Gh0sT2242qswz your missing firmware, run "sudo apt-get install --reinstall linux-firmware" without the quotes00:00
tomreyn!ltse | qswz: maybe try linux 5.0, too00:00
ubottuqswz: maybe try linux 5.0, too: The Ubuntu LTS enablement stacks provide newer kernel and X support for existing LTS releases, see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Kernel/LTSEnablementStack00:00
Gh0sT2242qswz I would also disable powersave, "sudo sed -i 's/wifi.powersave = 3/wifi.powersave = 2/' /etc/NetworkManager/conf.d/default-wifi-powersave-on.conf"00:01
qswzoh, thanks all, ok00:01
Gh0sT2242then reboot00:01
jeremy31qswz: disable TKIP on the wifi router00:02
Gh0sT2242anywho, my tuen to reboot00:02
aroonianyone have this "Qt: Session management error: Could not open network socket" when running sudo something on ubuntu 18.04 ; especially on a lenovo thinkpad when fingerprint-gui is installed?00:23
dnivraHello! I have a laptop running ubuntu 18.04 and it doesn't seem to be charging now. The battery indicator says "Charging" but charge doesn't increase beyond 0%. I haven't used the laptop for about 5 months. Is the battery dead :/?00:33
AscavasaionI am running SCreensaver.  Is there a way to disable screensaver when watching videos in Gnome MPV, VLC, and even YouTube in browser?00:40
AscavasaionXScreensaver I meant.00:40
xBfrogum you could run up the blank time to the max like 7oo plus minutes00:41
xBfrogthat will hold it off for a few hours00:42
AscavasaionxBfrog: I hear uyou and it makes sense.  but I was hoping to maintain the screensaver and screen lock function when I am not at the desktop without having to physically lock the screen.00:43
xBfrogok, i dunno then, except resetting the time when video secession is over :)00:44
AscavasaionHAHA!  Coolion hehe00:44
xBfrogit wont affect your lock00:44
xBfrog700 plus will give you over 11hrs00:45
xBfrogmaybe not the best answer your looking for but it will work00:45
xBfrogor, In Display modes > Mode, select Disable Screen Saver. Otherwise, you can simply remove the package. I don't see any reason why it would disrupt anything.00:48
AscavasaionxBfrog: Thank you.00:49
xBfrogur welcome :)00:49
yelofdnivra: most laptops have battery information in the BIOS.  I would check there for more information, Ubuntu should not prevent it from charging (especially when off) but might not show the charge level correctly.01:09
filifunkyhttps://termbin.com/g2o6  says I may have hit a bug or malfunctioned hardware which isn't very helpful, but then says the rest of the output will help me, but I have no idea how to read that, any thoughts? tomreyn01:30
dnivrayelof: Thank you! I don't see the option to view battery information or run a diagnostic. I probably need to update the diagnostics software/bios probably. I'll check out how to do that on Ubuntu sometime.01:33
Gh0sT2242jeremy31 I return once again because it still keeps prompting for password01:45
filifunkyany one with thoughts on how I can resolve this issue in my mysql error logs? https://termbin.com/g2o601:58
Gh0sT2242Anyone else have any idea of why network manager keeps prompting for a password constantly?01:58
filifunkyever since I upgraded to the latest ubuntu I can't get mysql to work01:58
Gh0sT2242filifunky can you start mysql with gdb?02:00
filifunkyGh0sT2242, hmmm...just looking at gdb for the first time right now02:02
Gh0sT2242does it still crash in gdb, or are you just unfamiliar with it?02:04
filifunkyI am unfamiliar with it02:04
Gh0sT2242ah we wont worry about it for now then02:05
filifunkyI just went "gdb mysql" and it said Reading symbols from mysql...(no debugging symbols found in mysql)02:05
Gh0sT2242filifunky Stop the mysqld server with mysqladmin shutdown02:05
filifunkyGh0sT2242 i ran mysqladmin -u root -p shutdown and got this:mysqladmin: connect to server at 'localhost' failed02:07
filifunkyerror: 'Can't connect to local MySQL server through socket '/var/run/mysqld/mysqld.sock' (2)'02:07
filifunkyCheck that mysqld is running and that the socket: '/var/run/mysqld/mysqld.sock' exists!02:07
filifunkyGh0sT2242, I have a feeling that some of the problem might be in my conf file.  There wasn't anything in there after I upgraded.  I added a bunch of different solutions on the internet but not sure its what it should be02:10
Gh0sT2242filifunky might be as simple as "sudo service mysql start"02:11
filifunkyI get this:  Job for mysql.service failed because the control process exited with error code.02:12
filifunkySee "systemctl status mysql.service" and "journalctl -xe" for details.02:12
filifunkyI will post the output of those02:12
Gh0sT2242please do02:12
filifunkysystemctl status mysql.service: https://termbin.com/lfuqu02:13
Gh0sT2242You said you updated to a new version recently, so it's possible that the MySQL server or the server host was killed in the middle of an update...02:13
filifunkyyeah it's possible02:13
filifunkyjournalctl -xe: https://termbin.com/yxv802:13
Gh0sT2242filifunkyI can't think of anything at the moment, if you have the time, I can do a bit of research and see if I can find an issue, but the easiest fix at the moment would be a clean install02:17
filifunkyGh0sT2242 a clean install of mysql or ubuntu itself?  I think I've done a clean install and i'm still having problems02:17
filifunkyI did a clean install but it asked me if I wanted to delete my databases, I said No02:18
Gh0sT2242filifunky well then it may be a case of corrupt databases02:18
filifunkyGh0sT2242 so I should do a clean re-install and delete the database?02:19
filifunkyI have a backup, just from almost a month ago unfortunately02:19
Gh0sT2242try adding "[mysqld]innodb_force_recovery = 1"02:19
Gh0sT2242hold on02:19
Gh0sT2242i need to make a termbin02:20
codebamresolved defaults aren't applying working dns, help?02:20
Gh0sT2242filifunky add to `/etc/mysql/my.cnf` https://termbin.com/yxv802:21
Gh0sT2242codebam What are you trying to achieve?02:22
codebamGh0sT2242 uh... working internet?02:23
codebamafter rebooting the dns records are all messed up by resolved02:23
codebamand then I have to restart resolved before it applies them correctly02:23
codebamand when I restart resolved then it just replies with empty A records02:24
filifunkyGh0sT2242 is that the right termbin?  Its the same link I sent you earlier?02:24
Gh0sT2242filifunky oop my bad, one sec02:25
codebammanually editing the /etc/resolve.conf does work temporarily, the internet does work, I can ping and download and do dns lookups manually with `dig @ example.com`02:25
Gh0sT2242filifunky https://paste.ubuntu.com/p/TmmyBrTGnH/02:25
Gh0sT2242codebam try `sudo dpkg-reconfigure resolvconf`02:25
codebamokay done, rebooting02:26
Gh0sT2242If it doesnt work, let me know, It might be dnsmasq02:27
codebamis this okay? https://paste.centos.org/view/b3a82e2102:27
codebamafter doing the reconfigure02:28
codebamand yeah that didn't fix it02:28
codebamshould I start those services?02:28
filifunkyGh0sT2242 i added that and got the same problem when I ran sudo service mysql start02:28
filifunkyJob for mysql.service failed because the control process exited with error code.02:28
filifunkySee "systemctl status mysql.service" and "journalctl -xe" for details.02:28
Gh0sT2242codebam the reconfigure should have done it itself02:28
codebamoh yeah, it says loaded02:29
filifunkyGh0sT2242 I found I get an error when I run it how i normally run it.  The error is:02:29
filifunkyERROR 2002 (HY000): Can't connect to local MySQL server through socket '/var/run/mysqld/mysqld.sock' (2)02:29
Gh0sT2242codebam lets try disabling dnsmasq, Open /etc/NetworkManager/NetworkManager.conf02:29
filifunkyand I don't have /var/run/mysqld02:29
filifunkyso it can't connect to the socket because it doesn't exist02:30
filifunkybut how do I create that socket?02:30
Gh0sT2242filifunky so we have to find the socket....02:30
Gh0sT2242gimma a sec lol02:31
codebamthere's no dnsmasq inside the networkmanager config02:31
codebamand dnsmasq isn't installed02:32
Gh0sT2242codebam add it as https://paste.ubuntu.com/p/Y3FhyzMBrn/02:32
codebamGh0sT2242 okay02:33
codebamrestarted networkmanager after doing that, still no working dns02:34
Gh0sT2242codebam ...anything from dmesg?02:35
Gh0sT2242 filifunky to find the socket `sudo find / -type s`02:35
=== zbenjamin_ is now known as zbenjamin
codebamyou mean journalctl?02:35
Gh0sT2242codebam what version you running?02:36
codebam19.10 on arm02:36
Gh0sT2242What's the output of both?02:36
Gh0sT2242dmesg and journalctl?02:37
codebamjust a sec02:37
filifunkyGh0sT2242 there are a lot of sockets, but none of them say mysql if that is what I'm looking for02:38
Gh0sT2242filifunky in /etc/my.cnf, where does `socket=` lead to?02:39
Gh0sT2242by default it should be /var/lib/mysql/mysql.sock02:39
codebamdmesg: https://paste.ubuntu.com/p/FrzpwZV3k9/ journalctl: https://paste.ubuntu.com/p/Nz6dc8Xm77/02:40
filifunkyit says /var/run/mysqld/mysqld.sock, but that doesn't actually exist lol02:41
nmatrix9#ubuntu any update for raspberry pi 4 19.10 login cloud-init bug?02:41
whislockcodebam: What version of Ubuntu are you using?02:41
whislockcodebam: And server or desktop?02:41
codebamwhislock 19.1002:41
codebamon the odroid xu402:41
whislockcodebam: Did you install networkmanager after the install completed?02:41
codebamwhislock no, it was there02:42
whislockIt shouldn't have been.02:42
Gh0sT2242filifunky does /var/lib/mysql/mysql.sock exist?02:42
codebamso... I should remove it?02:42
whislockIs your connection wired or wireless?02:42
filifunkyGh0sT2242, no.  The folder exists, but mysql.sock does not02:43
whislockcodebam: dpkg -l netplan.io02:43
whislockcodebam: Do you get a package or an error?02:43
codebamwhislock I get a package02:44
filifunkyGh0sT2242, yep02:45
codebambut I fixed dns by editing /etc/resolv.conf to fix dns temporarily02:45
Gh0sT2242filifunky sudo find / -type s | grep mysqld.sock02:45
whislockcodebam: Key word is "temporarily." Let's fix it properly.02:45
codebamyeah, needed internet to use pastebin02:45
whislockcodebam: pastebin the contents of /etc/netplan/*.yaml02:45
codebamwhislock there's nothing in that folder02:46
whislockAnd this was the default install? Was this preinstalled, or you installed it yourself?02:47
filifunkyGh0sT2242, this is the result: find: ‘/run/user/1000/doc’: Permission denied02:47
filifunkyfind: ‘/run/user/1000/gvfs’: Permission denied02:47
filifunkyfind: ‘/media/pete/Seagate Backup Plus Drive1/.Trash-1000/expunged/2947542317/12/03’: Input/output error02:47
codebamI installed 17.04 or something way back and have been doing dist-upgrade02:47
codebamit's the image provided by odroid02:47
whislockcodebam: Okay, that explains things.02:47
Gh0sT2242filifunky you ran as root, correct?02:48
whislockcodebam: I'm going to pastebin a template for you. What is the name of your wired interface?02:48
whislockcodebam: What's the MAC address?02:49
filifunkyGh0sT2242 I ran it using sudo, that's the same right?02:49
whislockcodebam: Static addressing or dhcp?02:49
codebamI guess I could give it a static address though02:50
whislockLet's start simple. :)02:50
whislockcodebam: Insert this into /etc/netplan/eth0.yaml: https://paste.ubuntu.com/p/zVjcK8c9Mb/02:50
