yohomeractually that was softkey (and maybe 20+y); not touchkey; the NOkkia N-810 had the hardkey querty slide; both with 80 column terminals in the shirtpocket.00:02
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courrierdeja-dup fails at restoring my last backup... it hangs always on the same file (some JPG in my ~/Images dir) ... what can I do?00:12
raidghostUbuntu 18.04.03 Has started to be not nice. the mousepad and the keyboard stops working after the sign in gnome login00:20
libreWorldgonna have to access the log files00:22
raidghostlibreWorld: Then i have to wait until back from work. Since i cant access the log files and paste it00:23
squeigeHey folks I am really struggling getting ubuntu to run on windows 10 hyperV, I keep getting stuck on a blank screen at the begining right after installation00:25
libreWorldraidghost, got an extra mouse and keyboard? try plugging them in and see if works, would make things easy to get at log files00:26
raidghostlibreWorld: Not here. But guess i just wait for the new LTS version00:27
raidghostMy girlfriends laptop with 18.04 Says "no wifi card" (broadcom card) but its there. Allways worked. just ubuntu that seems to want to mess with my MOOD00:28
libreWorldwell bummer00:29
tsujphow do I add DNS forwards?00:29
raidghostlibreWorld: So i guess HP just dont have good support for linux00:29
libreWorldsqueige, so are u saying it doesn't boot after install? is grub loading?00:30
jeremy31raidghost: post URL from terminal for>  lspci -nnk | grep -iA3 net | nc termbin.com 999900:30
squeigeGrub loads, I get a purple screen with ubunutu logo then just a black screen with a blinking cursor00:32
libreWorldcan you hit the esc key when purple screen comes and get to verbose to see boot process?00:34
squeigeone second let me try that00:34
squeigequestion is virtual box a better solution to hyperv?00:34
libreWorldI haven't used hyperv in so long so no idea of it's state00:35
libreWorldvirtualbox should be no issues00:35
squeigesame performance?00:35
libreWorldalways ran good for me and my hardware00:36
libreWorldeven sets up the display drivers correctly without having to jump thru hoops00:36
libreWorldI suspect you are having display issues with hyperv00:37
squeigeI am almost done resintalling ubuntu to try it again00:37
squeigeI suspect the same but not sure...00:38
raidghostjeremy31: what is ubuntu with wayland ?00:38
raidghostThat option works to sign in with00:38
raidghostbut the "ubuntu" selection does just freeze after sign in00:38
jeremy31raidghost: that is an option I don't use00:38
squeigeif you think I am better off with virtualbox Ill switch immediately00:38
raidghostcan i remove the ubuntu option00:38
raidghostso it only has ubuntu with wayland?00:38
squeige I want to learn to write linux scripts so even headless would rock00:39
libreWorldlike I said, been a long time since I touched hyperV00:39
squeigelol ok00:39
squeigewell its almost done last attempt00:39
squeigeyou would think hyper-v the better solution since its already intergrated with MS>...00:39
libreWorldyou verify the iso?00:40
squeige I did00:40
squeigeok its booting, hit escape saw all the verbose and got back to blinking cursor yet again00:41
libreWorldif I recall the last time I used hyperV, never got the full screen display working00:41
squeigeIll switch to virtual box....00:42
libreWorlddid u see what the last line was?00:42
squeigetoo fast00:42
squeigeany way to pause it?00:43
squeigectrl-alt f2 not working either00:43
libreWorldnot that I know of on boot00:44
squeigeremove stale online ext I think it says00:44
squeigeturning hyper v off... need to reboot switching to virtualbox00:45
squeigeis that what you use?00:45
libreWorldyea for windows00:46
libreWorldhope the virtualbox goes better00:48
doug16kwhy does my volume control behave as though there is a 4-bit volume register on my sound device?00:57
doug16knot exaggerating. there are 16 increments from zero to max00:57
yohomerincremental Victory!! .... v18 installed on sda6 with a master grub on sda3 (??) .... both systems boot .... one more to add00:57
libreWorldcongrats I guess00:58
shibbolethis netplan still the plan for upcoming lts?00:59
yohomeroh, I'm very pleased; that was a milestone00:59
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shibbolethor did it fare about as well as upstart?00:59
doug16kah I see. when I change it through my keyboard it changes in huge increments but dragging the volume with mouse is fine. can I make the volume keybinds less aggressive?01:02
doug16kfigured it out. you have to hold shift when you change the volume. it makes it change half as much01:10
whislockshibboleth: netplan is already in 18.04 LTS and every subsequent release. netplan is not a replacement for systemd-networkd or NetworkManager. All it is is a configuration utility, and that's all its designed to be. You can easily remove it if desired, or disable its functionality.01:26
wxbwhislock, What is it though??01:26
whislockwxb: It's a YAML-based network configuration generator.01:26
longus_catusI just upgraded to Ubuntu 19.10 from... 19.04 and it seems that my fonts put chinese at a higher priority than japanese...which makes the wrong versions of certain symbols appear.  How do I change this (without making japanese my ui default language) (japanese support works fine already, it's just the wrong version of the font)01:27
wxbDo some people have concerns about it?01:27
Bashing-om!netplan | wxb01:27
ubottuwxb: Netplan is a network configuration abstraction renderer which uses YAML descriptions of a network to work with either a NetworkManager or Systemd-networkd "renderer". More information at https://netplan.io/01:27
whislockwxb: There are a few very small features that exist in systemd-networkd and NetworkManager that netplan does not yet support.01:27
wxbthanks Bashing-om :)01:27
whislockwxb: There are bugs open for two of them.01:27
wxbOkay. Is it a big deal though? Sounds kinda regular to me, but I'm likely missing something... It's not like 'Ubuntu drops Unity' earth-shattering news, is it?01:29
sarnoldit's change, and people get cranky with change01:29
sarnoldI've certainly had my moments :)01:29
wxbAre other distros adopting it?01:29
sarnoldbut I certainly had frustrations with /etc/network/interfaces so this one's a lot easier for me to accept :) hehe01:29
LabuI run ubuntu 19.04 on dell insipron 13 7000 2-in-1. I would like to know how I can make a bug report. I try ubuntu-bug about many issues with hardware but ubuntu-bug need a PID of a program.01:30
sarnoldubuntu-bug can also take a package name or executable name01:30
Labusarnold: yes but it's not related to package in particular01:31
Labuto *a pacjager01:31
sarnoldhehe, don't worry too much about simple typos, most folks on irc are quite good at reading around them01:31
Labuthe touchpad doesn't work, it doesn't recover from a "suspend to RAM", the touchscreen doesn't work01:32
longus_catusWell, that sucks...01:33
sarnoldyeah, that's a lot to have go wrong :(01:34
Labuyes :-(01:34
longus_catusIt would be more expedient to search for your hardware on a google, and poke in some forums01:34
longus_catusThen again, I'm not exactly sure how Ubuntu takes hardware support requests01:35
Labuon the previous version of dell inspiron  linux seems to work. It's a very recent version with a Intel I7 10th gen . Perhaps a driver issue... I tried with fedora and I get exctly tyhe smae problem01:39
LabuIt's a laptop provided by my enterprise. I would make a bug report and get some advice from developper which could confirm the driver issue (or find a solution pehaps)01:42
