tdsrfm: do you see the same behaviour testing with eg iperf in both directions?00:03
rfmtds, haven't tried iperf, naver used it.  Rebooting everything right now, will report when I've had a chance to try00:06
rfmtds, after reboot http/scp ipv6 speeds are better (but still about half IPv4.)   iperf is, strangely, asymmetric.  one direction full speed, other direction half speed.00:36
tdsrfm: hmm, what do your routing tables look like on either side?01:24
tds(or traceroutes between these boxes)01:24
tdsmight be that one direction is hairpinning through a router?01:24
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rfmtds, here are the route tables and traceroute: https://paste.ubuntu.com/p/9DGbXVQg4n/01:45
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tdsrfm: why does arda have the same prefix on two interfaces?01:46
rfmtds, arda dies gave two interfaces on the same net (I do this because of a virtualbox bridging network quirk, two uids can't bridge to same adapter)01:49
sarnoldmy technicolor c2100-t router/wifi thingy was assigning both my wired and wireless nics the same IP address for a while; I didn't check ip r output, but I bet it would have given very similar results. turning off reservations in the modem interface did the trick01:49
OerHekssarnold +1 .. they 'grey' area01:50
rfmtds, s/dies give/does have/01:50
tdsrfm: hmm, does arda have two v6 addresses as well then?01:51
sarnoldOerHeks: the hilarious thing is that I'd wondered what the heck had caused that for MONTHS; when I was trying to troubleshoot the world's most frustrating Sonos problems I stumbled on that bit of advice in the sonos support documentation01:51
sarnoldOerHeks: turning off reservations made that stupid thing on my laptop go away and my sonos system got *significantly* more friendly to use :)01:51
tdsmight explain the asymmetric behaviour if it's making connections from one address and receiving them on another01:51
sarnold(I'd never noticed with 'simple' sonos setup but after adding the subwoofer, all hell broke loose)01:51
rfmtds, yes, separate ipv6 addresses on the two interfaces https://paste.ubuntu.com/p/6pPmDrtt5M/01:53
tdsrfm: hmm, what's the output of `ip -6 route get 2600:1700:dc40:2830:347b:b11e:7a2d:df13`?01:53
rfmtds, did on both systems just for drill: https://paste.ubuntu.com/p/Wp2P68Gsxm/01:58
tdsrfm: ah, so your traceroute test went to eno1, but arda is using the source address on enp8s2 for connections originating there01:59
tdsi'd be tempted to drop the addresses on one of the interfaces and see if that sorts it out02:00
* rfm is reading "man ip-address"02:03
tdsrfm: easy option for v6 is to set the autoconf sysctl for the interface to 002:08
tdsthen it'll stop getting an automagic slaac address02:08
rfmtds, indeed taking the slaac address off enp8s2  made the asymmetry go away.  I don't understand why, does the stack have to forward the packet to the other interface when it comes in on the "wrong" one?02:18
rfmtds, I probably don't need to autoconf the address on enp8s2 in order to bridge to it, I'll verify that later.  Thanks.02:21
tdsrfm: you don't need an address for just bridging, you can happily set the disable_ipv6 sysctl to 1 on that interface to drop the link local and all. you'll get asymmetry as you're relying on two different mechanisms to pick addresses, ie whatever resolved that .local name (probably mdns), and linux source address selection, but the machine will02:23
tdsalways pick a single route out (unless you do a complicated config) - so if you talk to the "non-primary" ip, you'll get ingress on one interface, egress on another02:23
rfmtds, yes I had set mDNS to advertise only the address on enp0, because that's what I wanted the other systems to use...02:27
tdsaha, so that controls the ingress route ok02:28
tdsbut since you've picked up an on-link route for the /64 via RAs, you'll still send traffic back out the other interface02:28
rfmtds, so I will disable v6 on that interface and run for a while to see if the massive slowdowns (one tenth speed, not just half) I was seeing will come back (they seemed to reset when I rebooted everything.)  Thanks again.02:32
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k_szeHas anybody figured out how to use the Japanese ibus-mozc input method? I can't figure it out for the life of me.03:17
OerHeksk_sze, for 18.04? https://moritzmolch.com/240403:21
OerHeksit should work for xorg, not wayland..03:21
k_sze$XDG_SESSION_TYPE is x11 for me.03:23
k_szethat's xorg, right?03:23
OerHeksthe first 'remind me later' is essential, that saves a lot of updating03:24
k_szeI see.03:25
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k_szeHmm, is there a keyboard shortcut to switch among the mozc modes? i.e. direct input <-> hiragana <-> katagana, etc.03:28
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k_szeWhat's that "Muhenkan" key in the MS-IME keymap??03:32
FaTaL_GI got a question people here may have found a way to deal with... or maybe not. It's an ongoing battle, I am running my router for home on Ubuntu and loving it. I created a bind9 set of zones for known undesirable domains in order to help mitigate ads, popups etc. (Basically doing /dev/null redirect vs. pixelserv). Now streaming services are pushing ads and doing request/get checks to authorize03:33
FaTaL_Gcontent to play. Forcing us to accept the very ads and popups we are trying to avoid. Mind you, WE PAY for the TV, so they are already getting their money. .... any ideas/sites/links?03:33
sharpieFaTaL_G, check pihole03:43
sharpieits a dns based project, if the adds are coming from the service directly, not much can be done aside from using ublock, ect, but will/can block adds from 3rd party03:44
sharpiei use it via VPS for mobile, with wireguard, but you can definatly set it up for your home network at the router level03:47
sharpiecurrently blocking 41% of internet garbage across my devices/network03:51
FaTaL_Gsharpie, not sure if you are paid tv subscriber to services like spectrum, verizon etc, but when you try to watch something on demand, and it (the cable service) directs you to CBS.com for example, you are ALLOWED to watch the content, but if the ads are blocked, the stream will not start03:54
FaTaL_Gwhich is somewhat silly, because they got their money from me, I DVR most everything, but if something got missed, we still paid for the content, and DVR we can commerical skip, but ondemand we cant, and worse, we cant even watch the content because they deny access unless we "access the ads03:56
sharpieFaTaL_G, I am not in that position. I consume all my content via wireless.03:56
OerHeksseems like you blocked too much .. and not really an UBuntu issue03:56
FaTaL_Gso I think I have to actually serve the ads, and direct them to the ether. I think pihole does that but I recall it had issues. I will ahve to see if things changed03:57
sharpieit seems the adds are "baked in"03:57
FaTaL_GOerHeks indeed not an Ubuntu issue. Just asking here if anyone had an idea :)03:57
FaTaL_Gmy ubuntu router is totally rocking it03:57
sharpieat least by setting up pihole, or your current config, you can tail the logs and see whats going down03:58
