alkisgHi, trying to install MATE 20.04, I got an apt-clone crash. At which step is that, can I just install grub (it's not installed) and reboot?08:03
alkisgOh nevermind I was looking at the cow system not /target. Rebooting...08:05
alkisgAll ok08:08
lotuspsychjeglad to see you test 20.04 alkisg 08:45
alkisgHeya lotuspsychje08:46
alkisgOh I'm putting it to production :D08:46
lotuspsychjeim on the desktop version08:46
alkisgA new web server08:46
alkisg(that is also remote desktop pc)08:46
lotuspsychjecool, testing server or mate?08:46
lotuspsychjeusing mate for server usage?08:47
alkisgIt's both remote desktop pc and server08:47
lotuspsychjeah cool08:47
alkisgE.g. we test edu apps, then publish them in the web server there etc08:48
lotuspsychjemore a dev situation then08:48
lotuspsychjei found few 20.04 bugs so far, with a few xorg crashes08:49
lotuspsychjebut then we are in early stage too08:49
alkisgWhen I was trying 18.04 it was very stable from early on08:50
alkisgOnly a few annoying things, with workarounds etc08:50
alkisgSo I plan to start with 20.04 directly, rather than go 19.10 => upgrade to 20.04,08:50
lotuspsychjesame idea here08:50
alkisgand I can afford to only update every month and check for breakage then...08:50
lotuspsychjethe evolution of packages pushes on devel versions are pretty fast these days08:50
lotuspsychjealmost daily updates08:50
lotuspsychjeand this is my testing laptop anyway08:51
lotuspsychjemy business NUC runs 18.0408:51
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1849787 in gnome-shell-extension-ubuntu-dock (Ubuntu) "The dock is shown in front of full screen windows since 19.10" [Undecided,Confirmed]08:52
lotuspsychjehere's one i found08:53
alkisgI talked with Greek teachers and suggested that we move to Ubuntu/GNOME, but they (too) didn't like the interface, so we're sticking with MATE as long as it works as well as in the past08:56
lotuspsychjemate is a pretty nice community08:56
alkisgIt's like a mobile phone interface; not very appropriate for desktops; students can't even find programs in GNOME08:56
lotuspsychjei see08:57
lotuspsychjegnome has improved alot since 19.04, if you are used to it08:57
lotuspsychjebrb lunch09:01

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