dpsman, im liking the feel of the 20.04 desktop rn00:11
dpsik its just dailies, but still. if this is any hint at what we have to look forward to in the actual stable release, then i think the talk where people are saying stuff like "Ubuntu doesnt care about its desktop users  anymore" has no merit whatsoever00:13
dpsas a new user to the Linux world (almost a year now and ive used many distros), this is what kind of a fresh desktop i want, and i believe that this is the desktop that (if pushed out into the open enough and marketing was strategically done) could bring in a whole new wave of users00:15
dpsat any rate, thanks to the desktop devs. ill be sending my thanks soon, actually00:15
jameshrobert_ancell: hi.  I was having a discussion about theme snap installation last night, and how it will probably require some background service in the desktop session to monitor changes02:03
jameshrobert_ancell: there was some questions about where to host the code for such a daemon since it will probably have to be written in C, and one option proposed was to ship it with snapd-glib.  Do you have any thoughts on that?02:04
robert_ancelljamesh, I would think it would make sense for it to be a separate project, but I'd have to look at more details on the service.02:23
jameshrobert_ancell: it would be a background service that monitors GtkSettings to watch GTK, icon, and sound theme names, and trigger installation of a snap if there are no installed snaps providing that theme, probably via snapd-glib02:27
robert_ancellYeah, that definitely sounds like it should be a separate project. Why would it be part of snapd-glib?02:28
jameshthere was some concern about hosting it in the snapd repo itself due to the extra build dependencies, and that if it uses snapd-glib it might cause a dependency loop (even if just for testing)02:30
jameshI guess the suggestion for snapd-glib was to make it easier to get the thing rolled out02:31
robert_ancellThat's what it sounded like :)02:32
robert_ancellIt sounds like a 'snap-desktop-support' project to me.02:33
robert_ancellThat would contains any services that a desktop might require.02:33
jameshthat's probably a good idea.02:35
jameshI think there was agreement that this can't easily be written in Go, and specifically can't easily be a subcommand of /usr/bin/snap02:36
robert_ancelljamesh, does it use dbus?02:59
jameshrobert_ancell: it would be using libgtk03:00
robert_ancelloh, yeah, that would be a pain in go.03:01
jameshgtk_settings_get_default() and then get properties on that GtkSettings object plus notification of changes03:01
jameshwe want the current theme as GTK understands it, which means doing XSETTINGS on X11, dconf on Wayland, etc03:02
jameshand Wimpress pointed out that e.g. Mate uses different gsettings keys to store the user's preferred themes03:03
jameshso we can't ignore XSETTINGS03:03
didrocksgood morning06:38
jibelhi didrocks06:39
didrockssalut jibel06:41
fidencioSearch Results06:46
fidencioWeb results06:46
fidencioarrrgh, middle button click :-/06:47
fidenciobut, anyways, while still here ...06:47
fidencio├ža va didrocks, jibel ...06:47
didrocksgood morning fidencio :)06:48
oSoMoNgood morning desktoppers07:13
oSoMoNand happy Friday!07:13
didrockshappy Friday oSoMoN :)07:13
didrocksjibel: and tests pass, easy one to merge if you may: https://github.com/ubuntu/zsys/pull/29 :)07:14
gitbotubuntu issue (Pull request) 29 in zsys "Remove dead code in i18n which lower coverage" [Open]07:14
jibeldidrocks, merged07:16
jibelHi fidencio07:17
WimpressMorning desktoppers o/07:37
WimpressFYI, I'm out of the office today. Have a good weekend and see you all next week :-)07:38
jibelWimpress, hi and bye, enjoy your week end :)07:40
didrockshey Wimpress :) see you next week!07:44
dupondjeoSoMoN: why is Thunderbird still hanging in proposed? :)07:46
dupondjeSeems like verified already07:47
fidenciodidrocks: I know it would only bring more workload to your back, but ... I'd like to have you as part of libosinfo maintainers, specifically taking care of ubuntu stuff07:49
fidenciodidrocks: the idea (which is still in a quite early stage) would be to have people involved with the distro applying/reviewing the patches without having to wait for me to come back from vacation / other stuff to review / apply patches07:51
fidenciodidrocks: does that make sense? or is that something not desired in your opinion?07:51
didrocksfidencio: sure, as long as it's about watching/updating xml files for the ubuntu area, I think that's not that much additional work and I would be able to handle it.07:53
fidenciodidrocks: yeah, it'd be for ubuntu *only*07:54
fidenciodidrocks: I do believe that by taking such move and starting with you (from the really big distros) will make other distro maintainers okay to jump in and take care of their side as well (thinking mainly about opensuse here, for instance)07:55
fidenciodidrocks: wjt, from endless, is already doing such for endlessos07:55
fidenciodidrocks: he even wrote a script to entirely automate the addition of files07:55
didrocksfidencio: yeah, that makes sense that every distro takes their own part in this. I hope as well that it will help others to get motivated07:55
didrocksI would love to see that script if we can tweak it for ubuntu07:56
fidenciodidrocks: https://gitlab.com/libosinfo/osinfo-db/blob/master/scripts/updates/endlessos.py07:56
didrocksthx! :)07:56
fidenciodidrocks: thank you. And I really like how easy is to work with your guys! :-)07:57
didrocksfidencio: no worry! Thanks for reaching out :) I'll probably update the script/prepare for the LTS in January07:58
didrocks(end of year, tight deadlines I want to achieve before)07:58