sarnoldanother oiption is ditching it and getting addicted to media that treats you better :)03:58
FaTaL_GI've received some awesome help here and loving it.03:59
FaTaL_Gsarnold, I've always seen the cord cutting road paving way to this. It's going to become Judge Dredd society someday hahaha. Thank you both04:00
sharpiemaybe (and I cant be sure on this one) reverse proxy? I never looked into it , but saw it mentioned in passing regarding services04:01
sarnoldFaTaL_G: trouble is, everyone wants in on that netflix cash and I don't think they realize users don't want to subscribe to seven services..04:01
sarnoldwhen netflix had everything it was easy.. add hulu? sure not that much more.. but six more? nah no one wants new accounts any more04:02
sharpiesarnold, its coming full circle.,... i dont want to pay 85 per month... just 7... just 7 more... just 7 more.. until its 85 per month with all the services..lol04:03
sarnoldsharpie: exactly that, hehe04:03
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FaTaL_GI had so many discussions with trolls or cord cutter trolls on forums because I have a cable card and insist on staying on Windows 8.1. Not going to 10. I'll stick with Linux when Cable Cards-Windows 8 is no longer supported with current hardware. I prefer linux hands down04:04
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FaTaL_Gand yes sharpie, a squid might do the trick, but I suspect its only a matter of time considering how cookies are everywhere.04:07
sharpieFaTaL_G, not only cookies, but DNS, there are a couple options regarding encryption, but so far, unless I am wrong (total possibility) the reDNS request will be encrypted, yet the response wont be, so not really gaining security04:11
sharpieIm still working on this stuff as time allows04:11
FaTaL_Gurgh, we have FIOS, FIOS TV Ultimate, Netflix, Hulu, Vudu, Prime, CBS, Disney, Dont have HBO-Go. I work fulltime, ball and chain gets to veg lol.04:29
Thr0rHello! I am looking for a good alternative to the wordprocessor standard with Ubuntu - LibreOffice.. Is there any good alternatives? Callibre Suite does not work well I think... Suggestions?05:22
Thr0rIf there is an administrator in this Channel - the web page to Lubuntu is down now...  ubuntu.com/download/flavours - click Lubuntu page is not working... I was going to download Lubuntu now..05:30
lotuspsychjeThr0r: join #ubuntu-mirrors please to notify that05:33
OerHekshttps://lubuntu.me/ is down, so the page is correct05:38
daxi think that's more #lubuntu-devel than #ubuntu-mirrors05:38
lotuspsychjeoh ok dax05:40
Thr0r..all these channels..05:42
Thr0rI know that the moderator here does not like repeating Q's but there was not at single reply to my Q about an alternative to LibreOffice here? ..anyone?05:48
OerHeksgo wild, and say Hi! https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/ChannelList05:48
daxi haven't seen any good alternatives to LibreOffice05:49
daxCalligra is the closest I've seen, and you don't like that one, so...05:49
Thr0rOerHeks: Wow..05:50
OerHekssome swear by sublimne text ( prop stuff ) https://snapcraft.io/search?q=office05:51
Thr0rdax: no - and it's especially the Table stuff I don't like with LibreOffice.. but I'm sure OerHeks has a channel for that too :) That list was HUGE! Narrow it down..05:52
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Stevwillsahh ubuntu05:53
Mr_CyclopsHello. I need to secure erase some of my external hard drives. They were on ext4. Not sure which is the most effective secure erase? dban ... or shred ... or dd ..... please advise, thanks05:59
catjbillbadblocks is another good tool for that06:01
OerHeksshred or dd, example shred with one pass >> shred --verbose --random-source=/dev/urandom -n1 /dev/sdX06:02
OerHeksgovernment specs say at least 7 passes .. have fun!06:02
catjbillbadblocks -b 4096 -wsv -t random -p 3 /dev/sdX <- something like that does 3 passes of random patterns06:03
Mr_CyclopsOerHeks, catjbill thank you06:08
vltMr_Cyclops: shred07:01
mexenHey y'all07:47
mexenquick question07:47
mexenis there is a repo for az cli (msft azure)?07:47
OerHeksmexen,  not that i know of, just github https://github.com/Azure/azure-cli or snap https://snapcraft.io/azure-cli07:50
mexenAll right, thanks.07:50
Ruler-I any logs made before the drive is unencrypted when one uses "full drive encryption"? I wouldn't make any sense but I'm just encountering a bug in that unlock screen often07:51
mexenGot the snap07:51
Ruler-*it wouldn't07:51
Ruler-*is any07:52
Ruler-I don't even know the program that handles the unencryption at start07:54
ForzaI have a problem with netplan on my ubuntu 19.10.07:54
ForzaTwo interfaces. eth0 with dhcp and Internet access and then eth1 internal fixed ip.07:55
OerHeksRuler-, on what ubuntu version07:55
Ruler-OerHeks, 19.1007:55
OerHeksthere is a log; journalctl -b -0 shows messages from the current boot, journalctl -b -1 from the previous boot07:56
ForzaNetplan adds a default route to both interfaces which is if course wrong. Only the dhcp one should have it. What can I do to prevent default route added on the eth1 with static ip?07:56
Ruler-OerHeks, the bug prevents me from unencrypting the drive so how can it write a log? I need to restart the computer to be able to unlock the drive07:58
OerHeksRuler-, how do you tell it is a bug? maybe the filesystem is damaged.. or worse: hdd sector failure?07:59
Ruler-It happens only when I boot up and power on additional displays when it asks to unencrypt the drive. After that I cannot enter anything to the password screen. Computer and keyboard works otherwise08:00
Ruler-So the display addition is not handled correctly if they're powered on during that08:01
OerHeksoke, never been in that situation, sounds like a bug to me too08:01
OerHeksboot with just 1 display, and run ubuntu-bug in terminal to file a bugreport08:02
ubottuIf you find a bug in Ubuntu or any of its official !flavors, please report it using the command « ubuntu-bug <package> » - See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/ReportingBugs for other ways to report bugs.08:02
Ruler-What's the package that handles the screen?08:02
OerHeksinlog/gdm3 ?08:02
Ruler-Thanks OerHeks, I'll try :)08:03
Stevwillsis there still a bug in disks with ubuntu where it messes up partitioning???08:30
Stevwillsi believe it was in 18.0408:30
OerHekssteven, never heard of that.08:31
steventhats so weird.08:31
stevenyou should definiltey read/watch/listen to it08:32
OerHekssuch serious bug in a LTS version, i doubt that08:32
jeevis trusty not capable of using tls 1.2? i'm trying to run apt-get on a digicert certificate to update zimbra and it keeps failing08:44
jeevwhat's weird is, it works but fails with apt-get update08:45
OerHeksmaybe trusty 14.04 never will .. it is dead, EOL08:48
OerHeksthere is ESM, but that is paid support, so upgrade please08:49
ubottuCanonical offers paid extended security support for end-of-life LTS releases through the Ubuntu Advantage program. For more information, see https://ubuntu.com/esm . ESM is not an Ubuntu community offering; please direct questions about it to Canonical directly.08:49
