tewardi think i discovered an evil in the tar package in Bionic, in that later gitbuildpackage pristine-tar generated items with Tar 1.30+ fail to work with < 1.3000:51
tewardhttps://bugs.debian.org/cgi-bin/bugreport.cgi?bug=897653 is the relevant report in Debian, just hit this for something that the STudio team is working on00:51
ubottuDebian bug 897653 in tar "tar 1.30 breaks pristine-tar" [Grave,Fixed]00:51
Unit193I have 1.30+dfsg-5, it would seem.00:52
cjwatson_From that bug it looks more like we need to upgrade pristine-tar a bit (>=1.44 maybe?)00:54
cjwatson_Oh also tar 1.30 isn't in bionic I see00:55
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brycewe ran into that tar / pristine-tar incompatibility too00:55
bryceour packages set up with pristine tar on eoan couldn't be built on bionic00:55
xnoxginggs:  it's not just the resourcewarnings, which are harmless there are really test case failures with 3.7 and 3.8 too, which appear to be triggered with a rebuild.11:22
xnoxginggs:  note that autopkgtest, with patched testsuite against previous build passed locally for me =)11:22
xnoxginggs:  it's all forwarded upstream, opened an issue and a pull request with CI changes to show the issue.11:23
xnoxmwhudson:  pyfffffffffftw does use dask11:23
ginggsxnox: thanks11:28
xnoxginggs: mwhudson: i'm not sure, but dask might be passing under python3.8 but not under python3.711:37
ginggsTesting with python3.811:42
ginggs= 6312 passed, 395 skipped, 32 xfailed, 4 xpassed, 20 warnings in 810.41 seconds =11:42
ginggsTesting with python3.711:43
ginggs= 6317 passed, 390 skipped, 32 xfailed, 4 xpassed, 20 warnings in 855.78 seconds =11:44
xnoxso no failed with either?!11:46
ginggslooks that way, but this is dask itself11:47
* xnox just read "Error: Quosures can only be unquoted within a quasiquotation context." in the autopkgtest of r-cran-sf and I think I need more coffee. This is worse than ruby's twiddle-wakka and python's walrus operators11:49
* xnox was in pyfftw contex11:49
* xnox was in pyfftw context11:49
xnoxnah, pyfftw really fails with python3.811:51
ginggsxnox: did you see pyfftw armhf fails in other exciting ways? probably #91709511:52
xnoxginggs:  lovely11:59
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mdeslaurtseliot_: hi! I'm looking at bug 1852315...it seems those three CVEs are for the vGPU software...is that actually packaged in our driver packages? is it the same thing?14:48
ubottubug 1852315 in nvidia-graphics-drivers-435 (Ubuntu Eoan) "CVE‑2019‑5696 5697 5698" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/185231514:48
tewardcan anyone assist the Studio team with an oddness?  They've got a lintian ERROR which triggers a fail on an unsafe symlink which they've tried to adjust/patch the change in here in their repository, but dpkg-source barfs.  They are trying to change a symlink's target by editing a symlink, not sure if there's a workaround for that.  As such, however, I can't sign/build/upload the code that Eickmeyer wants uploaded (raysession).16:46
tewardif anyone has a few moments to poke and see if they can eve do their symlink patch fix, that'd be great.  https://code.launchpad.net/raysession is where the code is, everything's in master (and you can get the pristine-tar for 0.8.1 but you'll need tar >= 1.30 to make it work)16:47
tewardcjwatson: if we backport 1.30 into Bionic it'd work, I think.  I did this backport from Eoan in a PPA and made it work for pristine-tar in Bionic.  So the issue is the tar package :P  (wrt the tar version and pristine-tar)16:48
tewardi'm still working on the whole Backports thing with Laney but that's a task for 2020 at this point - helping Studio during dev cycle's taking a bunch of my cycles.  Also working with a few clients as a consultant on things :P16:49
cjwatsonraysession could fix up the symlink in debian/rules build and restore it to the as-in-orig-tarball state in debian/rules clean.  That's the usual workaround for this sort of thing.16:50
tewardEickmeyer: ^16:50
cjwatsonOr even just put the right thing in place after the upstream 'make install' or equivalent runs, depending on whether it's used during build.16:51
cjwatsonIn fact in that case you could just use dh_link to do it.16:52
cjwatsonHaven't looked at this package in any detail, but that's the general range of options available.16:53
Eickmeyercjwatson, teward: Thanks. Honestly, not sure how to do that. Do I make a debian/raysession.links and use dh_install_override to remove the bad link?16:56
cjwatsondh_link removes anything that's already there all by itself16:56
Eickmeyercjwatson: Ok, excellent. I'll go that route then. Thanks!16:56
tewardthanks cjwatson16:57
tewardas for the pristine-tar issue the issue DOES trace back to `tar` unless we need to patch gbp / pristine-tar, but simply backporting tar seemed to fix my issues.16:57

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