Labuis there a bug report system for the kernel ?01:42
longus_catusIt's not an Ubuntu specific problem...and you're probably not the first person to have this problem01:43
LabuI mean for linux itself01:43
sarnoldubuntu-bug linux  will file a bug report in launchpad against the kernel01:43
sarnoldbugzilla.kernel.org also exists, but they'll likely want you to test with 'upstream kernels', eg built from git sources01:43
Labuok I am ging to do this01:43
sarnoldyou'll probably need to do both01:44
sarnoldlinux is almost certainly the right choice for the suspend issues01:44
sarnoldI'm less sure of the trackpad and touchscreen01:44
LabuI don't think I am competent to compile a kernel from scratch01:44
LabuI could try with a arch or a gentoo the kernel  is perhaps more recent01:46
sarnolddepending on the machine, it might not be too bad; if you download the sources, run 'make localmodconfig' 'make bzImage modules install' ; 'sudo make install' it'd probably get there01:46
Labusarnold are you sure ? I tried to build a LFS and the book learn howt to make a chroot environment with very specific package to build it. I am afraid I will not have the required dependencies in ubuntu. For the touchpad and the touchscreen Aren't the driver be loaded as kernel module ?01:51
sarnoldLabu: if you don't usually build software, installing the 'build-essential' metapackage would bring in a large number of other packages needed for building.. it's possible the kernel would require still more, but I don't expect too many01:52
ironpillowHi all, I have my account on ubuntu machine with a strong password. What if anyone get's hold of the hard drive from the machine, can they access my data?01:53
sarnoldI'm not sure about the touchpad and touchscreen -- those drivers could live in userspace. libinput does quite a lot of the heavy lifting for those sorts of devices01:54
sarnoldironpillow: did you use full disk encryption or per-user data encryption in the installer?01:54
ironpillowsarnold: hey!01:54
vltironpillow: Yes. Unless you have an additional encrypted file system.01:54
ironpillowI used the basic installer with LVM option. I don't know if it encrypts full disk or per-user01:55
Labuok sarnold, it's tricky... but I don't take a big risk. at wortst it will not compile01:56
sarnoldironpillow: does 'lsblk' show any crypt or luks lines?01:56
ironpillowThis is a headless ubuntu server installation. So I didn't use the regular GUI01:57
ironpillowsarnold: checking01:57
sarnoldI think mount | grep -i ecrypt could show you if you used per-user encrypted home dirs, assuming you're logged in with a user account that has such a directory01:57
ironpillowlsblk doesn't show any crypt or luks lines01:58
ironpillowmount | grep -i ecrypt does show any output01:59
sarnolddoes? or does not?02:00
ironpillowsorry - does not02:00
ironpillowvlt: can they also ready root user's files?02:01
sarnoldthen there is a very good chance that your data is stored entirely unencrypted, and it would be quite trivial for someone who has stolen your computer to get access to the data on it02:01
vltironpillow: Yes.02:01
ironpillowvlt: oh no!02:01
sarnoldit's pretty easy to reboot with eg "init=/bin/bash" kernel command line parameter and have a fully privileged root shell with no restrictions02:01
sarnold(it's very handy in case you forget your password; sooner or later every linux admin will need this :)02:02
vltironpillow: That’s what full disk encryption is for.02:02
ironpillowanyway to encrypt it post installation - I am using LVM02:02
sarnoldyou could rely on bios drive locking, but that can be circumvented by removing your hard drive controller and replacing it with an unlocked drive controller. not easy but not impossible02:03
vltironpillow: Yes. Just pvmove to an encrypted PV02:03
vltironpillow: Your kernel usually needs to be run from an unencrypted part of the disk, though.02:03
vltironpillow: And you need to have the cryptsetup binary in your initrd.img.02:04
ironpillowoh...didn't know about `pvmove`.02:04
ironpillowoh so pvmove will only work if cryptsetup binary was in my initrd.img?02:04
ironpillowsarnold: I'll check if my bios supports it02:05
whislockBIOS drive locking doesn't actually secure the information on the disk.02:05
vltironpillow: No, pvmove works independently.02:05
whislockJust to be clear.02:05
vltironpillow: You need to have cryptsetup *outside* your encrypted system to unlock it, obviously ;)02:06
sarnoldyes; full disk encryption is the 'gold standard' here02:06
ironpillowGot it. I have to read up on cryptsetup and pvmove02:07
ironpillowThanks all!02:07
sarnoldhave fun ironpillow :)02:09
de-factoironpillow, maybe something like this? https://hamy.io/post/0009/how-to-install-luks-encrypted-ubuntu-18.04.x-server-and-enable-remote-unlocking/    you might rely on the IP network in between to be sure not to remotely unlock an "evil clone" though02:15
de-factoi would not want to rely on closed source hw disk controllers for encryption as they store the data encryption key which you unlock with your password and you cant know there is no second "security by obscurity" key hidden in there for third party unlocking02:21
sarnoldheck, they aren't even *that* good02:23
sarnoldmost encrypted hard drive things are just garbage, heh02:23
whislockMany encrypted hard drive implementations use hard-coded passwords/keys that are common to ALL drives in the product line.02:27
de-factoyeah the horror02:28
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ironpillowde-facto: oh thanks!02:51
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aHoowhich ubuntu derivative should i use if i want it to be based on debian?03:49
sarnoldall ubuntu derivatives are derivatives of debian03:49
ubottuRecognized Ubuntu flavors build on Ubuntu and provide a different user experience out of the box. They are supported both in #ubuntu and in their flavor channel. For a list, see https://www.ubuntu.com/download/ubuntu-flavours03:50
aHooi want an ubuntu that uses my bad ass gpu to give me max. eye candy and brain orgasms.03:51
aHoowhich one would i use then?03:51
aHoooerheks, thx03:52
libreWorldlaptop? desktop? amd? nvidia? intel? none of the above?03:52
oerhekstons of tweaks and themes and eyecandy ... that is why flightsimulator is created03:54
aHoodesktop, amd, intel03:54
libreWorlddesktop, shouldn't matter much which flavor03:55
oerhekslongest tread on ubuntu forum: show us your conky https://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=281865&page=234703:55
aHooprofessional desktop!03:55
aHoolike coding all day long.03:55
oerhekstry the one you like best03:55
aHoodownloading budgie rn03:56
libreWorldcoding, nice, tiling window manager03:56
aHoowell i code in a vm in windows actually03:56
aHooonly use the linux as a hypervisor03:57
libreWorldthat works03:57
flog 04:42
tomreynhello space boy04:48
Guest_11I'm having a lot of crackling coming from the qsynth midi synth. It's sometimes worse than other times, and its unpredictable. It's using ALSA and switching to the lowlatency kernel didnt help. Running qsynth as root hangs the system and requires going to a tty to kill qsynth.05:50
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ngmBluetooth audio pauses for few seconds for a while, is the wifi conflicting with bluetooth in anyway that the transfer is being affected? or is there any config to get the bluetooth transfer with good speed? Some info: driver: rtw_pci, modules: rtw_pci, r8822be.Also I am connected to wifi for internet. Also the upload transfer rate is 26.5 KB/s for the connected bluetooth device,  upload transfer drops to 16 B/s when the audio stops.07:03
