daftjackBashing-om:I actually think it removed it when I did the xubuntu-desktop install. Saw it remove a bunch of items and was concerned but figure if it imploded I could recover one way or another.00:00
Bashing-omdaftjack: :D - when exploding we do get to keep all the pieces.00:01
daftjackBashing-om: FYI more problems. You logout of an xfce session and all it does is restarts the WM from what I can tell. Never logs you out. UG00:38
Bashing-omdaftjack: I too run xfce but have never ran into that. What results when shutting down from terminal ?00:40
daftjackBashing-om:xfce3-session-logout just pops up the same dialog for logout, restart, shutdown, suspend. Pressing logout just restarts the session but never logs out.00:42
daftjackIf I outright kill -9 stuff then yep. It logs out. LOL00:42
daftjackNow its really mad. Keeps popping up another dialog about session manager must be in idle state when requesting a shutdown which I didnt I requested a logout. FYI I just installed Ubuntu today so its not like this is an upgrade or a year of junk hanging around.00:45
chris11I have a server running LTS How do I get environmental variables to automatically source when I log in via ssh? I've tried editing .bashrc and .bash_profile, but those aren't automatically sourced.00:47
Bashing-omdaftjack: What about with terminal command ' systemctl poweroff' ? maybe then we can point to some script failing in the GUI.00:47
daftjackYah I can command line force a poweroff. This is entirely something the xfce session or maybe lightdm is doing.00:48
daftjackWhat is the purpose of "Indicator Plugin" on the panel? It has a lot of duplicate items that are their own panel items or repeated in other areas like menus or in the notification plugin.00:49
daftjackIt as if it has its own session management caller.00:49
daftjackUm so if I go into the Indicator Plugin and hide the session management button in it the logout now seems to work. Still testing as might just be coincidence.00:51
daftjackNo joy. Same problem I dont know why it suddenly worked once now doesnt again.00:53
Scriptonauthey all, I edited my /etc/crontab file directly with vim. It's not running my cronjobs. When I do: sudo crontab -e, I get a completely unrelated file (doesn't have the stuff the original crontab file had in it). Any idea why there's that inconsistency there?00:55
Bashing-omdaftjack: Sorry. I just have no ideas:(00:58
daftjackScriptonaut:I presume you made sure you are the user you want to edit as?00:59
sarnoldcrontab -e will edit the *users*'s crontab; probably you were editing /var/spool/cron/crontabs/root or similar00:59
Scriptonautyes, root00:59
ScriptonautI want to edit the system cron00:59
Scriptonautso as root, I did: vim /etc/crontab00:59
Scriptonautadded my jobs (with the user, root, specified)00:59
Scriptonautrestarted cron00:59
Scriptonautnot seeing them in the syslog, jobs I added previously are running though01:00
sarnoldno need to restart cron to pick up a changed crontab01:00
Scriptonautah ok01:00
sarnoldit re-reads and reparses files every single minute. heh.01:00
Scriptonauth wait nevermind I see it now01:01
Scriptonautat least some of them01:01
Scriptonautis there a crontab syntax checker if you're not using crontab -e to edit?01:01
Scriptonautlike a command that will check crontab, cron.d/*, etc01:02
sarnoldI don't believe so, no01:02
Bashing-omdaftjack: If no others here can assist, there is #xfce channel.01:08
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daftjackBashing-om:Thanks for the ear and recommends. Running xfce4-sessions-logout now works consistently but it is the same dialog. Very odd. Its like another session manager is overriding. Ill keep poking at it over time. Goofy work around.01:12
chris11what does this do? if command -v pyenv 1>/dev/null 2>&1; then\n  eval "$(pyenv init -)"\nfi It goes in my .bashrc and is for using pyenv when I type pyenv command01:15
sarnoldchris11: take a look at 'help command' -- it'll explain what 'command' is doing better than I can :)01:20
chris11ok, thanks.01:22
Phruis`you guys should just remove nodejs from the repos01:39
Phruis`it is so old01:39
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=== Leion1 is now known as Leion
Antonybhello guys i could reallyuse some assistance im trying to install xubuntu but it says the grub-efi-amd64-signed package failed to install into /target/ without the grub boot loader the installed system will not boot,i currently dont have any os so any assistance appreciated02:06
sarnoldAntonyb: do you have an EFI partition on that disk? I see a bunch of bug reports filed from folks who try to do an EFI install but don't have an EFI filessytem02:07
Antonybthe harddrive was completely blank before trying to install, so im not sure02:08
Antonybwell i did a erase all installl xubuntu02:09
Antonybim completely lost right now,  im currenting still using the usb02:10
Antonybany suggestions?02:12
Antonybbecause right now ive got nothing02:12
Antonybshould i just do a custom partition?02:14
OerHeksboot the usb in live + uefi mode, clean disk, and start the installer again?02:15
OerHeksmaybe do a manual EFI partition, see !uefi02:16
ubottuUEFI is a specification that defines a software interface between an operating system and platform firmware. It is meant as a replacement for the BIOS. For information on how to set up and install Ubuntu and its derivatives on UEFI machines please read https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UEFI02:16
antonybok ive restarted   in my boot menu the usb stick was the only option it didnt say anything about uefi  ill try and do a custom partition now02:19
sarnoldantonyb: < OerHeks> boot the usb in live + uefi mode, clean disk, and start the installer again? < OerHeks> maybe do a manual EFI partition, see !uefi  ubottu> UEFI is a specification that defines a software interface between an operating system and platform firmware. It is meant as a replacement for the BIOS. For information on how to set up and install Ubuntu and its derivatives on UEFI machines please02:19
sarnoldread https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UEFI02:19
sarnoldantonyb: maybe check the bios to see if you're doing legacy or uefi or if it is suspicously silent on the whole thing02:20
