18.04 LTS to 19.04 and then to 19.10, now my wifi sometimes connects and sometimes not, I can see through commands that the wifi is on (i turn it on or off) but I don't see any of the servers around me including my own, like the list is not populated.. and the inverted triangle icon stays empty, If I reboot, then it might work16:38
brainwashGusj: I would check if restarting the network manager service helps17:05
diogenes_Gusj, also the router.17:06
Gusjbrainwash: Yes, thank you, I have tried, 'sudo service network-manager force-reload' and 'service network-manager restart' and it has no effect17:14
Gusjwhat works is just rebooting.. which is strange, I don't see how the router would be an issue since the other machines connect normally and even that machine connected normally in 18.0417:15
brainwashcommand should be "sudo systemctl restart network-manager"17:15
Gusjbrainwash: Thank you, just did tried it to the same effect, I can see wifi is enabled, but I don't see any of the ssids around me, including mine, which is feet away from the laptop17:20
sublevelYou could try:   sudo iwlist wlp3s0 scan      (replacing wlp3s0 with the name of your wifi interface)17:22
sublevelI used to use that as a workaround on lubuntu 16.04 when I had a similar issue17:23
Gusjsublevel: ahh thank you, the output is: wlp1s0   No scan results17:26
sublevelThat sounds like a different problem then I'm afraid17:27
Gusjsublevel: I do no understand what that means? If I reboot it will probably connect,17:40
Gusjand since it did not happen with 18.04 i feel that it should be something specific in terms of narrowing down possible source for the prob17:41
sublevelAll I know is that it would kick my wifi back into action and display lots of info about the scan results17:42
sublevelhi lplpefefe17:42
lplpefefesomehow this is the only channel I can access with hexchat and only through If I try the regular way (chat.freenode.net) it cycles: * Looking up chat.freenode.net  * Unknown host. Maybe you misspelled it. Cycling to next server in freenode...17:44
lplpefefebut I am now connected and can browse, so...17:44
lplpefefeim on xubuntu 19.10, upgraded a week ago. The problem started after upgrading17:44
lplpefefehelp appreciated17:45
lplpefefeirssi and webchat don't work either17:46
sublevelCan you connect to other irc networks OK?17:47
sublevelDNS issue?  Can you ping the domain name?17:49
lplpefefeam I doing this wrong? I executed ping www.chat.frenode.net17:53
lplpefefeping: www.chat.frenode.net: Name or service not known17:53
sublevelNot sure why you're adding www. ,  try just ping chat.freenode.net17:54
lplpefefelack of knowledge17:55
lplpefefesame result sublevel17:55
sublevelI don't know what to suggest to begin working out what the issue is, maybe someone else here has an idea.  Rebooting your modem/router and the computer itself probably worth a try if you haven't already18:00
lplpefefethe router?18:00

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