lordievaderGood morning07:34
explorehi guys, during the Ubuntu Server 18.04LTS install I asked to use the entire drive together with LVM support.. but when the setup tool suggest the layout, i was kinda surprised at the setup suggested, it said / only has 4GB size.. although the rest of the 500GB is available as the PV (ubuntu-vg)11:28
exploreso how do i go about loading up the goodies into my /home/username?11:28
exploreand also load up big VMs into my /var (i think KVM dumps some big VM files under /var)11:29
exploreis this something that's unique to Ubuntu Server and not seen in the Desktop?11:29
lordievaderexplore: Logical volumes can dynamically be grown. Ext4 support live enlargining, but does not support live shrinking. With that in mind it makes sense to be conservative initially and expand when needed, rather than giving some volume all the space and later realizing the space requirement is elsewhere.12:27
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itsamegreetings, is there a good way to execute a shell command if a usb device is connected14:00
sdezielitsame: sounds like a job for udev14:21
itsamesdeziel: looks promising, thanks =)14:22
sdezielitsame: if you need further help with this, I recommend hopping in #systemd where many are familiar with udev14:23
itsamewill do, just in case, thanks again14:23
sdezielyou are welcome14:28
explorelordievader: ahhh i see16:09
explorelordievader: thank you so much i didn't realize16:09
explorehey guys i am worried that i don't understand the meaning of routable.d is anyone here availble for me to pick their brain?16:09
exploreso i had to add a bunch of ip commands into routable.d but i saw someone online add a while loop to check that the nic card is actually available https://paste.ubuntu.com/p/5z8pvCZ3Jh/16:10
explorebut i just realized that he is using something called FreeNAS but I am using routable.d16:10
exploredoesn't routable.d mean that eno1 is guaranteed to be up?16:10
exploreso there's no need for a while loop?16:10
exploremay i ask if this is indeed what routable.d mean?16:10
explorethanks ahead of time for any assistance!16:11
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