Thr0rI have a IBM monitor 9419-HB7 - it's said that it's max is 1280*1024. I am using 1400*1050 now but the image is not perfect.. Using xrandr to set it. Does anyone have a suggestion to what would be a perfect res. above 1280*1024? it's capable of 1600*1200 but then - "Out of signal" shows on the monitor?08:49
k_szeDoes anybody know how to many GNOME Terminal send real numeric keypad keycodes to the application (e.g. to vim)? By default, the number keypad digits just get translated as the row of digits above the letter keys.08:50
jeevok, i guess i can work on upgrading it08:50
OerHeksThr0r, specs online says max resolution is 1280 x 102408:51
OerHekssetting higher is of no use08:51
alycidyneHello, I was following the instructions on https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Kernel/BuildYourOwnKernel, but `fakeroot debian/rules editconfigs` fails, and the .tar.xz file seems awfully light. What could I have missed?08:51
Thr0rOerHeks - I know the online specs. but was hoping for a res. combination that might work abobe 1280*1024.. since 1600-1200 "kind-of" works..?08:54
OerHeks"but then - "Out of signal" shows on the monitor?" ...08:56
OerHeksreally, why do you ask ?08:56
Thr0rOerHeks: "really, why do you ask ?"- Because there is a display that is perfect but does not fill the whole screen - and please don't  mock me - I was thinking this was a serious support channel?09:01
OerHeksso, the problem is that 1280 x 1024  does not fill the whole screen?09:02
OerHeksreset the monitor with its own menu keys, back to factory standard, often fixes that09:02
Thr0rOerHeks: "so, the problem is that 1280 x 1024  does not fill the whole screen?" ..wonder how you draw that conclusion?? And No - reset does not fix it. So If you look at all the possible VGA resolution numbers - it's alot - I have not tried all - just asked if maybe someone had a suggestion..09:05
OerHeksgood luck!09:06
alycidyneIs there a simpler to way to do a kernel configuration change?09:08
Thr0rOerHeks: Well - now all of this chat suddenly was wiped out here - did you do that?09:09
repete-ogHi all09:13
repete-ogAnyone here know much about Xorg? Looking to troubleshoot a couple of issues.09:13
flogJust ask what the issue is and if anyone knows they'll answer eventually.09:15
repete-ogThanks flog09:19
repete-og1) I have a high-resolution screen, so I change the screen resolution settings to scale to 200%. I would rather use a value between 100% and 200% (say 150%),  so I'm wondering if that can be done elsewhere.09:20
repete-og2) I'm trying to troubleshoot getting gestures working with my trackpad, and noticed that the log files for Xorg are not in /var/log/. So where does Xorg log to?09:21
flogrepete-og: https://www.omgubuntu.co.uk/2019/06/enable-fractional-scaling-ubuntu-19-04 is this what you want to do?09:26
repete-ogflog, I believe so. :-) Thanks.09:29
Thr0rOerHeks: Sometimes it happens that SW supersedes HW - I have seen it before, that is why I ask this - for YOU - silly question..09:30
repete-ogflog, works like a charm. Thanks!09:31
flogrepete-og: second hit on google....09:51
snowm0nHi all anyone familiar with how you can install chrome per user and not per device?11:38
grokssnowm0n, https://askubuntu.com/questions/339/how-can-i-install-a-package-without-root-access11:45
groksyou can use that method to install the chrome deb to the user home dir, might be a pain11:46
groksnever tried it with chrome but only small trivial packages with little to no deps11:46
snowm0n@groks thank you i will look into it11:50
isomarigreetings, is there a repo for enlightenment e23?11:51
isomarifor cosmic and eoan?11:51
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LuckyManwhat's the status on the skype snap? does it work ok?12:03
BluesKajHowdy all12:13
OerHeksLuckyMan, it should work.12:25
ELFrederichWith RPM based package managers I can do proper source level modifications.  Is this possible on Ubuntu?  By proper I mean there is a process and set of tools which gets the sources, applies the patches, and builds new .rpm files.13:14
pragmaticenigmaELFrederich: I know that the package management in Ubuntu allows you to retrieve source files with the packages you install. I'm not certain, but would believe, that you can modify those and be able to re-package them. You may have better luck with your question in #ubuntu-app-devel or possibly #ubuntu-devel13:20
OerHeksELFrederich,  there is alien, but no guarantee it is proper. just usefull to unpack13:22
OerHeks!info alien13:22
ubottualien (source: alien): convert and install rpm and other packages. In component universe, is optional. Version 8.95 (eoan), package size 53 kB, installed size 166 kB13:22
pragmaticenigmaGood catch OerHeks ... I missed that last part, thought they were looking to build .deb13:24
geirhaI also interpreted it as a "can dpkg do this too?" question, and the answer to that would be yes13:29
MrCrackPotWith this stack overflow answer https://askubuntu.com/a/1041742 section 3 im a little lost where to add the configuration13:36
MrCrackPotshould i place a file in /etc/NetworkManager/con.d/user_dnsmasq_config.conf.d13:37
MrCrackPotor use /etc/NetworkManager/NetworkManager.conf.d13:37
ioriaELFrederich, yeah, it's not clear what you want; do you want to build rpm pkgs on ubuntu ?13:39
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ELFrederichioria: we have an internal patch we'd like to apply to our systems.  We have RHEL and Ubuntu based systems.  We created a pipeline which generates .rpm files with our patch applied.  We'd like to do the same for .deb files13:48
ioriaELFrederich,  so you want to build a .deb pkg  ok; you can check this https://wiki.debian.org/BuildingTutorial and the  dpkg-buildpackage  command13:50
pragmaticenigmaMrCrackPot: As the SO article mentions, systemd-resolved already does caching. Is there a particular use case why you wish to add in dnsmasq?13:54
MrCrackPotpragmaticenigma, im trying to use prax.cr https://github.com/ysbaddaden/prax.cr but im finding it difficult to get it up and running. I know .dev no longer works because of google but .test should be fine14:00
pragmaticenigmaMrCrackPot: If you are looking for safe TLDs... Use .home or .local ... ICANN has those reserved. As far as dnsmasq, is there any reason you cannot add the entries to /etc/hosts instead?14:27
MrCrackPotyer apparently the dev says that it should work without dnsmasq but hasnt updated the wiki14:48
MrCrackPotso now i need to undo all the changes i made and then try again with a clean install14:48
pragmaticenigmaMrCrackPot: Sounds like in the end it will be better with less to maintain :-)14:49
MrCrackPotyer im thinking to just go back to localhost:3000 and use puma for ssl instead of prax its a lot less work14:50
pragmaticenigmaMrCrackPot: looking at the project page, the mention: If your distribution uses systemd-resolved, just use the .localhost TLD instead of .test —be prepared to fight against systemd if you want to use another TLD, or consider switching to a systemd free Linux.14:51
