floogyHi, I got a Intenso USB pendrive (transcend jetflash chip) and I got "no medium found" errors on it, because I erroneously tried to wrote an ISO on it, where I had to partition/format it by an HP Format Tool and copy the files of the ISO on it and then issue syslinux on it.00:08
BlueBomberanyone interested in an espeak date command?00:11
epic_nullI didn't see the question00:12
linux_dr_arculesI'm using bionic on a laptop via a macOS laptop running Barrier... as a result my linux box gets a lot of unintended "Super" key presses... etc... On several occasions I'm seeing the Ubuntu task bar go mostly invisible. All that's left is a mostly alpha band at the bottom of the screen, and the "Show Applications" button in the lower right. Anyone else seeing this? Reported it? Have a good work around?00:13
sarnoldI don't even know what epseak is so I'm unlikely to need to know a date command for it00:13
BlueBomberepic_null i asked if anyone wanted a date command for espeak00:14
linux_dr_arculesAnyone else seeing the taskbar vanish?00:18
floogyHow can I recover the usb pendrive from this "no medium found" error? It's unusable. `sudo sfdisk -l /dev/sdk` -> "No edium found"00:18
Zeitkindfloogy: erase the beginning of it00:19
floogydd if=zero of=/dev/zero give the same error00:19
epic_nullSo while troubleshooting why my server doesn't have network access after being moved to new (to it, but still an upgrade) hardware, I notice a message saying ifupdown has been replaced by netplan(5). Does my fix need to be changed in response to this message?00:20
floogydd if=/dev/zero of=/dev/sdk gives the same error00:20
Zeitkindsounds dodgy then tbh00:21
epic_nullalso sorry Blue, I also don't use espeak, so I wouldn't know anything about the features that users want or need00:21
pragmaticenigmafloogy, If the hardware/drive has failed, there is no way to use software to "fix" or access it. You need at least the drive's controller working to access any of the memory cells00:21
Zeitkindzeroing the first few megs should bring it back00:21
Zeitkindif not I guess it's just broken00:21
epic_nullDoes your partitioning software see it?00:22
floogygparted didn't detect it. The irony, I first was able to "reanimate" it by using a transcend tool under windows https://cdn.transcend-info.com/files/special/JetFlash%20Online%20Recovery%20User%20Manual%20_EN_.pdf00:23
sarnoldfloogy: this thing sounds frustrating enough that it'd be worth just using a standard USB mass storage device00:23
floogyBut I vcan create a partition on /dev/sdk1 of 6GB00:23
linux_dr_arculesI'm accidentally hitting the windows key a lot (details above) and seeing the taskbar eventually disappear. Except the "Show Applications" button. Is anyone else seeing this?00:26
floogyI found this working `dd if=/dev/zero of=/dev/sdc1 bs=1M count=6000 conv=fsync` like mentioned here https://de.switch-case.com/5481995000:28
linux_dr_arculesok... just discovered the taskbar sometimes returns after a screen lock00:30
floogy$ sudo mkfs.vfat /dev/sdk100:32
floogysudo mount -t vfat  /dev/sdk1 /mnt/usbstick/00:32
floogy~$ df -h /mnt/usbstick/00:32
floogyDateisystem    Größe Benutzt Verf. Verw% Eingehängt auf00:32
floogy/dev/loop0      5,9G    4,0K  5,9G    1% /mnt/usbstick00:32
sarnoldloop0 ??00:33
epic_nullhmm... never mind, apparently the solution I found is not gonna help for multiple reasons00:33
floogyYepp. Bizarre00:34
z1_anyone running 20.04?00:35
sarnoldz1_: there's probably more folks in #ubuntu+100:37
sarnoldfloogy: very weird00:38
sarnoldfloogy: your sfdisk command is to partition *inside* a partition00:38
sarnoldlet me re-read that more carefullly :)00:38
floogyYes, but I did issue it that way, due to the error on the device itself00:39
sarnoldfloogy: so, try ls -l /dev/sdk*00:39
sarnoldI wonder if /dev/sdk1 is actually a six gigabyte file instead of a block device00:39
Zeitkindcan you just unmount /dev/loop0?00:40
Zeitkindor losetup -d /dev/loop0 ?00:42
floogyYes, that could be. Maybe. I'll look into fstab00:43
floogylrwxrwxrwx 1 root root 0 Nov 22 00:25 sdk -> ../devices/pci0000:00/0000:00:14.0/usb3/3-1/3-1:1.0/host9/target9:0:0/9:0:0:0/block/sdk00:44
sarnoldand /dev/sdk1?00:44
floogy[ 6899.182508] scsi 9:0:0:0: Direct-Access     Generic  USB Flash Disk   7.76 PQ: 0 ANSI: 400:44
floogy[ 6899.183062] sd 9:0:0:0: Attached scsi generic sg11 type 000:44
floogy[ 6899.183821] sd 9:0:0:0: [sdk] Attached SCSI removable disk00:44
semitonesHello, I am trying to install ubuntu 19.10 alongside another linux distro00:47
semitonesIt had a fatal error when trying to install grub00:47
semitonesand the next window gave three choices: try to install grub to a different hdd/partition, manually install the bootloader, or cancel00:48
semitonesbut the window wouldn't respond00:48
semitoneslike, I could click OK, but it wouldn't do anything00:48
semitonesfinally, I killed ubiquity, and the desktop (GNOME?) restarted00:49
semitonesso, I guess what I'm trying to do is: Find where GRUB is already installed, and update it.00:49
semitonesoh, also, hello everyone :)00:49
epic_nullOkay so I checked lspci, and it's showing a lot of information for a missing driver, so I don't think it's that. It's not showing up in ifconfig though, and the 70-persistent-net.rules file does not exist. Does anyone have any reccomendations of what to look at next?00:50
sarnoldsemitones: I can help with the 'and update it' part :)  update-grub00:50
epic_nullSemitones, is the rest of the installation going swimmingly?00:50
sarnoldsemitones: but of course you've got to have a mostly-happy /etc/ /boot etc for it to work00:50
semitonesepic_null, no errors until that point :)00:51
epic_nullIf it'ss otherwise installed, sarnold i going the way I was gonna go00:51
semitonesSo I know grub is already installed somewhere00:51
semitonesbecause I am installing ubuntu next to OMV00:51
epic_nulljust run the update-grub command (can't remember if there's a file that you write to first... that may just be for customs though)00:52
semitonesso do I need to chroot into there, and update grub?00:52
semitonesI'm going to see what happens if I just do update-grub00:52
semitoneswait, is there a way to find out which HDD grub is installed on already?00:53
epic_nullupdate-grub takes care of all that for you00:53
semitonesso I get /usr/sbin/grub-probe: error: failed to get canonical path of `/cow'.00:54
semitonesI'm not sure what kind of state I left the installation in when I killed ubiquity00:55
floogylosetup -D doesn't detach the sdk1 loop0 https://bpaste.net/show/YBQQC00:56
epic_nullWait isn't there a grub rescue utility that you can use if you made a mess of your installation and just want it to work (albiet not nessesarily in a pretty way)? I'm pretty sure I've had to use it to get my laptop not booting to windows00:56
semitonesepic_null, yeah that's super grub disk. I already tried it and it hung00:57
semitonesI think I have to chroot into wherever grub is...00:58
Zeitkindnormally, command are case sensitive on Unix, so -d should be used. Not sure about losetup though00:58
Zeitkind-d = --detach00:58
epic_nullI don't think Grub works like the rest of Linux - it's a boot loader, not an operating system01:00
floogyLOSETUP(8)   Detach all associated loop devices: losetup -D01:01
epic_nullYou know what... looking at the contents of my drive (mostly early-dev files), I'm thinking it may be easier to just reinstall this and hope that it's an error related to hardware/configuration incompatibility01:06
semitonesI ran grub-install from the live cd and it exited no problem... I just don't know if it knows about both linux partitions... so I guess I will try to chroot into it and update-grub now01:08
semitonesugh now I get the error /usr/sbin/grub-probe: error: cannot find a device for / (is /dev mounted?).01:09
semitonesthis is why I don't understand chroot01:09
* BlueBomber ooof01:09
semitonesI didn't understand how to bind the virtual directories or what not and I have copy-pasta'd enough01:13
semitonesbut the thing that I don't understand01:13
semitonesis when update grub in the chroot runs01:13
semitonesit doesn't find the linux image in the other partition01:14
floogyloop0 is attached to the usb partition? https://bpaste.net/show/IZE4Y01:14
semitonesok... and now I decided to chroot into my recently installed ubuntu partition01:18
semitonesand update-grub finds both oses, great01:18
semitones\question for you sarnold01:19
semitonesafter I update-grub do I need to do anhthing else01:19
semitonesor is that the one01:19
sarnoldthat should do it01:19
semitoneshere it goes!01:19
sarnoldgood luck :)01:19
semitonesok so the old grub is still what booted up01:25
semitonesI think I have to make sure to grub-install when I'm in the chrooted environment, and then update-grub01:25
sarnold*which* grub is selected might be a feature of your bios01:25
sarnoldif you've got several installed anyweay01:25
semitonesyeah I wish I knew where this other one was installed01:26
semitonesif it's on sda's MBR01:26
semitonesor sdc's MBR01:26
semitonesI've been using BIOS to try booting specifically from sda, and it couldn't01:26
semitonesit said something like invalid systems disk01:26
semitonesbut then it booted up fine01:27
semitonesso I don't know if it tried sdb01:27