antonybits uefi02:23
antonybok im still confused it failed again but  i have a /target/boot/efi  file02:29
antonybwhich is fat3202:29
antonyblike it says02:29
sarnoldcool cool, how large did you make it?02:30
antonyband i got the same error02:30
antonybfailed to install02:30
antonybive took a screenshot02:30
antonybjust figuring out how to put it in the ubuntu pastebin02:32
antonybim having a bad day02:32
sarnoldantonyb: ubuntu's pastebin doesn't do images; imgur.com seems popular02:34
antonybi didnt know if thatwas allowed02:35
antonybill do it now02:35
sarnoldcan you get to a shell to run journalctl or check /var/log/syslog? the installer should log something much more informative02:37
antonybim pretty new to linux02:37
sarnoldbtw you probably don't need a swap partition that large unless you want to use suspend to disk -- I don't know if we support that or not -- but a gigabyte swap file is probably fine02:38
antonybi hope it can be resolved some how02:39
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sarnoldif you pastebin /var/log/syslog I can give it a quick look02:40
antonyboh right02:40
antonybill do that now02:40
sarnoldcan you install pastebinit ? or nc ? those would be far easier than other methods..02:40
sarnoldyikes PCI bus errors :/02:41
antonybif it helps i had ubuntu running fine on it earlier02:43
antonybbut xubuntu oesnt want to play ball02:43
antonybi really dont want to go back to windows 10 :(02:44
OerHeksdid you disable scureboot?02:45
antonybi can double check though and make sure02:45
sarnoldOerHeks: I don't have any good ideas :/02:46
OerHekslets see about bios, LENOVO 81H1/LNVNB161216, BIOS 8PCN45WW 08/17/201802:46
sarnoldfwupd[4387]: disabling plugin because: failed to startup uefi: Error opening directory “/boot/efi”: No such file or directory02:47
sarnoldI wonder if that's normal in whatever environment was loaded.. itmight be02:47
OerHeksBIOS Update8PCN57WW22 Oct 20197.53 MBRecommended02:47
OerHeksai, that needs windows02:47
antonybok im back02:47
antonybits in uefi bootmode and secure boot disabled02:47
antonybso im not sure what the issue is02:48
OerHeksoke, just checked your bios version, there is a BIOS Update8PCN57WW22 Oct 20197.53 MBRecommended02:48
OerHeksold = BIOS Update8PCN57WW22 Oct 20197.53 MBRecommended02:48
OerHeksLENOVO 81H1/LNVNB161216, BIOS 8PCN45WW 08/17/201802:48
antonybill need to install windows then  to update it02:48
OerHeksbut that needs windows, afaik02:48
antonyblike i said earlier ubuntu 19.10 ran fine02:49
antonybbut xbuntu doesnt want to work02:49
sarnoldhmm if you can get ubuntu of some sort on there, fwupd may be able to do the update02:50
sarnoldthe bios update would be nice though, some cpu flaws can only be fixed via bios update. (I don't know of any that affect mobile CPUs, but I wouldn't be surprised if one is found eventually)02:50
antonybluckally i have a 2nd pc,  but i cant get linux mint to work even after nomodeset something errors out, i know its not supporte here,  and i cant get xbuntu to work    works fine on my older machine downstairs02:51
antonybat the minute im using this laptop in usb mode02:51
sarnolda bios update *might* also fix those pcie errors02:52
sarnoldmaybe that's hardware problem02:52
sarnoldmaybe it's busted firmware02:52
antonyband what if it doesnt?02:52
antonybi dont think it likes my hardware02:54
antonybso far im just pulling my hair out because i dont know what to do02:56
antonybdoesnt seem to be a solution either03:04
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antonybdecided to log into the chatroom on my computer while i try and figure out whats wrong with the lapto03:10
antonybso frustrating03:10
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antonybill try another ubuntu flavor if that doesnt work ill have to go back to windows 1003:14
CarlFKantonyb: I only skimmed over whats going on, but it reminds me of installing linux over ThinOS on a https://www.dellemc.com/en-us/wyse/index.htm  ...03:24
CarlFKhe ended up deleting al the entries with efibootmgr and then adding a new one03:25
CarlFKthen it booted.03:25
antonybit just takes me to a website about buying computers :P03:25
antonybim wondering if the issue is i was trying to install 18.04 on a laptop that came out at end of 2018?  i bought it march 201903:27
CarlFKI would not advice trying to install Linux on something that isn't a computer03:27
antonyblaptops in the past ive had no issues with03:27
antonyband like i said earlier  19.10  ran fine03:28
antonybubuntu 19.1003:28
antonybbut i prefer xfce which is why im trying to install xubuntu03:28
CarlFKyou can also try ubuntu and then install xfce03:29
antonybi know i asked about that and then removing gnome,  but people said just install xubuntu on here03:29
CarlFKnot this people03:29
antonybi asked about 6 - 7 hours ago03:29
antonybon here03:30
CarlFKalso, if you have 30 min to waste, I would like to know if this works on your problem box: https://debconf-video-team.pages.debian.net/ansible/usb_install/usb_quick_start.html03:30
CarlFKif t works, you will have a minimal debian box running xfce and some video apps03:30
CarlFKI doubt you will want to use it for normal stuff, more just curious how well it works on problem boxes03:32
sharpieso run 19.10..am i missing something?03:32
jeremyy44I am pretty new to ubuntu and I just installed it on my laptop but cant seem to be able to make my wifi work im gettin no wifi adapter found in my settings03:32
antonybsharpie im putting xubuntu 19.10 on a penstick right now im going to see if that will install on my machine...03:33
sharpiejeremyy44, your going to have to check the chipset of your machines wifi chip for actual ubuntu wifi support403:37
scientesdoes Ubuntu still release debian-installer DVDs?03:54
scientesall i can find is http://cdimage.ubuntu.com/releases/19.10/release/ubuntu-19.10-server-amd64.iso03:55
Antonyb79hey guys i managed to install xubuntu succesfully03:57
Antonyb79i was getting graphical glitches turns out i had to disable compositing03:58
Bashing-omAntonyb79: \o/03:58
Antonyb79unfortunately ive got screen tearing when moving windows around now03:59
sarnoldscientes: I thought that link should be the debian installer, and this one is the newfangled one http://releases.ubuntu.com/19.10/ubuntu-19.10-live-server-amd64.iso04:00