jazzpimy `journalctl -xe` contains multiple instances of "kernel: PKCS#7 signature not signed with a trusted key". i believe these occur when the virtualbox and nvidia modules are loaded (not sure about vboxdrv, because it appears in lsmod). the nvidia module then fails to load and my screens are not recognized properly (one only has a 1024x768 mode, the other doesn't show up at all). secure boot is disabled. any15:07
jazzpiideas what could cause this?15:07
jazzpiubuntu version is 16.04, i've tried with kernel 4.15.0-70 and 4.15.0-69, and i've purged the old nvidia drivers and installed nvidia-430. also, when i start nvidia-settings, the signature message appears multiple times, each followed by "kernel: module: x86/modules: Skipping invalid relocation target, existing value is nonzero for type 1, loc 00000000XXXXXXXX, val ffffffffYYYYYYYY with varying addresses15:10
pragmaticenigmajazzpi: where are you pulling your nvidia drivers from?15:16
jazzpipragmaticenigma: not entirely sure how to check, but `apt-cache showpkg nvidia-430` shows `/var/lib/apt/lists/ppa.launchpad.net_graphics-drivers_ppa_ubuntu_dists_xenial_main_binary-amd64_Packages`, so i'm guessing from here: https://launchpad.net/~graphics-drivers/+archive/ubuntu/ppa15:20
pragmaticenigmajazzpi: what graphics card/chipset are you using?15:24
jazzpiGTX 750 Ti (GM107), which is a maxwell card15:25
jazzpialright, i ran `apt purge nvidia*`, now it's using nouveau and recognizes my screen again, that will have to do for the moment. thanks anyways :)15:30
skrjazzpi, disable secure boot in bios. then try again nvidia driver15:37
jazzpiskr: secure boot is already disabled15:38
skrperhaps you are using a signed kernel, try installing a unsigned one15:39
g3poandlslI have successfully joined a Ubuntu 18.04 server to an active directory domain with realmd and sssd following this guide: https://www.smbadmin.com/2018/06/connecting-ubuntu-server-1804-to-active.html16:14
g3poandlslI can get tickets with kinit just fine, and id (username) returns UID and GIDs from LDAP as expected.  However, when I try to log in with an active directory user account, the login fails.16:14
lotuspsychjeg3poandlsl: there is also #ubuntu-server if you like16:16
g3poandlslLogs show pam_unix(login:auth) authentication failure, followed by pam_sss(login:auth) authentication success16:17
g3poandlsllotuspsychje, thank you, I will try there16:17
jazzpiskr: thanks, i'll try that when i have the time16:17
octav1aI have an annoying situation. I need to install ubuntu to another computer and the only USB I have (32gb sandisk) seems to get corruption reading squashFS when trying to read. Is there any way to disable the first, idk, 8GB space in the USB disk and try to write the live USB again?16:51
tomreynsquashfs corruption is often a result of a broken iso download (or impropoer write to the installer storage - something you can verify after writing)16:52
tomreynanother possible reason is lack of ram16:53
tomreynto test the flash storage for fake size, you can use f3 (packaged in ubuntu, website is http://oss.digirati.com.br/f3/ )16:55
octav1aI tried a persistance USB install first, and when installing some packages on it, the write problems started. Then I tried formatting the USB and writing a non-persistant version just to install.16:56
octav1aso I think its safe to assume that there are some blocks failing on it16:56
leftyfboctav1a: you should watch dmesg while writing a new (freshly downloaded) ISO.16:56
leftyfbIf you don't see errors, then the drive more than likely doesn't have any hardware defects16:57
tomreynalso, did you verify the iso checksum?16:57
tomreynhow much ram does this system have installed?16:57
ubottuTo verify your Ubuntu ISO image (or other files for which an MD5 checksum is provided), see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/HowToMD5SUM or http://www.linuxquestions.org/linux/answers/LQ_ISO/Checking_the_md5sum_in_Windows16:58
octav1aThe one I am making the USB: 32GB, the one I am trying to install to 16GB. When in the persistant boot I saw many "input/output" errors when trying to apt upgrade16:58
tomreynthis can still be a result of an initially incoherent overlay file system, doesn't need to indicate physical storage issues.17:01
RandolfOne of my desktop applications won't start in Ubuntu Linux 18.04 LTS.  When I try to start it from the command line, I see messages about "snap" that I don't understand.  How can I find out what's not working, and get it working?  Thanks.17:15
ioriaRandolf, what application ? and what 's the error exactly ?17:18
RandolfI'm using Opera, which was installed from the GUI.  It's been working fine for the many months I've been using Linux, and just this morning it won't start -- no error, it just never starts when I click on the icon.17:23
RandolfAt the shell when I type "opera" I get this:  You need to connect this snap to the gnome platform snap.17:23
RandolfIt then goes on to tell me to use this command:  snap install gnome-3-28-180417:24
RandolfI'm already using Gnome though, and I don't want to mess that up.17:24
ioriaRandolf, can you paste 'snap list' ?17:24
Randolfioria: https://www.paste.org/flat/10133117:27
MrCrackPotBobwith systemd-resolve where do i add an entry to resolve .test domain to localhost17:28
MrCrackPotBobi tried with /etc/resolv.conf but didnt work same with $ systemd-resolve DOMAIN=~.test17:28
crondlol what, a TOS for an IRC channel?17:33
crondyou guys are aware that a 'you have accepted this TOS even if you didn't read it' EULA isn't legally enforcable most places, right?17:34
lotuspsychjecan we help you crond ?17:34
crond--> [Notice] -ChanServ- [#ubuntu] Welcome to #ubuntu! Please read the channel topic. This channel is logged at irclogs.ubuntu.com. Use of this channel implies acceptance of terms at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/TermsOfService17:34
crondThat's just silly.  Saying that if one uses the channel they automagically accept your TOS is ludicrious.17:35
MrCrackPotBobreally thats how facebook google etc etc etc all work17:35
OerHeksRandolf,  how odd, opera on snapcraft gives 64.0.3417.92 https://snapcraft.io/opera .. and you opera-beta17:35
crondand it's not enforcable in the EU, MrCrackPotBob17:36
DJonescrond: Do you have a point?17:36
MrCrackPotBoberm yes it is17:36
ioriaRandolf, stable is 64.0.3417.92 ; you have 65.0.3467.38; and beta version is 65.0.3467.3217:36
crondMrCrackPotBob: No, it's not.17:36
MrCrackPotBoberm yes it is as there is no PPI here17:36
ioriaRandolf, sy, but i don't get where you pulled that snap from17:37
lotuspsychjethere are 3 snap opera's17:37
DJonescrond: Yoou've jpined the channel, so by joining you accept the TOC, so feel free to leave the channel if you don't agrre17:37
DJonescrond: Yoou've joined the channel, so by joining you accept the TOC, so feel free to leave the channel if you don't agree17:38
crondDJones: I am here and do not accept it, yet I exist17:38
crondso feel free to ban me or suck it up17:39
DJonescrond: Don't waant to do that, but thats the requirements for using the chanel17:40
Randolfioria: I just took the default that came with this installation of Linux.17:40
RandolfI didn't know that I'm on beta.17:40
