JHOSMANWho will be chairing the meeting today?19:04
MajBI have no idea.  I am here for the Arizona LoCo19:04
JHOSMANMajB I understand, The leaders of Ubuntu Colombia will be waiting.19:08
MajBTheir normal meeting start time is 2000 UTC but their agenda page indicates a 1900 start time.  https://wiki.ubuntu.com/LoCoCouncil/Agenda19:10
MajBA bit confusing19:10
MajBAnyone here from the Ubuntu LoCo Council20:00
MajBNot sure what is going on here20:10
MajBI talked to them last month20:11
JHOSMANMajB What did they tell you?20:12
MajBTo attend the meeting today with all of the documentation for re-verification20:13
JHOSMANWith what persons?20:14
MajBAccording to Launchpad there are no members on the LoCo council.  Interesting.  I need to talk to my team leader.20:16
MajBWe had the same problem back in 2015 and again in 2017.  Seems like the council cannot get their agenda together20:17
JHOSMANMajB i understand20:18
MajBIt would seem to me that they would attend their own scheduled meetings since there are so few verified LoCo Teams but I guess that I am wrong20:19

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