lotuspsychjengm: wich ubuntu version and kernel please07:27
ponyriderngm: no basically you might now get the results you expect streaming to a bluetooth device and i think its that the drivers aren't so good, but now it's 2019 so i am not sure what the current status is07:27
ponyriderngm: i might add: you can use something like mplayer to lower the bitrate, that might stop the dropouts07:35
igeniwhen i check the lifecycle span of ubuntu 19.0408:20
igeniit says its a interim release08:20
igenidoes that mean it will get support for alot of years or only the selection of years in grey https://ubuntu.com/about/release-cycle08:20
igenifrom what i read its only the grey periood right, so for a production server i should upgrade to 2008:20
lotuspsychjeigeni: its not really reccomended to use non-lts versions for produtcion08:20
lotuspsychjeigeni: non-lts releases are supported for 9months08:21
igenino lts are versions in interim?08:21
igenii can just do a release-upgrade from 19.04 to 20 right08:22
lotuspsychjeyou can test servers for newer features on them of course, the users choice08:22
lotuspsychjeigeni: upgrades always jump to the next number first, 19.04==>19.10==>20.04 etc08:22
igenii made this mistake once and didnt pat attention some of my servers where on a very very old ubuntu, noi08:22
igeniwont happen again haha08:23
igenik i will jump to 20 now then, so i dont make that mistake again08:23
lotuspsychjedepending on what the users wants, we advice the LTS way08:23
igeniits a web server08:23
lotuspsychjeigeni: 20.04 is not out yet, only the development version atm08:24
igenimm ok so i should wait for it to be final, i cant downgrade to 18.04 right08:24
lotuspsychjeigeni: ideally you would clean install 18.04 indeed, and wait for the next LTS 20.04 when its out08:25
igeniclean install woudl suck , already fully made it production ready, igues i can safely wait on 20 to be final and then upgrade it08:26
igenii gues that will happen within 9 months08:26
lotuspsychjeigeni: your systems, your choice08:27
igeniapril 2020 i read here08:27
lotuspsychjeigeni: jumping to 20.04 in april is also not really the LTS way, since 18.04 will jump to 20.04.1 when its out soemwhere in july08:28
lotuspsychjefor servers, more stability and more bugs sorted etc08:28
lotuspsychjeigeni: so if uptime & stability are important for you, we reccomend following the lts way08:29
igenithanks i will do that from now on08:29
CoffeeCattleI want to stream local FTP video from my computer to my laptop but when I try I can't skim the video, only watch it linearly while it buffers. I can skim the video on android and ios. I've mounted the drive through nautilus and thunar (both used the same method it seems) . Anyone know how I can do this?08:39
asdfghhello! guys i have a pandas dataframe with a column with values 0, 1 and 2 so bascially a series like: 1,0,0,0,2,0,1,0,2 etc i would like to get groups/slice of the series where the column start from a 1 and ends with 2, so looking at the example i wrote i should get two groups, (1)  1,0,0,0,2    and the second (2) 1,0,210:12
asdfghhow can i do that?10:12
asdfghwrong channel, pardon.10:19
eisingHey there. I have an old almost forgotten vm running 16.04, and in order to free up space on a completely filled /boot partition, I may have accidentally nuked all kernels. I tried apt-get install linux-generic which claims that the newest kernel is already installed, but when I run update-grub I don't see any linux kernels in its output, so I'm worried that grub doesn't find any kernels and a reboot would brick it10:46
eisingany ideas?10:46
jeremy31eising check in /boot to see if there are any kernel files10:49
eisingjeremy31: there are no vmlinuz10:50
jeremy31eising: try>  sudo apt install --reinstall linux-image-$(uname -r)10:50
eisingjeremy31: there we go, thanks a lot :)10:53
feannagThe python script in my cronjob is not running. What am i doing wrong? https://paste.ubuntu.com/p/H7NRX66mk3/ https://paste.ubuntu.com/p/jBHVFhJT7r/ https://paste.ubuntu.com/p/phNFkQFFDQ/10:56
eisingnow the question is whether I dare restart it, since I've lost access to the vmware console :)10:56
feannagThe python script in my cronjob is not running. What am i doing wrong? https://paste.ubuntu.com/p/H7NRX66mk3/ https://paste.ubuntu.com/p/jBHVFhJT7r/ https://paste.ubuntu.com/p/phNFkQFFDQ/11:07
lotuspsychjefeannag: dont repeat too often please11:07
feannaglotuspsychje, i know, thought there was some problem with the network.11:08
BluesKajHiyas all11:43
CryptoManiacHello. I have an application that relies on libcurl3 but I also have an application that needs php5.6 to run which relies on libcurl4. This causes an issue for both application to co-exist in harmony on my server. Any suggestions or workarounds?13:08
tomreynCryptoManiac: which ubuntu version are you running there?13:11
tomreynThere's no supported Ubuntu version which still provides php 5.* packages, so this must be veeery old or using 3rd party packages, or both. i doubt anyone is able to maintain 5.x packages with all security patches.13:12
tomreynubuntu 18.04 and later should use libcurl4, only 16.04 should use libcurl313:15
ioriaCryptoManiac, that ^, but if you want a dog breakfast recipe, you can prepend ibcurl.so.3 to the affected application13:26
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CryptoManiactomreyn: Apologies for the late reply. I'm on Ubuntu 18.04 and I forgot to mention earlier that I'm using 3rd party packages to get php5.6 installed.13:29
CryptoManiacioria: By prepend you mean I should just make sure the libcurl.so.3 library files are in place?13:30
ioriaCryptoManiac, as you said one removes the other13:30
CryptoManiacYes that's right. They can't co-exist.13:31
ioriaCryptoManiac, uless, you install 3, copy somewhere the lib, remove 3 and reinstall 413:32
CryptoManiacOk. Will give that a try13:32
ioriaand finally prepend 313:32
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CryptoManiacI came accross this https://dev.to/jake/using-libcurl3-and-libcurl4-on-ubuntu-1804-bionic-184g13:40
CryptoManiacreading it now13:40
ioriaCryptoManiac, maybe that won't work because you don't have a 'real' libcurl.so.3 on bionic; you need to rename libcurl.so.4.5.0 to  libcurl.so.313:41
ioriaCryptoManiac, rename libcurl.so.4.5.0 off the 3 package , i mean13:42
deadromsomewhat off-topic: does anybody know how to convert a win10 iso into a usb thumb drive in ubuntu? there is WoeUSB but that crashes with errors13:45
lotuspsychjedeadrom: winusb & woeusb are your best bets13:49
lotuspsychjedeadrom: you could try a ppa with woeusb, works better then the snap version, use at your own risk cause we dont really reccomend external !ppa13:50
deadromlotuspsychje: I compiles git from src and *that* wouldn't work. crashes the moment it wants to echo values to /proc/sys/vm13:51
lotuspsychjedeadrom: we cant help with the compiled version, ask that to the maintainer13:53
lotuspsychjedeadrom: you could try the snap version, but last time i tryed it did not seem very useful13:53
deadromlotuspsychje: got a ppa address?13:55
lotuspsychjedeadrom: use at own risk: http://ppa.launchpad.net/nilarimogard/webupd8/ubuntu/pool/main/w/woeusb/13:56
deadromI appreciate the security hint, but at this level of emphasis I have to ask if that particular src is shady in any way13:57
lotuspsychjedeadrom: see also snap info woe-usb13:58
deadromlotuspsychje: snap woeusbgut: "Error opening directory '/proc/sys/vm': Permission denied"14:04