semitonesor what01:27
semitonesI guess more experimentation is needed01:27
sarnoldback when I did dual booting things I always yanked one drive and inserted the other..01:28
semitoneslol true01:29
sarnoldhey aleksandrdvorkin01:32
aleksandrdvorkini have a problem when trying to login to my dns address (the free ip address) i get a modem configuration page open when i try to access the Basic Configuration of my modem it wont accept the password and username DO I NEED TO RESET THE MODEM and use default username and password?01:33
* BlueBomber is curious who in here is still in school01:34
sarnoldaleksandrdvorkin: whta does it mean to "login to my dns address"?01:36
aleksandrdvorkinjust trying to open the site address that i registered01:37
semitoneswho it works!01:37
sarnoldwhat server do you expect to have on that IP address? is that IP address your modem's external address?01:38
semitonesthanks for joining the adventure sarnold and epic_null01:38
bofankoCan anyone help with connecting my phone to ubuntu? I want to acess phone's storage01:46
Zeitkindplug in?01:47
bofankoNothing happens when I connect it and Usb debbuging is turned on01:47
aleksandrdvorkinis it iphone?01:47
bofankoYes, over the cable01:47
Zeitkindset phone connect as storage?01:47
bofankoHuawei P9Lite01:47
bofankoNo option pops on the phone01:47
Zeitkind(if Android)01:48
bofankoIm telling you man, fresh install01:48
Zeitkindchange cable01:48
Zeitkindsome are power only01:48
sarnoldbofanko: the other day another user in here was using jmtpfs and mtp-tools to do phone over a wire things; of course he was in here because his USB ports no longer worked after doing so..01:49
sarnoldbofanko: adb is another popular way to do phone things with your computer01:49
Zeitkindif the phone says nothing, thre is no usb connection and adb won't work too01:49
sarnolddon' tyou have to go tap that phone version informatoin thing seven times to get into dev mode before adb will work?01:50
bofankoZeitkind, you were right. You learn something new every day. Guess that was a power only cable.01:50
Zeitkindor a broken one.. ^^01:50
bofankoYeah but the charge time is the same so I doubt it01:51
bofankoAnd it is new01:51
sarnoldif it's broken then it's bes tto cut an end off before discarding it; if it's power-only then I hope it's bright orange :)01:51
bofankosarnold, sorry what do you mean by bright orange?01:52
sarnoldbofanko: something like this :) https://images-na.ssl-images-amazon.com/images/I/51DKKHV8qlL._SX425_.jpg01:53
aleksandrdvorkinwell i connect my iphone and a window with the iphone contents pops up on mY macbook but nothing in Ubuntu that runs withing the VBox01:53
Zeitkindvbox need addons to see usb01:53
aleksandrdvorkinwhich is?01:54
bofankosarnold, I'll cut the cable then lol01:55
Zeitkind"VirtualBox 6.0.14 Oracle VM VirtualBox Extension Pack"01:55
Zeitkindnot free!01:56
Zeitkindno open source01:56
Zeitkindbut free for personla use01:56
aleksandrdvorkinZeitkind i have the extension pack installed01:56
Zeitkindthen check if your VM actually gets access to the usb device01:56
aleksandrdvorkinoh i see01:56
aleksandrdvorkinits under devices says IPHONE01:57
aleksandrdvorkinApple Inc Iphone01:57
aleksandrdvorkinFailed to attach it though01:57
Zeitkindwait.. "iPhone"?01:57
sarnoldis your hypervisor set to pass through that device and prevent the host os from using it?01:57
aleksandrdvorkinsarnold what is hypervisor01:58
ZeitkindiPhones do not work with Linux01:58
Zeitkindit's Apple, stupid!01:58
Zeitkindget FileApp or similar and use network01:59
aleksandrdvorkinbut its listed under the Devices01:59
aleksandrdvorkinin USB01:59
Zeitkindyes, but it does not work as a storage device02:00
Zeitkind(which Apple tries to prevent for years now)02:00
Zeitkindso use iTunes, use Network or get a better phone (any Android will work...)02:00
aleksandrdvorkini use icloud download02:01
Zeitkindmy last iPhone was a 4, now works as an alarm clock for my kids02:02
sarnoldaleksandrdvorkin: vbox or qemu or xen or whatever02:03
Zeitkindsarnold: iPhones do not work as a storage device, they just show up as.. useless iPhones on the usb bus02:05
Zeitkindbut they do work a camera storage02:05
Zeitkindso you can get photos off, but nothing else02:05
aleksandrdvorkinso the photos can be accessed?02:05
Zeitkindthey should AFAIR, but Apple might have changed that too02:06
Zeitkindlong ago..02:06
aleksandrdvorkinand under the Devices Network i see en5:Iphone USB202:08
Zeitkindusb networking02:08
aleksandrdvorkinso i can connect through my iphone to internet from Ubuntu in Vbox?02:08
Zeitkindnowadays quite.. useless02:09
aleksandrdvorkinanother question if my Virtual box Network set to Bridged adapter could that cause a problem connection to my modem like the modem wont accept the password for the admin02:10
Zeitkindit is more or less the same as tethering by wifi or bluetooth02:10
ToeSnacksDoesn’t ZFS Boot on Ubuntu 19.10 support any kind of full disk encryption?02:19
sarnoldToeSnacks: I'm not sure what status it's at now, but it looks like fde may come later https://github.com/orgs/ubuntu/projects/1#card-2780421702:24
ToeSnackssarnold: thank you.02:25
sarnoldToeSnacks: I followed rlaager's ubuntu zfs guide for 18.04 (but on 19.04) and things mostly seem to work -- it was a bit of a pain but at least it was well-documented :)02:25
sarnoldToeSnacks: I haven't been brave enough to try an upgrade yet and see if it still works with 19.10..02:25
ToeSnacksDoes the guide outline how to set up encryption?02:26
ToeSnacksGreat thank you again.02:26
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flog 02:32
Zeitkindstill have my split buttons.. https://imgur.com/BAPek6V02:34
Zeitkindanyone a hint? ^^02:34
flogZeitkind: split?02:37
Zeitkindyeah, neither right nor left, one is left, one is right, yellow.. gone02:37
flogGuess thats due to the theme you are using.02:37
flogCheckde gnome-tweaks?02:37
Zeitkindand changing with tweak tools doesn't change anything02:37
flogIs it the same with all programs?02:38
Zeitkindcam select right or left, doesn't matter02:38
flogMight require you to log out and back in again. Not sure.02:38
Zeitkindeven reset with dconf reset / and rebooted - stays the same02:38
flogNo idea sorry,. Im not using the gnome DE myself.02:39
Zeitkindand yes, all programs have split buttons02:39
rockwood94how can i know my server ip?02:39
Zeitkind(like Libreoffice)02:39
rockwood94any command for it?02:40
Zeitkindwhatismyip.com or simular?02:40
Zeitkindthere should be some outside02:40
rockwood94i am cli02:40
rockwood94i am using ubuntu 19.10 with cli02:40
rockwood94on Virtualbox02:40
flogrockwood94: nmcli device show <your nic>02:40
Zeitkindtry dig +short myip.opendns.com @resolver1.opendns.com.02:42
epic_nullipaddr will give you the IP address the server thinks it has02:42
epic_nullalso ifconfig02:42
flogepic_null:does even ifconfig exist anymore?02:42
epic_nullbut you may want to consult virtualbox for the IP address that you can actually reach it on02:42
Zeitkindyes, but optional install02:42
epic_nullno ifconfig? strange...02:42
epic_nullipaddr may still work02:43
Zeitkindnettools or similar02:43
flog I dont have either on my install.02:43
flognmcli provides the same info though.02:43
Zeitkindapt-get install net-tools will give you ifconfig02:44
Zeitkindbut use ip instead02:45
Zeitkindliek ip addr show02:45
flogZeitkind: i personally find nmcli device show <devicename> easier to read.02:46
Zeitkindip output is similar to ifconfig - which I'm used to for ages.. ^^02:46
flogbeauty of open soarse, 10 programs do the same thing :)02:47
ZeitkindI still use ifconfig if I look for packet losses and such though02:48
rockwood94ifconfig isn't installed in02:48
Zeitkindapt-get install net-tools02:48
rockwood94which is better?02:48
flogrockwood94: or use: ip addr show02:48
sarnoldifconfig can't do everything that ip can do02:49
sarnoldbut I haven't yet found as convenient a way to report dropped packets etc as ifconfig :(02:49
sarnold(if anyone knows wqhat I'm overlooking that'd be nice to hear what it is :)02:49
Zeitkindwell, ifconfig gives a nice overview about RX/TX errors02:49
Zeitkindnot sure what's the ip command for this is02:50
rockwood94how to log use pastebin for show out of command?02:51
flognetcat it to termbin?02:51
rockwood94means [command + upload]02:52
rockwood94i forget that command02:52
flogrockwood94: https://termbin.com/ you could use this. or just manually select copy and paste into your prefered online paste website.02:54
Zeitkindecho 'alias tb="nc termbin.com 9999"' >> .bashrc02:54
IkoIKoBash.org Getting a random quote from bash.org, Please wait..02:54
IkoIKoBash.org Socket in use, Please wait..02:54
IkoIKoBash.org - #155 Quote: <Eggo> invent a new kind of tolet paper, reusible or edible02:54
Zeitkindthen tail -f interesting.log | tb02:55
lotuspsychjeIkoIKo: not here please02:55
Zeitkindor whatever you like02:55
floglotuspsychje: bot i guess or someone with a script that triggers on the bourne again shell acronym.02:56
lotuspsychjeoh ill report, tnx02:56
sarnoldyeah it's a bot02:56
sarnoldthis isn't the first time it's happened02:57
sarnoldit's pretty silly to trigger on the trigger word anywhere in the line02:57
rockwood94amazing its having two ips02:57
Zeitkindtest for .bashrc ...02:57