codebamI don't know what's wrong with it. it keeps locking up02:51
codebamjust a sec02:51
whislockWhat's wrong with what?02:51
Gh0sT2242filifunky `sudo apt purge mysql-server mysql-common` and `sudo apt autoremove mysql-server mysql-common`02:52
codebamthe install. it keeps locking up after like 20 mins02:52
codebamand I have to power cycle02:52
codebamlike the whole board just locks up02:52
Gh0sT2242filifunky this deletes ALL mysql data, so backup tables thaty are important to you02:52
whislockcodebam: Might I offer that it may be time for a clean install?02:53
filifunkyGh0sT2242, ok, that's fine with me.  I have a backup from a month ago.  Can I backup what's there right now even though I can't get into mysql?02:53
codebamhmm I guess02:53
codebambut if I clean install the last image that odroid provides is 18.0402:53
Gh0sT2242filifunky I'll be honest with ya, I only know how to back them up from inside of mysql, but im sure binaries are somewhere on system02:55
codebamso I'd just have to dist-upgrade to get 19.10 anyways02:55
codebamI'm going to try backing up the sdcard and installing alpine maybe02:55
Bashing-om!dist-upgrade | codebam02:55
ubottucodebam: A dist-upgrade will install new dependencies for packages already installed and may remove packages if they are no longer needed. This will not bring you to a new release of Ubuntu, see !upgrade if that is your intention.02:55
codebamsomething minimal02:55
codebamubottu yeah my bad I meant release-upgrade or whatever02:56
ubottucodebam: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)02:56
whislockGh0sT2242: Purging those packages does not remove mysql's table data.02:56
filifunkyGh0sT2242 I just looked at my backup, and it looks like it was backedup wrong02:56
Gh0sT2242whislock autoremove cleans tables doesnt it?02:56
filifunkyI have another backup from a while ago, I hopefully won't have to go back to that02:56
filifunkybut i will if i have to02:57
whislockGh0sT2242: No. autoremove removes packages that were installed as dependencies that are no longer required.02:57
Gh0sT2242well filifunky i suppose tables wont be touched by the two command... so hopefully your safe02:57
filifunkyGh0sT2242 just to clarify you mean won't be touched by those two commands you shared?02:58
Gh0sT2242If what Whislock said is true, perfectly safe filifunky02:59
whislockcodebam: The latest arm server release that I see on the ubuntu website is 18.04.02:59
whislockWait. Ignore what I just said.02:59
whislockThe button for 19.10 is right there.02:59
whislockcodebam: https://ubuntu.com/download/server/arm03:00
filifunkyok, I'll give it a shot03:00
codebamwhislock is there a release there for the exynos5422?03:00
codebamthat is for arm6403:01
codebamthis is armv7l03:01
filifunkyGh0sT2242 ok, did it03:01
Gh0sT2242filifunky `sudo apt-get update` then `sudo apt-get install mysql-server`03:02
filifunkydone but got some errors03:03
whislockcodebam: ARMv7 and ARMv7L aren't different architectures. Your CPU is ARMv7.03:03
whislockcodebam: Pull down an image and try booting it.03:03
whislockYou may be causing yourself more headache than you need.03:03
Gh0sT2242filifunky errors? what kind?03:03
filifunkyGh0sT2242: https://pastebin.com/jKF7DgUd03:04
Gh0sT2242filifunky that ones new to me, apparmor parser error...03:07
filifunkyyeah no fun lol03:09
Gh0sT2242filifunky `sudo apt-get purge mysql*`, `sudo apt-get autoremove`, `sudo apt-get autoclean`, after those three have run, `sudo apt-get dist-upgrade`03:10
Gh0sT2242after purging mysql restart machine filifunky03:11
filifunkyI just did sudo apt-get purge mysql*03:11
filifunkyand sudo apt-get autoremove03:11
filifunkyshould i do the autoclean?03:11
Gh0sT2242sure, then reboot03:11
filifunkyGh0sT2242 back03:15
filifunkyam going to do sudo apt-get dist-upgrade03:15
Gh0sT2242filifunky best of luck03:15
filifunkyGh0sT2242 so I'm guessing the next step is to install mysql?03:16
Gh0sT2242sudo apt-get install mysql-server03:16
Gh0sT2242sure is03:16
filifunkyI still get the parser error03:17
Gh0sT2242sudo apt purge apparmor03:17
Gh0sT2242remove the problem and it cant be a problem anymore03:17
Gh0sT2242then `sudo apt install mysql-common mysql-server`03:18
filifunkyafter sudo apt purge apparmor: https://pastebin.com/uApRrzJr03:18
Gh0sT2242sudo dpkg --configure -a03:19
filifunkyafter sudo dpkg --configure -a:  https://pastebin.com/yhGu0NUL03:20
Gh0sT2242well we got an error log this time03:20
filifunkyyou mean the systemctl status mysql.service?03:21
Gh0sT2242lol my browser crashed, am back03:21
Gh0sT2242can I see the output of `/var/log/mysql/error.log` filifunky ?03:22
filifunkylol your browser is tired of this problem03:22
Bashing-omfilifunky: Gh0sT2242:: "Package mysql-server-8.0 is not configured yet." try command ' sudo dpkg-reconfigure mysql-server-8.0 ' .03:23
Gh0sT2242Bashing-om dpkg --configure -a configures all packages does it not?03:23
revolt112wasn't it something like mysql-server-secure-setup or such?03:23
revolt112in cli03:24
Gh0sT2242revolt112 he cant even get the service to start, let alone have it run secure setup03:26
filifunkyGh0sT2242 should I try what Bashing-om is suggesting?03:26
revolt112or crap my fault (just woke up about 10 min ago) was too lazy to check backlog03:26
Gh0sT2242filifunky give it a shot03:27
revolt112(in Ger it is 04:26)03:27
filifunkythis is what I get: /usr/sbin/dpkg-reconfigure: mysql-server-8.0 is broken or not fully installed03:27
Gh0sT2242sudo apt --fix-broken install03:28
filifunkylooks familiar:  https://pastebin.com/ZK4RQmKa03:28
revolt112filifunky, do you have some databases already? if not tried: apt remove --purge mysql-server* || apt install mysql-server*03:29
Gh0sT2242revolt112 tried it already, as well as purging apparmor03:29
filifunkyrevolt112, I do, and would prefer not destroying those.  The most recent backup I have doesn't look good.  I have an older backup that looks decent although old03:30
revolt112even dropping apt cache before reinstalling? (apt clean)03:30
Gh0sT2242filifunky sudo apt upgrade and try again?03:30
Gh0sT2242ill be honest, this one's got me stumped atm03:31
filifunkyI just did sudo apt upgrade and get the errors again "error processing package mysql-server-8.003:31
filifunkyGh0sT2242, I appreciate the effort03:32
filifunkyI get a feeling tomreyn might know a way out of this03:32
Gh0sT2242filifunky the definition of insanity, doing the ame thing over and over again, try `sudo apt-get purge mysql*`03:33
revolt112there was a parameter to get apt to be more verbose03:33
filifunkyok then install it again?03:33
Gh0sT2242sudo apt-get install mysql-client mysql-server libmysqlclient-dev03:34
revolt112sudo apt-get -o Debug::pkgProblemResolver=true -o Debug::Acquire::http=true03:34
filifunkysame errors03:34
revolt112may including this03:34
Gh0sT2242filifunky i, am, lost03:35
Gh0sT2242all I can assume at this point is what the error doubts03:35
filifunkyno problem03:35
Gh0sT2242hardware issue03:35
filifunkyi hope not, but yeah it's a possibility03:36
filifunkywell, I am exhausted unless someone else has any other ideas03:36
revolt112filifunky, do you have tried mariadb before? dpkg -l || grep mariadb-*03:36
Gh0sT2242filifunky Well, I'm sorry I couldn't help you out, but im sure some of these other great minds could help ya out03:37
filifunkyrevolt112, no i haven't03:37
filifunkyi'll give that a shot03:37
Gh0sT2242Maria is a great idea actually03:37
Gh0sT2242but imma head out, good luck03:37
filifunkyrevolt112: https://pastebin.com/7N22jRYj03:38
revolt112i think grep screwed up with the dash symbol03:40
revolt112try installing mariadb03:40
revolt112should be compatible with mysql dbs03:40
filifunkyrevolt112:  sudo apt install mariadb-client-core-10.3 ??03:41
revolt112filifunky, you need server also and there are metapackages03:41
revolt112mariadb-client mariadb-server03:42
filifunkyrevolt112:  looks like some error when installing mariadb-server03:44
filifunkysystemctl status mariadb.service: https://termbin.com/p0m203:45
revolt112./var/lib/mysql: found previous version 5.703:46
revolt112that could be the reason03:46
revolt112sudo mv /var/lib/mysql /var/lib/mysql.bak03:47
filifunkyI just went into /var/lib/mysql and can at least see my databases!  I'm happy it doesn't look like it has been deleted and lost03:47
revolt112and give it next try03:47
revolt112maybe you need to remove --purge again and reinstall03:49
revolt112your databases are backed up03:49
filifunkyi did the sudo mv /var/lib/mysql /var/lib/mysql.bak03:49
revolt112check first with cd into it03:49
filifunkywait to make a backup wouldn't i need to cp instead of mv?03:49
revolt112when the directory is renamed would be enough but cp anyway03:50
filifunkycp /var/lib/mysql.bak /var/lib/mysql03:51
revolt112you can cp -R /var/lib/mysql.bak ~03:51
revolt112no i want the directory /var/lib/mysql not existing anymore before installing mariadb03:51
filifunkyoh ok03:52
revolt112then we should try a fresh install then reimporting needed tables one by one03:52
filifunkyalright, I am going to try and install maria server again because maria client seemed to install just fine?03:52
filifunkyi did a sudo apt install mariadb-server, it finished but didn't really do anything...0 upgraded, 0 newly installed, 0 to remove and 0 not upgraded.03:54
filifunkyor do I have to get rid of it first then install it03:54
revolt112it is installed03:54
revolt112yes including --purge03:54
revolt112apt remove --purge mariadb-server*03:54
filifunkyok, yeah feel free to just tell me the commands03:55
revolt112service up and running now?03:55
filifunkyinstall again?03:55
revolt112apt install mariadb-server03:56
filifunkydone and looks like no errors03:56
revolt112systemctl status mariadb03:57
filifunkysome error: https://termbin.com/bkxb03:58
revolt112but service is running04:00
filifunkyyea, it's a nice change04:00
revolt112debian-sys-maint is missing in table mysql.users04:00
revolt112systemctl stop mariadb04:01
revolt112can you show me "ls -lisa /var/lib/mysql"04:01
revolt112ok mv /var/lib/mysql/mysql <to some safe place> then cp -R /var/lib/mysql.bak/mysql /var/lib/mysql04:05
revolt112and start service04:06
revolt112cp -R /var/lib/mysql.bak/mysql /var/lib/mysql/04:06
revolt112missing / at the end04:06
revolt112if service is crashing then your mysql database is corrupt and we need to fix04:07
filifunkyok done04:08
revolt112service running?04:09
filifunkyit says its down.  But doesn't look like as bad as before04:10
filifunkyusually there is a red dot which I assume is worse04:10
revolt112mysql_upgrade --port=3306 --user=root --password=<your mysql root pw>04:12
filifunkywelp, back to the old error:  ERROR 2002 (HY000): Can't connect to local MySQL server through socket '/var/run/mysqld/mysqld.sock' (2)04:14
filifunkyFATAL ERROR: Upgrade failed04:14
revolt112if it fails we need to roll back to saved original mysql db and do mysql_secure_installation04:14
filifunkyyeah looks like it fails04:14
filifunkyhow do I do the roll back and secure installation?04:16
revolt112i need to lookup if we can have mysql (the one that comes with mariadb) and the renamed to something mysql from previous installation04:16
revolt112delete (if you cp and not mv) rm -R /var/lib/mysql/mysql and copy saved original from mariadb over04:17