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oSoMoNgood morning didrocks, Wimpress, jibel08:08
oSoMoNdupondje, it needs to be published by the security team, I'm guessing this should happen soon08:09
didrockshey oSoMoN08:21
didrocks(well, hey again)08:22
oSoMoNsalut didrocks (twice is better than none :))08:24
didrocksheh, indeed!08:25
marcustomlinsonmorning desktoppers08:25
oSoMoNhey marcustomlinson08:25
didrockshey marcustomlinson08:33
marcustomlinsonhi oSoMoN, didrocks08:36
tjaaltonplease don't mark sru bugs 'fix committed', that's reserved for the sru tools to set09:49
tjaalton'in progress' seems better?09:49
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hellsworthgood late morning desktopers16:27
marcustomlinsonhey hellsworth16:27
hellsworthhey marcustomlinson16:27
marcustomlinsonsorry I never got around to your cherrytree snap16:27
hellsworthno problem16:27
hellsworthit's super not urgent :)16:27
hellsworthand i can take a deeper look too, once i have time16:27
marcustomlinsonit's on my todo - just keeps getting bumped :)16:28
hellsworthi've been hunting down a bug in snapcraft, found another bug and fixed it, and then had a solution dream last night16:28
hellsworthso maybe i'll finish my thing and get to look at cherrytree today :)16:28
hellsworthalso it's great when solutions come in dreams :)16:28
marcustomlinsonhaha, indeed16:28
hellsworthand then i shoveled snow today16:28
hellsworthi'm quite proud of myself :)16:28
hellsworthand sore :)16:29
hellsworthlol ok time to do all the things!!16:29
marcustomlinsonthough solution dreams are not usually so refreshing16:29
marcustomlinsonusually feel like crap the morning after from my brain being on overdrive16:29
hellsworthwell yes that is where coffee can help make up though16:29
marcustomlinsonhmm, that could be my problem. my wife switched the coffee for decaf16:30
hellsworthtaht dream was in the night and then i got up at 5 to feed the baby and slept another 2 hours so i did get some good sleep16:30
hellsworthomg that's not right16:30
oSoMoNgood morning hellsworth16:31
hellsworthhi oSoMoN !16:31
hellsworthi'm having some friends over this evening where we're going to sample the beer you gave me (and some cured meats i brought back)16:32
hellsworthso cheers :)16:32
hellsworthi wish i would have bought more of that bandolera beer. it was so tasty16:32
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kenvandinemarcustomlinson: do you have any test snaps that use either of the build snaps and also use vala?17:41
jdstrandkenvandine: hey, I was looking at https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/gnome-system-monitor/+bug/1778332/comments/517:44
ubot5Ubuntu bug 1778332 in gnome-system-monitor (Ubuntu) "Apparmor Permission Denied (apparmor="DENIED")" [Low,Expired]17:44
jdstrandkenvandine: I don't have a good place to put the access for this denial. I suggest your use system-files. let me try something17:45
jdstrandkenvandine: it is fixed with https://paste.ubuntu.com/p/jG7CHKvFxF/17:51
jdstrandkenvandine: is this something you could request in the forum and fix in the snap?17:51
kenvandinejdstrand: sure17:51
kenvandinejdstrand: https://forum.snapcraft.io/t/requesting-autoconnect-of-system-files-for-gnome-system-monitor/1428018:07
jdstrandkenvandine: responded, thanks!18:11
kenvandinejdstrand: once autoconnect is granted, does snapd autoconnect on refresh?18:13
kenvandinejdstrand: ok, built and in the review queue18:29
marcustomlinsonkenvandine: gnome-calculator18:37
kenvandinemarcustomlinson: when i tried to use the build snap for gnome-2048 meson failed with "Compiler not found: valac"18:40
marcustomlinsonkenvandine: can I see your yaml?18:40
marcustomlinsonwhich build snap?18:40
hellsworthwith the gnoem-3-34-1804-sdk?18:43
kenvandinebecause gnome-3-32-1804 is autoconnected18:45
marcustomlinsonsound like something may be missing from your build-environment18:45
kenvandinei'm comparing18:46
kenvandinei don't think i am18:46
marcustomlinsoncan I see your gnome-2048 yaml18:46
hellsworthmarcustomlinson: you found that quick!18:49
* kenvandine wonders where i got that form18:50
marcustomlinsonbut there's also $SNAPCRAFT_STAGE in your env18:50
kenvandinei dropped LDFLAGS and now it works :)18:51
hellsworthwhy would that make it work though?18:52
kenvandinethe LDFLAGS didn't include paths to what was in the build snap18:53
hellsworthboth of those LDFLAGS are in the LD_LIBRARY_PATH18:53
kenvandineLDFLAGS are used at build time18:53
kenvandineLD_LIBRARY_PATH are for runtime18:53
kenvandinewe need both though18:54
marcustomlinsonyou shouldn't need LDFLAGS if the pkgconfigs are correct18:54
hellsworthI SEE18:54
hellsworthoh caps18:54
kenvandineyeah, the danger of copy/paste :)18:56
kenvandinemarcustomlinson: thanks!18:56
hellsworthhow do i know what env vars i could use in the environment section?19:06
hellsworthlike in gimp, i see that there is GIMP2_LOCALEDIR that is defined and used. how the heck would i know that GIMP2_LOCALEDIR is even an option to use?19:06
kenvandinereading the gimp source19:06
kenvandinei'd bet19:07
kenvandinethat's a gimp specific env variable19:07
hellsworthok i'll go take a look at the glimpse source to see if this is used or something similar19:07
kenvandinegrep for LOCALEDIR19:07
kenvandinethey might have just renamed it GLIMPSE_LOCALEDIR19:07
kenvandinebut hopefully they made it smarter :)19:08
hellsworthit is apparently still GIMP2_LOCALEDIR19:08
hellsworththere's still quite a bit of rebranding that needs to be done19:08
hellsworththanks kenvandine19:08
oSoMoNhave a good week-end all!19:42

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