IkoIKoBash.org Getting a random quote from bash.org, Please wait..02:57
IkoIKoBash.org Socket in use, Please wait..02:57
IkoIKoBash.org - #144 Quote: <Troy1> "Hey baby, what channels do you hang out in?"02:57
flogtriggers on dotbash02:57
rockwood94127.0.0.1 and
rockwood94anyway thanks02:57
Zeitkindthen try hacking the!02:58
flogrockwood94: you need to read up on
Zeitkindand 10.x.y.z is a private IP anyway02:58
rockwood94but i didn't defined it and i am surprised03:00
rockwood94how it get ti?03:00
rockwood94but i didn't defined the series too03:01
flogso virtual box did when you set up virtualbox.03:02
Zeitkindtry dhclient -d -nw eth003:03
flogZeitkind: ethX isnt used anymore?03:04
Zeitkindor whatever it is named03:04
ZeitkindI still use them (and define them :P)03:04
flogSo do i :)03:04
Zeitkindhe should know his interface by ifconfig -a03:04
ZeitkindI do like the ipconfig command on OS X03:05
Zeitkindquite handy03:05
Zeitkindif you're on a Mac, try ipconfig getpacket en0 to get your DHCP server info03:06
rockwood94i am on ubuntu03:07
flogIs your host ubuntu too?03:08
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rockwood94on virtual box ubuntu 19.10 server, flog yes03:19
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oxekoerheks: solved my issue, gnome-keyring package was not installed03:25
rockwood94i am getting error when i going to chk status of apache03:26
RockwoodHmm. We’re having trouble finding that site.We can’t connect to the server at www.cyberiaaxis.com.i am facing this issueat time establishment of domain nameon my virtual machine's ubuntu 19.1004:10
sarnoldwhat error do you get?04:11
Rockwoodactually i am trying to use own domain name instead of local host04:12
sarnoldqualys can't resolve it https://www.ssllabs.com/ssltest/analyze.html?d=www.cyberiaaxis.com04:12
Rockwoodi am using Vbox on my local machine04:12
sarnolddnsviz demonstrates that there are nsec3 records published that say the domain doesn't exist https://dnsviz.net/d/www.cyberiaaxis.com/dnssec/04:13
Rockwoodokay now?04:13
Rockwoodwhat should be now?04:13
exploremay i ask a weird question? is there such thing as a super resource-thrifty virtual machine? just for tiny things like Rasbery Pi emulation?04:14
sarnoldqualys appears to have the negative entries cached04:14
exploreor is KVM already very memory and resource thrifty?04:14
tsarompyhey #ubuntu <304:14
tsarompyif anyone has a minute, could you help me with a dependency issue? i need libpng12-dev package for eoan but it doesnt exist04:14
explorei have never ran KVM on my Ubuntu Server before, may I ask what's the typical size like?04:14
sarnoldtsarompy: that's not packaged for ubuntu any more; why do you need it? is no newer version of whataever you're installing not available?04:15
tsarompyi need it to build snes9x04:15
tsarompyspecifically snes9x-gtk04:15
sarnoldexplore: I never really paid too much attention, but the guest OS will use the majority of qemu's memory04:15
tsarompythere are no binaries for snes9x-gtk for ubuntu anymore since it was pulled from debian by a troll >:|04:16
sarnoldtsarompy: could you try with a newer libpng?04:17
sarnoldtsarompy: I have no idea who this guy is, or if he should be trusted with root on your computer, but he's made libpng12 available for eoan https://launchpad.net/~jonathonf/+archive/ubuntu/libpng12/+packages04:17
tsarompycool, thank you!04:18
tsarompyi was tempted to just grab the deb from debian sid but i will take a look at that04:18
tsarompyi do see a newer version of libpng-dev but the source specifically wants libpng12 to compile soooOOoOoOo04:19
tsarompyagain, thanks. this has been bothering me for days04:19
Rockwoodhow to uninstall apache with all setting? from ubuntu 19.1004:25
tsarompyyou want to uninstall apache and remove the settings?04:26
tsarompyRockwood: this should help you -> http://xmodulo.com/how-to-uninstall-and-remove-apache2-on-ubuntu-debian.html04:26
Rockwoodyes tsarompy04:28
tsarompyRockwood: that link has all the instructions you'll need :D04:29
tsarompyare you looking for a replacement?04:29
Rockwoodby mistake wrong setting04:30
Rockwoodremove and reinstall04:30
tsarompyokay. i've used apache quite a bit. if you need help, feel free to private message me if you have trouble04:31
* Rockwood eating burgers :)04:32
Rockwoodty office time :)  cya sooner04:37
lalitmeeHey Guys, why my font rendering is bad in Ubuntu 18.04. https://i.imgur.com/7KElynN.png04:43
lalitmeeI have tried font hinting and antilising etc04:44
lalitmeebut no luck04:44
lalitmeethis font is default Monaco font. If I zoom in once, it looks find but another zoom in it will look bad.04:44
flogScreenshot look ok to me. :/04:48
tsarompyis it just in your browser?04:48
tsarompywhy not change the default monospaced font04:48
tsarompyubuntu mono looks nice :P04:48
tsarompyi think monaco is just ugly period04:49
tsarompylalitmee: what browser are you using?04:49
lalitmeetsarompy: actually yeah you can say it is in the browser. I have tried using chrome, chromium04:50
lalitmeetsarompy: I am also facing this issue in the application which are build using electron. Like Slack04:50
tsarompyhave you edited $HOME/.config/gtk-3.0/settings.ini to set smoothing or what04:50
lalitmeetsarompy: actually no. I don't know what to do for that smoothing04:51
lalitmeeIf you can guide me04:51
tsarompyill PM you so we dont fill up the chat okay?04:51
lalitmeeotherwise I have tried every possible solution on the internet04:51
tsarompyokay i sent you part of my .Xresources file04:52
tsarompythat oughta fix it, if not we can try something else04:52
tsarompylalitmee: heres my .Xresources file if it will help you04:55
tsarompylalitmee: im a kubuntu user personally but in your appearance settings in gnome it should say something about font smoothing/hinting04:57
tsarompyif youre not sure of the differences, this image may help04:58
tsarompyalso lalitmee, this reddit thread may be of some help to you -> https://www.reddit.com/r/linux/comments/8gqrjn/ubuntu_1804_font_rendering_how_to_make_fonts_look/05:00
lalitmeetsarompy: Its not fixed still. It is the same as it was05:15
tsarompylalitmee: have you checked your font settings in your gnome appearance settings?05:23
tsarompyalso, did you run 'xrdb -merge $HOME/.Xresources' after adding those changes to your .Xresources file?05:23
lalitmeetsarompy: oh no.. I didn't run that05:27
lalitmeeI will run now05:27
YJ12345How to set python3.8 as default instead of 2.7 ? (apart from the alias option)05:28
lalitmeeI have check my font settings. its default whatever it comes with. I didn't change it.05:28
lalitmeetsarompy: Hey I tried that reddit solution too and I run that command too. I have logged out and logged in. I think I will reboot once more.05:33
tsarompyit wont make a difference lalitmee05:34
tsarompylalitmee: try installing lxappearance and specifying the font smoothing/hinting that you'd like05:35
lalitmeetsarompy: I thought it will because in that solution it is written that restart x-server of reboot. I didn't do either one of theme05:35
dpsim sorry if you guys keep getting messages that say i keep joining abd leaving. its this Polari IRC im using. i have it set to log me in automatically when i open Polari, and every time that my screen turn off it seems to for some reason think that im closing the program. even though i have it set to run in the background. again, my apologies05:41
flogdps: your computer probably sleeps and thus turns off the network card.05:44
explorehey guys i haven't used linux in a long while, and it's my first try with Ubuntu Server, and it's my first time using LVM07:06
exploreis it normal that my / drive is only 4GB?07:06
exploresorry / partition07:06
exploreokay i need to read about LVM that's gonna help https://www.howtogeek.com/howto/40702/how-to-manage-and-use-lvm-logical-volume-management-in-ubuntu/07:08
exploreguys when you install a virgin ubuntu server with lvm, it doesn't use up all the hard drive space and assign it to /?07:11
explorei mean.. not literally all.. just all the space aside from rescue and boot right?07:12
=== spaceghost_ is now known as spaceghost
lotuspsychjeexplore: come join to #ubuntu-server if you want07:24
calIn-#u.s. -08:18
calIn-#u.s. -08:18
TuorHi, the description of the KeePassX Package has a typo (I think):  In contrast to KeePassXC (package keepassxc), the development pace of KeePassX has slowed down. It has less features, and uses an outdated version of the Qt widget. If you do not know whether you should install keepassx or keepassxc, install keepassx instead!08:31
TuorThe second last word should be Keepassxc not Keepassx...08:31
IaMnEwHeReTuor, I think it is best to open a ticket in the corresponding bugtracker08:36
pipegeekQuestion: is it possible that pip is broken for python 3.6 on ubuntu disco?08:57
pipegeekit looks like it depends ultimately on python-apt, which seems to only ship with its native components built for python 3.7, even though they're installed in /usr/lib/python308:58
IaMnEwHeRepipegeek, why use pip? use anaconda and their environments :D08:58
IaMnEwHeReon the distro that is08:58
Ben64well since disco comes with python3.7.... i'd say 3.6 stuff would be likely to not work08:58