revolt112then service should start again04:17
revolt112indeed we can have both just renamed04:19
revolt112tell me if you are ready so far and service is running again04:19
revolt112had to pee ^^04:19
filifunkyso rm -R /var/lib/mysql/mysql and then cp /var/lib/msyql.bak/mysql /var/lib/mysql?04:20
revolt112no in mysql.bak are your previous mysql tables04:20
revolt112the one that comes with mariadb you copied to <to some safe place> remember?04:21
filifunkyoh yeah04:21
revolt112check permissions with ls -lisa i got suspicious that the owner of the database could be root and not mysql anymore because of the copy command04:23
revolt112if so that could be the reason for service crash because of failing upgrade04:23
filifunkydo I have to do cp -r when copying the mariadb files over?04:24
filifunkyok just copied those files over to /var/lib/mysql04:24
revolt112ls -lisa04:24
revolt112in /var/llib/mysql04:25
revolt112ohh crap as expected04:26
filifunkylooks like its root04:26
revolt112i think you gonna hate me04:26
filifunkyno way you're helping me04:26
revolt112remove mysql again and cp you myql.bak version over04:26
revolt112after that chown -R mysql:mysql mysql04:27
filifunkysudo apt remove mysql?04:27
revolt112and try starting service04:27
revolt112rm -R (if cp and not mv) /var/lib/mysql/mysql04:27
revolt112cp -R /var/lib/mysql.bak/mysql /var/lib/mysql/04:28
revolt112then chown -R mysql:mysql /var/lib/mysql/mysql04:28
revolt112systemctl start mariadb04:28
revolt112then fingers crossed04:28
revolt112still there?04:31
filifunkyyeah still here04:31
filifunkynothing happened when I systemctl start mariadb04:31
revolt112systemctl status mariadb04:31
filifunkyis that weird?>04:31
revolt112good sign04:32
revolt112dont need a termbin04:32
revolt112just tell me is good04:32
filifunkysorry lol04:32
filifunkywell there is an error on the end04:32
filifunkybut looks like its working04:33
revolt112but service is active04:33
revolt112mysql -u root -p04:33
=== popgreeny is now known as popgreen
revolt112do you know how to check users in databse mysql?04:34
filifunkyERROR 1524 (HY000): Plugin 'auth_socket' is not loaded04:34
revolt112can you reboot your machine where mariadb is installed?04:36
revolt112need some more steps to fix this04:36
filifunkyI can reboot...but "where mariadb is installed"?  what does that mean?04:36
revolt112on what machine are you working on?04:37
filifunkyJust my computer...I'm logged in as pete...don't know if that's what you mean?04:37
revolt112yes -.-04:38
revolt112then see ya after rebbot04:38
filifunkyoh ok04:38
filifunkyok back revolt11204:40
revolt112systemctl status mariadb?04:41
revolt112try logging on again with mysql04:41
revolt112. o O (i hope this works)04:41
filifunkysame error :(04:41
filifunkyERROR 1524 (HY000): Plugin 'auth_socket' is not loaded04:42
revolt112now all whith leading sudo =)04:42
revolt112systemctl stop mariadb04:42
revolt112mysqld_safe --skip-grant-tables &04:42
revolt112mysql -u root04:42
filifunkyI did mysql -u root and now I am in MariaDB04:43
revolt112you need to do this line by line04:43
revolt112not the comments04:44
revolt112till #04:44
filifunkyI tried to do "flush privileges;" and got: ERROR 1932 (42S02): Table 'mysql.servers' doesn't exist in engine04:46
revolt112dude whats up with your machine =)04:46
filifunkyMaria is loco04:47
revolt112ok quit anyway04:47
revolt112then start service again04:47
revolt112try logging in04:47
revolt112reason is because upgrade failed before04:48
filifunky I was able to log in using mysql -u root -p and no password04:49
revolt112ok quit;04:49
filifunkyok quitted04:49
revolt112mysql_upgrade --port=3306 --user=root04:49
revolt112now i need termbin of output04:50
revolt112now stop service again04:51
revolt112and give me a listing of /var/lib/mysql.bak04:52
filifunkydone systemctl stop mariadb04:52
filifunkyi'm not able to cd into it because permission denied.  I can't sudo cd into it either04:53
revolt112sudo -i04:53
revolt112then cd into it04:53
revolt112termbin pls04:53
revolt112ls -lisa /var/lib04:54
revolt112also termbin04:54
revolt112thats not mysql.bak ?04:54
revolt112what table is important for you?04:55
filifunkyQuotes yes.  It's a databases with a few tables in there04:55
revolt112stop service mariadb04:56
revolt112copy Quotes over to /var/lib/mysql/04:56
revolt112do chown again04:56
revolt112start service04:56
filifunkysystemctl stop service mariadb right?04:56
revolt112how long are you using linux? =)04:57
filifunkyFailed to stop service.service: Unit service.service not loaded.04:57
revolt112was stopped04:57
revolt112from before04:57
revolt112then cp -R04:57
filifunkylol, embarrasingly long enough where i should probably know this stuff04:57
revolt112do you get it or need help?04:58
filifunkyjust trying to figure out the chown part04:58
filifunkyforgot what we did04:58
revolt112chown -R mysql:mysql /var/lib/mysql/Quotes04:59
filifunkyok done with that04:59
filifunkygoing to start04:59
revolt112yep start service04:59
revolt112mysql -u root04:59
filifunkyFailed to start service.service: Unit service.service not found.04:59
filifunkyi was doing this: systemctl start service mariadb05:00
revolt112systemctl start mariadb05:00
revolt112not service =)05:00
filifunkyok did that...but it's not giving me a new command line...it's like its still thinking05:00
filifunkyshould i still be in root?05:01
filifunkyyeah, nothing going on05:01
filifunkyjust a cursor but no new command line05:01
filifunkyJob for mariadb.service failed because a timeout was exceeded.05:02
filifunkySee "systemctl status mariadb.service" and "journalctl -xe" for details.05:02
revolt112termbin the status pls05:02
revolt112and journalctl -xe05:02
revolt112mysqld_safe &05:04
revolt112mysql -u root05:05
filifunky[2] 466605:05
filifunkyroot@pete-H81M-HD2:/var/lib/mysql.bak# 191118 00:05:02 mysqld_safe Logging to syslog.05:05
filifunky191118 00:05:02 mysqld_safe A mysqld process already exists05:05
filifunkygo ahead mysql -u root?05:05
revolt112then mysqld_safe should come up05:06
filifunkysystemctl start service mariadb05:07
filifunkyJob for mariadb.service failed because a timeout was exceeded.05:07
filifunkySee "systemctl status mariadb.service" and "journalctl -xe" for details.05:07
filifunkyis fg a command?05:07
revolt112told you do "fg"05:07
revolt112not start service ;)05:07
revolt112yes it is05:07
revolt112brings the background process mysqld_safe to "foreground"05:07
filifunkythis is what I did: https://pastebin.com/yC5MW4xV05:08
revolt112ps aux | grep mysqld_safe05:08
revolt112mysqladmin -u root shutdown05:09
revolt112now try start service05:10
filifunkydone (systemctl start mariadb)05:10
filifunkyactive (running)05:11
revolt112mysql -u root05:11
revolt112show databases;05:11
filifunkyi see Quotes!05:11
revolt112use Quotes;05:11
revolt112show tables;05:12
filifunkydone, but tried to select * from the tables and it says they don't exist in engine :(05:12
filifunkyERROR 1932 (42S02): Table 'Quotes.quotes' doesn't exist in engine05:12
revolt112whats the output of show tables;05:13
filifunkythat looks normal...the three tables i expected: quotes, sed, stand_up05:13
filifunkyis there a different way to select in mariadb?05:14
revolt112ok stop service05:14
revolt112The issue is that you need the ib* files in the root of the /var/lib/mysql.bak datadir05:16
filifunkyin /var/lib/mysql.bak/Quotes there are ib* files there05:17
filifunkyoh nevermind05:17
filifunkyi lied05:17
filifunkytheres quotes.ibd there05:17
revolt112ib files from /var/lib/mysql.bak05:17
filifunkyahh yeah theres a few ib files05:18
revolt112you need to overwrite /var/lib/mysql/ib-files with them from mysql.bak05:18
revolt112and hoping that this doesn't crash you mariadb again05:18
filifunkyi don't know how to do this.  I know cp and mv...is there a special command for this?05:20
revolt112cp -f /var/lib/mysql.bak/ib* /var/lib/mysql/05:20
revolt112start mariadb service again05:21
filifunkyroot@pete-H81M-HD2:/var/lib/mysql# systemctl start mariadb05:22
filifunkyJob for mariadb.service failed because the control process exited with error code.05:22
filifunkySee "systemctl status mariadb.service" and "journalctl -xe" for details.05:22
revolt112just for interest... how did your first mysql instance crashed?05:22
filifunkyi upgraded to the latest ubuntu version05:22
revolt112done chown command?05:22
filifunkyi did not do a chown command05:23
revolt112then do it =)05:23
revolt112chown mysql:mysql /var/lib/mysql/ib*05:23
filifunkystart again?05:23
revolt112if want to =)05:24
revolt112of course05:24
filifunkystill have the error :(05:24
filifunkytermbin the status and journalctl?05:24
revolt112or give me just the exit reason05:24
revolt112that says nothing helpful05:26
revolt112mysqld_safe &05:26
revolt112mysql -u root05:26
revolt112try select * from Quotes05:27
filifunkygood times lol: ERROR 2002 (HY000): Can't connect to local MySQL server through socket '/var/run/mysqld/mysqld.sock' (2)05:27
revolt112then even mysqld_safe wont start anymore05:27
revolt112we fucked up mariadb by copying the ib files05:28
filifunkyif you are tired, I'm not going to hold you here, I feel bad lol05:28
revolt112your /var/lib/mysql.bak ist still there and complete or?05:28
lotuspsychjeplease mind your language in #ubuntu05:29
revolt112sry lotuspsychje05:29
filifunkyyeah it looks normal to me05:29
revolt112then apt remove --purge mariadb*05:29
rnatYou need to run mysql_install_db to re-initialize data directory. Provided that the data @ /var/lib/mysql is not important.05:29
rnator you have backup05:30
revolt112rnat, i would be thankfull when you can take over? he has a backup of /var/lib/mysql in /var/lib/mysql.bak05:30
filifunkyI just did --purge mariadb* and got this:05:31
filifunkyThe /var/lib/mysql directory which contains the MariaDB databases is about   │05:31
filifunky │ to be removed.                                                               │05:31
filifunky │                                                                              │05:31
filifunky │ If you're removing the MariaDB package in order to later install a more      │05:31
filifunky │ recent version or if a different mariadb-server package is already using     │05:31
rnatmysql_install_db --user=mysql --basedir=/usr --datadir=/var/lib/mysql  to reinitialize05:31
rnatno need for purging the entire copy, sigh...05:32
revolt112the original database was from Mysql but mysql wont start even after reinstalling05:32
revolt112mariadb was05:32
filifunkyI've seen this before today and I hit No05:33
revolt112we tried to get his database running under mariadb05:33
filifunkyI'm hitting no05:33
revolt112you can even hit yes05:33
revolt112you've a backup05:33
filifunkyok, apt remove --purge mariadb* is done05:34
revolt112rnat, we screwed around with the original mysql table from first mysql insall in mariadb05:34
revolt112./var/lib/mysql removed?05:35
revolt112./var/lib/mysql.bak still there?05:35
filifunkyyes to both05:35
revolt112try installing apt install mysql-client mysql-server05:36
revolt112systemctl status mysql05:37
filifunkyactive running05:37
revolt112ok so mysql is back in service05:37
