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SpadsGood morning all.  It seems the lubuntu.me site is down.  I realise it is still the small hours of the night where it is hosted, but perhaps someone has access to resurrect it?08:10
guivercThanks Spads, I hadn't noticed... We'll get to it when we can.08:51
Spadsguiverc: 💪🦄08:51
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subashhi. can anyone help me get stremio running in lubuntu. i am new to linux. thanks18:55
wxlsubash: what the heck is stremio?19:00
wxloh nevermind i googled it19:01
wxl(well, duckduckgo)19:01
subashits like netflix but you dont pay19:01
wxlso the unfortunate thing here is that it's not something that ubuntu provides, so ultimately the party responsible for support is stremio itself19:01
wxlhowever i can see they have a deb package you can install19:02
wxli see they don't support 32 bit so if you have that you're in trouble19:02
subashyes. i did install it but it dosnt work19:02
subashFYI i am a newbie19:02
subashalso i have lubuntu not ubuntu19:03
wxldo you know if you have a 32 or 64 bit setup?19:03
wxllubuntu is ubuntu19:03
wxlare you sure that both your machine is 64 bit and the kernel you're running is 64 bit?19:04
subashi can type some thing in terminal and tell you what it says19:04
wxluname -a19:04
wxlif you're running a 64 bit kernel you clearly have a 64 bit machine19:05
wxlok so you're good there19:05
wxlwhat version of lubuntu you running?19:05
wxlthat's kind of old19:06
wxlin fact, the correct word is "unsupported"19:06
subashwould that be a problem19:06
wxlit certainly isn't going to help you XD19:07
wxlespecially given that even ubuntu (which has longer support times than lubuntu) stopped standard support of it earlier this year19:07
subashwhat should i type in the terminal to update19:07
wxlwell now there's a good question19:08
wxl*if* the upgrade path is supported, `sudo do-release-upgrade`19:08
subashit says please install all updates before upgrade19:09
wxlyou said 14.10 or 14.04????19:09
wxlif you said 14.10 that's even worse. that's been LONG unsupported.19:09
subashitsays 14.119:09
wxlyou need to upgrade to *at least* 18.04 to make it work19:09
subashseems like a lot of work. musht as well install new19:10
subashwhat would you say19:10
wxlthat would certainly make life a lot easier, yes19:10
wxlpersonally, i'd suggest getting 19.10. the new stuff is the best :)19:10
subashi like lubuntu but is there anyting new now19:11
wxlalso since streamio uses qt and the new versions of lubuntu use a desktop environment based on qt rather than gtk, you won't need to install a bunch of extra libraries19:11
subashi recently saw deepin19:11
* wxl shrugs19:11
wxllubuntu works for me. i don't find a need to look elsewhere19:11
subashi understand. i too like simple and lightweight19:12
wxlyeah, that's nice. also "functional right out of the box" is helpful.19:12
wxli mean arch is simple and lightweight......... but takes a fair amount of babysitting to get it set up the way you need it to be19:13
subashso should i get a bootablependrive and start installing19:13
wxlthat would be the most reasonable solution, yes19:13
subashthis is a i3 machine19:13
wxlnot *that* old :)19:13
subashwell when compared to todays standard atleaset19:14
subashany advices before i start the deed19:14
subashthanks my friend.19:15

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