Antonyb79i think ive fixe the screen tearing now04:06
macroprephow do i kill a snap instance04:47
macroprepas i cant seem to kill it with pkill04:49
macroprephad to  log out in order to kill it ;-;04:52
macroprepah fk i froze it again ;-;04:55
macroprepstupid unkillable snap program ;-;04:57
johnjbogle1Hello. I have a 1tb 860 EVO mSATA that is now not being detected, either direct to mainboard via secondary internal bay, &/or via usb external enclosure. I tried via usb enclosure on my laptop and on another ubuntu laptop. Both do not detect it. When I first formatted it (don't remember what filetype) it was installed internally connected to the mainboard in the secondary drive bay, and it was working fine for a while. Not sure what happened or why05:25
johnjbogle1or when it stopped being detected (roughly a few weeks ago). Any help available please? (moderately tech saavy, but still very much a linux novice here, fyi). TIA!05:25
ponyriderjohnjbogle1: when you say 'not being detected', does it show when you type $ sudo blkid05:29
lotuspsychjejohnjbogle1: journalctl -f and plug in your device, pastebin us the output please05:29
johnjbogle1sorry I forget, how do I do the pastebin?05:34
ponyriderjohnjbogle1: cat file | curl -F 'f:1=<-' ix.io05:36
johnjbogle1ponyrider: "cat: file: No such file or directory"05:38
ponyriderjohnjbogle1: sudo blkid | curl -F 'f:1=<-' ix.io05:39
johnjbogle1ponyrider: http://ix.io/1NkT05:40
ponyriderjohnjbogle1: but you have to plug in your drive05:41
johnjbogle1ponyrider: it's plugged in, via usb external enclosure.05:42
ponyriderwell the system is not finding it, so either its not being powered properly or not connected05:44
johnjbogle1Verified, it is connected properly.05:44
ponyriderso its dead :(05:46
johnjbogle1But it's a ssd05:47
johnjbogle1Brand new.05:47
johnjbogle1How is that even possible? I though ssd's are nearly fail-proof?05:48
ponyriderit could be that your usb enclosure is the problem. you can try plugging it in internally again. but yeah, manufacturing error?05:49
johnjbogle1Already have way too many errors and issues with this machine though, (only boots into Ubunutu On Wayland, headphone/mic jack doesn't work, webcam doesn't work, and probably a dozen and a half other issues that I can't remember about right now)... So it's possible I just need to update my bios then do a fresh OS reinstall. Hopefully that should clear things up.05:52
johnjbogle1I was just wondering if I might be able to access my data with some terminal code/commands before then.05:53
ponyriderjohnjbogle1: like i said, plug it in internally to rule out any external enclosure shizz06:02
johnjbogle1Already did/06:02
johnjbogle1And just tested with 2 confirmed working enclosures :-/06:03
ponyriderjohnjbogle1: https://i.chzbgr.com/full/5680874752/h3B6C1CD0/ssd-y-u-no-work06:07
OerHekssad to read that; hardware breaks within a week, or after 5 years..06:07
InteloI did LimitNOFILE=65536  in /etc/systemd/system/some.service. How do I make sure that a) what are current number of files open by this and b) what is the max limit?06:27
doug16kIntelo, you can see the system-wide file limit with: cat /proc/sys/fs/file-max06:31
doug16kit scales with your RAM06:32
OerHeksLimitNOFILE=infinity # makes it set to 65536, = max?06:32
johnjbogle1Logging out. Thanks for the help guys, always appreciated.06:33
Intelodoug16k, that will tell systemwide limit of course. All users combined. But I need the said a) and b) only06:33
doug16kit's typically max 4096 per process isn't it?06:34
doug16kulimit -Hn and ulimit -Sn tell you the per-process "hard" and "soft" limits06:36
doug16khard can only be raised by root, soft limit is the default unless the process increases it06:37
doug16ki.e. a process can setrlimit to raise it up to the hard limit at most06:38
doug16ks/it/the soft limit/06:39
doug16kthe soft limit is what is applied to the process06:41
doug16kIntelo, is that what you mean?06:41
doug16kIntelo, you can use lsof -p some-pid-here to see how many files a particular process has open06:44
Intelodoug16k,  ok ; yes I gues06:44
Intelolsof will list files and not give a count number I think06:45
doug16kIntelo, pipe it to wc -l and subtract one06:46
Intelobtw, I had PIDFile=/tmp/nbk.pid   but there is no pid file despite service is running06:47
Intelodoug16k, lsof -p some-pid-here | wc -l06:47
InteloI wonder about absence of pid file. I think I can't trace the pid then?06:48
doug16kwhere "files" means file descriptors. not necessarily all really files06:48
doug16kmight be eventfds and stuff06:48
Intelodoug16k,  ya but still how to trace my service?06:49
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doug16kIntelo, systemctl status your-service-here06:52
doug16kMain PID06:52
Intelodoug16k, I get 9 for sudo lsof -p 11383 | wc -l. Looks impossible. I wonder06:55
Intelodoug16k,  my node.js app usually get stuck due to too less ulimit06:55
doug16kor, systemctl show your-service-here -p MainPID06:55
Intelodoug16k,  9 is like nothing/ too less06:55
doug16kIntelo, that does sound odd, it probably has more .so files than that open06:57
Intelodoug16k, so why the odd difference?06:58
doug16kIntelo, what does this say: sudo lsof -p 11383 | awk '{print $5}'|grep REG|wc -l06:58
doug16kthose are actually files06:59
doug16knot eventfds and devices etc etc06:59
Intelook. how to know file descriptors?06:59
doug16kjust run: sudo lsof -p 1138306:59
doug16kit will list it all06:59
Inteloshows 807:00
doug16kthe wc -l includes that heading line, which is why I said subtract one earlier07:01
Intelodoug16k,  then if there are no much files + descripters, I wonder why I get EMFILE https://stackoverflow.com/questions/10355501/connect-emfile-error-in-node-js07:01
Intelodoug16k, ya subtraction understood07:01
doug16kunder load though, right? could be a leak in the code that hasn't occurred yet07:01
doug16kspray it with some requests with ab07:02
doug16k(apache bench)07:02
doug16kassuming it is web serving07:02
Inteloits web serving;ya07:03
Intelodoug16k, under load;ya07:03
doug16kyou can synthesize load with ab07:03
Intelomemory taken by it in status is just half a gig07:03
Intelodoug16k, are you sure its about memory or its about sockets/connections being too many?07:04