deadromand that's exactly the issue. it crashes the moment it tries to access the vm files. 18.04LTS. same happens wiht self-compiled git src14:04
lotuspsychjedeadrom: vm files?14:05
deadromcli version same issue. the echo command at line 1677 where it tries to echo a 0 value into the "dirty" params in vm it's all over14:05
deadromlotuspsychje: /proc/sys/vm/dirty*14:05
CryptoManiactomreyn and ioria: Thank you very much for your help. I just wanted to let you know that I found something that has been the easiest solution so far to be able to run both libcurl3 and libcurl4 on Unbuntu 18.04. Check out https://launchpad.net/~xapienz/+archive/ubuntu/curl3414:22
davegarathHi all, I have a strange problem about DNS and my VPN (openvpn). Following some guide I stopped and disabled systemd-resolved.service and I have put "dns=default" in my /etc/NetworkManager/NetworkManager.conf. All work fine but I have a problem resolving names in my zone work.local. If I try to resolv host.work.local it doesn't work, but if put wok.local in my search in /etc/resolv.conf and try to resolv host it works fine14:29
deadromlotuspsychje: https://github.com/slacka/WoeUSB/issues/267 <- well know issues and some workarounds to address the bugs in the workarounds...14:29
nekowaiidesuCan anyone give me any advice or help (Not super savvy on linux) - I have an AMD GPU and use the default drivers built into Xubuntu 18.04.. A game crashed and something has gone wrong. When my PC boots the GPU fans run full speed, I had to manually use pwmconfig and run fancontrol to keep them normalish for now. Another problem persists though, my entire system stutters every few seconds14:54
nekowaiidesuI know it's not hardware coz if I live-boot everything is normal14:55
shvmInstall drivers from GPU manufacturer website14:56
nekowaiidesuI'll give it a try shvm, although i was hoping it's possible to fix the canonical drivers since they've worked great til that crash15:01
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courrierAlthough I'm still using the same keyboard layout, 19.10 broke my accents, I can no longer type ê because the circumflex appears before I can complete with the letter, which gives ^e. What setting is that?15:26
akkHow did you type it before? There are several different types of input method (dead key, compose key, probably others).15:29
courrierI kept pressing the ^ key and the letter "e" or "a" meanwhile akk15:30
courrierMy usual layout is "French, eliminate dead keys", which is the one I currently have15:31
courrieris what I described the dead key method?15:31
akkI think so.15:33
akkHave you looked in Settings for something Keyboard settings? (Sorry, I don't run a default ubuntu desktop so I can't search here, I'm googling but not finding anything clear.)15:34
courrierI finally found out a layout that allows me to type ê! Crazy I thought I was using the "no dead key" layout!15:34
courrierakk thank you :)15:34
akkGlad you figured it out since I wasn't much help. :)15:35
courrierYou pointed out that it was a layout issue while I thought it wasn't15:36
akkThat's something, anyway. :)15:37
akkI use a compose key and set it by editing a file, so I only know about dead keys theoretically.15:37
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TaggnostrI have an external usb ntfs drive and I'm using ntfs-3g and want to be able to have characters such as ':' in the filenames.  AFAIU ntfs-3g already allows this unless the windows_names option is passed, but if I do `mount | grep sdd` it says 'type fuseblk' and lists a few options that don't include windows_names, but I'm still unable to use ':' in the filenames16:34
Taggnostrthe drive is mounted automatically when I plug it in, so I'm not sure where to look to see if windows_names is being passed and how to prevent it, do you know how to verify/change that?16:35
ioriaTaggnostr, just run 'mount'16:48
Taggnostrioria, if I run mount it says it's using fuseblk and windows_names doesn't appear in the list of options, even though it appears to be used16:48
ioriaTaggnostr, just run 'mount'16:49
ioriaTaggnostr, sy, try to umount and remount in another location16:49
Taggnostrspecifying ntfs-3g and different options?16:49
ioriaTaggnostr, mmm, nope plain and simple16:50
johnjayis there supposed to be only 2 workspaces in ubuntu 18.04 by default?16:55
johnjayi thought there were 4. i can switch between them at least with ctrl-alt-up arrow though16:55
Taggnostrioria, that worked, thanks!16:59
Taggnostrioria, is there any way I can set it as default behavior?16:59
ioriaTaggnostr, maybe disable automount for that device ...17:00
TaggnostrI was thinking about changing the default automount settings if that's possible17:01
iorialet me try with org.gnome.desktop.media-handling automount false17:02
=== doug16k_ is now known as doug16k
TaggnostrI mean, I want it to be automounted, but with the default options used by a plain mount, since apparently when it gets automounted there are some extra options specified that prevent me to copy files that contain ':' or other characters17:04
ioriaTaggnostr, yes, it works but disables 'all' the automounts17:04
ioriaTaggnostr, ah, i see17:05
ioriaTaggnostr, you can try then with gnome-disks17:06
Taggnostrioria, ok, I'll check that out, thanks again for the help!17:08
ioriano problem17:08
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kd4wov-2will ubuntu work on a pentium 3 800mhz.17:51
Mr_Pankd4wov-2> uhmmm.... lubuntu only    ram  ?17:52
kd4wov-2512 Meg of ram17:53
doug16kthe minimum requirements say 128MB https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Lubuntu17:55
doug16kyou're a bit ahead of the absolute minimum cpu too17:56
tomreynthis is likely to be outdated.17:56
kd4wov-2OK I will look at it. I have several p3 and p4 machines running xp that I am considering moving to Linux.17:58
doug16kah right, it suggests going to https://lubuntu.me/17:58
kd4wov-2these are the last windows machines except 2 win98 machines with a p 233 mhz.17:58
tomreynthe problem with pentium 3 is the hardware is insecure, does not receive security support from intel anymore.17:59
kd4wov-2these will become dos machines17:59
ioriakd4wov-2, p4 is ok, p3 i don't think so18:00
tomreynhave you considered replacing ten of those by a single current computer, saving a lot of power alng the way?18:00
kd4wov-2tomreyn does the security update come from the OS?18:00
tomreynhardware security updates only come from hardware manufacturers.18:01
kd4wov-2as far as replacing them, I run dos programing for Motorola radios. it does not ry18:02
doug16kyour microcode won't have any of the features that accelerate the workarounds, the kernel will be using the pathological workarounds on an already slow cpu18:02
tomreynfirmware (microcode) updates can sometimes be provided by the OS as well, if the hardware manufacturer makes them availble (which is not the case here)18:02
kd4wov-2run on windows18:02
kd4wov-2so what about core2 machines?18:03
ioriakd4wov-2, what about them ?18:05
kd4wov-2my main machine is a p4 3.8 ghz with 4gig ram running ubuntu studio.18:05
kd4wov-2what are your thoughts about core2 machines18:06
ioriakd4wov-2, p4 it's not exactly a dual core18:06
tomreynyou may want to run this on your systems to get a better idea of their CPU problems: https://github.com/speed47/spectre-meltdown-checker18:06
tomreynit's also available in ubuntu (not the latest version)18:07
kd4wov-2no core2 is the machine after p4 and before core2 duo18:07
ioriakd4wov-2, and ?18:07
kd4wov-2OK will look at that.18:08
