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Noboru55brainwash Moning, maybe it's because clear cache, i am not sure, but here the chromium works faster than chrome, i know it doest not have extensions or plugins, and maybe because it the chromium did not broke for while12:24
Noboru55brainwash it's working nice12:24
Noboru55hope continue working12:25
hanshi have a small 14" laptop running Xubuntu in VMWare, when i connected a large monitor to the laptop and told vmware to go fullscreen, xubuntu correctly resized to fit the entire large screen, but when i disconnected the large display and went back to my laptop 14" and told vmware to resize, the start menu bar is gone.. and even after a reboot, it20:52
hansh's still gone. how do i get it back ?20:52
hansh(the host OS is windows 10 if that's relevant. also, open-vm-tools and open-vm-tools-desktop is installed)20:52
gnrphansh: Open a terminal (Ctrl+Alt+T) and run `xrandr --auto`20:53
hanshcool hotkey20:53
hanshdidn't work, menu bar is still gone20:54
hanshif it has crashed or if its just out of visible screen area, i don't know20:54
hanshi tried it both as the logged in user, and as root20:54
hansh(and in that order)20:54
gnrphansh: when you try `xfce4-panel -r`?20:59
hanshas user or root?20:59
hanshwell tried as user, nothing happened but it returned 021:00
hanshtried it as root, now it says "no running instance of xfce4-panel was found, do you want to start the panel?"21:00
hanshguess that means it ran an xfce4-panel as user21:01
hanshafter reboot it looks like this now: https://prnt.sc/pyqzt421:03
hanshif i tell vmware window to resize, tho, it will go fullscreen21:03
gnrpas a user... When you click on "Report problem", then you should see the error report?21:03
hansh(like just 1 millimeter in any direction)21:03
hansh... i really wish that was the case21:03
hanshwhen i press "report", the damn window just disappear21:04
hanshis is supposed to be that way?21:04
gnrpno clue what happens when you run as root... but I would also try adding a new user and logging in with that one (if you cannot just delete the old one shome)21:04
Noboru55you can disable this message if you want to21:04
hanshNoboru55, i don't really want to disable it, i want to know what it's complaining about21:05
Noboru55hansh did u tri ctrl+esc to see if the menu opens ?21:05
Noboru55maybe the screen is not in correct size.. do not know21:05
Noboru55did u try*21:05
hanshctrl+esc does nothing21:06
Noboru55so its gone21:06
hanshcan i logout with a hotkey?21:06
Noboru55here i needed to create the logout21:07
Noboru55in keyboard, second tab there is how to create shortcuts21:07
Noboru55can u open the settings ?21:07
hanshNoboru55, https://prnt.sc/pyr1v021:07
hanshright-click->applications has a logout button ^^21:07
Noboru55hansh ah, i disable that.. lol21:08
Noboru55and i create that shortcut   ctrl+alt+ backspace to logout21:08
hanshoh neat21:08
hanshcreated a new user and logout -> login,21:08
hanshthe problem is not present on the new user21:08
hanshjust.. hope i can fix my main account21:08
hanshinstead of switching21:09
hanshwell the problem is tied to my account at least21:09
hanshlogging back into my main account, and the issue is back21:09
Noboru55maybe u could try xubuntu 19.1021:10
hanshdoes that mean the problem is probably in /home/hans/ ?21:10
Noboru55because the xfce 4.1421:10
hanshah right, forgot to mention, im running 18.0421:10
Noboru55i am too21:10
Noboru55but i....21:10
Noboru55i use the xfce 4.14 because it upgrade the panel and i can install xfce4-screensaver21:11
Noboru55hansh https://www.reddit.com/r/xubuntu/comments/csymjx/how_to_install_xfce_414_on_xubuntu_1804/21:12
Noboru55but i not responsible if something gets wrong21:12
hanshhaha, i ran rm -rfv /home/hans/.config/xfce4 and rebooted, the problem is gone apparently! :D21:13
hansh"when in doubt, trash all the config files"21:13
Noboru55lol. its right21:13
Noboru55i would not like because i do some changes in the panel21:13
Noboru55but better than nothing21:13
hanshme too but i don't do extensive changes (add workspace switcher and move it to the bottom  and resize, but nothing major)21:14
Noboru55hansh i am not expert, but i woul try the upgrade xfce4..21:15
Noboru55as i said, here i use the 4.14 and it has a good perfect screensaver21:15
Noboru55hansh u can reverse it later....  https://techstop.github.io/xfce-4-14-on-xubuntu-18-04/21:16
Noboru55just because your panel problem21:16
Noboru55hansh if u do it, and the whiskers menu get small icons...  i just could fix it rebooing so in synaptic.  clicking in update and make changes, aply...21:18
Noboru55excuse me, going to play supertuxkart21:19
hanshwell thanks, but unless the problem comes back, i'm probably just gonna keep it like this until 20.0421:19
Noboru55hansh u're welcome21:19
xubuntu68wI prefer dolphin over thunar because it has more functionality. Will xarchiver work with dolphin or do I need to install ark?23:42

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