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cpaelzeranyone around to accept https://code.launchpad.net/~paelzer/britney/hints-ubuntu-focal-spice/+merge/375632 to get this out of proposed migratioN?09:39
Laneycpaelzer: done, and agreed re: dropping crappy tests09:43
mwhudsongeoalchemy2 has regressed in release: https://autopkgtest.ubuntu.com/packages/geoalchemy2/focal/amd6410:12
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* infinity raises an eyebrow at texlive-base, tex-common, emacs, and imagemagick (among others) all trying to move to universe...19:35
infinityDid someone just unseed some stuff they didn't care about?19:35
infinityNot that I'm against emacs being demoted (viva la vim!), but I might be biased.19:38
infinityAhh, there it is.  The latest commit from laney to platform.focal19:41
infinityvorlon: Looks like the desktop team is washing their hands of emacs (and, thus, its dep chain).  Do we care enough to pick it up elsewhere, or good riddance?19:41
xnoxinfinity:  given that security team member publishes emacs as a classic snap, i wonder if i should just switch to using that one.19:46
xnoxwe used to care to build emacs bindings, but thanks to archive reorg we no longer need emacs in main to have a useful emacs-flavour-lisp compiler available as a build-dep.19:47
infinityxnox: I mean, it's not like we've ever had an emacs security update, so I'm not sure demoting to universe changes anything anyway.19:47
infinityThe side-effect of dropping texlive-base out of supported is perhaps a bit weirder, but I think that was the desktop team's intent. :)19:48
infinityLaney: You could drop TeX entirely from main if evince didn't depend on it.  If maybe that bit could be made an optional plugin or something.19:49
infinityLaney: Not that I'm suggesting you should do that, but yeah, since your emacs change, literally the only thing keeping it in appears to be evince.19:49
xnoximho texlive-base in archive is also simply a -doc packages build-dep. Anyone serious about using texlive installs TeXLive distribution; or any other one. Back in the day, debian/ubuntu-distro packaged texlive distribution was the only conherent thing, but these days upstream TeXLive is fabilous with tested coherent sets of packages.19:49
infinityxnox: I hate that argument every time it's made for Package X.19:50
xnoxespecially to get all the tikz / luatex / etc19:50
xnoxwe really don't package enough of texlive =)))))19:50
infinityxnox: If "people serious about X always use upstream's build of X", then we've failed to do it right.19:50
xnoxand mix and matching tex used to suck a lot, maybe that got better.19:51
infinityFor some things, the answer is "stop doing it entirely" (like, PHP PEAR crap, or literally any webapp, or, or) and sometimes, it's "do it better".19:51
xnoxBut in practice, people do deploy bundled things using pep, gems, bundler, go vendor, juju charms, etc.19:51
mdeslauramurray: hey emacs boy, ^19:52
infinityBut yeah, if we don't want to invest Ubuntu time in it, and the Debian stuff is mediocre, that's a solid reason to also avoid supporting it.19:52
xnoxwe absolutely should/must support the bits of texlive that doxygen et.al.friends need though.19:52
xnoxwhich is a small subset of the whole texlive.19:52
infinityxnox: we don't support doxygen. :P19:53
xnoxbecause being able to compile upstream docs into pdf is a must19:53
infinityxnox: Maybe that should be fixed, which would yank some TeX back in, but right now, it's in universe.19:53
xnoxwe use it as a build-dep, and put the results into main, i.e. -doc packages19:53
infinityxnox: Yes, I know.  I'm saying we don't SUPPORT it.19:53
xnoxone can attack using texlive, i.e. make it generate shit that would explode into germs on like windows when pdf is opened.19:54
infinity... germs?19:56
infinityDid you just go slightly off the rails?19:56
xnoxinfinity:  so many curated deployments, that are firewalled off to access texlive, do deploy tex from distro, because e.g. Ubuntu is locally mirrored. I remember limiting myself to whatever was in Ubuntu, or vendoring packages, because of it.19:57
infinityxnox: Okay... and?19:57
xnoxinfinity:  re:off-the-rails i am jetlagged as timezones go19:57
infinityxnox: No one's removing it from the archive, just from main.19:57
xnoxand => i wouldn't want to harakiri it like we are slicing i386. that.19:58
infinityOkay, no one's talking about tearing it out of the archive. :P19:58
infinityI was asking if we cared to keep it in main.19:58
infinityIt started as an emacs question.  And, looking at history, we don't actually provide security support for emacs anyway.19:58
infinityEither because it has no bugs (hah), or text editor security bugs aren't considered worth anyone's time.19:59
infinitySo, main vs universe for emacs makes no practical difference, AFAICT.19:59
xnoxinfinity:  so /usr/lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/evince/4/backends/libpdfdocument.so is what depends on synctex stuff, which let's one synchronize .tex sources with pdf to click and jump to tex source. Pretty much a must when doing tex stuff. It's really nice that it is built in. No idea, if we can make libpdfdocument gracefully dlopen synctex.20:00
infinitytexlive-base has had a security update in trusty/xenial, but while it was clearly a critical CVE in its context, it's less critical in the context of "who actually would trip over this", so...20:01
xnoxor like to have alternative build, which is installed / pulled in by texpackages. and if evince is there, it's magically started to be used/available.20:01
infinityxnox: Yeah, I'm not suggesting anyone needs to make a plugin solution that works to remove texlive-bin.  Just that if the goal was "get rid of TeX so the desktop team can stop maintaining it", they're one package away from winning. :P20:02
sbeattieinfinity: we've had and fixed a few issues in emacs a while ago, but nothing recent.20:02
infinitysbeattie: A long while ago, then, since I'm looking at >= precise.20:02
sbeattieI assume it's just not getting much attention from vulnerability searchers.20:02
infinityOh, no I'm not.20:03
infinityCause in trusty and xenial, it was emacs24.20:03
infinityAnd it did have updates.20:03
infinityOkay, fair enough.20:03
infinitySo there's some loss of support there, then.20:03
infinityAnd maybe we should still explicitly support it in some !desktop seed, but I'll let others argue about that.20:03
infinityWhile I'm a fan of Ubuntu's general policy of "pick one default tool to support and leave the rest in universe", I don't know if 15 years in is when we should be picking a winner in the text editor war.20:04
connor_kthe internet would explode20:04
* infinity grabs some quick lunch.20:05
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