pipegeek:P because I don't want to download and set up anaconda to see if something works in python 3.6 since it's available in the system :P08:58
pipegeek.... oh lord, no, I thought python 3.6 was also shipped in disco but it's just leftover from before the upgrade08:59
pipegeeknever mind... haha08:59
pipegeekthat said: aren't things installed in /usr/lib/python3 supposed to be non-minor-version-specific?09:00
IaMnEwHeRepipegeek, don't know the details but since Python3.6is it's own thing and so is Python3.7 etc. the minor-upgrades might not be compatible in the first place, even on an internal interface level09:01
pipegeekI can always just run a docker container.  It was just a surprise09:01
pipegeekwelcome Rockwood09:02
Rockwoodi am facing a issue on my ubuntu09:02
=== luxio is now known as leonardus
Rockwoodwhere its missing09:02
vltTuor: While you're at it: "...*fewer features"?09:03
Rockwoodhow chk my active site in ubuntu?09:03
Rockwoodi am using apache as you can see09:03
IaMnEwHeReRockwood what exactly is your problem?09:03
IaMnEwHeRedo you want to see what your server serves?09:04
Rockwoodi wanna chk my active/enable site09:04
Rockwoodi am using apache209:04
IaMnEwHeReRockwookd ls /etc/apach2/sites-enabled/09:06
IaMnEwHeReRockwood sry for missping, see above09:08
Rockwoodcyberia@yberiaaxis:/var/www$ ls /etc/apach2/sites-enabled09:12
Rockwoodls: cannot access '/etc/apach2/sites-enabled': No such file or directory09:12
flogRockwood: apache2 not apach209:15
TuorI don't know the corresponding bugtracker is, Ubuntu or is it comming from debian?09:16
Tuorvlt: If you say so, I'm not good at languages (even I speak 3 more or less).09:16
Tuorvlt: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/keepassx/+bug/185357609:36
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1853576 in keepassx (Ubuntu) "Keepassx APT package description" [Undecided,New]09:36
TuorI hope this is the right place.09:36
dan01Is it a good idea to use ZFS for Ubuntu 19.04 on a SSD?09:44
dan0119.10, sorry09:45
oxekwhich terminal emulator can safely handle acidental cat of a binary file?09:47
oxekgnome-terminal gets messed up09:47
Ben64oxek: none09:48
oxekBen64: I know mosh manages to handle it fine, but that is not a local terminal emulator09:49
oxekso surely some terminal emulator can do it too09:49
Ben64don't cat binary files, or use 'reset' if you do09:50
oxekhow do I reset?09:50
oxekmy terminal emulator gets so messed up that even typing text types weird characters, so the command 'reset' will not be typed09:51
Ben64it will still do it09:51
oxekI tried and I get an output of:09:51
oxek-bash: �b�E���: command not found09:53
oxekthat's when I type reset09:53
Ben64hit ctrl+c a couple times to make sure nothing is there first09:54
oxekhmm, sometimes that works, sometimes not09:56
oxekin any case, what's a good terminal emulator to use then? I am unhappy with gnome-terminal09:56
Ben64konsole, lxterminal, guake, terminator, xterm09:58
oxekthanks, I'll try them out09:59
chietahow to make vpn connected from the booting?10:01
vltchieta: `systemctl enable openvpn@your_conf` should do it.10:08
chietawhere is the config,  vlt10:10
chietai usually using nmcli conn up vpn_conf10:10
chietathe vpn_conf located on /etc/NetworkManager/system-connections10:10
vltI use OpenVPN. Its config is in /etc/openvpn/.10:11
chietahere i want to connect to vpn server10:12
chietaeverytime mybox up... i want to make sure that the box connected to the vpn server10:12
angryantI'm having trouble running two OpenVPN tunnels on my 18.04 desktop. The use case is one primary tunnel for all traffic and one making traffic to an office network available. I have been scouring the web for a couple of weeks and have yet to find anything resembling a good guide on use cases like that. Any pointers or advice would be highly appreciated :)10:31
angryantThe primary tunnel is tied to my Ethernet connection (the connection auto-starting the tunnel) and is set to route all traffic. The other I manually connect when necessary and is configured to not route all traffic.10:32
angryantMy problem is that when one tunnel is active, the other fails to connect.10:33
angryantSetting different custom gateway ports and virtual device names have had no effect.10:34
Priceyangryant: What client are you using?10:52
explorehey i have a newbie question11:25
exploreis it normal that during the Ubuntu Server installation, with a 500Gb HDD, that the LV for / is a mere 4GB?11:26
explorewhat if i have a lot of files in my /home/username/? also when i use KVM i need to store some sizable VMs in /var/11:26
EriC^explore: if nobody knows here might try in #ubuntu-server11:26
exploreoh i didn't know there's that channel my bad11:27
explorei'll ask there thanks EriC^11:27
explorethank goodness they explained this in um.. stackoverflow it wasn't unique to me at all11:32
explorethanks a bunch guys *hugs*11:32
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aotzhello, guys.  What keys should i press together to maximize a window in (Ubuntu's default) compiz?11:52
EriC^aotz: you could do ctrl+super + up arrow11:53
EriC^also there's the alt+space then x11:54
* aotz is going to check that11:54
EriC^alt+space+n to minimize11:54
EriC^i personally use that a ton11:54
aotzoh, thank you a lot, EriC^11:54
EriC^aotz: no problem11:55
aotzwill never forget those shortcuts11:55
aotzmay i ask another question... in Ubuntu when there is just empty desktop on the screen (with no windows open), it should be possible to press something and display the screen that is essentially a cheatsheet of unity and compiz keyboard shortcuts11:59
aotzwhat exactly should be pressed to display that?11:59
EriC^aotz: hold super key11:59
aotzok, i'll try...11:59
EriC^it works anywhere btw11:59
aotzi'm sorry, i have unity 7.4.5+16.04.20180221-0ubuntu1 and when i just hold the super key, after a second darkish squares with numbers appear on the icons in the Launcher (and letter t appears on the trash can icon).12:04
aotzlooks like it is intended to be used like that: you hold the super key, nubers appear, then you press the number, and this is equivalent to a click on that icon12:05
explorehey guys is it possible to do something like REadyBoost on LInux? like a file system cache?12:05
explorebasically most frequently read files would always be cached in the usb key12:05
explore(aside from being cahed in the free main memory that i)12:05
roryif you have an SSD, wouldn't a USB key be slower than normal filesystem access anyway?12:06
explorethat's the thing, it's not an SSD12:07
exploreslow seagate12:07
EriC^aotz: ah i have the same, but also i get a screen that gives windows related shortcuts and stuf12:08
EriC^im on 16.04 though12:08
aotzi'm on 16.04.4 LTS12:08
EriC^ah same12:09
aotzok. i'll try to find that somewhere in installed help pages12:09
aotzEriC^: thanks a lot for telling about alt-space and ctrl-super-arrows12:10
explorewikipedia talks about something called dm-cache, bcache, and flashcache12:10
exploreoh i see lvmcache is the modern name for dm-cache12:12
angryant_Pricey: network-manager-openvpn12:20
BluesKajHowdy all12:24
MalgorathAnyone able to help me understand why Ubuntu wont see my raid controller properly? I have C600/X79 Intell SATA Raid Controller and I have 2 8TB drives in Raid 0 but all I see is 2TB on the device12:32
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JuJUBeeFor some reason, logging in recently started taking a long time, like 7 minutes.  What should I be looking for?12:53
JuJUBeeEven a sudo apt update takes a long time to start after I enter my password.12:59
ioriaJuJUBee, login problems might come from shell extensions or Startup App; about sudo , no idea, i suggest to check 'top'  and 'free -m'13:02
raubI wonder if it is going through a long list of authentication systems before finding user and password.13:03
raubAnd some of those systems are not implemented and it does not care13:04
JuJUBeeioria, thanks, baloo_file_extractor is using 100% CPU  I don't even know what that is.13:04
ioriakde thing, i guess13:05
ioriaJuJUBee, have you installed Plasma ?13:05
JuJUBeeYes, I used to use kde, now mostly xfce13:05
ioriaJuJUBee, cd /etc/xdg/autostart and backup all kde files.desktop13:06
JuJUBeeioria, only one seems to be kdeconnectd.desktop, nothing else has kde in the name13:08
JuJUBeeah, found 3 more13:08
ioriaJuJUBee, don't you have a baloo*. desktop files ?13:08
JuJUBeeyes, How do I know what is for kde then?13:09
ioriaJuJUBee, that's not easy to know (unless you check apt-cache depends plasma or kubuntu-desktop); what de are you on atm ?13:10
ioriaJuJUBee, paste    ls  /etc/xdg/autostart  | nc termbin.com 999913:11
ioriaJuJUBee, you have 4 de ?13:13
ioriamaybe 513:13
=== Rockwood_ is now known as Rockwood
JuJUBeeyes, I was testing them out to see what I like.  Never removed them13:14
ioriaJuJUBee, sy to tell, but it's a recipe for troubles13:14
=== BluesKaj_ is now known as BluesKaj
JuJUBeeshould I just remove the ones I don't use?  I have had them all installed for years...13:15
JuJUBeeNever experienced this kind of behavior13:15
ioriaJuJUBee, i can recognize : krunner, klipper, baloo_file.desktop, etc. etc.13:16
JuJUBeeIf I remove kubuntu-desktop, will that remove them?13:16
JuJUBeeHaven't used kde in over a year13:16