doug16kmemory? I didn't say it is about memory07:05
doug16kyou can leak file descriptors by not closing them07:05
Intelodoug16k,  file descriptors while writing a file? well I am not writing any file in code. Only piping tee some log.txt in .service file07:06
Intelothe log file is near 4gig but not an issue I think.07:06
doug16kreading or writing07:06
doug16kyou can leak sockets too07:06
Intelodoug16k,  the node.js code is not reading/writing anything to any file07:06
doug16kgenerate some webserver load with something like: generate some load with something like ab -n 500 -c 32 http://something.c0m/something07:07
doug16kthat will download the url 500 times (and discard it) with 32 thread parallelism07:07
doug16kcan do rest endpoint or whatever too. can pass auth headers or whatever, set cookies, etc07:08
Intelok.. btw, how to check sockets open by this service?07:09
doug16ksudo lsof -i4 -i6 -itcp -p 1138307:11
doug16kah sorry, -p seems ignored07:12
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murraynso i'm using cinnamon as DE, but I've got 40 processes running as 'gdm' e.g  /usr/lib/gnome-settings-daemon/*, are these needed?07:38
guivercmurrayn, cinnamon is a front end over the gnome stack underneath (gtk+ etc), but I'm no expert.  I'd expect they are required.07:55
Intelodoug16k,  thanks anyway. Will return08:12
amorrisIs it possible to not display title bars in Ubuntu 19.10?08:12
* Intelo appreciates08:12
BlueShark_snap install jq gives me this error "error: cannot communicate with server: Post http://localhost/v2/snaps/jq: dial unix /run/snapd.socket: connect: no such file or directory"08:17
BlueShark_Any idea why this could be?08:17
BlueShark_snap version output => https://paste.ubuntu.com/p/MFB7VpHm7p/08:20
OerHeksBlueShark_, on what linux version is this?08:26
OerHekssnapd should be standard >> systemctl status snapd.service08:26
OerHeksoh wait, you crosspost and have fun with volunteers08:27
BlueShark_OerHeks that is discouraged?08:29
BlueShark_I didn't know08:29
BlueShark_I'm not having "fun", in any case.08:29
murraynguiverc, i can confirm removing gnome didn't fix it :-/08:32
ducassemurrayn: which release is this?08:32
lesshasteI am trying to install https://inpaintgimpplugin.github.io. I followed the instructions and did make install. but when I go to Help->Plug-in Browswer I can't see it08:33
lesshastehow do I access the plug-in I just installed?08:33
OerHeksthat 6 year old project page says:  fire up GIMP and the plug-in will be located under Filters->Misc->Inpainting...08:37
OerHeksnot sure it is valid for gimp 2.8 today..08:38
callipygousis it possible to try Unity 808:39
callipygousthanks, already googled that08:41
callipygousbut the command doesn't work08:41
OerHeksinstall unity8-desktop-session, logout, select user, then change session08:41
callipygousnot found in apt with Ubuntu 1908:41
OerHeks!info unity8-desktop-session eoan08:42
ubottuPackage unity8-desktop-session does not exist in eoan08:42
callipygousam I missing out on anything?08:43
OerHeksthe old unity is just info ubuntu-unity-desktop08:43
callipygousI'm very disappointed with touchscreen support in Gnome3, Unity 7 seems better...08:43
callipygousbut I *thought* *maybe* Unity 8 would be perfect08:44
callipygousthough...it could be ... buggy08:44
lesshasteI am on 16.04 and trying to install gmic via http://ubuntuhandbook.org/index.php/2017/06/install-gmic-2-0-via-ppa-in-ubuntu-16-04-14-04-higher/ . But I get E: Package 'libcurl4' has no installation candidate08:46
lesshastewhen can I do?08:46
callipygousany thoughts?08:46
lesshastethe command line is sudo apt install gmic08:46
ducassecallipygous: unity 8 is very far from ready for general use08:47
callipygousok, good to know ducasse :(08:50
OerHekslesshaste,  there seems to be no backported libcurl4, so upgrade to 18.04?  https://packages.ubuntu.com/source/xenial-updates/curl08:50
callipygousany recommendations for a good touch screen desktop environment?08:51
lesshasteOerHeks, but the page explicitly lists 16.0408:51
OerHekslesshaste, yes, but the ppa owner is responsible for these issues08:51
ubottuA Personal Package Archive (PPA) can provide alternate software not normally available in the offical Ubuntu repositories - Looking for a PPA? See https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+ppas - WARNING: PPAs are unsupported third-party packages, and you use them at your own risk. See also !addppa and !ppa-purge08:52
lesshasteOerHeks, hmm.. I really can't upgrade right now. I also tried to install from source but that also fails for a different reason08:52
lesshasteOerHeks, https://gmic.eu/download.shtml is the download page. Do you think it's possible on 16.04?08:53
ducassecallipygous: maybe kde would be worth a try? i really don't know, sorry08:54
OerHeksfor gimp, this package gives 100+ plugins > gimp-plugin-registry08:54
OerHekslesshaste, seems like for gimp 2.8 only08:55
lesshasteOerHeks,  I have 2.808:55
OerHeksthere is a huge jump in plugins, gimp 2.6 > 2.808:55
lesshasteOerHeks,  what I don't know how to do is install that plugin08:55
lesshasteGNU Image Manipulation Program version 2.8.1608:56
lesshastethat's the version of gimp I have08:56
callipygousthanks, but kde isn't really great with touchscreens, I don't even think it has an OSK08:56
ducassecallipygous: ok. i'd think something based on gnome3 would be best, so maybe unity or cinnamon if gnome itself doesn't work08:57
ducasseat least that's what's getting support for touch screens08:58
tioxIs infinality something I should add in my Ubuntu install to improve how fonts look? Or is there some secret sauce in some 19.10 DEs that make it irrelevant (or worse, detrimental to use) ?10:13
OerHekshow many snaps can i have installed? 40 max?10:34
OerHekssudo snap install openspades10:34
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Ecko_How would one convert a string to the encrypted password format /etc/shadow uses?10:55
Ecko_Nevermind found it10:58
Ecko_`mkpasswd -m sha-512 <string>`10:58
BluesKajHiyas all11:08
ryuoEcko_: depends what API you're thinking of using. crypt() is the function that is used to create them.11:11
courrierI'm testing a simple setup with only 2 computers: [Web + dockerised dnsmasq server (Ubuntu server)] <-> [client]11:19