tomreynyou will find that all of them have unfixed issues, and those will not be solved in the future.18:08
doug16kbetter linux than not linux though on those old cpus. at least linux tries to mitigate the issues18:10
kd4wov-2I understand about the unfixed issues18:10
doug16kold windows will happily let meltdown happen18:10
doug16kmeltdown is very, very bad18:11
ioriathose issues will not disapperar soon18:11
kd4wov-2yes I remember meltdown.18:11
s3nd1v0g1ushas anyone else had issues with unrequested sudden logouts since the rollout of 19.10?18:12
=== kostkon_ is now known as kostkon
tomreyns3nd1v0g1us: it's not something that's reported here enough for me to remember it.18:18
s3nd1v0g1usit has since ceased. i logged in via a shell and updated-upgraded any/everything. but it was frequent before that.18:19
s3nd1v0g1usit would log me out for no reason18:19
tomreynso, apparently, updates help.18:19
tomreynmaybe we should all install them regularly?18:19
pauljwnext you'll be recommending frequent backups...18:20
tomreyndoug16k: https://lubuntu.me/taking-a-new-direction/18:25
tomreynthis is about how lubuntu does not / no longer consider support of older hardware a primary goal18:27
doug16kah, yeah I got that feeling when I couldn't find any mention of system requirements at https://lubuntu.me/18:28
doug16kin the manual search I mean18:28
tomreynmaybe folks in #lubuntu canprovide minimum system requirements18:32
shvmI dont understand all this behind just a DE. why maintain a separate distro for a DE when you can very well just install DE like an app.18:41
ioriashvm, it's not so simple18:42
ioriashvm, and it's not an 'app'; it's is a set of several packages with dependencies , links , and config files18:45
shvmanyone here compared lubuntu's resource usage compared to the stock ubuntu with LXQT installed from repository? I'm curious18:46
shvmioria: You're one fine motivated individual my friend!18:47
ioriathank you18:47
kd4wov-2I am curious anyone use a jabber client or xmpp client?18:52
tomreynno polls please, what's your actual question?18:53
rockyhm, so i have a usb drive spitting errors ... is there anyway to block the bad sectors or whatever on them? gparted can't even successfully create a parition formatted as ext418:53
karxWhat is the error?18:53
rockygparted said something about bad I/O when trying to create a new parition with ext418:53
kd4wov-2I had a similar problem related to power issues on the USB port.18:54
karxThe drive might be dead. Does it work on another machine?18:54
karxThe port might also be the issue.18:54
rocky"error input/output error during read on dev/sda"18:54
pizzaiolodoes anyone here run ubuntu on a XPS 15?18:55
rockyits actually a 2.5" ssd in a usb-c enclosure ... and the drive started failing when it was setup as an internal drive (out of the enclosure) on an older laptop so now i'm seeing if i can repair it on my new laptop using this usb-c enclosure18:55
kd4wov-2can you check the drive by dropping it in a machine.18:55
rockyit didn't work in the first machine ... but it *seems* like it's localized to particular sectors or whatever the ssd equivalent is18:56
karxrocky: the drive is probable dead. Try a different drive.18:56
tomreynpizzaiolo: no polls please, instead ask the specific question18:56
rockybecause gparted's partitioning works for a while but finally pukes out18:56
pizzaiolotomreyn the specific question would be what said user's experience was18:57
rockykarx: the drive is definitely not *dead* ... i'm trying to figure out if it's recoverable or there's too much dmg18:57
rockyi also figured there was some way to mark sectors (or ssd equiv) as "bad" so they wouldn't interfere18:57
kd4wov-2rocky have you tried to make it a ntfs18:58
rockyext4 and ntfs both18:58
kd4wov-2you may want to try spinright18:58
tomreynpizzaiolo: Dell XPS 15 is a product series with many different models. but this doesn't seem like an ubuntu support question, maybe #ubuntu-offtopic is a better place, or ##linux18:59
rockywhat's spinright? and keep in mind this is a ssd, it doesn't "spin"18:59
rockyoh... "spinrite"19:00
pizzaiolotomreyn alright then19:00
shvmssd's have trim plus they automatically keep bad sectors away AFAIK. Your drive may be failing19:00
rockyshvm: yep, i'm just trying to figure out if its beyond redemption yet is all19:01
tomreynkd4wov-2: we don't usually recommend windows utilities here, especially when there are better euqivalents on ubuntu (gddrescue)19:02
tomreyn!smart | rocky19:02
ubotturocky: smart is Self-Monitoring, Analysis and Reporting Technology, a monitoring system for hard drives. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Smartmontools19:02
rockyohhh sweet, that should help, thanks!19:03
rockyi also am in the process of running "badblocks" on it, but i'm not sure marks the blocks as bad or merely identifies the bad blocks19:03
rockyman page doesn't seem clear on that point19:03
tomreynrocky: check the 'smart' data for the drive, don't waste your time on 'badblocks', just replace the disk if it's physically defective.19:04
rockywell i'm already running badblocks so i don't want to interfere19:04
rockybut i'll do as you suggested as soon as badblocks is done19:04
gehnanyone know if and or when Ubuntu will move to a more up to date gcc?19:05
tomreynrocky: note that not all disks sold in an usb enclosure can just be connected to a computer directly (some not at all, some only after modifications)19:05
tomreyngehn: when it is released.19:05
ledenrocky, try 'photorec' to recover data and try to format after and see how is going that way19:06
rockytomreyn: this disk wasn't sold in the enclosure ... it was a 2.5" ssd inside an old dell computer and the drive seemed to be having trouble so i bought a usb-c enclosure to test it out on another machine19:06
gehntomreyn, when what is released?19:06
ioriagehn, if you want 9.2, just install eoan19:06
rockyleden: i don't need to recover anything, i just need to see if the drive will work after a bit of maintenance19:06
tomreynrocky: if you don't have complete backups and need to resort to ddrescue then don't run recovery tools against the original storage but create an image with ddrecue first and then use recovery tools agains thtis image.19:07
tomreyngehn: the new gcc version19:07
gehntomreyn, which new one?19:08
gehnhttps://packages.ubuntu.com/search?keywords=g%2B%2B&searchon=names&suite=eoan&section=all eoan is still on 719:08
ioria!info gcc eoan19:08
ubottugcc (source: gcc-defaults (1.185.1ubuntu1)): GNU C compiler. In component main, is optional. Version 4:9.2.1-3.1ubuntu1 (eoan), package size 5 kB, installed size 50 kB19:08
gehnoh wait, g++-7 is 7 :)19:09
kd4wov-2windows utilities? I guess I missed something.19:09
tomreynkd4wov-2: sorry, i should have said "utilities for other operating systems"19:10
gehn!info clang eoan19:10
ubottuclang (source: llvm-defaults (0.49~exp1)): C, C++ and Objective-C compiler (LLVM based). In component universe, is optional. Version 1:9.0-49~exp1 (eoan), package size 3 kB, installed size 23 kB19:10
kd4wov-2if I could not get gpart or bad blocks to work, spinrite has saved a few of my drives.19:14
rockyhm, yeah dmesg is reporting stuff like, "Buffer I/O error on dev sda, logical block 632, async page read" while i'm running badblocks (i have no idea how long it's going to take to finish running this)19:16
kd4wov-2going back to my question about jabber or xmpp. I was curious if any one is still using them. not a poll.19:16
tomreynit's not a support question, though, and this channel is for exactly that.19:16
tomreynwe have #ubuntu-offtopic and #ubuntu-discuss for other topics19:16
