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Thr0rHello Eickmeyer! Long Time.. I read that UbuntuStudio is now one the most recommended Distro's out there now.. I'm happy for you! This is your "baby" isn't it?04:38
EickmeyerHey Thr0r! Yeah, kindof. Not originally mine, but I adopted it. Only been working on it for the past year-and-a-half.05:32
Thr0rEickmeyer : Ok - Anyways I am happy for you! You must have done good work on it. I might have another go on it some time..05:40
EickmeyerThr0r: Well, I'd hate for you to jump from something that's working for you. Question: do you have a link to the article?05:56
Thr0rEickmeyer : YES - https://www.techradar.com/best/best-linux-distros  Nr.7. And that is just not "any" page..06:04
Thr0rI don't understand this Elementary OS - They are asking for money? That is not "Linux-like"..06:06
Thr0rThat is from september 2019..06:09
OerHeksubuntu did/does ask for a donation when you download the iso, nothing new06:14
Thr0rOk - I have never seen that before - I had to register with mail and credit card to download Elementary - that was "kind of" new to me.06:19
Thr0rOerheks - that was a reply to you.. ;)06:19
Thr0rEickmeyer: On the download page it says: "The minimum of RAM required for Ubuntu Studio is 1 GB"....  You might want to change that to - maybe 6GB or 8? .. 1GB is not going to work..06:21
OvenWerksfor many things 1 G will work... perhaps not anything and more is always better. 2G might be a better minimum but I have run with less than 1G ok.06:28
OvenWerks250M is ok for headless work, surprisingly enough.06:29
Thr0rSure - I run on 1,8GB - but then I cannot use applications like those in Ubuntu Studio.. Now i use Lubuntu - that is very good and maybe the solution to the environmental/climate issue.. re-use of old computers..06:32
Thr0r..but now the dowload page for Lubuntu is down..06:33
Thr0rEickmeyer: Did you see that web page? I'm kind of surprised that they did not contact you?06:42
Thr0rOvenWerks: You are the "master of sound" as I see it.. I have installed Lubuntu. Pulse Audio has taken the control of the system sound. How can I disable that and get back the control of sound from Pulse Audio?06:57

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