courrierWhen performing a simple dig www.site.org from the client, it sometimes succeeds rapidly, sometimes succeeds with a long delay, and it often timeouts11:19
courrierIt looks like the server is flooding itself because dnsmasq constantly displays (query[A] www.site.org from forwarded www.site.org to with "Maximum number of concurrent DNS queries reached (max: 150)" even if o more dig is running11:19
courrierWhy does the request comes from the server's IP itself? It might be due to the docker config. Ubuntu server's systemd-resolved is down.11:19
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courrierI'm testing a simple setup with only 2 computers: [Web + dockerized dnsmasq server] <-> [client]11:26
courrierWhen performing a simple dig www.site.org from the client, it sometimes succeeds rapidly, sometimes succeeds with a long delay, and it often timeouts11:26
courrierIt looks like the server is flooding itself because dnsmasq constantly displays (query[A] www.site.org from forwarded www.site.org to with "Maximum number of concurrent DNS queries reached (max: 150)" even if o more dig is running11:26
courrierWhy does the request comes from the server's IP itself? It might be due to the docker config11:26
courrierOops sorry for the duplicate11:26
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isomarigreetings, Where can I get Calligra Flow for ubuntu?12:56
mati_Hi, I have a nice theme for GTK3 applications but it doesn't have slider backgrounds (screenshot:( https://imgur.com/wmUmQeB.png ). How can I change the background of sliders so that they are of different color than background?13:02
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ocx32hello community, i have a linux machine and mounted a share as follow: cifs  username=u...,password=H...,iocharset=utf8,uid=root,gid=root  0  0   for some reason it mounts correctly, i can write to it as root but i cannot do a chown on it why?i get a permission denied even when i am root13:22
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vegetariskI'm trying to automount a SMB share with an fstab entry. It doesn't mount a boot time, but boots just fine with 'mount -a' so I don't think there's any syntax errors in the fstab entry.14:21
pragmaticenigmavegetarisk: Your network might not be online yet when booting, failing to mount the remote share14:22
IarlaIs there a globalmenu for Gnome Shell like Unity had? I'm on 19.10. Also, a way to hide the big bar at the top of the windows (even just when maximized) would be great. Looks like the Gnome Global AppMenu project hasn't updated in a year.14:39
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lotuspsychjeIarla: can classicmenu-indicator help you?14:47
lotuspsychjeIarla: oh you want probably the top bar menu's, you might want to take a look in dconf-editor14:50
Iarlalotuspsychje: I'll check those out now, thanks.14:57
IarlaIt's the latter, if anything.14:57
IarlaThis is the old project (screenshot) https://github.com/jiqing112/Gnome-Global-AppMenu14:58
IarlaLooks like installing Unity itself is the only way to get these features nowadays. When I have everything else set up and backed up, I'll give that a try.15:06
bumbar_i'm running 16.04 and installed newest nvidia drivers (430 something), and now pc doesn't boot (gets stuck just before it usually asks for disk password)15:09
bumbar_i've managed to get a root shell in recovery mode15:10
Iarlabumbar_: I found this: https://askubuntu.com/questions/1045981/ubuntu-wont-boot-after-switch-to-nvidia-graphics15:13
IarlaIn summary, purge all nvidia packages. It's a while since I've been in this situation so I can't remember the details.15:14
TanaPandaI have a problem I am trying to solve hopefully someone can help me15:18
TanaPandaI am streaming a video out of VLC. I want it to go out through ethernet. However when I connect to wifi vlc stops streaming out ethernet15:19
TanaPandahow can I change this so that even when connected to Wifi vlc still send the info out via ethernet?15:19
IarlaTanaPanda: #vlc might be of more help15:20
bumbar_Iarla, i've purged everything nvidia in recovery shell, and when i try normal boot with kernel that works, i get an error starting lightdm15:31
tomreynbumbar_: if you're looking for help there, please consider disclosing the error message or erroneous behaviour.15:42
bumbar_erroneous behaviour is i've reinstalled several nvidia packages (418, 410, 396, 304) and tried with several linux images, and none of them work15:45
lupulobumbar_, try to see https://bumblebee-project.org/15:47
bumbar_this is for notebooks, no?15:48
Apachezwhats the proper way to enable desktop icons on 19.10?15:50
Apachezis through gnome extensions the only way? isnt there some setting through dconf one can alter instead of installing extensions?15:50
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johnjaydoes anyone know how to change startup parameters for programs either from Activities or in Favorites?16:28
johnjayi think i have a program launching from /snap but i don't see a .desktop file for it16:29
courrierI have a dnsmasq process running in background in Ubuntu server, how can I know which service started it in order to disable this?16:42
SimonNLcourrier: does systemctl reveal that info ?16:51
Apachezsonic trailer (2020)   old https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4mW9FE5ILJs   vs   new https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=szby7ZHLnkA17:10
kedenI'm having issues using the network-manager package on 19.10 to connect to wifi. Does anyone have recommendations around this at all?17:12
kedenA quick online search led me to think that the package might still be unreliable.17:13
akkkeden: Unreliable in what way?17:25
* akk has never actually seen anything to do with wi-fi that could actually be called "reliable"17:26
Cheezif something is never reliable, is it reliably unreliable?17:33
Cheezdammit this is not -offtopic. ignore me. >_>17:34
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kedenakk: I meant unfinished, still under development, therefore unreliable. But yeah, not the best choice of word. :)17:37
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TanaPandaI have a problem I could use assistance with18:05