kd4wov-2ah ok.19:17
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s3nd1v0g1ustomeryn your sarcasm makes you look like an ass. i was asking about a specific and legitimate issue. obviously we all know the value of updating when possible.19:22
rana_anstomreyn: I installed new kernel version using ukuu, on rebooting it gives me an error: /boot/vmlinuz-5.3.0-050300-generic has invalid signature19:23
s3nd1v0g1usthis is why children shouldnt be sysops19:24
rana_ans+ error: you need to load the kernel first.19:24
rana_ansanyone here to help me with my problem?19:25
ioriarana_ans, disable secure boot19:26
rockyok so looks like i can't activate SMART mode on this drive even though smartctl says SMART is supported ... guess the drive is simply in too bad of a state19:27
rana_answhat is its purpose btw? by enabling it how does it help?19:27
ioriarana_ans, what ?19:28
rana_ansioria: nvm I'll disable and boot, brb19:28
tomreyns3nd1v0g1us: i should probably have spared you the sarcasm, sorry. please always update first when something doesn't seem to be working well, and ask questions later if issues persists.19:36
s3nd1v0g1usyes. and I did. my post was less about how to resolve my own issue than whether others had experienced the same problem.19:36
s3nd1v0g1usnot for nothing, im thankful that ubuntu allows one to simply drop into a shell from the login page19:42
robroseknowsHey can I get some help with this question: https://askubuntu.com/q/1187587/487048 I've been debugging it for a week now, but I've narrowed it down to X issues19:43
iorias3nd1v0g1us, there is indeed a sever bug about the login/out system ; it involves gnome-shell, systemd and gdm3 at the same time; the fix is in proposed19:44
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1847896 in systemd (Ubuntu Eoan) "Unable to shutdown or restart from log-in screen" [High,Fix committed]19:44
robroseknowsI could really use assistance with this issue: https://askubuntu.com/q/1187587/487048, don't know if it's a bug but nothing I've found so far works.20:00
ioriarobroseknows, do you get a login screen ?20:05
robroseknowsioria, no, I get purple splash screen and then directly to blank20:05
ioriarobroseknows, can you boot with nomodeset ?20:06
robroseknowsioria nope, I can boot into recovery though.20:06
ioriarobroseknows, well, recovery uses nomodeset, so you should be able to boot in a graphic encv with nomodeset parameter. you know how to set it20:08
robroseknowsioria, I should clarify that I can't boot all the way in recovery, just to the recovery menu. if I try resuming I get the same issue.20:08
robroseknowsI'll try replacing quiet splash with nomodeset one more time though20:09
ioriarobroseknows, ok20:09
robroseknowsno dice, took a video this time though, let me upload it.20:12
PeGaSuShello guys. i need some help. I'm using an app that needs a "volume normalizer", but i'm getting this error: Attempting to load plugin dsp_volnorm.so: FAILED! (DL_Open returned NULL) (./plugins/AutoDJ/dsp_volnorm.so: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory). does anyone can give me a hint in what package to install please?20:13
robroseknowsioria, here's the video with nomodeset: https://youtu.be/PTZvduRg-AM20:15
ioriarobroseknows, that's wrong20:16
robroseknowsioria, that's how it's set in recovery mode startups?20:17
ioriarobroseknows, boot in recovery and enable networking20:18
robroseknowsioria, done20:19
ioriarobroseknows, cd /home/<your user>20:19
ioriarobroseknows, ls -al  | nc termbin.com 999920:20
Aktive@TJ- hey20:21
robroseknowsioria: https://termbin.com/at5k are you thinking .Xauthority is bad?20:21
AktiveI installed the HWE, but still problem20:21
ioriarobroseknows, nope; dpkg -l | grep nvidia   | nc termbin.com 999920:22
robroseknowsioria, https://termbin.com/cg2h20:23
ioriarobroseknows, stat /  | nc termbin.com 999920:26
robroseknowsioria: https://termbin.com/w1y120:27
ioriarobroseknows, stat /home/rob   | nc termbin.com 999920:27
robroseknowsioria: https://termbin.com/sxghu20:28
ioriarobroseknows,  lspci -k | grep -EA3  'VGA|3D'  | nc termbin.com 999920:29
robroseknowsioria: https://termbin.com/ethp20:30
ioriarobroseknows,  cat /proc/cmdline  | nc termbin.com 999920:31
ioriahow can nvidia loaded with nomodeset ?20:32
robroseknowsioria: https://termbin.com/dtq120:32
robroseknowsnot sure, doesn't nomodeset just delay graphics until other stuff has loaded? it's been a while now20:33
ioriarobroseknows, apt update20:33
ioriarobroseknows, and apt full-upgrade20:34
robroseknowsioria, done apt update, got a few pubkey errors for mono and nvidia-container/docker stuff20:34
oerheksis this ubuntu in a vm or bare metal?20:35
ioriarobroseknows, ah, well i don't use that, so i cannot tell20:35
robroseknowsioria apt full-upgrade didn't upgrade anything bare metal20:35
robroseknowsoerheks: bare metal20:35
ioriarobroseknows, we have to tell us what really happened there before the issue :þ20:36
robroseknowsioria: the pubkey issues you mean? I'll send them to termbin hang on20:37
ioriarobroseknows, nope, the blank screen20:37
ioriarobroseknows, try to backup xorg.conf20:37
ioriarobroseknows, also monitor.xml20:38
robroseknowsalright, I think the issue is with startx, as I've been able to recreate the issue in recovery by running startx20:38
ioriarobroseknows, you don't use startx, you restart gdm (but not in recovery)20:39
ioriarobroseknows, the problem with startx is only when you use it with sudo20:39
oerheksaccording to the post earlier, he changed gdm3 to lightdm..20:40
robroseknowsoerheks I changed it back when that didn't fix it.20:40
ioriarobroseknows, backup xorg.conf and monitors.xml20:40
robroseknowsbut yeah, changing the display manager didn't fix the problem.20:41
robroseknowsioria: alright, backing them up now20:41
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ioriarobroseknows, and sudo reboot20:42
robroseknowsshould I delete the xorg and monitors.xml first? or just back them up somewhere?20:42
ioriarobroseknows, just backup20:42
robroseknowsokay I'm back at grub menu, should I start in recovery or try to boot completely?20:44
ioriarobroseknows, boot normally20:44
robroseknowsioria: screen is blank again. here I need to restart in order to get anything.20:45
robroseknowsso restart again?20:45
ioriarobroseknows, try to open a console20:46
robroseknowsI tried ctrl+alt+T and ctrl+alt+F3 and got nothing. are there any other shortcuts I should try?20:47
ioriarobroseknows, ctrl+alt+F3 again20:47
robroseknowsnothing, screen is still off20:48
ioriarobroseknows, boot in recovery, enable networking and  apt install --reinstall ubuntu-desktop^20:48
ioriarobroseknows, if that fails again, purge nvidia20:49
VonorAnyone good with dnsmsaq + tftp? I set tftp-unique-root=mac and get a request from mac b8:27:eb:ee:c5:1b but dnsmasq seems to look into a different directory... Nov  9 21:47:00 master dnsmasq-tftp[15326]: file /var/lib/tftp/04eec51b/start.elf not found20:50
robroseknowsioria: that regex selected like 1250 things to reinstall. is that correct?20:52
ioriarobroseknows, you use gnome-shell, right ?20:52
robroseknowsioria: pretty sure yeah. it's just the default that came from ubuntu. use zsh but other than that everything is still default.20:54
ioriarobroseknows, yeah, zsh20:54
ioriarobroseknows, sy, heading out, hope you fix this20:58
robroseknowsioria: thanks!20:58
robroseknowsDamn it, reinstalling ubuntu-desktop didn't work.21:03
veegeeQuick question: `echo ${name:-$TAR_ARCHIVE}-$TAR_VOLUME >&$TAR_FD`    what is this syntax: `${name:-$TAR_ARCHIVE}`, specifically the name:- part21:14