ioriaRandolf, opera is not a default snap17:40
RandolfHmm.  Maybe I'm not remembering then.17:41
RandolfIs the "snap install gnome-3-28-1804" command safe to run, or will it try to replace my whole GNOME installation?17:41
ioriaRandolf, yes, but you already have it17:41
RandolfAh, yes, I see it in the list.  This is weird.17:43
ioriaRandolf, you can try 2 things: remove that snap and install the correct one or  run     'snap connect opera:gnome-3-28-1804'17:44
RandolfThe "snap connect opera:gnome-3-28-1804 gnome-3-28-1804" line didn't work.17:45
RandolfIf I remove the snap, will I lose all my data files for Opera too?17:45
ioriaRandolf, 'snap connect opera:gnome-3-28-1804 gnome-3-26-1604'17:46
ioriaRandolf, sorry, 'snap connect opera:gnome-3-28-1804 gnome-3-28-1804'17:47
RandolfYeah, that didn't do anything.17:47
RandolfIs there a log for snap somewhere I can check?17:47
ioriaRandolf, can you paste 'snap find opera' ?17:48
OerHeksbeta snap, i would drop it and go back to stable17:50
=== SimonNL is now known as SimonNL_Afk
ioriaRandolf, snaps logs to /var/log/syslog afaik17:53
RandolfOkay, thanks.17:54
ioriaRandolf, can you paste 'snap find opera' ?17:54
RandolfI just got an emergency, and have to head off.  Thanks for your help.  I'll look into this when I get back.  (But I'll send that log first.)17:54
RandolfI'll be back.17:56
ioriaRandolf, and you have 65.0.3467.38 ; try to run 'snap-discard-ns'17:57
Randolfsnap-discard-ns: command not found17:58
ioriaRandolf, ll /usr/lib/snapd/snap-discard-ns18:01
Randolf-rwxr-xr-x 1 root root 26696 Jul 12 01:40 /usr/lib/snapd/snap-discard-ns*18:01
ubukinghelpppppppppppppppp pöppppppppppppppppppppppppp18:01
lotuspsychjeubuking: dont troll again please18:02
ubukinghave question18:02
kedenWhen executing `uptime` on Ubuntu Server 19.10 it tells me I have 6 users (currently logged-in I suppose?), then I execute `users` and it's my own username 6 times, quite predictibly. I use tmux on this machine and only use it via SSH. Can I and should I remove users? Are these sessions?18:05
Ben64keden: what does it say when you do 'who'18:12
=== neanderslob is now known as samChanneleyes
akkkeden: Your terminal client may use login shells, so each terminal counts as a login18:23
akkand virtual consoles may also, if you're logged in on any of those.18:23
akkI currently have three users; I have two urxvts showing in X, plus a login on tty1.18:24
akkMost terminal clients can be set not to use loginShell if you don't like it (I like it and explicitly turn it on).18:24
=== me is now known as Guest26105
Nomad_Can anyone point me to a doc on enabling my bluetooth adapter on my Kali instance?  I'd like to get my headphones working but its saying no adapters.  Worked great yesterday in Kubuntu 18.04.  Latest Kali-rolling with kde plasma18:38
Nomad_googling isn't finding anything useful18:39
=== led2 is now known as led1
JimBuntuKali isn't Ubuntu Nomad_ , not sure how much help the #Ubuntu support channel will be18:42
Guest26105Got a problem with apt-get install on a new 19.10. Any advice ? https://pastebin.com/jPQRM1fy18:43
bumbar_i guess i've managed to delete contents of /boot on an encrypted volume. i've booted from usb, chrooted to encrypted disk and reinstalled grub but now there's less files in there and update-grub is reporting "failed to connnect to lvmetad"18:43
Nomad_damnit, irssi but me in the wrong channel, in the same window18:44
bumbar_am i missing something?18:44
Nomad_in irssi, I've got #ubuntu and #kali in the same window, it didn't change to the kali chan when I joined, which is not the normal behavior.  re-asking there18:44
mahavishvarupaWhat's the recommended way to install packages from the command line?  apt-get or aptitude?18:47
OerHeksapt is superiour over apt-get, aptitude in not standard installed, but you can.18:50
mahavishvarupaThanks OerHeks18:55
elias_aMy Thinkpad X201 running 18.04 lost suddenly all sound devices. What should I do to get them back?19:23
kedenBen64: list of 6 users, who are all me. One of them has the IP address between brackets, the others all have "tmux".19:33
kedenakk: I see, but why wouldn't it close when I exit the process on the remotely connected machine?19:35
Mordocelias_a: Are the sound kernel modules still loaded? sudo lsmod | grep snd should get you started on this. Did this occur just after an update?19:36
elias_aMordoc: They were and are. An old system. This mostly solved the issue: https://www.linuxuprising.com/2018/06/fix-no-sound-dummy-output-issue-in.html19:40
elias_aMordoc: Still line in is missing...19:41
TreyHarrisI have a lot of experience with Ubuntu as a server and shell workstation, but very little with it as a GUI. I just built a brand-new 18.04 LTS virtual from Ubuntu install iso, and after going through the first-login flow I tried to use the Software app. No matter what I try to install, it asks for my password (and checks it--I tried entering a wrong one to see), then downloads the package, and then19:41
TreyHarrisputs a pin up error, "Unable to install {Application}: cannot perform the following tasks:" and that's it. ({Application} being the application I tried to install, not the literal string '{Application}'). I did an apt update and an upgrade of snapd; no change.19:41
johnjayTreyHarris: the cli is very friendly. with vfu, ncdu, and htop you don't even need a gui half the time19:42
johnjayi also void the software center unless i have to19:42
TreyHarrisjohnjay: I know--as I said, I've been using Ubuntu for shell login for 10 years or more.19:44
TreyHarrisBut I'd like to install Discord and Sublime Text19:44
sarnoldTreyHarris: try apt install foo or snap install foo depending upon what you're trying to install; hopefully there'll be better error messages there19:45
TreyHarrissarnold:thank you19:46
TreyHarrissarnold: from snap install discord I get, "- Download snap "gnome-3-26-1604" (98) from channel "stable" (local error: tls: bad record MAC)"19:49
TreyHarrisSo I tried snap install gnome-3-26-1604; it dies with the above error, too19:50
johnjayTreyHarris: i assume there's some ppa thingie for discord?19:51
johnjayi'm scared to try installing skype after it failed last time as well19:51
TreyHarrisjohnjay:ah, you're saying it's going to try to install GNOME from Discord? Yes, that is scary19:52
johnjayno no i just meant trying to install skype didn't work for me before in ubuntu19:53
johnjayso i'm hesitant to try installing either of those19:53
ioriaTreyHarris, the errors points to 'disabling checksum offloading'19:53
pragmaticenigmaTreyHarris, what command are you typing to install the desired application?19:53
TreyHarrisjohnjay: I ran apt policy and all my sources are either security or archive.ubuntu.com19:54
sarnoldTreyHarris: any chance you've got TCP or IP offloading on your NIC? those often lead to packet corruption that could induce those bad record MAC failures19:54
ioriaTreyHarris, you can do it with ethtool or making a script in networkd-dispatcher19:54
TreyHarrispragmaticenigma: `snap install discord`. But initially I tried using the Software GUI19:54
TreyHarrissarnold:it's a virtual, so I'd need to look into that, let my google "TCP offloading"19:55