compdoctell us about your problem18:06
JimBuntuTanaPanda, the issue with forcing VLC to use a specific network interface?18:06
ash_worksisort -k1 -k2 sorts first by key 1 then by key 2, right?18:16
ash_worksiwhy does `printf "%s\n" 10.0.0.{100,2,1} | sort -n -t. -k{1..4}` sort the final octets 1,100,2 ?18:16
TanaPandaI need VLC to output via the ethernet port but still allow me to connect to wifi18:25
TanaPandasorry I keep getting pulled away18:25
pragmaticenigmaTanaPanda: You were encouraged to ask your question in the #vlc forum18:25
TanaPandaI did18:25
TanaPandaand they said its a OS thing not VLC18:26
pragmaticenigmaTanaPanda: kind of important information there. What it sounds like then, VLC is using which ever network connection is being considered the primary connection. So when you plug into the ethernet, Ubuntu will default all traffic to that connection. Without that application having the ability to identify which network device to use, there isn't really a way to override it18:30
pragmaticenigmaTanaPanda: Might be something you could setup with a routing table, but I'm unfamiliar with those types of setups18:31
TanaPandaI have tried starting the stream with wifi off. and it works but as soon as I turn on wifi it stops18:32
pragmaticenigmaTanaPanda: sounds like enabling the wifi, which triggers a network configuration change, causes VLC to think the network connection is down18:35
TanaPandaany thoughts on how to go about fixing this?18:35
TanaPandarouting table?18:35
pragmaticenigmaTanaPanda: playing with the routing tables is frought with issues. Because it isn't application specific, so while you could write a rule stating all traffic destined to IP x.x.x.x uses eth0... it means any application attempting to reach x.x.x.x is all sent to eth0, not just VLC.18:36
JimBuntustart with wifi, then plug in ethernet cable?18:37
TanaPandawell nothing will be running on the Pi but vlc so I dont think I would have any conflicts18:37
pragmaticenigmaTanaPanda: What version of ubuntu are you running?18:38
TanaPandathe latest version I assume18:38
pragmaticenigmaTanaPanda: That's not Ubuntu... Help in this channel is for Ubuntu only. Raspbian is based on Debian, however it is its own distribution. You need to seek help in a Raspbian dedicated forum.18:39
TanaPandaok thanks18:39
johnjaywhat is the /var/lib/snapd/desktop/applications dir for?18:44
johnjayi found the .desktop file for my emacs there. but it's just that and a calc and few gnome apps18:44
pragmaticenigmajohnjay: Then you've discovered why it's there... Ubuntu devs have been testing/proof of concept snaps by moving a set of commonly used applications into snap containers.18:46
mahdi_jahi all18:47
mahdi_jai have a 2 tb hdd and i formated it with 2tb partition ntfs with ubuntu18:47
johnjaycommonly used kind of makes sense.18:47
mahdi_jait work with ubuntu but windows can not detect it and detect a raw hard driver18:47
johnjayi was trying to figure out why there was a separate directory when ~/.local/share/applications exists for this apparently18:48
pragmaticenigmajohnjay: Some of that may have to do with application security permissions. Snaps by default cannot exit their containers18:48
johnjayok. maybe i need to learn more about how the snaps work. i was very confused why right-clicking on the icons doesn't allow you to set launch parameters18:49
pragmaticenigmamahdi_ja: Ubuntu cannot run on an NTFS formatted drive. When Ubuntu installs to it's partition, it would have formatted it to a compatible file system, usually EXT418:49
pragmaticenigmamahdi_ja: Windows does not have the built in capability to read EXT4 formatted volumns18:50
mahdi_japragmaticenigma, it is output of fdisk -l18:50
mahdi_japragmaticenigma, Disk /dev/sdc: 1.8 TiB, 2000398932992 bytes, 3907029166 sectors18:50
mahdi_jaUnits: sectors of 1 * 512 = 512 bytes18:51
mahdi_jaSector size (logical/physical): 512 bytes / 512 bytes18:51
mahdi_jaI/O size (minimum/optimal): 512 bytes / 512 bytes18:51
mahdi_jaDisklabel type: dos18:51
lotuspsychje!paste | mahdi_ja18:51
ubottumahdi_ja: For posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use https://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use https://imgur.com/ !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.18:51
pragmaticenigmajohnjay: Yeah, it's a good idea to do some research. If snaps get in the way of some of your tasks, there is a way to install the application as a system application instead of snap18:51
Guest90294Got a question regarding efi. I've read in https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UEFI that I should mount ( or at least so I understood ) windows efi partition on /boot/efi however the installtion program does not give me any options to alter efi partition18:57
tomreynGuest90294: the desktop installer (and i think the server installer, too?), when booted in uefi mode, always installs the grub boot loader to the first (u)efi system partition it finds across all disks (with the exception of the installation media, i would think).19:04
tomreynbug 1396379 is related19:04
ubottubug 1396379 in ubiquity (Ubuntu) "installer uses first EFI system partition found even when directed otherwise" [High,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/139637919:04
Guest90294tomreyn: Damn, I just set grub install to sdb .19:06
Guest90294tomreyn: if, let's say efi is on sdb2 I should point grub installation to sdb2?19:07
tomreynGuest90294: i don't think you are supposed to actually mount any file systems there manually, but the guide you linked suggests that you should, during manual partitioning as part of the ubuntu installation, set the intended (U)efi system partition to the /boot/efi mount point19:07
Guest90294tomreyn: yup, and that's not an option.19:07
tomreynm yunderstanding of above bug report is that it does not matter what you choose for a boot loader installation device19:08
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Guest90294tomreyn: k, thanks for the input.19:08
tomreynyour choice will always be ignored in uefi mode and the installer will simply install copy grub / the grub shim to the first ESP it finds.19:08
tomreynmost firmwares will only use the first ESP they find, so this default behaviour also makes a good amount of sense.19:09