tomreynveegee: man bash -> Parameter Expansion21:17
robroseknowsgah, purging and reinstlaling nvidia drivers didn't work so I'm back where I started with this issue: https://askubuntu.com/q/1187587/48704821:18
tomreynrobroseknows: which graphical login manager was your system configured to use when you shot the youtube video?21:24
robroseknowstomreyn: gdm321:25
tomreynrobroseknows: uncomment WaylandEnable=false in /etc/gdm3/custom.conf for now, this will probably work around the issue for now.21:27
tomreynthen post a full systemd journal:   journalctl -b | nc termbin.com 999921:28
robroseknowstomreyn: I believe I've already done that, but I'll doublecheck21:28
robroseknowsI must have switched it back, I'll try it again now. Let me post the journal first though.21:29
tomreynnvidia driver 440 does not seem to be available in ubuntu 18.04, how did you install it?21:29
robroseknowsThe ubuntu-drivers autoinstall command21:30
robroseknows@tomreyn: Here's the journal output from recovery mode: http://termbin.com/u74p21:32
tomreyni suspect you must be using some PPA, since the "ubuntu-drivers autoinstall" command would only install packages which are available in ubuntu21:33
robroseknowsI might be, I've installed stuff from ppa in the past.21:33
robroseknowsI think autoinstall might have said something about a PPA too.21:34
tomreynyou seem to have the very first bios version installed fthat's available for this board, should clearly do an upgrade21:34
robroseknowsDo you think that's the issue? I'd rather get to a working state before doing any upgrades.21:35
tomreyncan you run:   dpkg -l nvidia\* | nc termbin.com 999921:35
tomreynthe bios wont be the root cause, no, it's just somethign i noticed looking at the log.21:36
tomreynrobroseknows: apt policy nvidia-dkms-440 | nc termbin.com 999921:38
tomreynalso, i can probably find it on your log, but if you can tell which graphics card this is it might be easier21:39
robroseknows@tomreyn: http://termbin.com/hzij 1080Ti EVGA I think, don't remember the model number21:39
tomreynrobroseknows: so you're using the graphics-drivers PPA, that's where your nvidia driver is from21:45
robroseknowsYeah. I think when I started with all this though, I had an earlier driver version. I've purged nvidia a couple times now.21:46
tomreynyou'll keep installing the driver form the PPa as long as you don't disable the PPA21:47
tomreynyou'll keep installing the driver from the PPA as long as you don't disable the PPA21:47
ubottuTo disable a PPA from your sources and revert your packages back to default Ubuntu packages, install ppa-purge and use the command: « sudo ppa-purge ppa:<repository-name>/<subdirectory> » – For more information, see http://www.webupd8.org/2009/12/remove-ppa-repositories-via-command.html21:47
tomreyna better option may actually be to install the LTSE kernel and X, though21:47
ubottuThe Ubuntu LTS enablement stacks provide newer kernel and X support for existing LTS releases, see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Kernel/LTSEnablementStack21:47
tomreynthat#s because you're on a somewhat recent AMD Zen system21:48
robroseknowsI think the issue might be with X, so that might be a good call.21:48
robroseknows@tomreyn Installing the LTSE kernel and X didn't fix it sadly. Booted into it and still got a blank screen. Should I try the PPA purge now?21:55
Surkow|laptopgood evening21:58
Surkow|laptophow does one access a tty in ubuntu 19.10?21:58
tomreynrobroseknows: it's worth a try. i'm not really good at nvidia issues, maybe others can chime in there if you sum up the issue again.21:59
tomreyn!tty | Surkow|laptop21:59
ubottuSurkow|laptop: To get to the TTY terminals 3-6, use the keystroke Ctrl + Alt + F3-F6 respectively. Ctrl-Alt-F2 or Ctrl-Alt-F1 will get you back to your graphical login (Ctrl-Alt-F7 on 16.04). To change TTY resolution, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/ChangeTTYResolution21:59
Surkow|laptopnot operable21:59
tomreynrobroseknows: had you tried the WaylandEnable=false, though?22:00
Surkow|laptopI'm proficient in using virtual terminals and I rely on them whenever my computer locks up in some way or another.22:00
Surkow|laptopmaybe it's the external keyboard I'm using22:00
Surkow|laptop(on a laptop)22:00
robroseknowstomreyn: Yep, tried WaylandEnable=false22:01
tomreynSurkow|laptop: maybe you need to press some extra modifier key or disable a lock key22:01
Surkow|laptophmm, it does appear to work on the laptop itself. I needed it after a recursive search in nautilus was accidentally triggered on a smb share. It resulted in the whole system locking up.22:02
Surkow|laptopthanks for the info at least :)22:02
tomreynrobroseknows: i'm a bit puzzled by the repeated "EDAC amd64: Node 0: DRAM ECC disabled." messages, i think this very message should only be printed once. there were some acpi warnings, but nothing serious from what i can tell, and the rest of the 4.15 kernel boot log looked ok to me. upgrading the firmware still seems like something worth trying.22:03
tomreynSurkow|laptop: you're welcome. i'm not sure i can suggest anything to make your external keyboard work for switching tty's then.22:05
AavarHow can I show icons on the desktop in unity? I know this is not the right place to ask... Maybe you know where I can go to find an answer?22:07
robroseknowstomreyn I have two RAM sticks? could that be why it's showing twice?22:08
robroseknowsAYYY! Removing the nvidia drivers altogether worked! I got a login screen!22:15
robroseknowsfuck but installing the older drivers with ubuntu-drivers autoinstall didn't work22:19
robroseknowsthat broke it again.22:20
robroseknowsso I guess I just have to deal with no nvidia drivers for now?22:20
robroseknowsmeans I can't play games at all which blows but w/e22:20
Surkow|laptoptomreyn, maybe it's just pebcak. Thanks for listening anyways.22:22
kedenSo I'm using pgp2 on a remote dev box running with Ubuntu 18.04 for manually encrypting files, and I'd like to not have to enter my password everytime I use it.22:25
tomreynpgp2, are you sure?22:25
kedenI've read that I can set a cache to save the password with GPG, but I'm not sure if it would be recommended to set it to a long time.22:26
kedentomreyn: gpg2 sorry22:26
kedenThat's a pretty secure box with password auth disabled and SSH root access disabled too.22:27
tomreynoh okay, gnupg 2.x22:27
kedenWould there be any good reason not to set the cache to say a month or even more?22:28
kedentomreyn: yes, that's right22:28
tomreyna month? this is about as good as not having password encrypted keys22:28
oerheksthere are downsides to that.. i would limit it to the session,  https://askubuntu.com/questions/511300/dont-remember-pgp-passphrase-until-end-of-session22:29
kedenIn my view the password is an ultimate security if my private key get leaked somehow, but fairly useless on my machines. Is that terrible thinking?22:30
oerhekssimple: how many achives do you create22:30
kedenI use it at least once a day.22:30
kedenI could limit it to the session, but that's a very long time as I run everything in tmux, then just SSH into the box and attach the running session.22:31
robroseknowsAlright, I got it working with the 430 drivers. Those seem to be working fine.22:33
kedenoerheks: Just looked at the link you shared. I don't think there is the Gnome Keyring on Ubuntu server? I use keychain for my SSH passphrase, but I think that's only for SSH.22:34