ioriaTreyHarris, sudo ethtool --offload <my-interface>  rx off  tx off19:55
kieppiehi folks19:56
kieppieis the blueproximity effectively dead?19:56
TreyHarrisioria:thank you. Can I see what it's set to now before running that?19:56
ioriaTreyHarris, ethtool -k|--show-features|--show-offload devname19:57
johnjayTreyHarris: ah i was wrong. you just do sudo snap install discord --classic and it installs for me19:58
johnjayi guess discord clients are open source but skype is not?19:58
sarnoldiirc --classic removes all sandboxing, is that intentional?19:59
TreyHarrisioria: if I run `sudo ethtool --show-offload eth0 | grep rx` I get `rx-all: off [fixed]` as well as 9 more lines. I'm not sure which one is the one t olook at20:00
johnjaysarnold: i don't know, it's just what the wiki said to do20:00
johnjayhrm i thought i was on the ubuntu wiki but it was a different site.20:01
ioriaTreyHarris, paste sudo ethtool  --show-features eth020:02
TreyHarrisWell, I just ran the ethtool -k into a file, so I'll check it again after I make the changes with `sudo ethtool --offload <my-interface>  rx off  tx off`20:02
rypervenchejohnjay: Discord is closed-source.20:04
TreyHarrisioria:thank you, that seemed to have worked for gnome-3-26-1604. I'll try discord next20:06
ioriaTreyHarris,ok; that snap should already bee installed btw20:06
TreyHarrisioria: perhaps, but it still gave the hmac error before and now not. The install of Discord worked too20:07
TreyHarrisNow I'll try Sublime Text via the Software GUI20:07
ioriaTreyHarris,ok, good20:07
TreyHarrisNo, same cryptic error, `Unable to install "Sublime Text": cannot perform the following tasks:`, and that's it.20:08
ioriaTreyHarris,  snap list  | nc termbin.com 999920:09
TreyHarrisioria: https://termbin.com/vsfj20:10
ioriaTreyHarris,  sudo snap  install sublime-text20:13
TreyHarrisioria: https://termbin.com/86lo20:16
ioriaTreyHarris,  sudo snap  install sublime-text --classic20:17
TreyHarrisioria: I presume that will work. But there was an underlying issue with Discord and we found it--I'd like to find the underlying issue here, too20:17
ioriaTreyHarris,  about the 'classic' thing or about the error in GUI ?20:18
TreyHarrisioria: the GUI20:19
TreyHarrisI suppose it wouldn't hurt to install it on the CLI and then uninstall it before retrying in the GUI20:19
ioriaTreyHarris, are you fully updated ? what's your kernel ?20:21
=== zenguy is now known as coffeeguy
TreyHarrisYes, I just removed Discord with snap and then I installed Discord with the GUI, so that should be safe20:22
ses1984is there any possible issues going with ubuntu package mirrors now? i'm seeing a strange problem where doing apt-get upgrade is periodically getting 404s on security updates,  postgresql-client-common (190ubuntu0.1 postgresql-client (10+190ubuntu0.1)20:22
TreyHarrisioria: I did a full update reboot cycle, yes.20:22
ioriaTreyHarris, uname -r20:23
TreyHarrisioria: Linux trey-ubuntu 5.0.0-36-generic #39~18.04.1-Ubuntu SMP Tue Nov 12 11:09:50 UTC 2019 x86_64 x86_64 x86_64 GNU/Linux20:24
TreyHarrisoh, sorry20:24
TreyHarrisioria: 5.0.0-36-generic20:24
ioriaTreyHarris, it's ok; so it worked with gnome software this time ?20:25
TreyHarrisioria: https://termbin.com/ui5k20:26
TreyHarrisDiscord did work with the gui install, yes20:26
sarnoldses1984: it's possible that you retrieved the package lists from one mirror that had received the update but then apt tried to receive the package from a mirror that had not yet received the update; hopefully it'll work out if you try again20:26
TreyHarrisBut the above termbin shows that even with --classic sublime-text still isn't working20:26
ioriaTreyHarris,  and sublime keeps failing ?20:27
ses1984sarnold: it's happening for 40 minutes20:27
TreyHarrisioria: ioria: you mean you want me to run https://termbin.com/ui5k again?20:27
sarnoldses1984: hm20:28
TreyHarrisioria: oh, curious, yes, it worked the second time20:28
TreyHarrisBut I didn't do anything between those two invocations20:28
ioriaTreyHarris,  really ?20:28
TreyHarrisYes, I just hit up-arrow enter20:28
TreyHarrisAnd it worked20:29
SiamasterWhile trying to install Windows, The installer went mad and created the System Reserved Partition on a wrong drive, where my keep my backups!20:29
ioriaTreyHarris, i see20:29
SiamasterI'm trying to use testdisk to recover the files20:29
ses1984sarnold: surely someone, somewhere, maybe in a dingy basement, maybe in a skyscraper...has noticed an uptick in 404s to the ubuntu package repos? ... right?20:29
ioriaTreyHarris, but remember that the 'ethtool --offload eth0 ' is only temporary20:29
SiamasterMy ext4 partition is found but I can't list the files20:30
TreyHarrisAnd it works on gnome-software when I tried a second time, too20:30
ses1984are any of those metrics/statuses public?20:30
SiamasterIt says "No file found, filesystem may be damaged.   "20:30
SiamasterAre they gone?20:30
TreyHarrisioria: no, I don't rememmber... sorry, I missed it when you told me. One moment while I read scrollback more carefully.20:30
ioriaTreyHarris, https://michael.mulqueen.me.uk/2018/08/disable-offloading-netplan-ubuntu/20:31
ioriaTreyHarris, it will be reseted when you reboot20:32
TreyHarrisOh, thank you--I re-read the scrollback but didn't see that. Sorry, I need to read more carefully20:34
TreyHarrisI haven't rebooted since I first tried to install something, though20:34
TreyHarrisI rebooted just once, after applying updates20:34
ioriaTreyHarris, it's ok20:35
ioriaTreyHarris, better to avoid the zombieload :þ20:36
sarnoldses1984: I'm able to retrieve that file fine from all the IPv4-reachable mirrors; which mirror is your apt talking with? (ss ought to be able to report the IP) are you using a caching proxy that might have cached a 404 for too long? is your ISP doing transparent proxying that might cache a 404 for too long?20:37
OerHekslinux firmware update, nice20:40
aleksandrdvorkini am trying to mount the Macbook drive to the /mnt on my Ubuntu i can access the samba share from Macbook on my Ubuntu but can not seem to do it other way around20:47
aleksandrdvorkinthe command i issue is20:47
aleksandrdvorkinsudo mount -t /ipofmacbook/Users/alexandrdvorkin/Downloads /mnt20:47
aleksandrdvorkinand i get permission denied20:48
aleksandrdvorkini added the user aleksandrdvorkin on macbook and i set the password20:48
aleksandrdvorkinbut i get Permission denied20:48
aleksandrdvorkinthe same if smb:// i get the password window keeps poping up\20:49
forgodsake2 step auth google in ubuntu, i dont receive message...hi20:51
forgodsakefollowed as https://www.techrepublic.com/article/how-to-setup-two-factor-authentication-in-linux/20:52
leftyfbI know this isn't ubuntu-specific, but it's going to be part of focal and potentially become an issue. Is this telling me that they removed the import feature because we are able to create the conf files manually and copy them to the nm directory? https://github.com/nm-l2tp/NetworkManager-l2tp/commit/375bfb8ab6a37461224bd81d2df3581f298cb943#diff-ba222b3b8656f7bd1ab7b0fba8a483e9R9520:56
forgodsakeubuntu fit my needs but as i added this layer of security i got in trouble20:58