ioriaJuJUBee, pam_kwallet_init.desktop, plasmashell.desktop13:16
ioriaJuJUBee, with autoremove, probably yes, but not all of them13:17
ioriaJuJUBee, also /etc/hosts if incorrect, might slow down things13:18
JuJUBeelooks like default13:19
JuJUBeeIt must be something related to authentication.  more /etc/hosts very fast, nano /etc/hosts taking long time...13:19
JuJUBeeHad to enter passwd13:20
ioriaJuJUBee, journalctl can have clues13:20
JuJUBeeioria, I have to go teach class, I will come back later... thanks for helping13:21
g105bI'm having big troubles trying to install 19.10 - I think nvidia drivers need to be installed on my system. I've managed to boot onto the USB "try before you install" option, but I can't apt update or anything - lot of errors regarding ZFS when trying anything.13:48
wedrI'm actually wondering about this. I thought Nvidia had released a GeForce Experience software app that manages Ubuntu drivers?14:26
wedror any Linux drivers in general14:26
lotuspsychjewedr: ubuntu-drivers list to see your drivers management14:27
lotuspsychjeor software&updates/tab additional drivers14:28
wedrThat's one way, but I thought Nvidia had that incentive to deliver their own package manager for Linux drivers14:30
oerheksthat is the recommended way, driver tool in updates14:30
wedrok, then I was wrong.14:30
oerhekson top of that, there is a PPA with newer builds too14:31
g105bI can't install Ubuntu 19.10 from USB. It keeps hanging on ZFS related things. Is it possible to disable whatever ZFS is?14:31
oerheksg105b, boot in live mode, clean out the disk?14:31
g105boerheks: I'm in live mode.14:32
g105boerheks: What disk should I clean out?14:32
oerhekszpool could tell you what disk: https://askubuntu.com/questions/304822/how-do-i-remove-a-pool-from-zfs >> sudo zpool destroy <name>14:34
oerheksand the disks util gives a gui?14:34
g105bI've got a fresh SSD in my system, and I have booted into Ubuntu's installation USB. I first tried to let the installer run itself, but it got stuck so I tried to do it manually in the live mode.14:34
g105bHm, maybe the SSD isn't as fresh as I think it is.14:35
g105bWhat could be causing this? Is the mere presence of an SSD drive causing the installer to fail? Can't the installer ovewrite the whole drive?14:36
g105bI can reproduce the issue by booting into live mode, then performing apt update && apt upgrade -y14:37
g105bDoing so hangs apt for about 3 minutes, at which point it fails with a lot of errors about ZFS. As far as I know I haven't mounted any drives yet.14:37
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g105bI can't figure anything out. I unplugged all drives from my PC and went ahead with the installer again - I know it sounds stupid, because there won't be anywhere to install to, but I wanted to see if it hanged still - it still hangs even without any drives. Is there something that a previous install of Ubuntu/Debian could have left outside of the15:05
g105bhard drives? There isn't any more storage anywhere is there?15:05
simon87hello, I need to know why my system crash with these errors -> https://paste.ubuntu.com/p/hVT6tY6qZx/15:14
simon87After these errors, the windows manager (I think the whole system) is stucked and I must turn off pc from button :l15:16
ioriasimon87, boot an older kernel15:17
simon87ioria, Could that be the problem?15:18
ioriasimon87, maybe; what's your actual kernel and ubuntu release ?15:19
correctWhen I close a ubnntu ec2 instance that has a ubuntu username/password, for some reaosn, I can't ssh to the clone using the same username/password that I created on the host.15:19
correct*When I clone15:19
ioriasimon87, uname -r ; cat /etc/issue15:20
simon87Ioria, 5.0.0-36-generic , Ubuntu 10.0415:20
ioriasimon87, from the grub screen -> advanced option  select and older version15:22
simon87ioria, ok, im going to try, thanks :)15:29
ioriano prob15:29
=== simon8729 is now known as simon87
simon87ioria, I tried to get grub screen holding shift key when ubuntu boots but nothing happens15:43
apawlWhen I run `apt-get update`, I notice that some of the official ubuntu repos are being reached via HTTP (i.e. no encryption)15:44
simon87i also tried with esc key, but it let me enter in boot select window and i have to select media boot15:44
apawlFor example: http://security.ubuntu.com/ubuntu15:44
lotuspsychjeapawl: could you pastebin the output please15:44
simon87but nothing (it's the second time i try to type you that but the system crashes all the time, im hungry)15:44
apawllotuspsychje https://paste.ubuntu.com/p/6gQZWqK9dj/15:45
apawlWondering why those *.ubuntu.com domains aren't using HTTPS?15:45
ioriasimon87,  you can also edit /etc/default/grub and comment the 2° and 3° line  (GRUB_TIMEOUT_STYLE=hidden and GRUB_TIMEOUT=10), and run  sudo update-grub15:46
lotuspsychjeapawl: if im not mistaken, i heared the mirror guys mentioning something about sync15:46
ioriasimon87,  in this way you'll get the grub screen15:46
lotuspsychjeapawl: if you want to doublecheck, please ask in #ubuntu-mirrors15:46
simon87ok thank you again, im tring this way15:47
ioriaapawl, https://whydoesaptnotusehttps.com/15:47
apawlHa, love the domain15:48
simon87ioria, i have no "GRUB_TIMEOUT_STYLE=hidden"  in that file; is it the same?15:48
ioriasimon87,  cat /etc/default/grub  | nc termbin.com 999915:49
apawlI disagree with some of their criticisms of HTTPS, but appreciate that there are mirrors I can use that have TLS.15:49
simon87ioria, https://termbin.com/3k1j15:49
SimonNLlove your nick15:50
ioriasimon87,  just comment GRUB_TIMEOUT=0   and run sudo update-grub15:50
simon87done; if i reboot, grub menu is now accessible, yes?15:51
simon87im going to try15:51
simon87ioria, ok i got it; now i selected 5.0.0-32-generic15:53
simon87it was the older15:53
ioriasimon87, when exactly did you experience the crash ? i mae, while doing what action ?15:54
g105bTurns out it's literally impossible to use the 19.10 installer to install Ubuntu if the system uses Nvidia drivers. It works perfectly installing 19.04 and upgrading.15:55
ioriag105b, can't you use nomodeset ?15:55
g105bioria: I can, and did, but it made no difference. The actual installer hangs.15:56
simon87nothing, absolutely nothing lol. when I was trying to explain to you the problem with grub my system stucked for two times and i was forced to turn off the pc from on/off button15:56
simon87do not depends from what im doing, if there is a lot of memory usage or something like this15:57
ioriasimon87, i see; then test the old kernel for a while;  consider also the upgrade to 19.1015:57
simon87ok thank you, see you l8r15:58
JuJUBeeioria, I am back.  When I logged in it took 9 minutes to authenticate... ugh!  Now if I disable balooctl, it will take another 7-10 minutes for the sudo passwd to authenticate...16:04
JuJUBeebaloo_file_extractor is using 100% of 1 of my cores16:05
ioriaJuJUBee, did you make the .desktop backups ?16:11
logglogyHI everyone. I am  a novice linux user. I work in a pc shop for years. In our country 100% ppl use windows for everyday use. Lately I am getting more and more requests to install ubuntu alongside the windows. Is there a way to install ubuntu and give it to the customer so the next time he boots in ubuntu it asks him to make an admin account and16:15
logglogycreate a pwd? Usually I would create a random admin user and pwd so the customer can change it later.16:15
rajivmarstoday after installing ubuntu, i was trying to install ubuntu-restricted-extras, but while installing corefonts it displays error. i am not able to use msfonts in libreoffice. anybody help please.16:16
DZIIHello all16:17
DZIIquestion when using cp to copy a vsftpd conf file it does copy but server fails vi/vim etc works even wget works16:17
rajivmarsnow when i am trying to install ttf-mscorefonts-installer, it says that this software is already installed and it is the newest version.16:19
JuJUBeeioria, yes, I moved them to a separate folder16:20
JuJUBeeioria, had to wait 9 min for the sudo auth to work...16:20
ioriaJuJUBee, and you still have that baloo_file_extractor 100% cpu ?16:20
ioriaJuJUBee,  dpkg -l | grep baloo | nc termbin.com 999916:21
ioriaJuJUBee,  sudo systemctl stop balooctl  && sudo systemctl disable balooctl16:22
ioriaJuJUBee,  and reboot16:23
JuJUBeeioria, here goes, I will be back...16:24
rajivmarsthis was the error msg https://paste.ubuntu.com/p/Hs5fX2nqww/16:24
nbusronemay I know , setting /home to ssd is faster or to a hard disk ?16:27
g105bIs it possible to encrypt just the home directory in 19.04 or 19.10? The option seems to have been removed from the installer.16:29
nbusroneDoes it work by editing fstab changing directory for /home ? https://askubuntu.com/questions/968851/fresh-install-of-ubuntu-17-10-how-can-i-move-home-directory-to-another-hard-dr16:30
nbusroneusing 18.0416:31
RockwoodDOM is missing16:31
rajivmarsi m using 18.04.316:31
pragmaticenigmag105b: I thought it asked when you set up your user account. What stage in the install process are you currently at?16:34
Rockwoodhelp me16:36
Rockwoodserver 19.10 having lots of missings16:37
pragmaticenigma!patience | Rockwood16:37
ubottuRockwood: Don't feel ignored and repeat your question quickly; if nobody knows your answer, nobody will answer you. While you wait, try searching https://help.ubuntu.com or https://ubuntuforums.org or https://askubuntu.com/16:37