tomreynkeden: maybe bring it up in #gnupg, they may have other suggestions. what strikes me as wrong there is that you keep the secret key on a remote system and handle the encryption there remotely, too. IMO signing should always take place as close to yourself as possible, and secret keys should only be  made available to the system you're physically working on, where possible.22:35
tomreynrobroseknows: so maybe just remove the PPA then22:36
kedentomreyn: I see your point indeed. Alright, I'll check in #gnupg thank you.22:37
robroseknowstomreyn: actually according to the details menu I'm not using nvidia graphics, just the llvmpipe graphics. Still have more experimenting to do I guess.22:38
tomreynyes, looks like it, rob ;)22:39
Phruissome how gnome enable debug info on the window22:45
Phruishow can i disable it22:45
oerheksif that 'window' is a browser, sure that debug list has a close button22:48
jymmmmAny suggestions for ripping DVD's under linux?23:05
SpeConhello all, is there anyone who can help me because i can't find any solution online. I just tried to install an AAPG ( America's army server) on my ubuntu vps. Installation went fine but the server isn't popping up in the game server list because ( i think ) there is a problem with ports binding. As far as i can see in the log files. Eventually i have set the correct rules into the firewall to accept tcp and UDP on the specific ports23:07
SpeConbut nothing helps23:07
SpeConso i actually need somebody who has the knowledge about firewall rules ;) maybe that resolves my problems23:08
SpeConmy server is running ubuntu 18.0423:08
oerheksAA is abandonware, still the wiki might give a clue; did you install the patch? https://help.ubuntu.com/community/AmericasArmy23:10
SpeConerm no idea what you talking about but i check the link23:11
SpeConi just saw a message from october 2018 that aapg linux server would be available :s i had an own windows server to run aapg on but to expensive23:12
SpeConso i tried it today on my ubuntu linux server wich is a VPS23:12
SpeConso its not available for linux right ? as far as i can read on that article23:13
oerheksit stopped at AA 2.5 iirc23:13
SpeConnovember 14 201823:14
SpeConcheck this post ?23:14
SpeConeverything works accept that i get an error for the port shit23:14
SpeConi opened the ports in my firewall but i still get errors23:15
oerhekscan you pastebin those errors?23:18
ubottuFor posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use https://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use https://imgur.com/ !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.23:18
SpeConokay hold on23:18
SpeConi will show you the error23:18
SpeConi think that aapg as a game isn't supported anymore to play on a linux machine. But running a server should be available now since october 201823:20
SpeCon2019-11-09 23:02:19.164134|ERROR   |VirtualServer |  1| bind failed on
SpeConcheck this into the log23:21
SpeConsome ports need to be opened otherwise the server will not pop into the list of game servers into the game23:21
oerheksyes, line 37:  teamspeak server23:23
woenxHello. I would like some advice. Do you know any way to show the pictures in the folder icon in Ubuntu?23:23
woenxLike windows does23:23
woenxItś for a relative, she manages a quite large picture library, and having a little preview of the pictures inside is very useful23:24
SpeConi thinks i see the failure23:26
SpeConwhen i type netstat -atu23:26
SpeConi can see the ports who are listening23:26
SpeConthe ports for this game server aren't listening23:26
SpeConudp        0      0 vps588565.ovh.net:8765*23:26
SpeConudp        0      0  *23:26
SpeConudp        0      0  *23:26
SpeConudp        0      0  *23:26
SpeConudp        0      0  *23:26
oerhekswoenx, if that collection is on a network drive, such data transfer can be huge23:27
bpromptwoenx:   that'd depend on the file manager in use, some do "preview" some have a "preview pane", some may show a quick thumbnail of the folder, some do not, a better solution will be something like PICASA or Gwenview23:27
oerheksbt you can, set the preview option to All Files.23:27
woenxIt's on a network drive, but in a cabled gigabit connection23:27
woenxOh, no no, no the picture thumbnail themselves, that already works quite well (and it's fast over the network)23:27
woenxI mean that, before entering a folder, the folder icon shows thumbnails of the pictures inside23:28
woenxYears ago I tried one program that did that, but the downside is that it didn't show all folders until they were "processed", so it was not very responsive23:28
SpeConoerheks ?23:29
bpromptwoenx:  yes, that depends on the file manager though, Windows Explorer in windows64 does that when set to some View with large icons23:29
woenxIt was cover-thumbnailer, but as I said, it was quite slow23:30
woenxyes, exactly, I'd like that23:30
woenxI think Dolphin also does that by default, but I'm not sure23:30
bpromptwoenx:   yeap, it'd be slow for any file manager, since they firstly need to "cache" the thumbnails23:30
woenxI don23:30
woenxI don't mind if it's slow, as long as it's responsive23:30
oerheksSpeCon, on this page i find 2 ports and a range, https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=154546364723:31
woenx(I mean, it's ok if it takes a while to create the thumbnail,a s long as the folder icon is already there. The cover-thumbnailer software doesn't show the folder until the thumbnail is created, and that's a problem23:31
oerheksi have no clue what you need to do to get your sever authenticated..23:31
SpeConoerheks okay  :s23:31
SpeConwill post this logs to the aapg website forum. Maybe the developers can say whats wrong23:32
SpeConi will have to wait then :s23:32
SpeConbut anyhow thanks for responding dude23:32
oerhekshang around, maybe someone else has a clue?23:32
SpeConyeah will stay arround here23:32
bpromptwoenx:   yeap, Dolphin does it, just checked, also Konqueror, which can also do File Managing23:32
SpeConat least not so very long anymore because its almost 1:00 here ;) and need to get up at 7:00 so :p23:33
woenxhttps://technastic.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/01/Dolphin-tree-view.jpeg -- Yes, that is dolphin. I'd love something like that23:33
SpeConnot much sleep this night lol23:33
woenxI don't know how well dolphin integrates with gnome's ubuntu...23:33
woenx(I'll try it now)23:34
bpromptwoenx:   is KDE's default file manager, so it'd need some kde libs, but is just a file manager, I mean, I run kde but not "kwin", and run Dolphin in an LXQT session just fine23:35
woenxI just apt-get'd it, and it just needed 35MB extra23:35
woenxI'm more worried about interferring with the "default" browser23:36
woenx(like, when opening a folder, some programs will open nautilus, other's dolphin... I had problems with that in the past)23:36
bpromptwoenx:  Dolphin doesn't do webbrowsing, just file managing23:36
bpromptwoenx:   KDE's default webbrowser is Rekonq23:36
woenxyes yes, of course, just file manager23:38
woenxbut it happened to me that folders in the Desktop opened by default in dolphin, while others opened in Nautilus23:38
bpromptwoenx:   I think that's a window manager setting though23:39
woenxI'll play a little with it. It seems that Dolphin is a bit more polished than Nautilus in ubuntu (although I quite like Nautilus, it's simple, flexible, and it works)23:40
woenxMmmm, Dolphin does not seem to be able to generate thumbnails for network folders... (Nautilus does)23:52
woenxNevermind, found the option23:54
woenxOk, but for the files themselves, not the folder :/ (So, like Nautilus)23:58
woenxYou have to first mount the remote share in the filesystem23:58

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