forgodsakenow the current user login asks for confirmation code, i am afraid if i reboot wont be able to login20:59
=== MassDebates_ is now known as MassDebates
forgodsakei have google authenticator21:06
forgodsakesudo apt install libpam-google-authenticator21:06
forgodsake sudo nano /etc/pam.d/common-auth21:06
forgodsakeauth required pam_google_authenticator.so nullok21:07
forgodsakenot a qrcode in the line21:08
forgodsakei dont have really special thing aint bakuped before bBUT21:12
forgodsakeubuntu woks?21:13
forgodsakehave you tryed it yourself? or rely on memory?21:14
forgodsakecozy this channell to fall assleep21:18
forgodsakeokami-xaero: man y r here for ask help or do help?21:21
okami-xaeroforgodsake: neither, this is actually my real first time on irc. just browsing around21:22
forgodsakeokami-xaero: the not good add noise to channell ass the bosses. not a place to chat.21:25
forgodsakeI have a problem thecnical21:26
okami-xaeroforgodsake: ok sorry21:26
keepguessingI am unable to open nautilus via the UI or the terminal. I see an error "Invalid MIT-MAGIC-COOKIE-1 keyUnable to init server: Could not connect: Connection refused"21:27
keepguessingsearching online did not help me.21:28
keepguessingHas anyone experienced this lately?21:28
SiamasterWhy am I having issues with installing ubuntu, I don't understand21:29
lordcirthkeepguessing, what Ubuntu version? Have you installed any graphics drivers?21:29
SiamasterI have just both installed Windows and Linux Lime Cinammon21:29
Siamasterbut with ubuntu, both 18.04.3 and the latest 19.10 fails21:29
Siamasterfirst, it doesn't recognize my main monitor21:29
Siamasterand then it crashes on "copying files"21:30
lordcirth!oneline | Siamaster21:30
ubottuSiamaster: Please try and keep as much of your info as possible on ONE line - easier to follow for everyone.21:30
lordcirthSiamaster, can you try 18.04.1?21:30
SiamasterDid anyone answer regarding to my installation question? I had to restart21:33
forgodsakei did the qrcode now21:33
SiamasterIt's driving me crazy. With 2 different versions, same problem.21:33
=== ysch_ is now known as ysch
forgodsakeafraid to reboot21:33
noalternativeMy Lenovo T400 has hybrid graphics, and I am having a hard time enabling and using the other card.21:37
noalternativeThe other card is a Radeon 3400.21:37
forgodsakeif i dont   ask for help is because im f88ed21:37
noalternativeI am using instructions from the ubuntu wiki. https://help.ubuntu.com/community/HybridGraphics &21:38
SiecjeI want psql but I don't want to run a postgresql server. What should I install?21:39
noalternativeand https://linuxconfig.org/how-to-install-the-latest-amd-radeon-drivers-on-ubuntu-18-04-bionic-beaver-linux21:39
HabbieSiecje, postgresl-client-common on my Debian, so probably on your Ubuntu too21:41
HabbieSiecje, sorry, postgresql-client-common21:41
forgodsakei must do anytime. hello reintallation... a contrary promise of linux21:44
forgodsakeshall do now21:44
forgodsakegive y less noise21:44
forgodsakeVerification code:21:45
noalternativeMy problem with the wiki begins after you get to "using vga_switcharoo"   I start getting all permission denied after the second command. https://paste.ubuntu.com/p/wc5nJvrXs3/21:45
forgodsakeeven to reboot aks me21:46
forgodsaketeckreplubic gave to me package approved to to21:47
leifIs there any way I can disable scrolling in chrome in ubuntuwhen the alt key is pressed?21:48
noalternativeMy problem with the second link is the instructions for adding lines to xorg.,conf   When I open it with sudo gedit it appears to be empty, so where was xorg moved?21:55
noalternativeThe claim it is /etc/X11/xorg.conf but the file is empty.21:55
noalternativeThere are no instructions for switchable graphics.21:56
noalternativenoalternative: anyway pm me, if you can help?22:07
SiamasterI have problems installing ubuntu. I could just install both Windows and Linux Lime. But with ubuntu, first it doesn't detect my main monitor and then it crashes on "copying files". I've tried both 18.04 and 19.1022:11
Siamasterwhat can I do to install ubuntu?22:11
Siamasterwhat linux distro is closest to ubuntu?22:12
SiamasterI hate linux lime, it's so laggy22:12
keepguessinglordcirth: i am on ubuntu 18.04. The ubuntu is running on fusion vm. This was working and has recentely stopped working.22:14
keepguessingI have done apt-get upgrade couple of times.22:15
noalternativeWhat is the make and model of computer your using.  Is it a desktop or laptop?22:15
keepguessingnoalternative: are you asking me?22:15
noalternativeI am speaking to Siamaster22:15
keepguessingnoalternative: ah ok. sure thanks22:16
SiamasterIt's desktop22:16
SiamasterI've had problems with installing ubuntu some months now22:16
noalternativewhat brand and what is the model called22:16
noalternativeIs it Hewlett Packard, Lenovo, Dell, something else?22:18
SiamasterI don't know man! I'm not here to really answer questions I have 1000 problems22:18
Siamasternone of those22:18
Siamastersorry man, I just lost some important data22:19
keepguessingI think I am facing this issue. https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/nautilus/+bug/182235122:19
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1822351 in nautilus (Ubuntu) "Nautilus does not open after updating to 19.04" [Low,Confirmed]22:19
noalternativeWell it is hard to help you if you can't give us information about your hardware.22:19
aleksandrdvorkincan someone help me mount the Macbook drive to ubuntu22:20
aleksandrdvorkini issue this command it returns invalid argument22:21
aleksandrdvorkin sudo mount -t cifs //Alexandrs-Macbook.local/Users/ mnt/projectsmac -o noauto,user,username=alexandrdvorkin,noperm,uid=aleksandrdvorkin,gid=aleksandrdvorkin,sec=ntlmssp,nounix22:21
Siamasternoalternative how can you help me after I give you hardware information?22:21
Siamasterand sorry, I thought you were just asking22:21
noalternativeWell I can learn if you're hardware meats the system requirements, and I can look up any issues that may require a different approach to installation,22:22
noalternativeWhat you say you installed linux lime, do you mean linux mint?22:29
noalternativeor linux lite?22:29
harwiltzHello all. I'm working on my lab's computer (ubuntu 16.04) and running into weird issues trying to install python3-dev. When I run sudo apt install python3-dev, it tries to install version 3.5.2-2ubuntu0~16.04.5, and then I get 404 errors. Checking the repos, I see this version in fact does not exist, the repos currently have22:32
harwiltz3.5.2-2ubuntu0~16.04.9. When I run apt seach python3-dev, once again I see the ...16.04.5 version. Anyone know what's up with this?22:33
noalternativeSorry Siamaster, I mean when you say you installed linux lime etc....22:33
SiamasterLinux mint with cinnamon sorry22:33
kostkon!info python3-dev xenial22:34
ubottupython3-dev (source: python3-defaults): header files and a static library for Python (default). In component main, is optional. Version 3.5.1-3 (xenial), package size 1 kB, installed size 17 kB22:35
harwiltzubottu sorry I meant python3.5-dev22:35
