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samba35 we are planning to buy a hardware for  5-7 server  ,which convert 40 desktop (mostly windows) to virtual machine  as trail we test 1 server 3 desktop on old hardware16:39
samba35can some one recommand which hardware cpu we should use ,we prefer to build server our own16:40
loptaHello samba3516:40
loptasamba35: Why would you build your own servers rather than buying them from a vendor who provides warranty, support etc?16:41
samba35warrenty for 3 years too much16:42
samba35all most all  major componets come with 3 years warrenty16:43
loptaSounds like it's not a mission-critical application.16:43
loptaOh sorry, you did say it was a trial.16:43
loptaMake sure you get ECC RAM, server-grade CPUs and perhaps redundant hot-swap power supplies.16:44
loptaAre all the servers going into one rack?16:44
lopta...or split across two?16:44
samba35its school project16:47
samba3512 grade16:47
samba35presntly try with pci-passthrought16:48
loptaWhat are you passing into the VMs?16:48
loptaDisks?  GPUs?16:48
samba351 host 3 guest work fine16:49
loptaHave you looked at ltsp?16:51
samba35ltsp try very very long time back but that has some limitations16:52
samba35is ltsp is still kicking ?16:53
loptaI don't know.  It's years since I looked.16:54
loptaThe desktops that you plan to virtualise, are they Linux desktops?16:54
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