Rockwoodah okay16:37
JuJUBeeioria, a little better now, login only took 4 minutes16:38
JuJUBeeioria, now tracker-miner-fs is using 103%16:38
g105bpragmaticenigma: I thought so too. I'm on the screen where it's asking for my name and user name and password.16:38
iorianope, has been removed g105b , you can use sudo ecryptfs-migrate-home -u <user> but there are caveats (after the install)16:39
g105byeah, caveats are chasing me today.16:39
g105bI have a spare SSD, maybe it will be easier to encrypt that and use it for the /home mountpoint?16:39
JuJUBeeioria, tracker-miner-fs seems to have settled down now16:40
ioriag105b, caveats are about the swap and you need to create anothe user and login in it right after the ecryptfs cmd16:40
ioriaJuJUBee, i think you can safely disable it too16:40
g105bI thought ecryptfs was removed recently? It has been removed from Debian Buster due to many security concerns.16:40
g105bIs it still part of 19.10?16:41
ioriag105b, is in universe, indeed16:41
ioria!info ecryptfs-utils  eoan16:42
ubottuecryptfs-utils (source: ecryptfs-utils): ecryptfs cryptographic filesystem (utilities). In component universe, is optional. Version 111-0ubuntu5 (eoan), package size 103 kB, installed size 572 kB16:42
g105bCool, I'll try that.16:42
ioriawell, not very cool, but ok16:42
pragmaticenigmag105b: make sure you read the caveats message from ioria16:42
g105bI'm aware of how to do it, but I'm finding it really difficult to upgrade to 19.10 due to things being incompatible.16:42
pragmaticenigmag105b: You understand that encrypting the home directory will cause just as many issues the next time you upgrade?16:43
g105bpragmaticenigma: All I want is an encrypted computer, one that I can upgrade to 19.10 with.16:43
g105bLUKS failed me.16:44
pragmaticenigmag105b: and I'm trying to point out that since the encrypted home feature was removed, it's not being tested and not considered part of regression testing in future releases. Meaning that you may risk loss of data at the next Ubuntu release16:45
g105bWhat am I meant to do?16:45
g105bI don't want to run unencrypted.16:45
pragmaticenigmaFull drive encryption is the recommended path. Not knowing what "failed" you in LUKS, I can't really know what to recommend16:46
g105bI installed 19.04, then do-release-upgrade died with "lvm2-activiation-generator activation generator failed". Won't boot, so I'm installing again without full drive encryption.16:46
g105bWould it be possible to use a totally separate hard drive as /home mount point, and have that HDD encrypted, or is that complicating things further?16:47
pragmaticenigmag105b: that would be complicating things further16:48
pragmaticenigmag105b: When I run my machine encrypted and it comes time for an upgrade. I back all my data up to a separate disk that I can take offline. I install a fresh copy of the OS, and the migrate my data back onto it. I have never seen an upgrade between releases go smoothly16:49
g105bI would prefer to just install 19.10 but it fails me too.16:50
g105bThe sensible solution is to stick with LTS only.16:50
pragmaticenigmag105b: The other issue I think you're running into is you're running the standard releases. There's a lot more regression testing and stability between LTS releases16:50
g105bNo shiny new Ubuntu for me then.16:51
DZIIwhen using cp to copy a vsftpd conf file back to etc it does copy but server fails ?16:53
ioriag105b, can you summarize what the problem installing 19.10 is ?16:53
g105bioria: I pick my location (UK) then pick my keyboard layout (British) then the entire thing hangs forever.16:54
ioriag105b, alco using nomodeset ?16:54
g105bI booted into live mode, and the same thing happens if I try apt-get upgrade16:54
g105bioria: Yeah, no difference.16:54
ioriag105b, no sense running apt upgrade on live cd16:55
osseHi. I copied /usr/share/applications/kitty.desktop to ~/.local/share/applications/mykitty.desktop. I then changed the Name and modified the Exec to add some arguments. It shows up in the Launcher, but if I pin it to the sidebar and open it again the original desktop file is used. Do I need to give my desktop file a different ID somehow?16:55
JuJUBeeioria, I did not disable tracker-mine-fs as it stopped using so much cpu.  Now most cpu used is single digits16:55
ioriag105b, because you'll need to reboot16:55
g105bioria: I understand that, but I wanted to see what the issue was.16:55
JuJUBeeioria, authentication (login/sudo etc) still taking 4 minutes16:55
ioriag105b, ok16:56
g105bioria: apt upgrade replicates the issue - some problems with ZFS not mounting, or timing out ... or something.16:56
ioriag105b, and you're using the automatic feature ? nothing changed ?16:57
g105bWhat automatic feature do you mean?16:57
ioriag105b, erase the disk and install ubuntu or something else16:59
swimm3rhi. which tv tuber is the best for ubuntu (DVB-C)? thank you.16:59
g105bioria: ah, yeah I let the automatic option do its own thing.16:59
ioriag105b, how did you make the usb media  ? with what software ?17:00
g105bstartup disk creator on another ubuntu machine17:00
ioriaJuJUBee, i suggest to check journalctl17:00
ioriag105b, not a good idea; please use 'dd'17:01
g105bHow would I know not to trust Canonical's advice on the download page of ubuntu.com ?17:01
ioriag105b, wait, just my h o17:02
g105bI'm sure startup disk creator uses dd, but it wraps it in a gui.17:02
g105bWell I've just done do-release-upgrade without encryption and there are new error preventing it from booting, so I guess 19.10 is just not compatible with my desktop computer.17:03
JuJUBeeioria, ok, so journalctl is HUGE.  20+K lines still in May 4.17:03
ioriaJuJUBee, journalctl -b 017:12
ioriag105b, what's your desktop computer ?17:12
g105bioria: unbranded, a trusty workhorse though (until today). Twin GTX 970 gfx cards, ASUS motherboard, Sandisk drives, Intel CPU. About 5 years old.17:14
baqirhey all. is the Nvidia driver better than the default one?17:15
ioriag105b, 1) do again the media with dd 2) disable secure boot if enabled17:16
g105bHow confident are you that dd will make any difference to using startup disk creator?17:16
ioriag105b, it did sometimes17:16
JuJUBeeioria, ok, what am I looking for?  I don't see any large gap in time (4 min)17:17
ioriaJuJUBee,  paste it please17:17
JuJUBeeioria, I do see a bunch of "usb 1-4.1: device descriptor read/8, error -110" lines17:17
JuJUBeeioria, the whole thing?17:18
ioriaJuJUBee,   journalctl -b 0 should not be so big17:19
baqirhey all. is the Nvidia driver better than the default one?17:21
banyantreeyes but no17:23
Class7depends what you want you wanna do on your system17:23
Class7steam and playing games? then yes17:23
Class7sry the grammer is drunk :D17:24
Class7for me its the nvidia driver bcus of steam and lutris, on my server i use the default open source driver. its more stable they say17:25
JuJUBeeioria, https://paste.ubuntu.com/p/HW8YBYhMXS/17:25
banyantreeanyone with amazon prime account here?17:27
banyantreeor netflix?17:27
Class7yey but no17:27
banyantreei cant watch anything ...17:27
Class7auch hier deutschland. alles ok netz vodafon17:27
banyantreeits not gema or that shit17:27
banyantreeah hi17:28
Class7beides funktioniert17:28
banyantreenee liegt an meinem browser glaub ich17:28
banyantreewelchen browser benutzt du denn?17:28
Class7was nimmste na her?17:28
banyantreechrome und firefox hab ich probiert17:28
Class7kommt drauf an was ich mach, ff oder chromium17:29
banyantreefirefox ging früher17:29
banyantreechromium hab ich auch17:29
Class7ggf hast ja auch dns probleme, tausch mal deinen dns aus wennst weist wie das geht17:29
JuJUBeeioria, gotta go teach another class.  I will check back in about 1 hr17:29
banyantreeecht, meionste?17:29
Class7kann sein17:29
Class7geht youtube?17:29
Class7vimdeo usw?17:29
banyantreealso html5 geht17:30
banyantreeflash hab ich nicht installiert17:30
banyantreeglaub ich17:30
Class7https://fast.com/ geht der speedtest bei dir sauber?17:30
Class7dann sollt eig auch netflix gehn17:30
banyantreezeigt 15mbit an17:31
Class7und is das ok für dich und deine leitung?17:31
emxIs there a way to mount SFTP connections into "Files"?17:31
banyantreeging früher auch17:31
banyantreene 16er17:31
banyantreealso 15 ist schon in ordnung17:31
enriowhats the difference between Ntfs and Ntfs-3g mount?17:32
Class7ja gute frage worans liegt. netflix server: ok, deine leitung: ok ggf sind grad zu viele auf netflix in deiner gegend und das peering is mist. also der server im hintergrund von deinem anbieter is überlastet17:32
Class7wenns in ner stund enoch so is dann denk ich is es a problem bei dir17:33
banyantreealso öhm - es geht jetzt17:33
banyantreedanke für deine hilfe =D17:33
Class7@emx https://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=238206217:33
Class7na is doch schonmal was17:33
banyantreeClass7 YEAH!!!!17:33
banyantreeder Freitag abend ist gerettet =D17:34
Class7schönes wochenende17:34
banyantreedir auch17:34
banyantreewas machst mit dem server?17:34
lordcirth!de | banyantree17:34
ubottubanyantree: In den meisten Ubuntu-Kanälen wird nur Englisch gesprochen. Für deutschsprachige Hilfe besuche bitte #ubuntu-de, #kubuntu-de, #edubuntu-de oder #ubuntu-at. Einfach "/join #ubuntu-de" eingeben. Danke für Dein Verständnis!17:34