tomreyn(but it's problematic that explicity set configurations are ignored)19:10
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Guest90294I am about to find out which one is it ; )19:20
donofrioso what does this mean? "W: APT had planned for dpkg to do more than it reported back (6949 vs 6952).   Affected packages: python-minimal:amd64" this was from the 18.04 TLS brand new install20:08
lordcirth_donofrio, apt asked dpkg to change 6952 packages, and dpkg returned info about 6949 of them20:11
ioriaa bug i think but just 'cosmetic'20:13
donofriok tnx20:14
apb1963Where does simple-scan save scanned files?20:19
lotuspsychjeapb1963: where you choose it20:19
lotuspsychjeapb1963: wich ubuntu version are you on?20:20
apb1963lotuspsychje, I don't think it gave me a choice, and even if one changes and makes a new save it doesn't let you choose a new place.20:21
ioriaapb1963, have you checked in Pictures ?20:21
apb1963ioria, yes, but I didn't see it from the "attach file" menu in gmail... however I just doublechecked through a terminal/shell, and they are in fact there.   Thank you!20:23
ioriaapb1963, ok20:24
apb1963ioria, Sorry, I have to reneg... it wasn't the file I thought it was.20:26
apb1963ioria, what I thought was a scanned file was actually a screenshot; unrelated to the problem at hand.20:26
ioriaapb1963,  It defaults to ~/Pictures afaik unless has been changed (check Documents)20:31
SiamasterI have a harddisk formatted with NTFS which got corrupted today when computer crashed while writing to it20:36
Siamasternow I'm trying to recover it using testdisk20:36
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lotuspsychjeSiamaster: photorec the whole drive, and recover data to another drive20:36
Siamasterand I'm not understanding testdisk20:36
Siamasterphotorec is removing structure20:37
EriC^^Siamaster: what's the table look like? "sudo parted -ls"20:37
Siamaster 2      135MB   4001GB  4001GB  ntfs         Basic data partition          msftdata20:37
EriC^^Siamaster: are you able to mount it?20:37
EriC^^Siamaster: what's the error it gives?20:38
Siamasterbad sector20:38
Noboru55hello everybody20:38
Siamasterthing is. I've ran testdisk and it finds the error20:38
leftyfbSiamaster: stop whatever you are doing. Pull an image of the entire drive using ddrescue. Try to recover files from the image, not your drive. The more you access that drive, the more potential you have for making it worse.20:38
ioriaapb1963,  try this :   grep -i save  /usr/share/glib-2.0/schemas/org.gnome.SimpleScan.gschema.xml20:38
Noboru55my google chrome is closing by itself.  only adblock plus extension is in use20:38
SiamasterI have already created an dd-image of the drive20:38
Noboru55someone got the same problem?20:38
EriC^^Siamaster: leftyfb has a point, it'd be wise to image the partition before touching it20:38
Siamasterof the partition *20:38
SiamasterI have!20:39
EriC^^Siamaster: ok, so you said you tried to use backup sector using testdisk?20:39
Siamasterbut I see I should also be able to just fix the boot sector20:39
Siamasterbut I'm not understanding testimage20:39
EriC^^Siamaster: what are you not understanding in the process?20:40
leftyfbSiamaster: do not attempt to play with boot sectors. The drive/filesystem is damaged. Making it boot to recover files will make it worse. Recover your files and destroy the drive20:40
apb1963ioria, I found it.  It's called "Scanned Document".20:40
Noboru55partition huh..  well, i would like to know why the partition software of ubuntu installation always left behind 1mb space of partition when i create the partitions to install the o.s20:40
Siamasterleftyfb there is no structure when I use photorec20:40
ioriaapb1963,  in Pictures ?20:41
EriC^^Noboru55: alignment reasons20:41
apb1963ioria, (.pdf)20:41
apb1963ioria, No20:41
Siamasterand I need the structures20:41
ioriaapb1963, where in Documents ?20:41
apb1963ioria, In the directory I was in when I was using xsane before simple-scan20:41
ioriaapb1963, i see20:41
apb1963ioria, a subdirectory of Documents20:41
EriC^^leftyfb: i think it's not the boot loader location, it's the backup boot sector of the fs, used to access the fs20:42
apb1963ioria So, if it's called "Scanned Doc" I don't think I had a chance to name it.20:42
EriC^^Siamaster: there is a button somewhere in testdisk that lets you see if there's a valid backup BS and lets you use it20:42
ioriaapb1963, idk sorry20:42
Siamasterthat's what I'm trying to do20:42
apb1963ioria, np  thanks for your help!!20:42
Siamasterand I'm a bit scared since I don't understand really what it's saying20:43
EriC^^Siamaster: go to advanced >20:43
Siamasterso I'm going to send some pictures20:43
Noboru55EriC^^ is there someway to fix this alignment reasons ?20:43
EriC^^Siamaster: ok, step by step, type "sudo testdisk"20:43
EriC^^Noboru55: why do you want the fs to start before the 1mb mark?20:43
EriC^^Noboru55: 1mb is left cause that's where the partition table and whatnot is located, then empty space, then at 1mb the fs starts so it's aligned and is faster20:44
EriC^^if you start it at 0.5mb or something it wont be aligned and optimal20:44
Noboru55EriC^^ did not know that. so i will not fix nothing.... thank you very much...20:44
EriC^^Noboru55: no problem20:45
Siamastertestdisk -> Create Log file -> select corrupted drive -> select >[EFI GPT] EFI GPT partition map (Mac i386, some x86_64...)20:45
Noboru55EriC^^ now just want to discover why my g chrome closes by itself :(20:45
Siamasterand Analyze20:45
EriC^^Siamaster: ok, press on Advanced20:45
EriC^^Siamaster: no, go back using "q" then advanced20:45
EriC^^Siamaster: highlight the partition, and press on "boot" at the bottom20:46
EriC^^Siamaster: what does it say about the backup boot sector status20:46
Siamasterthat it's ok20:46
EriC^^Noboru55: i would start by opening chrome using the terminal20:46
Siamasterbut it's not20:46
EriC^^Siamaster: you're not using the backup yet though afaik20:47
EriC^^Siamaster: press on rebuild BS20:47
Noboru55EriC^^ let me ask you, if i do not create the biosreserved partition i can install the o.s. but if i install it will maybe do something with the grub,  can u explain what is that biosReserved partition ?20:47