revolt112now we need to get your old databases running05:38
filifunkyyep i have to copy files from .bak over right05:38
revolt112stop mysql pls05:38
revolt112first make a backup from fresh installed mysql (cp -R /var/lib/mysql ~/)05:39
revolt112now rm -R /var/lib/mysql05:41
revolt112mv /var/lib/mysql.bak /var/lib/mysql05:41
revolt112check permissions and ownership05:41
revolt112start service if ok05:41
filifunkyshould I have cp'ed instead of mv'ed?05:42
revolt112no mv keeps your permissions05:42
revolt112you can cp afterwards05:42
filifunkyok I ls -lisa'ed and pretty much everything doesn't have root except for a couple things05:43
revolt112try start service maybe it would start05:44
filifunkyam i starting mariadb?05:44
revolt112nope there's no more mariadb05:44
revolt112we installed mysql again05:44
filifunkygot it05:45
revolt112i guess the silence is a bad sign?05:45
filifunkywelp favorite error again05:45
revolt112mysql.service: Service RestartSec=100ms expired, scheduling restart. ?05:47
filifunkyyeah idk what that is about05:47
revolt112you do "systemctl mysql start"05:48
revolt112start mysql05:48
Avallachhey friends05:48
filifunkyi did "systemctl start mysql"05:48
revolt112sudo mysql_ssl_rsa_setup --datadir /var/lib/mysql05:49
revolt112maybe apparmor is blocking05:50
filifunkyit says that command is not found05:50
filifunkyoh sorry one sec05:51
filifunkyok done05:51
revolt112try start mysql again05:51
filifunkyoutputted some stuff about rsa private key05:51
revolt112same reason?05:52
filifunkylooks similar05:52
revolt112try sudo chown -R mysql:mysql /var/lib/mysql05:52
revolt112then fire up service again05:53
eggsaladso im trying to set a static ip and netplan just complaints about ethernet: - network definition: exspected mapping. anyone have any idea?05:53
filifunkylooks the same05:54
revolt112filifunky, same reason over again?05:54
filifunkyhttps://termbin.com/7303 revolt11205:54
filifunkyhow are you feeling?05:55
revolt112gimme please the content of /etc/apparmor.d/usr.sbin.mysqld05:55
revolt112time is running out, except that i am fine05:55
=== Bizaqi is now known as Ceber
revolt112can u compare /var/lib/mysql with ~/mysql05:59
revolt112with original mysql it was working05:59
revolt112with your backup it wont05:59
filifunkywhat is the command line for that?  I've done it before but forgot06:00
revolt112just compare files with ls06:00
revolt112if somting is missing except Quote06:00
revolt112if somting is missing except Quotes06:00
filifunkyoh i see what you mean06:00
filifunkyyeah they are different, ~/mysql has binlog files.../var/lib/mysql has aria log files06:01
filifunkyamong other differences06:02
filifunkydebian-10.3.flag in var/lib/mysql vs debian-5.7.flag in ~/mysql06:03
revolt112does mysqld_safe & work?06:03
filifunkyyeah looks like06:03
revolt112mysql -u root -p06:03
revolt112old password from first installation06:03
filifunkyERROR 2002 (HY000): Can't connect to local MySQL server through socket '/var/run/mysqld/mysqld.sock' (2)06:04
filifunky-bash: fg: current: no such job06:04
revolt112are there some error messages06:04
revolt112no & at the end now06:05
revolt112what does it say06:05
filifunky2019-11-18T06:05:07.947194Z mysqld_safe Logging to '/var/log/mysql/error.log'.06:05
filifunky2019-11-18T06:05:07.948931Z mysqld_safe Directory '/var/run/mysqld' for UNIX socket file don't exists.06:05
revolt112sudo touch /var/run/mysqld06:05
filifunkysame error06:06
revolt112sudo touch /var/run/mysqld you did?06:06
filifunkyis mom a command or a cry for help06:06
revolt112sudo mysqld_safe ?06:07
filifunkysame error06:07
revolt112mom = moment pls06:07
revolt112sudo rm /var/run/mysqld06:08
revolt112my fault06:08
filifunkydo sudo rm /var/run/mysqld?06:08
revolt112yes then mkdir -p /var/run/mysqld -then-> chown mysql:mysql /var/run/mysqld06:08
filifunky2019-11-18T06:09:25.336537Z mysqld_safe Logging to '/var/log/mysql/error.log'.06:09
filifunky2019-11-18T06:09:25.360917Z mysqld_safe Starting mysqld daemon with databases from /var/lib/mysql06:09
filifunky2019-11-18T06:09:26.083010Z mysqld_safe mysqld from pid file /var/lib/mysql/pete-H81M-HD2.pid ended06:09
filifunkylooks better06:09
revolt112new terminal06:09
revolt112mysql -u root -p06:10
filifunkysame error06:10
filifunkyERROR 2002 (HY000): Can't connect to local MySQL server through socket '/var/run/mysqld/mysqld.sock' (2)06:10
=== dps_ is now known as dps
revolt112sudo ls /var/run/mysqld06:10
filifunkynothing in there06:11
revolt112termbin /var/log/mysql/error.log06:11
revolt112last try06:11
revolt112i had to go in 20 min06:11
revolt112it thrown crashdump06:14
revolt112i have no clue06:15
filifunkynot a problem06:15
filifunkyI think I'm about to fall asleep06:15
filifunkyI'll try and fix this another day, maybe tomorrow06:15
revolt112gn8 =)06:15
filifunkylater! have a good day/night!06:16
filifunkyand thanks!06:16
revolt112good day here06:16
revolt11207:16 am =)06:16
filifunky1AM here.  gonna sleep, later!06:17
illuminatedubuntu 1804; /etc/resolv.conf is being generated with "search ENKITE.LAN" but when I try to "dig hostname" it doesn't work.  "dig hostname.enkite.lan" works, though.  Any ideas why this is not working?06:57
illuminatedhmm... ok, it works with 'host' but not 'dig'07:05
illuminatedoh... awesome.. dig +search07:07
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devopscan anyone point me in the right direction. I am using prax to use text based hostnames eg. myapp.localhost which routes to localhost on port 20559 or 20558. Before i used to use dnsmasq and i could use a shorter domain name like myapp.dev or myapp.test because google now owns .dev (seriously they own .dev its anoying) anyway with ubuntu 18.04 dnsmasq has far to many conflicting problems namely sockets and ports due to systemd-resolved.07:43
devopsmy question is how can i route myapp.test the same way i used to with dnsmasq07:43
devopsdo i use systemd-resolved or systemd-network and how to configure them07:44
=== oso is now known as im0nde
devopsi tried to use /etc/systemd/resoved.conf and add Domains = ~.test but this failed07:44
devopsive tried /etc/hosts too and that failed07:45
al_nz1I am trying to follow these instructions, but when I apt-get updates it refuses to trust the stub I previously added : https://github.com/victronenergy/venus/wiki/raspberrypi-install-venus-packages08:16
al_nz1I have tried all manner of fixes08:18
lotuspsychje!debian | al_nz108:20
ubottual_nz1: Ubuntu and Debian are closely related. Ubuntu builds on the foundations of Debian architecture and infrastructure, with a different community and release process. See https://www.ubuntu.com/about/about-ubuntu/ubuntu-and-debian - !Repositories meant for Debian should NOT be used on Ubuntu!08:20
Ecko_al_nz1, best would be to have the signed key of the repo, but I can't find that anywhere in the wiki of that github project08:21
Ecko_So next best is `apt-get --allow-unauthenticated`08:21
al_nz1Ecko_: https://pastebin.com/X3nVs12p08:23
al_nz1if only that wrked08:23
lotuspsychjeal_nz1: here is for ubuntu support, ask in #debian please08:23
al_nz1Ecko_: got it08:24
al_nz1added [trusted=yes]08:24
al_nz1to stub08:24
suntimeshi all. I have ubuntu. I have follow the wiki of the bluetooth for use AD2P with my headset. The sound work correctly but the usb disctonnect after one minute. any can help me ?09:31
lotuspsychjesuntimes: do you use gnome bluetooth or blueman?09:47
suntimeslotuspsychje: I use gnome bluetooth09:55
lotuspsychjesuntimes: try installing blueman, see if you can make this more stable09:55
lotuspsychje!info blueman | suntimes09:55
ubottusuntimes: blueman (source: blueman): Graphical bluetooth manager. In component universe, is optional. Version 2.0.8-1ubuntu1 (eoan), package size 1652 kB, installed size 4936 kB09:56
suntimeslotuspsychje: thanks I try it09:56
interrobangddo you see the space before and behind the colon inside the date column? https://gitlab.gnome.org/GNOME/nautilus/uploads/6a508ae65f24fd9ccd2669cbafe4e5be/Screenshot_2019-07-18_14-23-37.png09:57
interrobangdnautilus and nemo have the same problem09:58
interrobangdthis annoying COLON09:58
lotuspsychjeinterrobangd: is it the time spaces you mean?10:02
interrobangdalso in time yes10:02
interrobangd14 : 22 instead of 14:2210:02
lotuspsychjeinterrobangd: wich flavour of ubuntu are you on please?10:03
lotuspsychjeand version10:03
interrobangdcinnamon desktio10:03
Ecko_How would one effectively limit an SSH user to only specific directories and deny of all other dirs?10:04
lotuspsychjeinterrobangd: i dont see this bug in nautilus 3.34, maybe its related to cinnamon then10:04
lotuspsychjeinterrobangd: did you try logout, and see if ubuntu-desktop nautilus also have this?10:05
suntimeslotuspsychje: thanks. blueman seem to work better10:05
interrobangdno, i will try it ... wait a second .. i have also 3.34 installed10:06
lotuspsychjesuntimes: if you have some free time, maybe consider filing a new !bug for that10:06
suntimeslotuspsychje: where report it ?10:06
lotuspsychjesuntimes: from a terminal: ubuntu-bug gnome-shell10:07
lotuspsychjesuntimes: then create it with a launchpad account10:07
suntimeslotuspsychje: ok I do it10:07
interrobangdlotuspsychje, i have loaded the gnome desktop, same problem10:08
gareppai'm installing ubuntu 19.10 with full disk encryption. is there a way to have separate home partition and sawp partition that permits hibernation?10:14
jybuleron ubuntu server 19.10, is it possible to manually format the os disk to which os will be installed on? I mean like for example with parted, the "manual" mode in the installer only has 3 preset options to really choose from10:25
jybulerI couldn't figure out how to do that10:25
jybuleror do I have to use the desktop installer to achieve that? I have read I can convert the desktop installation to server one later on10:26
tarzeaujybuler: during the installer just open a terminal and do it10:36
jybuleroh right, didn't notice there was "enter shell" option under help, my bad10:39
TuorHi, I try to install Ubuntu Server 19.10 on a EFI System. I'm just trying to create a EFI Partition but can't select FAT32 from the partitioner... The only available options I can see are: ext4, xfs, btrfs, swap, "leave unformatted"... How can I create a EFI Partition with this Installer?11:50
EriC^^Tuor: choose the type as efi11:51
EriC^^not fs11:51
TuorHow can I do that?11:56
TuorI can't find where I can chate the type.12:00
BluesKajHi folks12:04
majaany one know why insmod  for vmmon just hangs for ever12:25
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TuorEriC^^: I'm using the new "live" installer...12:45
EriC^^Tuor: no idea12:52
dpsgood morning everyone12:55
whislockrevolt112: Grep issues?13:05
whislockrevolt112: Ignore me, page up just bit me hard.13:05
revolt112whislock, no problem13:14
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croraf_Hi. I have https://support.hp.com/us-en/product/omen-by-hp-17-cb0000-laptop-pc/26122176/model/29770675/document/c06411586 . I installed Ubuntu 19.10 but my "HP Wide Vision HD Camera with integrated dual array digital microphone" microphone is not working.13:54
croraf_Camera is working13:54
croraf_When I go to settings -> sound i see nothing on Input devices13:54