banyantreeok ok17:35
emxClass7, thanks17:35
Class7jesus, the internetz love dem rules ai?17:35
Class7a channel suffering in idle and silence for days, then suddenly wrong language used and bam - OBEY THE RULES!!!! :D17:37
Class7silence again it is17:37
oerheksClass7, idle? you are wrong, please stop it17:37
Class7i did stop alrdy. no hard feelings ok ;)17:38
oerheksClass7, i have no problem with people giving support, appreciate it.17:40
Class7its all fine, just pointed out that we looooove our rules :D17:41
banyantreeis there a channel activity statistics like sent messages over the time in the world wide web?17:44
Class7the only thing i know so far17:45
Class7never thought about this :D17:45
banyantreehehe it says "freenode - out of competition"17:45
Class7the more you know17:48
bynariehow do you get an ubuntu cloak? i assume you have to be some sort of staff?17:56
ikanoboribynarie: Be an Ubuntu member and ask in #ubuntu-irc.17:57
bynariejust curious but what exactly qualifies as a member?17:57
legreffierbynarie: sustained contribution to ubuntu communities.17:58
ubottuUbuntu Membership means recognition of a significant and sustained contribution to Ubuntu and the Ubuntu community.  For more info see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Membership17:58
ikanoboriSomeone who contributes to Ubuntu: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Membership/NewMember17:58
bynariethank you17:58
oerheksyou can get a free cloak or for your company/project in #freenode17:58
legreffierbynarie: writing patches, being helpful on irc and/or forums, ...17:59
ikanoboriYea like the silly one I have. You can also get a unaffiliated cloak.17:59
ikanoboriOr is that the default now?17:59
legreffierit'll be unaffiliated/whatever18:00
bynariesounds good thank you for the info18:04
q9Hi, how do I use the current ipv6-Prefix in an nftables-rule?18:48
mrproperI am installing Ubuntu Desktop 19.10 to VMware Fusion and it is hanged multiple times when I tell it to format the partition. Is this a known bug?18:49
pipegeekq9: just to get it out of the way: the underlying volume isn't full is it?19:24
lpapphi, I am trying to upgrade from 08.0419:26
lpappI have tried following these instructions: https://www.ndchost.com/wiki/server-administration/upgrade-ubuntu-pre-10.0419:26
lpappdo-release-upgrade --proposed -> No new release found.19:26
lpapp8.04.2 to be precise on i68619:26
twobitspritelpapp: you want to apply 11 years of upgrades all at once? I would probably just back up my data and re-install fresh...19:28
q9pinegeek: wrong person you mean mrproper19:28
lpapptwobitsprite: yes, or even step by step19:29
mrproperpipegeek: If you're referring to me, then correct. There is plenty of it available. 265GB.19:29
lpappthere is no data19:29
lpapphowever this is an old netbook. I do not really have an usb at hand to write out 16.04 (last i686 release)19:29
lpappanyway, got a clue even if I have to go to 10.04 or something first?19:30
nixfreak85Question about mounting DVD iso on 16.x and then installing packages like cifs-utils19:31
nixfreak85I am running this on xenserver, When I mount the iso I can see the full directories but I want to apt-get install some package from the iso19:32
nixfreak85apt-cdrom add /media/iso/path/ does not work19:32
nixfreak85or add the iso directories to sources.list , I just don't know what directories to add , any help would be very helpful, also I am doing this offline19:34
Ben64nixfreak85: https://www.hiroom2.com/2016/08/12/ubuntu-16-04-install-package-from-dvd/19:36
nixfreak85@ben64 and this will work even though the iso is mounted to /media/ubuntu*19:45
nixfreak85because if I umount then I can't see it from Xen anymore19:46
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pipegeekoh crumbs, sorry q921:15
lenny_lemoni tried to upgrade ubuntu to 18 from 16.04 but debconf screen for restarting daemon services got shadowed as is stuck on for a while... what I can do?21:33
HinnerkHi. I have a bit of a situation here :)21:35
HinnerkI have a server running Ubuntu 16.04 LTS, but don't have the root password anymore21:35
lordcirthHinnerk, Are you sure a root password was set? The standard on Ubuntu is to use sudo21:36
HinnerkMy knowledge is a bit shaky21:36
HinnerkHow do reset any passwords?21:37
lordcirthHinnerk, https://help.ubuntu.com/community/LostPassword21:37
lordcirthHmm, that might actually be out of date21:37
HinnerkI am in GRUB right now21:38
lordcirthHinnerk, right. So there should be 'advanced options' and then 'recovery'21:38
Hinnerkneed a version?21:39
HinnerkI found some instructions saying i should edit the command21:40
Hinnerkbut i wasn't feeling comfortable enough wiht the instruction - it was some asian guy in poor english...21:41
Hinnerkand it was already a mess when he was talking about ro rw - so i rather came here...21:41
lordcirthHinnerk, if you enter recovery, there should be an option to change the password.21:42
lordcirthOr failing that, a root shell.21:42
Hinnerkok, didn'T start it yet, since i was expecting having to go into edit21:42
Hinnerkdid now, system is starting.21:43
Hinnerktheres an option for root shell21:43
Hinnerknothing speak of password directlly21:43
Hinnerklaunch root shell?21:44
lordcirthHinnerk, ok, so take the root shell.21:44
lordcirthI think it is read-only by default, so 'mount / -o remount,rw'21:44
Hinnerknow it wants the root password21:44
lordcirthAh, ok. So there is a root password set.21:44
lordcirthHinnerk, so instead, you will need to reboot, and on the default grub entry, press 'e'.21:45
Hinnerkok, will take a moment.21:45
lordcirthThen find the 'linux' line, and append 'init=/bin/bash'21:45
Hinnerkdefault entry or recovery?21:45
sarnoldlenny_lemon: so, you've got a window prompt of some sort saying "restart services?" and it's hung solid?21:45
sarnoldlenny_lemon: can you see anything else it's doing with top or ps?21:45
sarnoldlenny_lemon: if it's hung, it might be nice to get a bug report about it before going much further, ubuntu-bug do-release-upgrade would start the process21:46
lordcirthHinnerk, default is fine21:47
Hinnerkah, missed it21:47
Hinnerki meant grub21:47
Hinnerknot the line :)21:47
lordcirthHinnerk, so, did you find it?21:48
Hinnerkneed to rebbot again21:48
Hinnerkworking on it21:49
lenny_lemonsarnold, haven't check ps or top. what I should look for?21:50
sarnoldlenny_lemon: I'm not entirely sure :/21:50
lenny_lemonsarnold, that report can run from terminal?21:50
Hinnerkfound it21:51
Hinnerkah, keyboard layout is changed...21:52
Hinnerkwill take a sec21:52
dbuggerHelp! I just installed 19.10 in my 2nd SSD, and now GRUB wont come up, so that I can log in inside Windows 10, installed in the other one!21:53
Hinnerkok got it.21:54
Hinnerkdoes it need to be saved or are al changes active on boot?21:55
Hinnerk(i don't see a save command)21:55
Hinnerk(does mention emacs style editing, does not talk about saving)21:55
Hinnerkshould i just boot now? or anything else?21:56
Hinnerklordcirth: done. is there a save option? anything else to do here? or just boot?21:58
lenny_lemonsarnold, the problem cannot be reported:The report belongs to a package that is not installed.21:58
lordcirthHinnerk, just boot using the key it mentions21:58
Hinnerksorry for all the questions, just trying to be cautious21:58
lordcirthThe change only takes effect on this boot, there is no save21:58
Hinnerkshell is open21:59
lordcirthHinnerk, now you should be able to 'mount / -o remount,rw'22:00
lordcirththen 'passwd'22:00
Hinnerkthat was it?22:01
lordcirthHinnerk, if passwd accepted your change, yeah22:02
Hinnerklordcirth: Done. Can I from here also change the password of users?22:02
HinnerkYes it did22:02
lordcirthHinnerk, yes, 'passwd $USER'22:02
HinnerkAnd thank your very much! Highly appreciated!22:03
lordcirthHinnerk, no problem22:03
lordcirthI may edit the wiki page for this later...22:03
Hinnerkso is the init entry transient?22:04
dbuggerHello again22:14
dbuggerI have an big problem. My GRUB is gone, and I literally know NOTHING of how to repair it ... :/22:14
saorBoot a live usb and use boot-repair22:15
dbuggerI cant repair it from Ubuntu? Do I have to use the live usb?22:15
saorBetter to use a live env22:15
saorBut sure i suppose you could22:16
jeremy31dbugger: Is Windows and Ubuntu on different drives using UEFI?22:16
akkBut you'll need something like a live distro to boot your existing ubuntu anyway.22:16
dbuggerjeremy31, yes, I got an SSD for Windows and another one for Ubuntu22:16
dbuggerakk, I think there is a misunderstanding... the OS that I cannot reach IS WINDOWS22:16
dbuggerI am stuck in Uubuntu22:17
dbuggerAfter installing 19.10, the GRUB disappeared22:17
akkGrub is usually how you boot into ubuntu, hence my confusion. :)22:17
jeremy31dbugger: can you use the BIOS boot menu to boot Windows?22:17
akkMaybe grub is still there, it's just not pausing to show you the menu?22:17
dbuggerjeremy31, I tried, but I couldnt. I got some "grub rescue" shell22:17
dbuggerAlso, something is weird because I seem to have a boot partition in both disks :/22:18
saordbugger: If you press teh boot menu key at boot do you see ubuntu / windows as an option in the uefi22:18
