EoflaOEHello Bashing-om and everyone04:39
Bashing-omEoflaOE: :D - All caught up ? Getting UWN in shape ?04:40
EoflaOEBashing-om: Didn't have time to add links and do summaries.04:40
Bashing-omEoflaOE: :( .. Make some effort to help:)04:41
EoflaOEBashing-om: OK. I will try to help.04:42
Bashing-omEoflaOE: Great - I do clean up tomorrow and Sunday set up the WIKI.04:43
EoflaOEBashing-om: OK. And I will check the wiki on Sunday to see if there are mistakes or not.04:45
Bashing-omEoflaOE: All eyes are welcome - we all proof read. It is all the team's reputations and presentations on the line for all the world to see.04:47
EoflaOEBashing-om: OK.04:47

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