Noboru55EriC^^ i will do, i meant, open the chrome in terminal, not now couz i'm talking here20:47
SiamasterOK now there is Dump / List20:48
EriC^^Noboru55: i think you mean the 1mb bios-boot partition? that's used for grub to work with GPT + legacy20:48
Noboru55EriC^^ really? but i use mbr.. lol.. so i creat for nothing20:49
Siamastercan it be that I've accidentally fixed it and just need to restart now?20:49
SiamasterExtrapolated boot sector and current boot sector are identical.20:49
EriC^^Noboru55: yeah it's not needed then :)20:49
EriC^^Siamaster: ok, try to remount it20:50
Noboru55EriC^^ Thank you for the great answers20:50
EriC^^Noboru55: you're welcome20:50
SiamasterI will restart first20:50
Noboru55EriC^^ see u in supertuxkart online, same name of here20:50
EriC^^as you wish20:50
EriC^^nope, not me20:51
Noboru55should try... see u20:51
EriC^^it's online multiplayer or just leaderboards?20:52
Noboru55u can play offline.. and online with others20:52
Noboru55EriC^^ must install version 1.020:52
EriC^^ah i see20:52
Noboru55u can get it in Software Gnome20:52
SiamasterI'm still not able to mount it20:53
Siamasterbut I notice I can see all of my files inside of testdisk with strucute20:53
EriC^^Siamaster: what does it say when you try to mount it?20:54
Siamastermount: /media/sdb1: /dev/sdb1 already mounted or mount point busy.20:55
Siamasterit's busy now because I'm using testdisk20:55
Siamastermount: /media/wo: wrong fs type, bad option, bad superblock on /dev/sdb1, missing codepage or helper program, or other error.20:56
Noboru55omg, partition problem it gives me headache20:56
SiamasterUse Right to change directory, h to hide Alternate Data Stream    q to quit, : to select the current file, a to select all files    C to copy the selected files, c to copy the current file20:57
Siamaster"current file"?20:57
Siamasterthat's what I mean by not understanding testdisk20:57
SiamasterMFT and MFT mirror are bad. Failed to repair them.20:57
Siamasterwhen I press "Repair MFT"20:58
Siamasterif I can copy all of the files of this disk to another that I have with structure, it would be great20:58
Siamasteris that possible?20:58
SiamasterI can navigate through them with testdisk20:58
Siamasterhmm, it seems I can do that21:00
kentrehi all21:41
apb1963walgreens.com does not come up for me with firefox, but does with chrome.  Do we think this might be a site problem or a firefox problem?22:19
ozzzoapb1963: Probably your firefox22:21
sarnoldwhat error message do you get?22:22
elias_aapb1963: The site works ok checked from Finland.22:22
elias_aapb1963: Using Firefox...22:23
pnwiseHow to change hostname in 18.04 ?22:25
pnwiseChanges with hostnamectl does not survive reboot22:25
cluelesspersonUbuntu crashes a lot when playing minecraft and playing music.22:26
Bashing-ompnwise: How about this: https://linuxconfig.org/how-to-change-hostname-on-ubuntu-18-04-bionic-beaver-linux ?22:27
cluelesspersonpnwise,   /etc/hostname22:27
cluelesspersonand in /etc/hosts22:27
pnwiseyeah I edited /et/hostname too22:27
pnwisethe only thing I have not done is adding it to hosts22:28
pnwisetrying that now22:28
pnwiseit does not work22:28
ozzzopnwise: did you try the hostname command?22:28
Bashing-ompnwise: Some instances also include /etc/cloud/cloud.cfg .22:29
pnwiseIt was literraly the first thing I wrote - "Changes with hostnamectl does not survive reboot"22:29
pnwiseoh checking that now22:29
ozzzothere are 2 commands; hostnamectl and hostname22:29
ozzzoI always use hostname22:29
jeremy31pnwise: you have to change it in /etc/hosts also22:30
pnwiseI did that too22:31
pnwisedid the hostnamect, /etc/hostname, /etc/hosts22:31
pnwisethe old hostname22:31
pnwisealso how do you change it with just "hostname"22:32
jeremy31pnwise: mine worked after reboot after using hostnamectl and changing /etc/hosts.  In /etc/hosts you modify the line with the old name22:32
pnwiseI don't have that, it is ubuntu server, it has localhost22:34
pnwiseI guess will use what I have on the desktop22:34
pnwise127.0.1.1 hostname22:34
rfmpnwise, ah, ubuntu-server!  it's probably cloud-init changing it back for you22:34
rfmpnwise, I found some sensible-looking instructions for checking cloud.cfg in https://linuxize.com/post/how-to-change-hostname-on-ubuntu-18-04/22:35
pnwiseThanks rfm that preserve_hostname should be it22:37
pnwiseyep that worked22:37
pnwisethanks again!22:37
pnwiserfm did you just try to exit vim in the wrong window :D22:40
rfmpmwise, actually "less" not vim..  at least I didn't type a password into the channel this time22:42
pnwisewell at least you haven't run chown -R www-data:www-data .22:46
pnwisein the wrong terminal, in the root dir of your local while logged as root :D22:46
callipygousI am having difficulties unlocking the screen23:11
callipygoustouch screen seems to not work when the screen is locked23:11
callipygousso how to unlock it without a bluetooth or usb keyboard23:11
callipygousthis is with Unity23:12
callipygousactually, touch screen is working23:13
callipygousbut the OSK isn't23:13
callipygousyeah, and Unity is the best desktop on Linux I've used for touch :/23:14
callipygousKDE and Gnome3...don't go ther23:14
sarnoldit's hard for me to think of how to address it... control+alt+f1 to get a new console requires a keyboard of some sort. sysrq? keyboard. ssh in? well, you've got to have a keyboard somewhere :)23:16
callipygousoh I can get in...provided I have a keyboard with me23:17
callipygouswhich I do23:17
callipygousbut it's not premium solution23:17
tomreyncallipygous: maybe it's time to upgrade (that's in case you're still on 16.04 LTS), gnomes' screen  keyboard does work while the screen is locked.23:43
tomreynit may be a bit more resource hungry, too, though23:44
rfmI have two ubuntu 18.04 systems with hardwired ethernet connected to the same ethernet switch, both running apache2.   if I transfer a big file with wget or curl, if I use the IPv4 addresses, transfer goes at link speed (~100Mbps).  If I use IPv6 addresses, transfer crawls (60Kbps).23:49
rfmSeems only to be between Ubuntu systems.  If I try a download from one of the Ubuntu servers from a Windows system, transfer runs quickly.23:50
rfmscp shows same effect, so it's not something in apache/wget23:56

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