IrcsomeBot1<ahoneybun> It's a +1 from me @Sick_Rimmit00:05
IrcsomeBot1<Sick_Rimmit> I think the acknowledgement here (on Telegram, and IRC logged ) is good enough.06:55
IrcsomeBot1<Sick_Rimmit> After all at this stage it is 2 month's or 100 units. Of course I will put together an announcement to the lists explaining our decision, and a read only version and details, which I will documents to our phabricator. I will try to do that in the next 24 hours06:59
IrcsomeBot1<Sick_Rimmit> Hopefully, I can talk about it on Big Daddy Linux too06:59
valorieI'll try to keep up once I get swept up by SeaGL07:09
valorieI'll have Telegram at least07:09
IrcsomeBot1<Sick_Rimmit> Hope you have a lovely time 😁08:04
IrcsomeBot1<RikMills> Kubuntu Community fund?10:43
IrcsomeBot1<RikMills> Can that be nailed down to the one that we (Riddell) controls? It sounds a little vague.10:46
IrcsomeBot1<RikMills> I am really not sure if I can pin it down, but there is something that does not sit right for me. At the moment please take me as a +016:39
IrcsomeBot1<tsimonq2> Same here, I'm a +0 until further notice16:40
IrcsomeBot1<Sick_Rimmit> Sure @RikMills can you ask Me Russell for the Sort Code and Account number, I can get that mandated on the document17:01

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