ubottuharwiltz: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)22:35
harwiltz!info python3.5-dev xenial22:35
ubottupython3.5-dev (source: python3.5): Header files and a static library for Python (v3.5). In component main, is optional. Version 3.5.2-2ubuntu0~16.04.9 (xenial), package size 403 kB, installed size 421 kB22:35
harwiltzkostkon sorry I meant 3.5-dev everywhere22:36
kostkonharwiltz, you could try changing your mirror in Software & Updates. Also, apt-cache policy python3.5-dev22:36
harwiltzkostkon my mirrors look fine though22:37
harwiltzpolicy shows the 16.04.5 version too22:37
noalternativeSiamaster.   I think your computer is older, and probably would do better with a nonpae installation of say lubuntu https://docs.lubuntu.net/lubuntu_installation_on_old_computers.html22:38
kostkonharwiltz, could you pastebin it just in case22:38
harwiltzkostkon sure, but I just checked manually. Anyway I'll pastebin it22:39
sarnoldharwiltz: did you run apt update first?22:42
harwiltzsarnold yeah22:42
kostkonharwiltz, try changing to a different mirror22:44
harwiltzkostkon but something must be wrong before the mirror if apt search is showing the wrong version, right?22:45
kostkonharwiltz, most likely that mirror hasn't synced with the main for some time and is a bit behind22:46
kostkonharwiltz, try changing to the main one, always a safe choice22:46
harwiltzwhat's the main one? I think I am on the main one22:47
noalternativeSiamaster here is a direct link to the lubuntu alternet install cd. https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Lubuntu/Alternate_ISO22:47
noalternativeSiamaster just follow the instructions on the bottom of the last link.  Pretty simple.  Most likely to work.22:48
sarnoldthe ca.archive.ubuntu.com address just redirects to the US mirrors22:48
sarnold(it used to be both UK and US mirrors until pals complained about the slow transit to the UK :)22:48
Siamasternoalternative thanks a lot man! I will try that22:49
Siamasterwhat is Lubuntu?22:49
Siamasteranother version of ubuntu?22:49
sarnoldharwiltz: are you usuing a caching proxy like squid-deb-proxy or apt-cacher-ng? or is your ISP performing transparent proxying?22:49
harwiltzsarnold so wouldn't this just be the main one?22:49
noalternativeIt is a lightweight version of ubuntu for older computers.22:49
harwiltzsarnold I'm not sure ;)22:49
noalternativeIt has lxde desktop environment instead of gnome but otherwise works with ubuntu repositories.22:50
SiamasterThanks! I will try that22:50
sarnoldharwiltz: yeah..22:51
sarnoldharwiltz: try this thing, see what happens http://whatismyip.network/detect-isp-proxy-tool/22:52
noalternativeSiamaster one last thing,. Install the 32bit version, not 6422:53
Siamastergood idea, I will try22:53
noalternativeI am still seeking help setting up hybrid graphics with ati drivers.  pm me if you can help.23:06
sarnoldyou'll get far more success if you report what you tried, what didn't work, what error messages you get23:06
jilocasinevening everyone23:15
jilocasinDoes anyone know how I can find out the default programs installed by Ubuntu Server 18.04 LTS and when/by whom a particular program was first installed?23:16
sarnoldjilocasin: I believe this is the best way to find out what's shipped by default https://people.canonical.com/~ubuntu-archive/germinate-output/ubuntu.bionic/23:19
sarnoldjilocasin: the "when" can be found by inspecting /var/log/dpkg.log23:20
sarnoldjilocasin: the "by whom" can be found by inspecting /var/log/auth.log if everyone uses 'sudo apt install ...' commands23:21
jilocasinsarnold: thanks.23:21
jilocasinsarold: I've noticed x11 on one of my ubuntu server servers and I don't remember installing it myself (I just use ssh) so I am wondering if it's a default install, or if someone did it trying to get some sort of UI23:22
Ben64what do you mean by x1123:24
sarnoldjilocasin: X shouldn't be in the default server -- I don't see it installed on a system I set up a week ago23:24
jilocasinBen64: gsfonts-x11, libx11-6, libx11-data, x11-common23:27
sarnoldhmm did someone want to ssh -X xterm on that thing?23:27
sarnoldI've got these libx11-6:arm64 libx11-data but not x11-commnon installed on this23:28
jilocasinsarnold: perhaps, there was a couple of MSSQL dba's that thought they needed to log into the machine to review the postgresql instance and were horrified that it didn't have a GUI.23:28
jilocasinsarnold: They might have gotten someone on the server team to try an *fix* that problem.23:29
sarnoldjilocasin: heh, yeah, how can you right click and get properties if you can't even use the mouse? :)23:29
* jilocasin off for a bit.23:29
seanhHi, desperately trying to fix a friend's laptop. ThinkPad X1 Carbon running Ubuntu 18.04. It has simply stopped detecting an HDMI external display. Doesn't show in display settings. Was working before23:34
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seanhNot getting anywhere with google results23:34
seanhAny ideas?23:34
sarnoldseanh: I've had some frustrations with lenovo docks and my x16 g6 -- quite often the display only works if I boot the computer with the display hooked up and the dock plugged in etc23:36
sarnoldit's way less dynamic than I'd expect23:36
seanhNo dock involved here23:38
seanhI've tried rebooting with the monitor already plugged in. Booting with it unplugged and then plugging it in. Tried booting older kernels. Tried LightDM and GDM. So far nothing23:39
sarnoldaha those feel like things that should  have worked23:39
sarnoldcan you see it with xrandr?23:39
sarnoldanything funny in dmesg?23:39
seanhAlso tried different HDMI cables, and a different monitor (exact same make and model of monitor though) none of them work23:39
sarnolddouble-check the cable is solidly seated?23:39
sarnoldany other laptops to test with?23:39
seanhOne of the monitors I've tried does work with another Ubuntu computer23:40
seanhBut the other computer is DisplayPort not HDMI though23:40
seanhxrandr says "HDMI-1 disconnected"23:41
seanhAlso "HDMI-2 disconnected"23:41
seanhThis actually happened to this laptop before a few months ago and it took me forever to get to the bottom of it23:43
sarnoldI'm pretty sure my external monitor actually showed the lenovo splash during early boot23:43
seanhAnd I can't remember what the solution was last time23:43
sarnoldtry if it works *before* ubuntu is even involved23:43
seanhIf I go into the BIOS, it just shows on the internal display23:44
sarnoldmaybe that's just something the dock does :/ I didn't play around much with directly-attached monitor..23:45
ozzzoseanh: what caused it a few months ago?23:48
sarnoldseanh: alright, I've got two guesses left: (a) fn+f7 (b) firmware updates23:49
seanhozzzo: I can't remember, which is really annoying23:49
seanhI've been trying Fn+F7, that doesn't seem to do anything23:49
seanhJust opened the "Software" app and clicked check for updates: it has two ThinkPad Carbin 6th firmware updates23:51
seanhI'll try installing them23:51
seanhStill nothing after rebooting after the firmware upgrades23:56
sarnoldmaybe a live USB thing? perhaps non-ubuntu?23:59

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