DelvienSo I want zfs on root, but in I dont see the option in ubuntu-server installer on 19.10, any easy way to do this?03:34
mybalzitchI think you need the alternative installer03:51
Delvienalternative installer is just missing "live" in the name, right?04:08
Delvienhmm, no zfs option even in alternative, i think its only an option in desktop. Which kinda sucks :(04:17
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lordievaderGood morning07:28
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masonDelvien: It's not hard to use the desktop live environment to do a minimal/debootstrap-based install that you can flesh out. Just because you're using the desktop media, you're not in any way stuck with having a "desktop" install. Packages are packages.13:55
brachamHey just looking into setting up Livepatch on my home server. I have Ubuntu Server 18.04.3 LTS. Is it just plain not available for personal use on Server?15:58
lordcirthbracham, seems like 3 personal machines is free: https://ubuntu.com/advantage16:01
brachamI get the error "invalid or missing Livepatch token". So I'm guessing that server tokens aren't available for personal use.16:24
lordcirthbracham, did you get a token from the website?16:28
Odd_Blokebracham: It is available on Ubuntu Server for personal use. :)16:34
brachamThe token is the long code that the website gives you too attach a machine, correct?16:37
bracham"Sudo ua attach <token>"16:37
lordcirthbracham, yes16:37
brachamThe way it's set up I'm assuming it's the one code per account, for three machines. Is this correct?16:40
Odd_Blokebracham: Yep, you use the same token across all machines.16:40
Odd_Blokebracham: What version of Ubuntu are you running, and where did you find the instructions to use `ua attach`?16:41
brachamThere is a chance I've already registered three times i guess, although those aren't active anymore. Is there a way to deactivate registrations from the Livepatch account?16:42
Odd_Blokebracham: If you aren't being told it's because you're oversubscribed then you probably aren't.16:43
brachamAnd I'm running Server 18.04.3 LTS. I found that instruction when i signed in at Ubuntu.com/advantage. I did figure out the correct command structure, but that's when it said invalid token.16:45
tomreynoh, it says "Initially, this free subscription is available for Ubuntu 14.04 LTS only."16:49
tomreynOdd_Bloke: can you confirm this?16:50
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powersjOdd_Bloke, correct, the new UA experience is only available on 14.04 TLS. The livepatch site should have redirected you to get your livepatch token no a UA token16:57
powersjerr tomreyn ^16:57
tomreynpowersj: thanks. so i guess the link on the "Get Livepatch" button at https://ubuntu.com/livepatch should maybe just point to a different location, such as https://auth.livepatch.canonical.com/ ?17:01
powersjtomreyn, exactly17:01
tomreynbracham: see above17:09
brachamTomreyn: was just going through everything and now i run into a new error.17:11
bracham019/11/18 17:07:27 error executing enable: cannot enable machine: bad server status 403 (URL: https://livepatch.canonical.com/api/machine-tokens): {"error": "Unknown Auth-Token"}17:11
tomreynbracham: did you get a livepatch token befoirehand, though, which, as i understand it, is different to an UA token?17:12
tomreynfwiw i filed this at https://github.com/canonical-web-and-design/ubuntu.com/issues/614517:18
brachamI was already signed into the Canonical site so as soon as i went to the page you found, it gave me a key. Different from the advantage key.17:22
tomreynso there must be a separate issue, maybe powersj can advise17:23
brachamOk so instead of copy and pasting the whole command with token from the page you found, tomreyn, i typed the command manually and pasted just token, and it worked.17:37
brachamThank you tomreyn!17:39
brachamAnd now i found why it didn't work the last time. It appears i was somehow missing the last character is the key.17:44
brachamOf* the key17:44
tomreynhmm, i'm also getting fancy error messages while running the commands provided on https://auth.livepatch.canonical.com/?user_type=ubuntu-user : "sudo canonical-livepatch enable <MY_API_KEY>" returns "cannot locate base snap core: No such file or directory" the first time i run it, then "2019/11/18 18:44:02 error executing enable: Livepatchd error: Snappy kernel-module-control interface not connected!" the second time i do.17:46
tomreynin your case it sounds like a copy paste error ;)17:46
brachamI had to install the Livepatch snap before it would work.18:44
tomreynyes, so did i, it's the frist of the two line instructions18:47
brachamYup i initially skipped it but then nothing worked lol18:47
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