dbuggerThis is Ubuntu SSD: https://i.stack.imgur.com/5dsNC.png22:19
dbuggerThis is Windows SSD: https://i.stack.imgur.com/ro3At.png22:19
lenny_lemonmy ubuntu 16.04 got hang on daemon restart screen. what can I do?22:19
lenny_lemoni tried to upgrade to 1822:19
dbuggersaor, I see the SSD, but no mention of "windows" anywhere22:19
akkThere's GRUB_TIMEOUT in /etc/default/grub and sometimes ubuntu likes to default that to something short, like 0 seconds.22:19
jeremy31dbugger: windows is installed in Legacy BIOS boot and Ubuntu is installed using UEFI, that is the problem22:20
dbuggerjeremy31, I cant say I know anything about that... :/22:20
jeremy31dbugger: if you install Ubuntu in Legacy Boot, it might pick up the windows install.  You might be best trying the BIOS boot menu to pick whether to boot Ubuntu or Windows22:22
dbuggerI am trying that "boot-repair" documentation now... lets see22:23
jeremy31dbugger: I would skip the boot repair22:23
molthey all. I'm wondering if there is a way to navigate windows network shares in Ubutnu the same way you can in Windows via File Explorer? (putting the unc and moving around like any other directory)22:24
dbuggeroh well, now I already started... better go all the way now22:24
dbuggerWell, it is done. It gave me a pastebin: https://paste.ubuntu.com/p/RVGynkbzz3/22:25
dbuggerIm gonna reboot, and see if that did anyhting22:25
dbuggerNah, that did nothing :/22:27
dbuggerjeremy31, what were you saying is that I should do?22:27
jeremy31dbugger: you should be able to switch what OS you boot to using the BIOS boot menu22:28
dbuggerjeremy31, Yeah, I tried, but I cant. All the options that I find there bring me to that "grub rescue"22:29
dbuggerExcept the one that brings me back to 19.10, of course22:29
jeremy31dbugger: Is it Windows 7?22:29
dbuggerNo, it is not Windows 7. I have Windows 10 in there.22:30
saorDid you try boot repair yet?22:31
dbuggersaor, yes, it did nothing22:31
saorAnd if you remove your ubuntu ssd does widows boot?22:31
dbuggersaor, this is what boot repair did: https://paste.ubuntu.com/p/RVGynkbzz3/22:31
dbuggerwell, I cant make it boot from the BIOS, so my assumption is that it would NOT work22:32
saorYeah sounds like you windows part got blown up22:33
dbuggerPlease tell me I have not lost it.... o_O22:33
saorRemove the ubuntu ssd boot your windows install media and attempt to recover it22:33
saorShouldnt be a problem becuase you have good backups right? ;)22:34
dbuggerI do, but my wife does not :P22:34
jeremy31dbugger: It looks like the hybrid shutdown of windows was used/not disabled22:34
dbuggertons of pictures lost, im sure22:34
dbuggerjeremy31, what does that mean?22:34
saor'powercfg /h off'22:35
dbuggerAre you telling me to run that command? (I have no idea what it means)22:35
saorWindows 10, disables hybred shutdown22:35
dbuggerAh, thats a windows command22:35
dbuggerBut first I have to be able to log inside...22:36
dbuggersaor, im gonna do what you said, and try to remove the Ubuntu SSD22:36
saorYeah try to boot recovery media, do the BCD repair commands22:36
akkdbugger: If you're worried about files, like pictures, mount the windows disk read-only from ubuntu and back them up asap.22:36
dbuggerakk, well, I fear that it is more complicated. Like book-keeping software that has databases, that cannot be exported, without running the program...22:37
saorIf i give you too much help with windows the chat nazi's will come and get me22:37
dbuggerAnyway, Im going to take off the Ubuntu SSD and try see what happens22:37
dbuggersaor, nothing. I got the same output:22:42
dbuggererror: no such device22:42
molthey all. I'm wondering if there is a way to navigate windows network shares in Ubutnu the same way you can in Windows via File Explorer? (putting the unc and moving around like any other directory)22:42
dbuggererror: unknown filesystem22:42
dbuggerEntering rescue mode22:42
dbuggergrub rescue>22:42
dbuggerso yeah.. that did not work :/22:42
saordbugger: Are you familiar with the bcd repair steps for windows?22:42
dbuggersaor, not even one bit...22:43
saori'm gonna dm them to you if thats okay since its off topic for this chat22:43
dbuggerThanks. I appreciate it22:43
geniimolt: https://help.ubuntu.com/stable/ubuntu-help/nautilus-connect.html.en shows how to do this22:43
ben_gHi. I set up a software raid with mdadm and everything was booting off the raid array just fine earlier today, but when I rebooted a lot of stuff seemed messed up and it turns out that the filesystem is detected as read-only even though the raid status is reported as active.22:46
jeremy31dbugger: if you have a Win 10 rescue disc you can probably fix the BCD.22:48
ben_gHow do I figure out what's causing it to detect as readonly?22:48
dbuggerjeremy31, I dont...22:53
jeremy31dbugger: might want to search on how to fix without it then, I don't have any other ideas22:54
sarnoldlenny_lemon: oh bugger :( did you get a chance to file the report or make it further?23:00
lenny_lemonsarnold, no, trying to sort it out. trying to find dpkg: error: dpkg frontend is locked by another process23:02
sarnoldlenny_lemon: arghs :(23:06
ben_gfsck says "fsck.ext4: Unable to resolve 'UUID=55579e1b-b6ce-4432-81ec-34686c6c6132'", which seems to imply there's something wrong in /etc/fstab. How can I rebuild that file?23:10
TheCr0w^ben_g: do a blkid23:12
TheCr0w^you should see the filesystem's correct UUID.23:12
ben_gOkay, but how do I use that information? I can't edit /etc/fstab manually since the system is still locked in read-only23:14
TheCr0w^boot it from a live cd and mount it23:14
ben_gIs that the only way? Since I'm accessing the system remotely...23:15
TheCr0w^is that the error you're getting when you're booting?23:16
TheCr0w^i assume.23:16
TheCr0w^or has your root filesystem gone read only ?23:16
ben_gThe system boots fine, but the root is read-only23:17
TheCr0w^Odd. What does your 'mount' output say?23:17
TheCr0w^pastebin it if you like.23:17
TheCr0w^oh you're using mdraid23:18
TheCr0w^cat /proc/mdstat23:18
TheCr0w^have you got a failed drive?23:18
ben_gBoth drives are new23:19
TheCr0w^what happens if you mount -o remount,rw /23:20
ben_gmount: can't find UUID=55579e1b-b6ce-4432-81ec-34686c6c613223:20
TheCr0w^give me an output of blkid and cat /etc/fstab23:22
TheCr0w^mdadm --detail /dev/md023:26
TheCr0w^also does dmesg say anything about scsi23:27
TheCr0w^or md023:27
TheCr0w^did you install this box as mdraid23:28
adrian_1908Are snaps audited? Probably not, right?23:28
ben_gAnd the results from dmesg: https://pastebin.com/nzRcXgfK23:28
ben_gThe original installation was on a single drive, no RAID23:29
TheCr0w^I see23:29
TheCr0w^I'm curious as to how this is even booting.23:29
ben_gIs there a lot wrong with it then?23:30
TheCr0w^what does cat /proc/cmdline say23:31
ben_gBOOT_IMAGE=/boot/vmlinuz-4.4.0-169-generic root=UUID=1d64c5f1-d3fc-4e0e-b2e8-7fbd9dc5cf96 ro quiet splash vt.handoff=723:31
TheCr0w^well it's in a very strange state. whoever converted it obviously forgot to update the fstab with the correct uuid.23:32
ben_gThe original hard drive failed, but testdisk managed to restart it long enough to recover the partitions23:33
TheCr0w^it's booting off this23:33
TheCr0w^/dev/md1: UUID="1d64c5f1-d3fc-4e0e-b2e8-7fbd9dc5cf96" TYPE="ext4"23:34
ben_gI then built a RAID array from 2 new drives to which the partitions were copied23:34
TheCr0w^mdadm --detail /dev/md1 ?23:34
ben_gAnd then I made it bootable with boot-repair23:34
TheCr0w^pastebin a copy of /var/log/boot.log ?23:35
TheCr0w^very interesting how the hell it is actually mounting the right filesystem. lol. *scratches head*23:36
ben_gThe full log seems to be too long to copy-paste23:38
TheCr0w^shouldn't be. might have to give it a few sections though.23:39
TheCr0w^or you can DCC it to me here.23:39
ben_gRight, I was looking at the wrong thing, sorry. It's here: https://pastebin.com/yft9wMTi23:40
TheCr0w^very strange.23:43
TheCr0w^umm, yeah, do you not have a remote console for it?23:43
TheCr0w^that you can boot some media.23:43
ben_gI'm connected to it with ssh, the computer isn't in my house.23:44
TheCr0w^what does tune2fs -l /dev/md1 tell you23:45
TheCr0w^alright so the file system is clean.23:46
TheCr0w^grub automatically mounts root as the device set in your kernel config.. but it's treating that fstab entry as an error.23:47
TheCr0w^you could tryyyy mount -o remount,rw /dev/md1 /23:48
TheCr0w^it's possible that will crash your system, if it works at all.23:48
ben_gIt works and I seem to have write permission now.23:48
TheCr0w^ok, update your fstab23:49
TheCr0w^to 1d64c5f1-d3fc-4e0e-b2e8-7fbd9dc5cf9623:49
ben_gthe / ?23:50
ben_gdo I leave the swap the way it is now or should I change that as well?23:51
TheCr0w^should be fine, but you've given all of /dev/md2 as swap.23:52
dbuggersaor, I fixed it... somehow23:53
saorWell done!23:53
dbuggerBut now its the grub that wont show up :/23:53
ben_gmd2 should be a 4GB or 8GB swap partition23:53
TheCr0w^swapon -s23:55
ben_gso do I now reboot and hope it works?23:55
TheCr0w^haha. your call on that :)23:55
dbuggersaor, and I did it with one ubuntu command :P23:55
TheCr0w^i don't think you will make it any worse though :)23:55
* TheCr0w^ is curious though :)23:57

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