nammn_destickupkid: mind having a quick look? https://github.com/juju/charm/pull/298 This now should fix the unit tests on most occasions13:14
nammn_de*: I added some tests as you metnioned15:10
nammn_decould you take a look again?15:11
stickupkidnammn_de, done :D15:11
nammn_destickupkid: ha, thanks! I was struggling to find a good way to test the timeout15:12
stickupkidyeah, i thought you might, but it was worth seeing if it was possible15:12
nammn_deIn the end I let the context be a parameter15:12
nammn_debecause i was struggling to either "mock" the context and/or command15:12
stickupkidanyone know how to get the controller name?16:15
stickupkidfrom state?16:15
stickupkidachilleasa, ?16:16
achilleasastickupkid: you mean the alias used by the client?16:27
stickupkidho quickly? achilleasa16:28
rick_hdoh he's gone18:22
rick_hachilleasa:  heads up that a controller name tracked as config is on the roadmap for 20.0418:23

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