ShapeshifterHi. What is ubuntu's stance on MongoDBs SSPL license? Red-hat and Archlinux have removed the package from their repositories. Is there a risk that MongoDB will also be removed from ubuntu's repos?13:54
ShapeshifterI couldn't find a discussion on this topic on the mailing lists.13:55
JimBuntuShapeshifter, I wouldn't be worried at all if Canonical decides to drop the package from the repos as most people using MongoDB will probably be using the more recent versions directly from MongoDB. Either way, this topic is more of something for #ubuntu-discuss than for this support channel, I think.14:01
ShapeshifterJimBuntu: thanks!14:02
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interrobangdlotuspsychje, i ve solved the problem14:13
interrobangdkubuntu (KDE) was installed and did something ugly14:14
DeafGooseHI all, Im trying to list ports forwarded by myself (ssh), Im using the command lsof -i -n  | grep ssh | grep IPv4 | grep | grep LISTEN to get the list of ports, it prints https://pastebin.com/Qs4CVUCX, any way I can filter so I only get back “12346 and 12429” ?14:20
zeon219page removed?14:25
JimBuntuDeafGoose, since you depend on the grep filtering, I would suggest using a utility such as cut to isolate the content you want, although that's generally ill-advised14:25
DeafGoosehmmm how would I use cut in this context?14:26
pragmaticenigmaDeafGoose: Are forwarding ports in the context of networking/firewall... or are you tunneling ports through ssh?14:29
DeafGooseyea tunneling ports via ssh14:29
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Guest19478I have a problem upon logging in I get logged out instantly14:46
Guest19478Is there a command I can type in safe mode that might fix this?14:47
lordcirthGuest19478, please see if there is anything in /var/log/Xorg.0.log that says why15:14
compdocGuest19478, it might be failing to launch the desktop. have you made changes?15:14
zambai'm running ubuntu with unity.. how can i show all applications running with their own entry in the taskbar15:19
zambaor whatever it's called.. the line at the bottom of the workspace15:19
Guest19478lordcirth: Anything specific I can look after, there is a bunch in there15:19
lordcirthGuest19478, grep for 'EE' (errors), and/or just look at the end.15:19
lordcirthGuest19478, or you can just pastebin it to us.15:19
Guest19478I cant copy paste it since its on the other computer, but grep for "EE" then I get "(WW) Warning, (EE) error, (NI) not implemented (??) unknown." followed by "(EE) SynPS/2 Synaptics TouchPad: Read error 19"15:22
Guest19478At the end of the file it says "(II) evdev: Dell WMI hotkeys: Close" \\ "UnloadModule: "evdev"" \\ and a bunch of those kinds of messages15:25
lordcirthGuest19478, is this a laptop with a touchpad?15:26
Guest19478The touchpad works fine, but is that really the problem here? Feels like there is something else15:26
lordcirthGuest19478, what Ubuntu version is this? Is it a fresh install, or upgraded?15:26
Guest19478When I check for the .Xauthority file it says it does not exist, could that be something relatable?15:27
Guest19478Its Ubuntu 18.04.3 LTS15:27
Guest19478Its an upgraded version15:27
pragmaticenigma.Xauthority only exists when a user has successfully authenticated for Gnome Desktop Manager15:38
Guest19478Ah okay, makes sense, because I have not successfully logged in it is not created then15:38
Guest19478This problem smells like a backup of the system and a fresh install unfortunately15:40
pragmaticenigmaGuest19478: Is this machine one that was given to you from your IT department?15:41
Guest19478No, it is a personal machine15:41
pragmaticenigmaoh... I misread15:41
pragmaticenigmaGuest19478: That only thing I haven't seen asked is if you're trying to use Wayland or X15:42
Guest19478I don't know what those two are15:43
pragmaticenigmaWhen you login there is a drop down menu (might look like a gear/sprocket icon) ... When you click there, you would see the options of Ubuntu and Ubuntu with Wayland15:44
Guest19478Ah one sec then15:44
compdocI was just about to mention that :)15:45
Guest19478I have the alternatives: Plasma, Ubuntu, Ubuntu on Wayland, Unity15:45
Guest19478Currently the "Ubuntu" is ticked15:45
Guest19478Tried logging in with "Unity" and it worked15:48
Guest19478What is that though, pragmaticenigma ?15:48
compdocdifferent desktops, usually15:50
Guest19478Ah okay, so I will use this as an opportunity to backup my system and then make a fresh install15:51
rana_ansis there a way to clean ubuntu without deleting and reinstalling ubuntu?15:53
JimBunturana_ans, I am not aware of any such feature to restore an Ubuntu install back to fresh15:56
rana_ansJimBuntu: I found sudo apt install wipe -y, will this command delete data in my windows as well or just ubuntu15:57
JimBunturana_ans, wipe is a utility to rewrite the data location of files. It will not care if the files are from Windows or not, so long as you command it to wipe them and it can talk to the filesystem.16:01
rana_ansok thank you16:02
lotuspsychjenot here freq16:20
Fuchsfreq:  I'm starting to think you do this on purpose16:20
Fuchsfreq: so either you stop it, or I'll stop it for you16:20
Priceyfreq forgot to add his recommendation token!16:25
pragmaticenigmaPricey: please don't16:26
Fuchsfreq has unfortunately left us for a little while16:26
Fuchshullo Pricey16:26
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PriceyFuchs: Hello :-)16:38
Priceypragmaticenigma: Howdy! Please don't what, sorry?16:38
tomreynPricey: as the /topic says, this is the Ubuntu *support* channel, we don't discuss here, especially not spam.16:39
Priceytomreyn: Oh I'm sorry, was I interrupting something?16:40
Fuchsoh, apologies, I must have confused that channel here with the offtopic one16:42
PriceyI have a systemd service with PrivateTmp and so apparmor denials show up with e.g. 'tmp/foo' as the path, missing the leading slash. Adding the attach_disconnected flag to the apparmor profile "works" but is plainly documented as the wrong solution. What is the right solution?16:46
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xBfrogwhy is my sound choppy and clicky after the last update? any fix?16:58
=== akem__ is now known as akem
xBfrogwhy is my sound choppy and clicky after the last update? any fix?17:08
JimBuntu!patience | xBfrog - You may also want to specify exactly which flavor of Ubuntu and what version you are now using17:09
ubottuxBfrog - You may also want to specify exactly which flavor of Ubuntu and what version you are now using: Don't feel ignored and repeat your question quickly; if nobody knows your answer, nobody will answer you. While you wait, try searching https://help.ubuntu.com or https://ubuntuforums.org or https://askubuntu.com/17:09
xBfrogok :)17:09
xBfrogkubuntu 18.0417:10
xBfrogi've been to ubuntu forum and none of the sugesstions hleped17:11
xBfrogi tired them all17:12
xBfrogeither the fix did nothing or the suggested fix couldnt find the file or directory they suggested17:13
xBfrogso as my post scrolls away how long is the proper amount of time to wait?17:24
ubottuDon't feel ignored and repeat your question quickly; if nobody knows your answer, nobody will answer you. While you wait, try searching https://help.ubuntu.com or https://ubuntuforums.org or https://askubuntu.com/17:24
xBfrogapparently i'm not good enough to figure this out i have exausted the links you show.17:26
xBfrogbut thanks :)17:26
pragmaticenigmaxBfrog: The key item in that bot message is : "if nobody knows your answer, nobody will answer you" ... A proper amount of time to wait is based on if your message a scrolled by, as much as it is if you're in a hurry, this may not be the best place to look17:29
pragmaticenigma*isn't based17:30
xBfrogi'm not in a hurry, guess i dont know the propper ediquite17:30
xBfrogi have asked different questions in other channels and found some to be rude and dismissive17:31
ioriaxBfrog, have you tried the first answer here : https://askubuntu.com/questions/707171/how-can-i-fix-choppy-audio17:33
pragmaticenigmaxBfrog: partially because many of the same people are in those channels. Cross posting an issue is not well received in the community17:33
pragmaticenigmaAlso, a couple quick searches landed me here: https://askubuntu.com/questions/1033405/crackling-and-delayed-sound-after-upgrading-to-18-0417:33
ioriabasically the same, might be the one17:34
indoorcathello again ubuntu room17:48
indoorcathey i am having trouble with video on youtube, i get this line spliting the image across left to right through the whole screen and it pushes the image slightly to one side17:49
lordcirthindoorcat, is it only with youtube?17:50
indoorcatlordcirth not sure17:57
lordcirthindoorcat, try vimeo or something. Also, what Ubuntu version, browser, graphics card, and graphics drivers?17:59
indoorcati think it's just in my firefox browser18:03
indoorcatchrome seems to be fine in youtube18:03
Berenhi, my Ubuntu 19.10 desktop is freezing every few seconds on the GUI. tty does not freeze and I can ssh into it18:16
Berenhow do I diagnose it? what logs to look at?18:18
lotuspsychjeBeren: try to get in with !nomodeset18:18
tomreynBeren: journalctl -b18:18
tomreyn...then press (upper case) G to go to the end.18:20
Berenlotuspsychje: i just booted in with nomodeset, still freezing18:24
lotuspsychjetry what tomreyn adviced to see whats happening Beren18:24
lotuspsychjeBeren: another thing you can try at boot level, is pressing F1 (for textboot) to see if you notice unusual behaviour18:28
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Berentomreyn lotuspsychje https://pastebin.com/qC2HZ9xR18:31
Berenlotuspsychje: going to try textboot too18:31
IgnacyI've found a bug in default .profile file in Ubuntu. How do I find out which package does it sit in so it could be fixed?18:33
Berenlotuspsychje: is textboot just the black background with boot messages instead of graphical splash?18:33
lotuspsychjeBeren: yes18:33
lordcirthIgnacy, apt-file search /etc/skel/.profile -> bash18:34
Berenlotuspsychje: i already have that, did not see anything unusual. boot is quick and normal18:34
Berenbut GUI is hanging like crazy every twenty seconds or so18:34
lotuspsychjeBeren: there's alot going on, in your dmesg...whats your graphics card chipset and driver version please?18:34
Ignacythanks lordcirth!18:34
lordcirthIgnacy, you are welcome. apt-file is very useful, though you have to install it and run apt-file update18:34
lordcirthjean_kevin, hi.18:36
jfcaronI can ssh directly to a server, and I used to be able to mount my home directory there using my GUI file manager locally, but now that remote connection is just hanging.  Any idea how to diagnose? I'm using Ubuntu MATE.18:36
lordcirthjfcaron, how were you mounting it? NFS?18:36
jfcaronlordcirth, "SSH" option in the GUI, so I am guessing sshfs.18:37
Berenlotuspsychje: AMD RX480, amdgpu from kernel 5.3.0-23-generic18:37
lordcirthjfcaron, can you try manually using sshfs with -vvv ? Also, did you change any sshd, login, or motd settings recently?18:37
lotuspsychjeBeren: what about your cpu?18:37
Bereni7 6700k18:37
jfcaronlordcirth, No, I'm not admin on the server at all.18:38
