lochnasI've managed to booger a few things up by checking "hide from menu" (or something of the likes from settings manager > menu editor (or the likes) and now can't seem to find my "menu editor."  Can anyone help me get out of this pickle?02:07
xubuntu45whi folks, I installed xubuntu and it isn't connecting with the intel wireless-ac 3165. I tried putting intel's Linux driver into /lib/firmware/ but that didn't fix things either. anybody know anything about this?02:22
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Meadhow are we gonna deal with that?04:58
xubuntu47whow to convert my Ubuntu into Xubuntu ?16:45
brainwashxubuntu47w: by installing the xubuntu-desktop meta package16:47
brainwashthen you log out and select the Xubuntu session from the login screen16:48
tomreynand then you wait until you realize standard ubuntu is still installed, so the conversion was rather an addition, then come back here to point this out.16:49
tomreynor you just quit without even reading the reply to your question16:50
luffingsailsHey folks. I'm trying to update my linux distro on my Samsung NC10 netbook. Trying Xubuntu. It boots okay but cannot get the keyboard correct.18:53
luffingsailsThe keyboard on the pc overlays the numeric keypad over the M,J,K,L,U,I,O,7,8,9 keys and you access them using the function button. However, when I try Xubuntu, it prints the numbers by default.18:56
luffingsailsAny ideas?18:56
Noboru55Hello everybody, xubuntu 18.04 works very well, except google chrome it closes byitself and get some time to open when i click to.... so the problem is google i guess19:28

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