Fab2BHi there, i'm lookin for a lil' help. I'm kinda new on Linux, i do a fresh install of Ubuntu Studio but i didn't have sound. i try too start "Jack_mixer" but i've got the message that Jack looks like not running. how can i fix it ? How re-install Jack package ? thx00:48
CostasMHi all, I have upgraded to the newer version 19.10 of ubuntu studio and I was wondering where can i find the default theme settings (I kept changing things and not sure what is what any more).12:22
CostasMI think I am getting older as well, I was getting confused with the different settings, desktop, appearance, q5, etc. at least i found kdenlive uses the qt5 settings12:23
semitonesHello, do you have a faq for setting up real time permissions?20:43
semitonesI'm getting an error message I don't understand asking me to remove custom settings20:43

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