lotuspsychjeBeren: is it stock amdgpu driver, or did you install from a ppa?18:38
jfcaronI will try sshfs with -vvv18:38
lordcirthI have seen problems where a misconfigured motd can print garbage that breaks sshfs18:38
jfcaronHrm...I don't have sshfs installed via apt-get.  The GUI file manager was "Caja" (inherited from GNOME)...could it be using something else?18:39
Berenlotuspsychje: stock, unmodifiede18:39
lotuspsychjeBeren: did any other ubuntu version work on your system?18:41
lordcirthjfcaron, it might actually be sftp18:41
Berenlotuspsychje: I think I installed on 18.04 and have updated. 19.10 has been working fine until two days ago18:42
Berenhaven't done anything unusual18:42
Berenanything in the logs?18:42
lotuspsychjeBeren: interesting, can we see your dpkg logs please18:42
jfcaronlordcirth, I can manually mount with sshfs in the terminal if I use sudo, but I can't browse the mountpoint in the GUI file manager.18:42
jfcaronWait what...I tried going back to the GUI Connect to Server...dialog and now it works.  wtf18:44
jfcaronI hate working on remote files.18:44
dkfmnwhy during the update, ubuntu regenerates initrd.img several times?18:45
jfcaronaaand now when I try to change folders it stalls again.18:45
Berenlotuspsychje: https://pastebin.com/ZJzHXJVj18:46
Berenmostly system update18:46
lotuspsychjeBeren: meanwhile, can you try booting a previous kernel18:46
Berenlotuspsychje:going to try18:47
lotuspsychjeBeren: on 15/11 you had kernel updates, recall issues from that day?18:47
Berenlotuspsychje: since nov 15, haven't used computer much since yesterday. it's possible18:48
lotuspsychjeBeren: your dmesg also shows secureboot updates18:49
Berenstill freezes on
lordcirthjfcaron, while it's mounted, run 'df -h' and see if the mount shows up18:50
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jfcaronlordcirth, I ended up mounting it to my home directory with sshfs without sudo, and now i can browse it with the GUI file manager.  This already seems more stable than the GU "Connect to Server" thing..so I'll stick with this for now.18:51
Berenlotuspsychje: what are you recommending?18:52
rangergordwhat's the easiest way of blocking all network communication (including outgoing) EXCEPT with a specific IP?18:53
lotuspsychjeBeren: im not sure yet where its coming from..18:53
lotuspsychjeBeren: you login into xorg or wayland?18:53
rangergordI want a Ubuntu Server install that can only communicate with my laptop, whether it be ssh, vnc, http, etc. I want this handled at the network level, not application level.18:53
Berenlotuspsychje: loginctl shows x1118:54
lordcirthjfcaron, I recommend putting the sshfs mount into /etc/fstab with x-systemd.automount18:54
lotuspsychjeBeren: is it possible you create a new user to test?18:55
jwrI have an ubuntu server on AWS and ssh broke for some reason. It's AWS so without SSH I can't connect to it at all. I've copied the root volume and attached it to another server so I can look at logs, but I'm not immediately seeing anything of value. How would anyone recommend I figure out why SSH is down?18:55
lotuspsychjeBeren: maybe we can close out its user related18:56
lordcirthjwr, "broke" how? connection refused? reset by peer? hangs? password refused?18:57
jfcaronlordcirth, Will that make it automount as soon as I log in?  I don't think I normally want that.  A button on the GUI file manager sidebar would be ideal, but I can run a terminal command too to mount it, I can put an alias in my .profile.18:58
lordcirthjfcaron, it makes it mount when you first try to access it18:58
lordcirthls, cd, etc will trigger a mount18:58
jfcaronAh ok, that sounds good too.18:58
lordcirthYou can optionally configure it to unmount after X seconds idle18:58
jwrlordcerth: ahh, yes, I guess I left out that detail. SSH just hangs / times out when I try to connect to it.18:59
jwrlordcirth: ^ oops mispelled your name.18:59
lordcirthjwr, k, so I would look in /var/log/auth.log to start, and /var/log/syslog19:00
Berenlotuspsychje: I think so..19:00
Berenlotuspsychje: I'm going to test some more19:00
jfcaronlordcirth, So I need to add a line in /etc/fstab that says: server.whatever.com:/home/myuser /home/localuser/mountpoint sshfs x-systemd.automount?19:02
lordcirthjfcaron, try defaults,x-systemd.automount,x-systemd.idle-timeout=600 for options, but yes19:02
jfcaronI don't think I want an idle timeout, since via the GUI file manager I also launch text editors to edit the remote files.19:03
jwrlordcirth: /var/log/auth.log shows `sshd Server listinging on port 22` but doesn't otherwise show why ssh would be down. grep sshd /var/log/syslog doesn't have anything at all. Should systemd have logs showing sshd starting/stopping?19:04
=== akem__ is now known as akem
lordcirthup to you. But the systemd automount doesn't unmount the mountpoint, just the other end of the connection. (some shenanigans with bind mounts, iirc)19:04
OerHeksssh with the -vvv option can give a clue too19:05
lordcirthjwr, it should, yeah. try "journalctl --file=.." to target the other system's log19:05
jwrlordcirth: i was expecting those logs in /var/log/journal/ but... there isn't one.19:05
lordcirthjwr, ah, persistent logging only happens if you create that directory. I dislike that it's off by default19:06
jwroh, that's a weird design. but cool, good tip. i'll re-spin this up and have bootstrap create that directory. thanks.19:07
Berenlotuspsychje: I think it was related to gnome extensions. turning them all off has my user working now. I tried turning some on and I experienced the freezing again19:08
lotuspsychje+1 Beren19:09
lotuspsychjei was presuming user relation19:09
Berenlotuspsychje: thanks for all the help!19:10
AlexP11223Why do I get this error when adding interpret { ... RedirectKey(keycode=<HOME>, clearmodifiers=Lock); } in XKB? It works fine for <UP>, <DOWN>, etc. here19:18
sarnoldAlexP11223: your diff looks mangled19:19
AlexP11223sarnold: what do you mean? looks fine to me, it's full file context with + ... at several places19:20
sarnoldAlexP11223: oh hah, after I didn't see any changes in the first few screens or the last screen I assumed the whole thing was busted19:22
sarnoldAlexP11223: I've never seen anyone use this much context before19:22
AlexP11223hm, actually looks like it's not about the keycode, interpret osfHome { repeat= True; action = RedirectKey(keycode=<UP>, clearmodifiers=Lock);19:25
AlexP11223doesn't work too. even though a very similar interpret works fine above19:25
Br|aNanyone know how to back up one vps to another ?19:30
lordcirthBr|aN, as in cloning it, or just backing up data?19:31
Br|aNcloning pretty much i guess19:31
lordcirthThat would depend on your VPS provider, probably.19:31
Br|aNi needto up grade the ubuntu on one vps and it weont let me19:31
Br|aNso i gottta do fresh install19:31
jwrlordcirth: and of course now that i've re-spun up this server, enabled persistent logging to /var/log/journal, ssh is working fine because of course it is... sigh.19:32
jfcaronThanks for the sshfs help lordcirth19:37
aleksandrdvorkinhi i have a question i am reading the documentation on how to setup your own Webstore website and the part of installation is in setting of the site I have to indicate the Admin Server Domain does it mean that i have to purchase a Domain name server site Cannt i use my own Computer in Ubuntu as a domain name server19:42
sarnoldaleksandrdvorkin: what's the context for this question? at first it sounds more like something to ask at your domain registrar or webstore provider19:44
aleksandrdvorkinwell i want to run a webstore site off of my laptop for example what apps woupld to use to run the DNS as oppose to purchasing the DNS address19:45
whislockaleksandrdvorkin: Running a store site off of a laptop is an odd choice. As for a domain name, you need to buy one.19:47
aleksandrdvorkinso basically i need to buy a webspace with domain name where i store the site NOT TO RUN OFF OF UBUNTU LAPTOP?19:48
compdocyou need a domain name, or use one of the free ones19:49
sarnoldaleksandrdvorkin: I'm a fan of powerdns software, but the ubuntu packaging for that is quite stale; bind is in main and common, knot is probably the next most common choice but i know less about how well it's maintained in ubuntu19:49
whislockBefore that, though, one must purchase a domain name from a registrar. Having a DNS server does not create a domain, nor will the DNS server do anything of value without purchasing a domain.19:50
aleksandrdvorkinwell im just trying to build my own webstore site like a practice i dont think i am goint go use it much are there free domain names available?19:53
sarnolddo you need a domain name?19:55
sarnoldif it's just to play with, you can use on your own computer ..19:55
aleksandrdvorkinok is see19:55
sarnoldsome software may not handle that well, but that'd be a question for whoever is providing the software19:55
z0oinskHey everyone. I installed Ubuntu on a macMini the other week and set up a cron job to run a script 3 times a day. However, I notice at the end of the day, the script only partially runs (?)19:56
Br|aNor just create a  backup file of all my /home dir19:56
lordcirthYou can also use a .local address in /etc/hosts or in your router's DNS19:56
compdoconly need a domain name is you want to be able to connect to it from the outside using a name19:56
akkYou don't even need to use localhost, you can set up fake domains in /etc/hosts.19:56
compdoc*if you19:56
akk(with corresponding apache vhosts)19:56
z0oinskThe script is supposed to do all my mobile searches, desktop searches, and quizzes on Microsoft rewards. But when I check, it only runs through about half19:57
aleksandrdvorkinok so fake domain name and run the localhost to seee if the site works like with Personal website19:57
indoorcatI am having trouble installing wine on ubuntu19:57
indoorcatI need it for chessbase19:57
indoorcatit is only available on windows19:58
lordcirthindoorcat, What Ubuntu version, and how are you trying to install wine?19:58
indoorcatubuntu 18.0419:58
sarnoldz0oinsk: pastebin the script and the output from it when run in cron and maybe someone can spot something19:58
rypervencheBr|aN: Personally, for doing an upgrade I wouldn't "close" the machine. I would replicate whatever was done on the old machine and copy over whatever data needs to be copied.19:58
indoorcatI install it in the software search19:58
indoorcatit doesn't appear after I install it19:58
lordcirthindoorcat, doesn't appear where?19:59
indoorcatin my apps19:59
z0oinsk@sarnold Script: https://pastebin.com/JjsbBKnB19:59
lordcirthindoorcat, I don't think it should. If you want a GUI, consider installing playonlinux19:59
z0oinskOops didn't meant to send that yet19:59
z0oinsksarnold Cronjobs: https://pastebin.com/RSd2pRrS20:01
z0oinskThere's no output though, it just runs20:01
sarnoldz0oinsk: adding a filename to PATH isn't going to do anything good; I'm not sure if it causes problems but it certainly doesn't do whatever it is you intended :)20:01
z0oinskIf I don't put that part in, it throws an error about not finding selenium20:01
Br|aNrypervenche how would i do so20:02
