Antonybis it possible to upgrade from 18.04 lts to 19.10?01:51
Antonybjust got a grub-efi-signed package failed to install into /target without the grub boot loader the installed system will not boot/01:57
Antonybany ideas?01:57
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xubuntu70whey guys, Xubuntu user here09:58
xubuntu70wI have problems with using printer that I could not solve using google and the forums09:58
xubuntu70wwhen I click on the Printers option either in start menu or in the All Settings, nothing happens09:59
xubuntu70wI have tried everything mentioned in related threads on forums, but to no avail09:59
xubuntu70wcan some help ?10:00
xubuntu98wHello, how i cant resolve problem with auto lock? On my xubuntu sistem auto lock workg but not for my account. What I need to look to resolve this problem?10:33
sleepyeyesvinceHi xubuntu team. Just wanted to drop you a quick message that the link to the Australian mirror of 19.10 is dead.10:59
gnrpsleepyeyesvince: Here is not really the xubuntu team11:01
gnrpsleepyeyesvince: maybe file a bug report11:02
gnrp(probably somebody here can change this, though, but no guarantee)11:02
sleepyeyesvincegot it. thanks.11:02
loptaI do like the look of those Xubuntu polo shirts.  Sadly they're not available in my size.15:29
gnrplopta: Which ones?15:30
loptaThe HelloTux ones linked from the Xubuntu web site.15:33
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gnrplopta: What is your size? I guess you can contact them about extra sizes?15:38
lopta(or 4X, depending on cut)15:38
gnrpbut then contact the HelloTux people directly. They are the ones handling the business15:53
* lopta nods15:53
arandomcatHello. Anyone here?16:16
gnrparandomcat: As you can see in the user list, yes ;)16:17
gnrphowever, most people here are idling, so if you have a question, ask it and stay around for a while16:17
arandomcatgnrp hi, yeah I can see the list, but sometimes it is quite quiet here, ha ha. :D16:17
arandomcatGreat. I configured hibernation yesterday on my Xubuntu (minimal install) by following this tutorial: https://zedt.eu/tech/linux/enable-hibernation-xubuntu-16-04/16:18
arandomcatWhen I hibernate, I can't resume through my keyboard/mouse. I've been trying to search for an answer, but with no luck so far.16:19
arandomcatOups, disconnected.16:29
loptaarandomcat: There's probably a reason hibernation's disabled by default.16:30
arandomcatHmm, I allocated 8GB for swap. Could it be a BIOS setting or where should I look, lopta?16:31
loptaI doubt swap is where your computer suspends to.16:31
arandomcatIsn't the setting off by default?16:31
arandomcatI mean, hibernate.16:31
loptaMy guess is that "hibernate" means suspend-to-disk.16:31
loptaYears ago that meant a separate partition or unpartitioned space.  No idea how (or even if) that works today.16:32
loptaI use suspend-to-RAM16:32
arandomcatSo the regular suspend option, right?16:33
loptaarandomcat: Probably.16:45
loptaI don't have a Xubuntu box on hand to see what it does when you ask it to suspend.16:46
loptaMy guess would be suspend-to-RAM.16:46
xubuntu69wI've got a question about the lock screen. Whenever I wake my computer from hibernation within about 5 minutes it'll go back to the look screen. Is there a way to fix this?17:12
STPEHello. Do a linux distro like Xubuntu make your PC perform faster? And does this even matter on an i5, 8 GB ram?18:24
brainwashSTPE: faster than its specifications?18:24
brainwashalso, compared to what?18:25
loptaAn i5 with 8 GB RAM sounds quite nice for Xubuntu.18:39
lopta(based on my own experience)18:39
loptaDoes yours have an SSD?18:39
STPEbrainwash Sorry my attention got pulled away, I mean more like in the sense of system respons? Like if you open an application, or filesystem is it faster to open the page? And compared to something like Ubuntu19:22
loptaNot sure how noticable the difference would be speed-wise but I prefer Xubuntu's Xfce desktop fwiw.19:30
lopta...and I think my users would find that less confusing that Ubuntu, but icbw.19:30
brainwashSTPE: it can be noticeable, but mainly due to normal Ubuntu using the GNOME desktop environment19:35
brainwashGNOME was known for performance issues19:35
STPE@lopta Why do you prefer it? Any particularity reasons?19:36
brainwashthings under the hood should be same speed-wise19:37
STPEbrainwash Do Ubuntu 19.04 not ship with Gnome 3.x.x (Cannot remember the vision number) Should it not fix most of the performance issues?19:37
brainwashit should19:38
brainwashhowever, with every new version you still read that the GNOME team has improved performance once again19:38
STPEWell I guess increasing performance never ends19:39
brainwashso, not sure how close they are to their goal19:39
brainwashnote that GNOME has two modes19:40
brainwashwayland and the old Xorg one19:40
brainwashpersonally, I would just download the various ISOs and test the live sessions19:42
STPEWell I already did that19:42
STPEBut I cannot decided between Xubuntu and Ubuntu19:43
brainwashboth are quite different when it comes to look and feel19:44
brainwashso, you surely must prefer one over the other19:44
brainwashand make sure to pick 19.1019:45
brainwashyou mentioned 19.0419:45
brainwashthose are only short term release19:46
STPEHm, but isn't those version supposed to be "unstable"?19:46
STPEI need to use it for school, and I would like it if virtualization did not break randomly19:47
STPEI don't even know if that is an concern19:47
brainwash18.04 is the long term release19:47
brainwash20.04 will be the next one19:47
brainwashand yes, running a short term release will require you to fully upgrade every 6 months19:49
STPEYou can upgrade the system when a new version comes out right? So you don't need to do a clean install19:51
brainwashSTPE: yes19:55
brainwashbut having something break every 6 months can be troublesome19:56
brainwashand that is your concern19:56
Noboru55Hello, in Xubuntu 18.04 the google chrome is closing by itself20:32
Meadhow often?20:32
Noboru55do not know.. sometimes..20:33
Meadwhat are you doing when it happens?20:33
Noboru55many tabs opened... doing nothing in special.. reading some sites20:33
Noboru55only readin news and fake news... and 2 gmail opened at same time20:34
Noboru55is the ram usage the problem?20:34
Meadno telling, there has got to be a log you can check20:34
Meadyou might want to go t #ubuntu itself, this channel is not the most active.20:35
Noboru55i see. thank you anyway20:36
loptabrb, going to tear the lid off an HP desktop21:41
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