ryanjyoderHi all! I just started following this channel/community. I have to admit it's a bit quieter than i expected. :D so before i started spamming you all with stuff, i was wondering what are the reason people joined this channel? Maybe it sounds like a dumb question but just curious about people's motivations. Are most people using Ubuntu professionally? Or as a hobby?01:51
DonkeyHoteiit wasn't always this quiet here01:53
DonkeyHoteiand i used to be a lot more involved01:57
ryanjyoderWhat do you think is driving that? Just a natural ebb and flow? Or a changing natural of online communities in general? Ie proximity is not as important as it used to be?01:58
DonkeyHoteii attribute the quieting down in large part to the fact that fewer and fewer average people use computer desktops at all anymore except if their job makes them do so02:00
DonkeyHoteiand that has trickled up into what you see02:01
ryanjyoderHmmm did you really think less people are running Ubuntu on their machines now?02:05
ryanjyoderHaha i ask this from my android02:06
DonkeyHoteicase in point02:08
ryanjyoderBut that only because i can't open my laptop now :)02:10
DonkeyHoteiphone, or tablet?02:16
DonkeyHoteiyeah, fewer people use tablets for anything now too02:17
ryanjyoderI want to try Ubuntu touch maybe on pine phone...02:18
DonkeyHoteii ran it on a nexus5 for a bit02:19
ryanjyoderBut i don't own a car so I'm very reliant on lyft... So i couldn't make a full switch..02:19
ryanjyoderYeah....? How was it?02:19
DonkeyHoteiit seemed to combine some of the irritating aspects of iOS with something ChromeOS-esque02:21
DonkeyHoteifrom a UX perspective, that is02:21
DonkeyHoteiunder the hood, it was more like android02:21
DonkeyHoteibtw, there is or was a kubuntu touch variant, too, and it aimed to be partially compatible with android apps02:24
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