rypervencheBr|aN: That would depend entirely on you. If you are the one who installed this, then you should know what was changed on the server. If not, then you'll have to figure it out. You won't want to copy every file over to the new machine because it would break everything.20:03
rypervencheevery file on the file system*20:03
ofirHi, is it possible to install a newer version of libglx on Ubuntu 18.04 via apt-get?20:04
indoorcatI just installed wine and it doesn't launch20:04
ofirI have: "GLX version: 1.2", I would like to obtain "GLX version: 1.3", and I'm not sure where to start, i.e. which ppa / command to use20:04
indoorcatI need it chessbase doesn't support mac or linux20:04
indoorcateven all the reviews for it says it doesn't work20:06
indoorcaton the ubuntu software store20:06
sarnoldz0oinsk: hmm is /home/z0oinks/.local/lib/python3.6/site-packages/selenium/__init__.py a directory? or a file?20:07
sarnoldz0oinsk: did you mean to add /home/z0oinks/.local/lib/python3.6/site-packages/selenium/ to PATH instead? or did you mean to modify PYTHONPATH instead?20:07
sarnoldindoorcat: can you pastebin what command you're running and what messages come back out?20:08
indoorcatcan someone help me run exe. files on ubuntu? i need chessbase to keep up with lessons20:08
indoorcatwine doesn't work20:08
OerHeksindoorcat, wineHQ has the solution, POL play on linux, join #winehq for program support20:09
indoorcatOerHeks ok20:11
z0oinsksarnold It's a file. I tried adding the filepath to the folder that contained it, but it wasn't working. Now that I removed it, it's still working though...20:12
explorehey i have been duckduckgo'ing about how to replicate the magic of ReadyBoost on Ubuntu and i keep bumping into mentions of something called zswap20:12
exploreis it basically like REadyBoost?20:13
z0oinskI added DISPLAY=:0 to my cronjobs so I'll just keep an eye on it tomorrow. If it's really quitting early or it's just the searches not counting for some reason, I'll be able to tell20:13
sarnoldexplore: what does readyboost do?20:13
explorelike.. maybe a small 20% improvement for disk reads?20:13
exploresarnold: i think readyboost.. um caches libraries and frequently used files in your USB key20:13
explorenot entirely sure, it's not a huge boost but it's some20:13
exploreespecially for older pc's20:13
lordcirthexplore, no. zswap compresses data that is written to swap. The related zram compresses to ram instead of swapping.20:13
sarnoldexplore: oh wow that sounds *terrible* ;) USB storage is almost always slower than drives20:14
exploreas i understand it, the free main memory space (at least in hte Linux I used to know, long time ago) is used for caching frequently used file reads right?20:14
exploreis that still true?20:14
lordcirthexplore, yes, accessed files are cached in RAM20:14
explorecus maybe i just up the 4GB to 8GB and call that a day?20:14
aleksandrdvorkinits confusing for me and i think am i intermediate computer user The webstore files are stored on my Laptop hardrive but the site is ran from the Registered Domain name?20:15
lordcirthexplore, if you want to use some fast storage to speed up a slow hard drive, you can use bcache. But it will handle being unplugged as well, and USBs probably aren't worth it.20:15
sarnoldif you've only got four gigs, doubling that would doubtless lead to an incredible performance improivement20:15
lordcirth*not handle20:15
sarnoldzswap may help you slightly if you're currently using swap20:15
exploresarnold: okay that is the first course of action then.. i'll be keeping my eyes peeled for 2x4GB DDR3 1333Mhz then20:15
exploremax out the mb20:16
explorethanks a bunch guys letting me pick your brain :)20:16
sarnoldexplore: start up a vmstat 1  -- and watch the so and si columns20:17
sarnoldexplore: if those aren't at 0 most of the time, then zswap might help you out20:17
sarnoldexplore: but there's nothing quite like adding more memory20:17
woenxHi. I am trying to capture the console output of a program, but I seem unable to. It's a program in appimage format, and I redirect the output to a file, only the first few lines are captured. Apparently, the appimage just calls another process and from that point, lines are not captured.20:36
woenxany ideas_20:36
akkwoenx: Does script work? Just run script filename; it starts a subshell, then in that subshell, anything that appears on the terminal should be captured in the file. (Exit the subshell to end capturing.)20:40
woenxahh, let's see20:40
rangergordfor your average user is there any reason why I shouldn't disable IPv6? Are there some system apps that may rely on it internally?20:43
woenxSeems to work. Ok, next question... can I grep the content, so only a few interesting lines are saved?20:43
rangergordwoenx: yeah? should be trivial to test. ./myscript.sh | grep whatever | tee output.txt20:45
duryhi there all :-)20:46
durydoes anyone use ubuntu eoan20:47
Bashing-omdury: Of course - many do; What is the real question ?20:48
durywell... xscreensaver give me some problems when I launch takes ages20:49
woenxrangergord: , but using it together with "script"20:49
duryBashing-om, what could it be the problem, roughly?20:51
rangergordwoenx: You're not clear enough when you speak. If you're asking if you can put the grep filter inside the script, then yes. It doesn't matter whether your script runs a program + applies a grep filter, or whether your script runs a program and you apply a grep filter after-the-fact. The result is the same.20:52
rangergordthis goes for the tee pipe I added. Whatever comes from the previous invocations, is filtered through tee to print to your console as well as save to a text file20:53
woenxOk, sorry. I want to filter out and parse some lines of the output of a program. That program is in Appimage format, so when you start it, a subprocess is launched, so by just running program.appimage | grep "matching text" does not work.20:53
rangergordwoenx: OK, so as the other person said, create a script myprogram.sh that runs program.appimage. Then write another script called myprogram-filtered.sh that consists of the one-liner "./myprogram.sh | grep WHATEVER"20:54
woenxOh, ok, I didn't understand that20:55
woenxOk, let me try...20:55
rangergordI'm assuming what akk said is true here20:55
lordcirthdury, could you please run "xscreensaver -verbose | nc termbin.com 9999" and paste the link?20:55
durylordcirth, one sec.20:56
Bashing-omdury: No idea .. if you open a new terminal. and in this terminal ' journalctl -f ' - then start xscreensaver - any hints in the log file ?20:56
durylordcirth, in pastebin?21:02
lordcirthdury, the nc to termbin is a pastebin. It should return a link21:02
durylordcirth, what's the url of that? can remember sorry21:03
lordcirthdury, if you run the command, it will upload it's output to termbin and return a link.21:04
lordcirthOh, it might be printing to stderr as well, of course.21:04
lordcirth"xscreensaver -verbose 2>&1 | nc termbin.com 9999"21:04
durytermbin.com then?21:05
lordcirthThe command I gave will paste it to termbin for you, yes.21:06
durysorry, mate21:06
duryone sec.21:06
akkrangergord: You won't be able to do that with script, though of course you can grep the script output file afterward.21:07
akkrangergord: To do it in realtime you'll need to figure out how to pipe the output. Maybe by adding >& 1 at the end of the command with the | ? Maybe some output is coming on stderr, not stdout?21:08
akkoops, sorry, that was for woenx ^21:08
woenxwith the script within a script seems to work, but it's too cumbersome21:09
durydid use pastebin though21:10
duryhere it's the link https://pastebin.com/HeBQYZwX21:11
woenxis it possible to redirect the script command output to a terminal instead of a text file?21:12
woenxso I can grep in real time?21:12
lordcirthdury, Does 'ps aux | grep xscreensaver' get any results other than itself?21:12
durylordcirth, one sec21:13
durymay I paste it here? only 2 lines21:16
marijuanai bet the url is only 1 lines21:17
marijuanasorry that wasnt constructive.21:17
duryeoan19    1429  0.0  0.1  26876  5380 ?        S    11:12   0:02 xscreensaver -nosplash21:17
durypolska    7444  0.0  0.0  17664  2524 pts/1    S+   22:14   0:00 grep --color=auto xscreensaver21:18
lordcirthdury, ok. So xscreensaver is already running, as it warns21:18
lordcirthdury, have you switched between two desktop users this boot?21:19
duryI don't want to give some many details21:21
lordcirthdury, ... well, try "killall xscreensaver", with sudo if need be, and see if it works then.21:22
woenxOk, so this seems to work: script -c "script -c 'Program.appimage' | grep \"whatever\"" greppedoutput.txt21:22
woenxHowever, it's not very elegant...21:22
enfiniteeHey everyone, I'm having a frustrating issue with my .bashrc and .bash_aliases files. I've found a lot of help online, but nothing has fixed my issue. I am running Fedora, but I think the issue is generic enough that I may get some help from someone here :)  Short description: I have a file, ~/.bash_aliases, which contains all of my bash aliases. I21:23
enfiniteehave a line that checks for the existence of this file in my .bashrc, and sources it if it exists. The aliases contained in the file DO work after sourcing, but each and every time I source .bashrc, or open a shell for the first time, I get an error "-bash: #: command not found". The # in that message is because the first line is a comment. If I21:23
enfiniteeput something else there, even a blank line, it tells me that line is the problem. Following this message will be 2 pastes, one for my bashrc, one for my bash aliases21:23
enfinitee.bashrc: https://pastebin.com/raw/zNVZf0Ki     .bash_aliases: https://pastebin.com/raw/vtMxF66i21:23
OerHeks#fedora is the place to be, enfinitee21:23
nikolamI am on HD2000 intel graphics (i5-2400 CPU) and Xubuntu 19.10. And I see everal times a day that my session is crashing (is seems I have plenty of RAM still available and no swap enabled) and the X restarts with log in , with all apps killing in the process.21:24
enfiniteeI'll check there as well :)  If you know anything about bash and aliases, would you mind glancing at my pastes? I really don't think this issue is related to my distro, because from what I've read, .bashrc and .bash_aliases function the same between Fedora and Ubuntu, if not all *nix environments21:24
duryI'll do it , have to run though21:24
nikolamWould like to investigate if it is maybe about hardware... od HD2000 graphics driver , Xorg else21:24
durylordcirth, thanks indeed for you support21:25
OerHeksnikolam, my best bet; no swap enabled21:25
durylordcirth, really appreciate it :-)21:25
lordcirthdury, you are welcome21:25
OerHeks2nd bet; do a memtest86 run21:26
durylordcirth, cheerss there... take care :-)21:26
ice9pamu2fcfg gives "Unable to generate registration challenge, error in transport layer (-2)"21:30
ice9any idea?21:33
unshackledis there some way i can automagically kill a process thats using 100% cpu for x time? I woke up today and my laptop sounds like a jet taking off because it is running 100% because dolphin was connected to a network share that disappeared,21:35
jwrunshackled: monitoring software probably, which usually gets enterprise-y real quick. in the context of a personal use laptop, something like `monit` could do what you described.21:39
ozzzounshackled: googled it for you: https://serverfault.com/questions/97541/kill-process-with-high-cpu-usage-after-x-time21:39
amazoniantoadHow do I change my IP address when it was assigned via dhcp?21:41
molthey everyone! I've recently installed Ubuntu 18.04 64bit Workstation (gnome desktop manager) on my Dell 7373 13in laptop. Unfortunately, when I lock the screen the laptop freezes up and I get nothing but a black screen which I can not recover from. The machine needs to be locked for a certain period of time for this to happen - about 2min or so. This problem is completely consistent - happens 100% of the time under the aforementioned21:42
moltconditions. Does anyone have any suggestions on how to fix / proceed?21:42
elias_aamazoniantoad: If you have access to the config of DCHP server, do it there. If you have no access, you can only renew DCHP lease until the IP gets (possibly) changed.21:43
amazoniantoadelias_a, thanks21:44
elias_aamazoniantoad: NP. Why do you need to change it?21:44
amazoniantoadelias_a, I copied some vm's from one computer to another and they both need to run. I have some networking stuff I'm doing and now both vm's have the same IP21:45
Noboru55hello, i am using xubuntu 18.04 and my google chrome was closing by itself even without plugins and extensions, i do not know why but i am using now chromium and i got no problem, chromium works faster too, but how if it is almost the samething21:46
elias_aamazoniantoad: I see. If the DHCP server is your own, try telling it to give always the same IP to a certain NIC based on MAC address.21:47
unshackledozzo i saw that but i didnt understand how to implement it, i suffer from periodic cognitive impairment21:50
ash_worksiis there a way to run host across many IPs at once?21:58
jwrash_worksi: a loop?22:08
gryhi snakeboy30922:16
aleksandrdvorkinwhat is the command to remove the entire contents of directory22:30
OerHeksman rmdir22:32
aleksandrdvorkin very short man22:34
aleksandrdvorkini used the rm -rf *.* but some files remained22:35
aleksandrdvorkinthe files that were not removed have lockes on them22:38
quintI've got a BCM4313 wireless chip, and somewhere along the line I lost the ability to enter monitor mode after doing a re-install many months ago. I suspect the default driver changed on ubuntu.. How can I replace my driver with one that supports monitor mode?22:42
Bashing-om!bcm | quint22:43
ubottuquint: Help with Broadcom bcm43xx can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs/Driver/bcm43xx22:43
quintthanks Bashing-om22:45
aleksandrdvorkinwhy doesnt the sudo chmod 755 doesnt remove locks on the files22:46
Bashing-omquint: :D -no help yet .. But there is hope :) re-install the driver.22:46
sarnoldaleksandrdvorkin: btw "*.*" means "all the files with a period in the name". that's not all files22:50
sarnoldaleksandrdvorkin: rm -rf is probably what you what; rmdir is nice for making sure a directory is empty before you delete it22:51
aleksandrdvorkini dont want to delete the directory i want to delete all the contents of the directory including the files that have permissions locks on them so i did sudo find /var/www/html -type f -exec chmod 644 {} \; but the locks are still on the files22:54
aleksandrdvorkini already removed most of the contents using rm -rf *.*22:55
^7heoHi all.22:55
aleksandrdvorkinbut the files that have no permisson by the user remained22:55
^7heoI found a zsh bug in mint, with the git completion, they told me that the package comes straight from ubuntu.22:56
^7heothe line 6628 of /usr/share/zsh/functions/Completion/Unix/_git from package zsh-common v 5.4.2-3ubuntu3.1 is incorrect22:56
^7heohas the package been fixed yet?22:56
^7heoor am I reporting and unfixed error?22:56
sarnoldaleksandrdvorkin: file permissions don't matter at all when deleting files22:57
sarnoldaleksandrdvorkin: the only thing that matters when deleting files is *directory* permissions22:57
sarnold^7heo: 'ubuntu-bug zsh-common' is a good starting point; it's probably straight from debian, so you may need to report to debian too22:58
^7heoI feel like I'm Link doing a quest22:58
* sarnold swings a sword aimlessly22:58
^7heo"If you had a Yoshi, I'd be willing to trade my magic bean for it"22:59
sarnoldaleksandrdvorkin: (well, okay, in *sticky* directories, the file *owner* matters)22:59
^7heoI've been on ##linuxmint first, they told me to come here, now you tell me to go talk to the debian guys22:59
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aleksandrdvorkinwell i just did the rm -rf *.* /var/www/html and removed the entire /var/www/html22:59
aleksandrdvorkinbut i just wanted to delete its contents22:59
aleksandrdvorkinso mkdir /var/www/html22:59
sarnoldaleksandrdvorkin: then you should have used rm -rf /var/www/html/*22:59
^7heosarnold: there's no 'ubuntu-bug' command on mint tho.23:00
^7heohow can I track if the package is coming straight from Debian?23:00
ozzzoaleksandrdvorkin: you probably had a file starting with . in there23:01
sarnold^7heo: you can find that on eg https://patches.ubuntu.com/ -- it looks like there *is* an ubuntu diff23:01
ozzzothat's why rm -rf *.* didn't work. You would have also needed rm -rf .*23:01
^7heosarnold: cool23:01
^7heosarnold: how would I go about to sending a patch for it?23:02
OerHeks^7heo, i find no exact bugreport, what issue did you find there? https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/zsh/+bugs?field.status:list=NEW23:02
^7heoOerHeks: the zsh completion for git add does not function as intended.23:03
aleksandrdvorkinso then if i deleted the /var/www/html did i unistall apache with it23:03
aleksandrdvorkinsystemctl status apache23:03
^7heoInstead, it erroneously reports that the current working directory isn't a git repository, when in fact, it is.23:03
^7heois there a more recent package of zsh-common on ubuntu?23:04
^7heo(more recent than 5.4.2-3ubuntu3.1)23:04
aleksandrdvorkinsays apache.service coult not be found23:05
OerHeksEoan gives 5.7.x https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/zsh/23:05
OerHeksnot sure mint is that far..23:05
^7heonah but if they are not, it's not such a problem23:05
^7heothe question is, are the subsequent versions including the patch I'd submit, or not.23:06
^7heoI wish I could see the files from that package directly.23:06
OerHekssecurity or function patches are backported.23:06
^7heoso if it would be patched in 5.7.x it would also be in 5.4.2?23:07
rfm^Zheo, if you want to submit a patch, best to go to the ultimate upstream source, zsh.sourceforge.net23:08
OerHeksit would likely become 5.4.2-3ubuntu3.223:08
^7heorfm: they already have a patch.23:08
^7heoso basically it *will* eventually be included.23:09
ozzzoaleksandrdvorkin: no, deleting /var/www/html did not uninstall apache. I think you should back away from the keyboard and get a smarter friend to help you23:09
^7heoI'm just trying to make sure I don't have to bruteforce the diff on my local files until it's fixed in debian then ubuntu then mint.23:09
^7heoOerHeks: ok23:09
^7heoso basically, since the ubuntu zsh maintainer appears to be the Debian one as well, that'd be easier.23:10
ozzzoaleksandrdvorkin: try service --status-all|grep apache23:10
ozzzoaleksandrdvorkin: or systemctl list-unit-files|grep apache23:11
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aleksandrdvorkinso to copy the entire contents of one directory to another would cp -rf /Downloads/zen-cart/* /var/www/html23:19
aleksandrdvorkinor would it be sudo cp /dir/*.* /newdir?23:22
aleksandrdvorkini want to copy the folders too sudo cp -rf *.* /var/www/html only copies the files not the folders23:24
sarnoldyou should stop using *.* :)23:25
sarnoldit's almost never right on unix systems23:25
aleksandrdvorkinand start using23:25
sarnoldit doesn'tmean "all files"23:25
sarnoldyou probably mean *23:26
aleksandrdvorkini know it means copy files recursively23:26
sarnoldcp -a is the more usual tool for copying directory hierachies23:27
moltI've just installed Ubuntu 18.04 64bit Workstation (gnome desktop manager) on my Dell 7373 laptop. Unfortunately, when I lock the screen (windows key + L) the laptop ends up freezing (I get a black screen I can't recover from). NOTE: The machine needs to be locked for about 2min or so for this to happen. This problem is consistent (happens 100% of the time under the aforementioned conditions). Does anyone have any suggestions on how to23:28
moltfix / proceed?23:28
aleksandrdvorkinsarnold thank You copied23:30
tomreynmolt: usually bios upgrade or http://iam.tj/prototype/enhancements/Windows-acpi_osi.html23:32
tomreynyou could review what was logged before you last rebooted using     journalctl -eb -1     (press q to quit)23:33
aleksandrdvorkinhow would open a .pdf file from console23:33
aleksandrdvorkinmaybe silly question i ll just use Libreoffice23:33
tomreynevince is the default viewer on default ubuntu 18.04+, i think23:34
^7heoOerHeks: thanks for your help.23:36
^7heoI reported the bug to the maintainer23:36
^7heo(via email)23:36
^7heotake care and bye.23:36
rhalffHi, in pavucontrol the only recording device I see is qemu-system-x86_64 is that normal?23:39
tomreynif you're running in a VM, this may be so23:40
rhalffyeah that's the thing, I'm not..23:40
ubottuIf you're having problems with sound, click the Volume applet, then Sound Preferences, and check your Volume, Hardware, Input, and Output settings.  If that fails, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Sound - https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SoundTroubleshooting - https://alsa.opensrc.org/DmixPlugin - For playing audio files,  see !players and !mp3.23:41
sarnoldaleksandrdvorkin: "evince foo.pdf" or "xpdf foo.pdf" (xpdf is faster, lighter, far less secure, and has terrible controls by modern standards :)23:43
=== stallman is now known as akko
elementdoorsHello, where can I post a question regarding elementary os? I cannot find a channel dedicated to it.23:48
ubottuElementary OS is an Ubuntu derivative which is supported in their IRC channel #elementary on irc.freenode.net - http://elementaryos.org/ for more information on this distribution.23:48
elementdoorsThank you, that was quick.23:49
twobitspritetrying to recover a LVM volume and getting this error when trying to vgchange it: https://termbin.com/af6b23:49
akko/join #gentoo23:50
jeremy31akko: Don't spam here23:50
akkowait wut23:50
akkooohh jesus, i typed two /23:50
akkomy bad23:50
jeremy31akko: This is the Ubuntu support channel23:50
twobitspritewhat is supposed to be in /etc/lvm/profile? every lvm command I run is complaining that it can't find a .profile file in there23:53
tomreyntwobitsprite: LVM configuration profiles23:55
tomreynbut the one your system is searching is not part of ubuntu23:56
tomreynmaybe your third party docker packages provide it, or meant to.23:56
twobitspriteI was able to get it to activate my volumes by installing the thin-provisioning-tools package23:57
sarnoldtwobitsprite: wild guess, that's probably more docker problem than lvm problem23:58

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